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 Pali English Dictionary (22,362)
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 Sinhala Explanatory Dictionary (17,067)
 Sinhala Slang Dictionary (192)
 Sinhala Tamil Dictionary (6,992)
 Webster's English Sinhala Dictionary (54,213)
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 English - Sinhala Glossaries
 Glossary of Agricultural Terms (5,880)
 Glossary of Apparel & Clothing Terms (3,512)
 Glossary of Archaeological Terms (2,477)
 Glossary of Botanical Terms (9,034)
 Glossary of Business & Management Terms (6,292)
 Glossary of Carpentry Terms (1,195)
 Glossary of Chemistry Terms (8,840)
 Glossary of Computer Terms (5,086)
 Glossary of Environmental Terms (3,545)
 Glossary of Home Science Terms (2,045)
 Glossary of Legal Terms (626)
 Glossary of Literature Appraisal Terms (2,508)
 Glossary of Mechanical Terms (5,535)
 Glossary of Molecular Biology Terms (6,468)
 Glossary of Painting & Sculpture Terms (3,066)
 Glossary of Performing Art Terms (4,078)
 Glossary of Pottery Work Terms (2,129)
 Glossary of Surveying Terms (3,535)
 Glossary of Zoological Terms (10,119)
 Miscellaneous Terminologies
 List of Dutch Loanwords in Sinhala (52)
 List of English Loanwords in Sinhala (71)
 List of Portuguese Loanwords in Sinhala (191)
 List of Tamil Loanwords in Sinhala (120)
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