Glossary of Apparel & Clothing Terms → Contents

Abrasion Resistance, Abrasive test, Absorbency, Absorbent, Absorption of soap, Accent on colour, Accessories, Accordion pleats, Accumulative action, Acetate crepe, Acetate rayon, Acetate rayon dyes, Acid, Across back (at nape of neck), Across bust front, Across chest, Across front (at base of neck), Action, Adapting pattern, Additional piece opening, Adhesive patch, Adjustable heat control, Adjustable hemmer (machine part), Adjustment (of a pattern), Adjustment of rods and levers, Adsorption of dirt, Adulterant, Affinity, Agent, Agitation method of washing, Air Permeability, Airing, Albe, Albumen stain, Alcohol, Algaecide, Alkali, Alkali cellulose, Alkaline, Alkaline agent, Alkalinity, All-over pattern, Allowance, Alpaca, Alpaca wool, Alternate Block, American cloth, Ammonia, Ammonium carbonate, Ammonium chloride, Ammonium hydroxide, Anaesthetic property, Analysis, Analysis of cloth, Angel sleeve, Angora, Angora wool, Angular figure, Aniline blue, Ankle length, Anti-Bacterial (Anti-Microbial), Antifungal, Antique stitch, Antiseptic, Antwerp stitch, Apparel, Apparent shrinkage, Appliance, Applique, Applique hem, Applique patchwork, Applique work, Apron, Aqueous solution, Arabesque rib (knitting pattern), Aralac, Arm (machine part), Armenian edging stitch, Armenian stitch, Armhole, Armpit, Armseye, Around armhole, Around bust, Around crown, Around elbow, Around forearm, Around head, Around hip, Around neck, Around silk, Around thigh, Around waist, Around wrist, Arrow-head stitch, Artificial fibre, Artistic, Asbestos, Ash of coconut branches, Assembling parts, Assissi embroidery, Assymmetrical, Astrakhan wool, Aubusson stitch, Automatic, Automatic drop feed (machine part), Automatic heat control, Automatic release, Automatic stitch selector (machine part), Automatic tension adjustment, Automatic water heater


Baby, Baby binder, Baby doll, Baby linen, Baby ribbon, Baby shirt, Baby silk, Baby wool, Baby's napkin, Baby's wash, Back Length, Back opening, Back stitch, Back stitched chain stitch, Backing, Bactericide, Bacteriostat, Bad conductor, Bag, Bag pocket, Baju, Balance, Balance mark, Balance wheel (machine part), Bale of cotton, Baling, Ball fringe (crochet), Ball weevill, Ball-end scissors, Ballet-length skirt, Balloon sleeve, Band, Band (Pasted-on/Folder-set), Band Chain stitch, Band Cuff, Bandage, Bandage cloth, Bangalore silk, Bar (lace work), Bar increase (lace work), Bar of button hole, Bar tack, Barred end of buttonhole, Barrel sleeve, Basco finish, Base layer, Base of arm, Base of sleeve, Base-exchange compound, Base-exchange process, Baseball-stitched seam, Basic, Basic pattern, Basin, Basket stitch, Basque, Bast fiber, Baste, Basting board, Bath, Bath gown, Bath mat, Bath towel, Bath tub, Bathing costume, Bathing suit, Bathing trunks, Batik, Batiste, Batten, Battenburg embroidery, Battenburg lace, Battlemented Vandyke stitch, Batwing sleeve, Beach bag, Beach coat, Beach wear, Bead embroidery, Bead work, Beading (v), Beam stand or frame, Beaming, Bed linen, Bed-jacket, Bed-plate (machine part) ;sew table, Bed-sheet, Bed-spread ; Bed cover, Bedford cord, Bee's wax, Beech leaf (knitting pattern), Bees wing (knitting pattern), Beetling, Bell fringe (crochet), Bell sleeve, Bellmanize, Bellringer (knitting pattern), Belt, Belt carrier (machine part), Belt holder (of personal garment), Belt shifter (machine part), Belting, Benares silk, Bengal lace, Bent-handle dressmaker's shears, Benzene, Benzine, Beret, Berlin wool, Berlin woolwork, Bermuda faggotting, Bertha collar, Besom, Bespoke tailors, Bias, Bias band, Bias binding or bias tape, Bias cutting gauge, Bias tube, Bias tucks, Bias-bound placket, Bib, Bicomponent fiber, Bight control lever (machine part), Bight indicator (machine part), Bight indicator scale (machine part), Bight regulator limit screw (machine part), Bilimbi, Binder (machine part), Binding, Binding off (knitting), Binding on (knitting), Binding stitch, Birds in the air (quilting design), Bishop dress, Bishop sleeve, Black work, Blackberry (knitting pattern), Blanket, Blanket stitch, Blazer, Blazing star (quilting design), Bleaching, Bleaching agent, Bleaching bark, Bleaching powder, Bleeding of fabric, Blended starch, Blending a seam, Blending valve, Blind applique, Blind fly, Blind hem, Blind opening, Blind stitch, Blind stitched hem, Blind stitcher, Blisters in starch, Block (crochet), Block blue, Block dye, Block patchwork, Block pattern, Block pillow lace, Block printing, Block quilting, Block system of pattern-drafting, Block-cutting, Blocking into shape (knitting), Blood heat, Bloomers, Blotter method, Blouse, Blue, Blue bell (knitting pattern), Blue blade (machine part), Blue spring (machine part), Blueing, Blunt end needle, Board-rubbing, Boat-shaped neck, Bobbin, Bobbin (machine part), Bobbin box, Bobbin carrier, Bobbin case (machine part), Bobbin case latch (machine part), Bobbin case position bracket (machine part), Bobbin ejector (machine part), Bobbin lace, Bobbin slot (machine part), Bobbin thread, Bobbin winder (machine part), Bobbin winder friction ring (machine part), Bobbin winder spindle (machine part), Bobbin winding, Bobble (knitting), Bodice, Bodkin, Boiler, Boiler bag


Cable (knitting pattern), Cable chain, Cable chain stitch, Cable plait (knitting pattern), Cable plait chain stitch, Cable stitch, Calcium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate, Calcium chloride, Calcium oxide, Calcium stearate, Calcium sulphate, Calculation (in weaving), Calender, Calendering, Calendering machine, Calgon, Calibrated, Calibration, Calico, Calico patch [Flat fell patch], Calorifier, Camboy, Cambric, Camel's Hair, Camelia (flower design), Cami-bockers, Cami-knickers, Candle wax, Candlelight (knitting pattern), Candlewick weave, Candlewicking, Candy (knitting pattern), Cane roll, Canvas, Canvas stitch, Cap, Cap sleeve, Cape, Cape collar, Cape sleeve, Capillary action, Carbolic acid, Carbon, Carbon bisulphide, Carbon board, Carbon dioxide, Carbon paper, Carbon test, Carbon tetrachloride, Carbonic acid, Carbonization, Carbonizing, Carded sliver, Cardigan, Carding, Carding bow, Carding brush, Carrickmacross lace, Cartridge, Cartridge paper, Cartridge pleats, Cascade drapery, Cascade lace (knitting pattern), Casement, Cashmere wool, Casing, Castellated pattern, Casting off (knitting), Casting on (knitting), Casting on by corded method (knitting), Casting on with four needles (knitting), Casting on with two needles (knitting), Cat's eye (knitting pattern), Cat's paw (knitting pattern), Catalan embroidery, Catch-stitched hem, Catch-stitched seam, Caustic potash, Caustic soda, Cell, Cellophane, Cellulose, Cellulose acetate, Cellulose xanthate, Centigrade, Centiped plaited stitch, Centiped stitch, Central agitator washer, Centre, Centre back length, Centre front length, Centre line, Centrifugal action, Ceylon stitch, Chain stitch, Chain tack, Chain-stitched darn, Chained border stitch, Chained decrease, Chair back, Chalk board, Chalked thread marking, Chamois leather, Channel seam [Slot seam], Chantilly lace, Characteristics of fibres, Charcoal iron, Chardonnet, Charka, Charka spindle, Charmeuse, Checked material, Cheese, Chemical action, Chemical charactor, Chemical composition, Chemical reaction, Chemicals, Chemise, Chenille embroidery, Chenille needle, Chequer stitch, Chequered chain stitch, Chessboard filling stitch, Chessboard stitch, Chevron stitch, Chiffon, Chiffon velvet, China silk, Chinese collar, Chinese embroidery, Chintz, Chloride of lime, Chlorinated wool, Chlorination, Chlorine bleach, Chloroform, Chlorophyll, Choli, Christening robe, Chrysanthemum (flower design), Church window (knitting pattern), Circular, Circular knit, Circumference, Clamp stop motion screw (machine part), Clasp, Classic style, Cleansing mechanism, Cleansing property, Clip fastener, Clockwise, Cloque, Close fitting, Closed heringbone stitch, Closures, Cloth, Cloth beam, Cloth guide (machine part), Cloth roll, Cloth weaving, Cloth with dissimilar sides, Clothes basket, Clothes horse, Clothes line, Clothes peg, Clothes rack, Clothing, Cloud filling stitch, Cluster shirring, Cluster tucks, Clustering tie stitch (knitting pattern), Coagulating bath, Coagulation, Coal tar, Coat, Coat hanger, Coat sleeve, Coated Fabric, Cobbler stitch, Cobra-head design, Cobweb lace (knitting pattern), Cocktail napkin, Cocoon, Coil stitch [Bullion stitch], Coin dot, Coir, Colbert embroidery, Cold drawing, Cold process, Cold rinse, Cold shoulder style, Cold water dye, Cold water starch, Collapsible dryer, Collar, Collar ,Banded, Collar ,Lined, Collar ,Padding


D.D.T, Dacca cotton, Dacron, Daisy chain stitch [Detached chain stitch ], Damask, Damask darn, Damask hem, Damask patch, Damp muslin, Damp pressing, Damping, Dance of the flowers (crochet pattern), Darn, Darn border, Darned patch, Darner (machine part), Darning, Darning a thin place, Darning foot (machine part), Darning needle, Darning stitch, Dart, Dart control point, Dart cut-in, Dart front or double, Dart panel, Darted sleeve, Darted tucks, De luxe, Deaerated, Decay, Decollete, Decolorizer, Decolorizing, Decomposition, Decorative stitch, Decoupe, Decrease, Deep-curved, Defects, Degumming, Deliquescent, Delustred, Denier system, Denim, Density, Dent, Reed, Deodorant, Deodorizer, Deposit, Depth of armhole, Design, Desulphurised, Detached, Detached chain stitch, Detached collar, Detergent, Detergent property, Developed colour dye, Diagonal, Diagonal cut, Diagonal drain, Diagonal knitting, Dial, Diamante, Diamond (knitting pattern), Diamond mesh lace, Diamond stitch, Diamond twill, Diana lace, Diaper, Diastatic extract, Dice rib (knitting pattern), Dickey, Dilution, Dimesional applique, Dimity voile, Dimple-shale (knitting pattern), Dip gauge, Dipper, Dipping neckline, Dirndl, Dirt, Dirt resistant, Dirty yarn, Disassemble parts, Discoloration, Disengage lever (machine part), Disinfectant, Disinfection, Distaff, Distillation, Divided skirts, Dobby, Doeskin, Doll, Doll's clothes, Dolly dye, Dolly tub and peg washer, Dolman sleeve, Dot stitch, Double, Double cable (knitting pattern), Double chain stitch, Double cloth, Double crochet, Double crossed stitch, Double drape, Double hemstitch [Shadow hem- stitch], Double knitting, Double machine seam, Double sink, Double stitch (tatting), Double trebles (crochet), Double twist thread, Double width, Double-breasted coat, Double-insertion stitch, Double-plaited basket stitch, Double-rowed open work, Double-running, Double-thread join (knitting), Double-threaded running stitch, Down, Down ward picot (crochet), Doyley, Drafting a pattern, Drafting to direct measurements, Dragon design, Drain-pipe trousers, Drape, Draper, Drapery, Draping on form, Draw string, Draw-string, Drawing, Drawing (tailoring), Drawing and doubling yarn, Drawing frame, Drawing hooks, Drawing through healds and reeds, Drawn fabric work, Drawn ground work, Drawn square, Drawn thread work, Drawn-in patch, Drawn-in work, Dress, Dress form, Dress length, Dress parade, Dress patch, Dress placket, Dress sense, Dress shield, Dress stand, Dressing a material, Dressing gown, Dressmaker, Dressmaker's button hole, Dressmaker's carbon (for marking), Dressmaker's dummy, Dressmaker's tacks, Dressmaking, Drill, Drip tray, Drip-dry, Drip-dry method, Dripping, Driving, Drizzle stitch, Drop flap, Dropped shoulder, Dropped stitch (knitting), Dropping picot (crochet), Dry clean, Dry cleaning, Dry cleaning agent, Dry fast, Dry pressing, Dry solvent, Dry spinning, Dry-decating, Dry-fast, Drying, Drying (yarn), Drying cabinet, Drying cupboard, Drying process, Duchess lace, Duchess set, Duck, Dungarees, Durability, Durable Water Repellent (DWR), Dust cover, Dust sheet, Duster, Dutch heel (knitting)


Ear of wheat stitch, Earth wire, Ease allowance, Easing in fullness, Easy movement, Ecclesiastical embroidery, Edge, Edge stitch, Edge stitcher (machine part), Edge tape, Edging, Effervescence, Egg iron, Egyptain drapery, Egyptain tent work, Eiderdown, Elastic, Elasticity, Elasticity of fibre, Electric drier, Electric element, Electric iron, Electric motor, Electric press iron, Elimination of bagginess bulk, Elizabethan collar, Embellished cross stitch, Embossed, Embroidered banner, Embroidered betel bag, Embroidered cap, Embroidered devil-dancer's jacket, Embroidered saddle cloth, Embroidery, Embroidery cotton, Embroidery frame, Embroidery hoop, Embroidery machine, Emery paper, Emphasis in design, Empire line, Emulsification, Emulsifying agent, Enamel ware, End-plate (machine part), Ends.., Engage lever (machine part), English point lace, English quilting, Entering the reed, Envelope bag, Epaudelle, Epaulette, Epaulette sleeve, Equal hems opening, Equipment, Ergonomic Seaming, Ergonomics, Ermine filling stitch, Escalator (knitting pattern), Estimate, Ether, Ethyl alcohol, Eton collar, Eucalyptus oil, Evaporation, Even number, Evening dress, Evening wrap, Exposure to dry heat, Extended shoulder, Extension fold, Extension piece, Extract fibre, Extrusion from jet, Eye of needle, Eye of thread regulator, Eyelet, Eyelet edge, Eyelet hole


Fabric, Fabric printing, Fabric printing block, Fabric printing ink, Fabric, Composite, Fabric,Compression, Fabric,Finished, Fabric,Fleece, Fabric,Heavy weight, Fabric,light weight, Fabric,Medium weight, Fabric,pick, Fabrics, Face cloth, Face finished fabric, Face flannel, Face plate (machine part), Face towel, Faced and reinforced placket, Faced opening, Faced opening in a slash, Faced placket, Faced slot button hole, Facing, Faggot stitch, Faggotted seam, Faggotter (machine part), Faggotting, Fahrenheit degree, Faille, Fair Isle knitting, Fall of saree, Falling leaf (knitting pattern), False French seam, False hem, Fan (crochet pattern), Fan pleat, Fancy (adj), Fancy buttonhole filling, Fancy dress, Fancy goods, Fancy picot edging (crochet), Fancy work, Farina powder, Fashion, Fashion illustration, Fashion journal, Fashion plate, Fast colour, Fastening, Fastening ends (of yarn), Fatty acid, Fatty acid alcohol, Fatty acid alcohol deposit, Feather (knitting pattern), Feather stitch, Feather stitched seam, Feathered chain stitch, Feed cover plate (machine part), Feed dog (machine part), Feed reversing lever (machine part), Feeder, Fell, Felt, Felting, Felting of wool, Fern stitch, Festoon drapery, Fiberboard, Fiberfill, Fibre-glass, Fibres, Fibres, Animal fibre, Fibres, Artificial fibre, Fibres, Asbestos, Fibres, Gold fibre, Fibres, Metallic fibre, Fibres, Mineral fibre, Fibres, Remanufactured fibre, Fibres, Vegetable fibre, Fibroin, Fichu, Figure, Figure of eight filling (lace), Figure stitch, Figure type, Figured material, Filament, Filet, Filet crochet, Filet darning, Filet lace, Filet stitch, Filette embroidery, Filling stitch, Filtration, Final processing, Fine cloth, Fine material, Fineness, Finish, Finished cloth, Finishing, Finishing machine, Fire-proof, Fishbone stitch, Fit on, Fitted patch, Fitting line, Fitting on (garments), Fixing work, Flakes, Flame stitch, Flange hemmer (machine part), Flannel, Flannel darn, Flannel fell, Flannel hem, Flannel patch, Flannel seam, Flannelette, Flap, Flap pocket, Flare, Flare test, Flared skirt, Flash-basting, Flat collar, Flat fell patch, Flat fell seam, Flat foot, Flat pattern drafting, Flat seam, Flat stitch [Edge stitch], Flat toe, Flat-felled binding, Flaw, Flax, Fleece, Flemish embroidery, Fleur-de-lis design, Flocks, Floor-length, Floral design, Floss, Flots, Flounce, Flour, Flowers of sulphur, Fluff, Fluorescent powder, Fluted sleeve, Fluting, Fly (for trousers), Fly frame, Fly front placket, Fly opening, Fly running, Fly shuttle, Fly stitch, Fly wheel, Flying fish design, Fold, Fold back hem, Fold hemmer (machine part), Folded corner, Foot pedal (machine part), Fore stitch, Fork of trousers, Formal, Formaldehyde fumigator, Formalin, Formation of fibre, Foundation garment, Four legged stitch, Four-sided stitch, Four-way stretch, Frame, Frame knitting, Frame stitch, Frames, Fine or Jack frame, Frames, Mule frame, Frames, Ring frame, Frames, Spinning, Frayed edge, Free filling stitch, Freehand pattern, French fold binding, French heel (knitting), French hem, French knickers, French knot, French placket, French quilting, French seam, French stemming, French tack, French toe (knitting), Friction, Friction washing


Gaberdine, Gall nut, Galling, Garden plot square (knitting pattern), Garments, Garter stitch (knitting), Gassing, Gate and ladder (knitting pattern), Gatherer (machine part), Gathering, Gathering foot (machine part), Gathering of cotton, Gathers, Gauge, Gauge presser foot (machine part), Gauge tucks, Gauged tucks, Gauging, Gauntlet sleeve, Gauze, Gayant embroidery, Genoese lace, Geometrical pattern, Georgette, German stitch, Germicide, Geyser, Gigging, Gimp buttonhole, Gingham, Ginning, Girdle, Girth, Glass Fibre, Glass jacket, Glass nylon, Glass rod, Glaze mark, Glazed cotton, Glazing, Gliding, Gloss, Glossing, Glossing board, Glossing iron, Glossy, Glove, Glove stitch, Glue, Glue wash, Glycerine, Glyceryl ether, Gobelin stitch, Godet, Godet in a slash, Godet pleat, Goffer , Gofferer, Goffering, Goffering iron, Goffering tongs, Good or right side of cloth, Gophering, Gordian knot, Gore, Gored pleat, Goupil pleat, Gown, Grading a pattern, Graduated tucks, Grafted patch, Grafting (knitting), Grain, Grain line, Granite stitch, Granule, Graph paper, Grass bleaching, Grease, Grease absorber, Grease emulsifier, Grease paint, Grease solvent, Greek cross filling, Greek stitch, Green vitriol, Grey cloth, Greyness, Griffin design, Grooming, Groove (machine part), Gros point, Ground, Ground (for pattern), Group buttonhole insertion stitch, Guard loop (machine part), Guest towel, Guide clamping screw (machine part), Guide line, Guide on face plate (machine part), Guilloche stitch, Guipure lace, Gum arabic, Gusset, Gusset opening, Gut, Gym tunic


H-line, Haberdashery, Habutae ; Habutai, Hackle, Hackling flax, Hair-pin crochet, Half back brassiere, Half double crochet, Half flare, Half roll collar, Half saree, Half treble, Halo round stain, Halter neck, Hammer-on fastenings, Hand attachment (machine part), Hand bag, Hand felled, Hand finished, Hand friction, Hand ironer, Hand machine, Hand made, Hand needle, Hand pick, Hand run tucks, Hand shirred corded ruching, Hand shuttle, Hand spinning, Hand towel, Hand wheel (machine part), Handkerchief, Handkerchief drapery, Handkerchief satchet, Handle of fabric, Handloom textiles, Hank, Hank sizing, Hard soap, Hard water, Hardanger cloth, Hardanger embroidery, Harem line, Harness, Harness frame, Harris Tweed, Harshening, Haversack, Head of arm, Head piece of saree, Heading, Heald eyes, Heald lifting, Heald making frame, Heald rod, Heald set, Healds, Healds pulley, Healds rod, Healds, Wire, Heart-shaped neck, Heartwood, Heat regulator, Heater, Heather, Heavy chain stitch, Heavy-weight fabric, Heck, Heddle, Rigid, Hedebo embroidery, Hedge darn, Hedge tear, Heel flap, Heel of iron, Hem, Hem gauge, Hem guide, Hem marker, Hem stitch, Hem stitcher (machine part), Hem tacked seam, Hem tacking, Hemmed opening, Hemmed placket, Hemmer (machine part), Hemmer foot (machine part), Hemming, Hemp, Herring bone stitch, Hickory stripe, High viscosity fluid, High visiability fabrics, Hinge (machine part), Hip measure, Hip yoke, Holbein stitch, Hollie stitch, Hollow fibers, Hollowe filament fibers, Home decorating, Home dyeing, Homespun, Honeycomb filling, Honeycomb stitch, Honiton lace, Hood, Hooks and eyes, Horizontal, Horse-power, Horse-shoe imprint (knitting pattern), Hosiery, Hot rinse, Hound's Tooth check, Hourglass (knitting pattern), Housecoat, Household articles, Household linen, Housewife pillowcase, Hub of wheel (machine part), Huckaback darning, Huckaback towelling, Humidify, Hungarian embroidery, Hungarian point lace, Hydrated ammonium silicate, Hydrated sodium silicate, Hydro carbon, Hydro-extractor, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen, Hydrogen peroxide, Hydrolysis, Hydrometer, Hydrophilic, Hydrophilic Fibers, Hydrophobic, Hydrophobic Fibers, Hygroscopic material


Imitation French binding, Imitation French seam, Immersion heater, Increase, Incrustation, Indelible pencil, Indian embroidery, Indian shadow work, Indian sleeve, Indicator, Indigo, Inducted thread, Inflammability, Inflammable agent, Inflammable solvent, Informal balance, Ingredient, Initials, Inlaid applique, Inserted patch, Insertion, Insertion stitch, Inset pleats, Inside-out of cloth, Insoluble compounds, Interfaced, Interfacing, Interlaced band stitch, Interlaced double herring-bone stitch, Interlaced herring bone stitch, Interlaced insertion stitch, Interlined, Interlining, Interlocking stitch, Interlooped threads, Interlooping, Inverted pleat, Inverted tucks, Invisible edge casting off (knitting), Invisible edge casting on (knitting), Invisible hemming, Invisible mending, Inward curved seam, Iodine, Ionic detergent, Iridescent fabric, Irish crochet, Irish linen, Irish point (lace), Iron, Iron holder, Iron stand, Ironing, Ironing board, Ironing shoe, Irregular colours in yarn, Irregular diameter in yarn, Irregular pricks, Italian buttonhole faggotting, Italian cutwork, Italian hem stitch, Italian quilting, Ivory embroidery, Ivy leaf


Jacket, Jacobean embroidery, Jacquard fabric, Jacquard loom, Japanese embroidery, Jar, Jari georgette, Jasmine pattern, Javelle water, Jazz knitting, Jazz pattern, Jersey, Jersey stitch, Jetted pocket, Joining, Joint, Jug-cover, Jumper, Justre, Jute, Jute hessian


Kaleidoscope patchwork, Kandyan style saree, Kapok, Kashmir saree, Kensington stitch, Kerosene iron, Khaddar, Khaki, Kick pleat, Kilt, Kilting, Kimono, Kimono sleeve, Kloster block, Knead, Knee length, Knickers, Knife pleats, Knife-pleated ruching, Knit decrease (knitting), Knit stitch, Knitted fabrics, Knitted garments, Knitting, Knitting crochet Needle, Knitting machine, Knitting needle, Knitting pins, Knitting, Circular, Knitting, Flat or Single, Knitting, Hand, Knitwise, Knob picot (crochet), Knot, Knotted buttonhole stitch, Knotted cable chain stitch, Knotted chain stitch, Knotted insertion stitch, Knotted joint (knitting)


L-shaped opening, L-shaped placket, Laburnum (knitting pattern), Lace, Lace applique, Lace gathering, Lace picot (crochet), Lace seam, Lace space, Lace stitch, Laced opening, Lacet (crochet), Lacquered silk, Ladder (in stocking), Ladder chain stitch, Ladder faggotting, Ladder knit, Ladder proof, Ladder stitch, Lady Betty wool, Laid pleat embroidery, Laid stitch, Laid work, Lam, Lamb's wool, Lame, Laminated fabric, Lamp wicks, Lampshade sleeve, Lanolin, Lantern sleeve, Lapel, Lapel opening, Lapel seam, Lapel sleeve, Lapped placket, Lappet weave, Las tex thread, Latch (machine part), Latent Heat, Latex, Lather, Laundering, Laundering process, Laundry, Laundry brush, Lawn, Layers of yarn, Layette, Lazy-daisy stitch, Lease rods, Leash, Leasing, Ledge of wheel (machine part), Leg-of-mutton sleeve, Lemon (knitting pattern), Lever (machine part), Lever frame (Harness frame), Lever system, Leviathan stitch [Double crossed stitch], Life of fabric, Lifted increase (knitting), Light tension, Light weight fabric, Limerick lace, Limestone, Line in clothing, Lined garment, Linen, Linen bag, Linen basket, Linen bin, Linen Bisso, Linen buttons, Linen cupboard, Lingerie, Lining, Linings, Link powdering stitch, Linoleum cut (Linocut), Lint, Liquid blue, Lisle thread, Logwood, Long and short stitch, Long chain molecules, Long cloth, Long picot, Long stuple, Long treble (crochet), Long-waist, Longitudinal, Longline brassiere, Loom, Loom darning, Loom frame, Loom, Blanket loom, Loom, Box loom, Loom, Braid loom, Loom, Burlap loom, Loom, Double cloth loom, Loom, Fancy cotton loom, Loom, Fly shuttle loom, Loom, Hand loom, Loom, Pit loom, Loom, Plush loom, Loom, Power loom, Loom, Ribbon loom, Loom, Rug loom, Loom, Silk loom, Loom, Table loom, Loom, Tablet loom, Loom, Terry loom, Loom, Utility loom, Loom, Worsted loom, Looming, Loop, Loop cluster (crochet), Loop fastenings, Loop file, Loop stitch, Loose cover, Loose cover facing, Loose ends, Loose joints, Loose tack, Loss of colour, Loss of shape, Loss of stretch, Low bust, Lower notch of guide (machine part), Lower wire guard (machine part), Lubricant, Lubrication, Lug of edge- stitcher (machine part), Luke warm, Lumps in cloth, Luncheon set, Lurex thread, Lustre, Lute ribbon


Machine, Machine darning, Machine Jacquard, Machine Knitting, Machine wringing, Mackintosh, Macrame work, Madappalam, Madeira work, Magic chain stitch, Magnesium bicarbonate, Magnesium carbonate, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium lime stone, Magnesium silicate, Magnesium sulphate, Magyara style, Maize starch, Malt extract solution, Maltese lace, Mandarin collar, Mangle, Mangle board, Mangling, Mango design, Manila hemp, Manipuri saree, Mannequin, Mantua-maker's seam, Marguerite insertion (crochet), Marie edging(crochet), Marina lace, Mark, Marker, Marking, Martinized velvet, Master block, Matching colours, Material, Maternity (wear) garments, Matinee coat, Matt finish, Matting, Measure, Measuring tape, Medallion (lace), Medallion cable (knitting pattern), Medici collar, Melon sleeve, Melt spinning, Membrane, Mend, Mending, Mercerized, Mercinization, Merino wool, Mesh, Mesh darning, Metal bar, Metal reed, Metallic cloth, Metallic cord, Metallic salt, Methylated spirit, Methylene blue, Mexican drawn-thread work, Mexican stitch, Micro-encapsulation, Microclimate, Microfibers ; Microdeniers, Microfleece, Microporous, Microscope, Middle Weight, Milanese stitch, Mild agent, Mildew, Milliner's fold, Millinery, Milling wool, Milton, Miniature cable (knitting pattern), Mirecourt lace, Mitre fold, Mitred band, Mitred corner, Mittens, Mixture fabric, Mock - leno design, Model, Modelling, Moire, Moisture regain, Moisture repellent, Moisture transport, Monofilament, Monogram, Montenegrin cross stitch, Moorish embroidery, Mosaic stitch, Mositure, Moss stitch (knitting), Moss stitch (machine embroidery), Moth-proof, Mount a skirt, Mountmellick embroidery, Mucous membrane, Muff, Muffler, Mulberry, Mule frame, Mule spinning machine, Mull, Multi-slotted binder (machine part), Multiple casing, Multiple-gored skirt, Mungo, Murex, Muslin, Mysore georgette


Nainsook, Nano-fiber, Nano-technology, Nap, Nape of neck, Napery, Napkin, Napping, Natural bleaching, Natural colours, Natural fibre, Natural soap, Natural stiffness, Natural twists (in fibre), Natural waistline, Neck band, Neck facing, Neck opening, Needle, Needle bar (machine part), Needle clamp (machine part), Needle clamp hub (machine part), Needle clamp screw (machine part), Needle etching, Needle lace, Needle painting, Needle position lever (machine part), Needle set screw (machine part), Needle thread tension (machine part), Needle threader (machine part), Needlecraft, Needlerum lace, Needleweave, Needlework, Negligee, Neps, Net, Net applique, Net embroidery, Net filling stitch, Net passing stitch, Netting, Neutralisation, Nightdress, Nightdress case, Ninon, Nitro-cellulose, Noils, Non- metallic spoon, Non-elastic yarn, Non-inflammable agent, Non-ionic detergent, Normal foot (machine part), Notch, Notch collar, Notch marks, Notions, Novelty style, Novelty yarn, Nun tucks, Nylon, Nylon polymer


Oblique, Oblong, Octagonal, Odd number, Off-grain, Off-pressing, Off-shoulder, Ogee lace (knitting pattern), Oil hole, Oil papers, Oil stain, Oiling point, Old English lace, Oleic acid, Olein, Olive oil, Ombre work, On grain, One-piece, Opaque white, Open air bleach, Open chain stitch, Open cut work, Open flat seam, Open leaf (knitting pattern), Open space filling, Open welt seam, Open with couched thread, Open work tricot, Opening, Opening in a seam, Opening with additional pieces, Opening with self hems, Opera top, Optical agent, Optical whitening, Organdie, Organic compounds, Organza, Organzine, Oriental stitch, Original design, Orlon, Osnaburg, Ottoman, Out-size, Outdoor drying, Outer slot of the binder (machine part), Outfit, Outlet valve, Outline foot, Outline stitch, Outseam, Outward curved seam, Oval shape, Over-handed tucks, Overall, Overarm length, Overcast placket, Overcasting, Overcoat, Overhanding, Overlaid seam, Overlap, Overlapped sleeve, Overlapping corner, Overlocked seam, Oversewing, Oversewn seam, Oversleeve, Oxalic acid, Oxidation, Oxidising agent, Oxidising bleach, Oxygen


Pad, Padded ring (tatting), Padded shoulder, Padding, Padding stitch, Pairing seams, Paisley pattern, Palestrina stitch, Palette kinfe, Palm beach, Panel opening, Panel seam, Panne velvet, Panties, Parachute fabric, Paris binding, Party frock, Pass slip stitch over (knitting), Passing stitch, Patch pocket, Patchwork, Pattern, Pattern darning, Pattern layout, Pattern making, Pattern making by paper folding, Pattern quilting, Pattern variations, Peacock's tail (knitting pattern), Peak shaped, Pear stitch, Pearl buttons, Peasant skirt placket, Peasant sleeve, Pedal, Pedesis (Brownian movement), Peg, Peg-top skirt, Pekinese stitch, Pelmet, Penelope stitch, Pennant pleating (knitting pattern), Peony flower design, Peplum, Percale, Perching, Perforations, Permanent hardness, Permanent stiffness, Permeability, Perpendicular, Persian embroidery, Personal grooming, Perspiration Resistant, Pessante embroidery, Petal, Petal chain stitch, Petal skirt, Petal stitch, Petal tatting, Petal trimming, Peter Pan collar, Petersham ribbon, Petit point, Petticoat, Pheonix design, Phosphoric acid, Pick, Weft, Picker, Picker rod, Picks, Picot ; Picot stitch, Picot buttonhole, Picot cast on (knitting), Picot edging, Picot seam, Picoted placket, Picoting, Picture applique, Piece dyeing, Piecing of yarn, Piecing together, Pigment, Pigment printing, Pigment Taffeta, Pilch knickers, Pile Fabric, Pile Knit, Pile on velvet, Pill, Pillow case, Pillow slip, Pillow lace, bobbin lace, Pillow sham, Pin, Pin check, Pin cushion, Pin dots, Pin fitting, Pin marking, Pin stitch, Pin stripes, Pin tucks, Pin wale, Pin-basting, Pina, Pinafore, Pinch pleats, Pinched rouleau, Pineapple pattern (crochet), Pinked edge, Pinked seam, Pinking, Pinking attachment (machine part), Pinking shears, Pinned picot, Pinwheel (crochet pattern), Pipe clay, Pipe organ pleat, Piped buttonhole, Piped loop, Piping, Piping foot, Pique, Pirn.., Pitman rod, Placemat, Placket, Placket with seam binding, Plaid, Plain edge ; Bluff edge, Plain seam, Plait stitch, Plaited chain stitch, Plaited Fabric, Plaited flare skirt, Plaited insertion stitch, Plaited yarn, Plastron, Plate (machine part), Play suit, Pleated flare, Pleated ruching, Pleats, Pliable, Plied, Plied yarn, Plisse crepe, Plumage stitch, Plush, Ply, Ply yarn, Pocket, Pocket flap, Pocket swing, Pocket, Quarter, Pocket, Serged, Pocket, Slash, Pocket, Stitch and turn, Pocket, Stitched(topstitched), Pointed picot (crochet), Polka dot, Polo collar, Polo neck, Polyester, Polygon, Polymer chips, Polymerisation ; Polymerization, Polypropylene (Olefin or Polyolefin), Pom-pon, Pongee, Popcorn (crochet pattern), Poplin, Portable machine, Porto rico rose stitch, Portuguese border, Post Cure, Post stitch, Posture, Pot-lifter, Potting, Pouncing, Power - driven appliance, Power - machine, Power laundry, Power-loom, Pre-cure, Pre-shrunk, Precipitation, Preparation of estimates, Press ironer, Press plate, Press-studs, Presser bar (machine part), Presser bar lifter (machine part), Presser bar screw (machine part), Presser foot (machine part), Pressing, Pressing sponge, Pressure, Pressure regulator (machine part)


Quillaia wash, Quilling [Pleated ruching], Quilt, Quilter (machine part), Quilting, Quilting foot, Quilting Stab


Race board, Radiating pleat, Radius, Raffia straw, Rag doll, Raglan sleeve, Raised chain band, Raised chain stitch, Raised seam, Raised shadow work, Raised trebles (crochet), Rambler Rose stitch, Ramie fibre, Random stitch, Random stitching, Rantering seam, Raschell knit, Ratchet and pawl, Ravelling, Raw edge, Raw lacquer, Raw materials, Raw silk, Rawstock dyeing, Rayon, Rayon staple, Reaction, Ready-made clothes, Reagent, Rectangular shape, Red dot indicator (machine part), Reducing bleach, Reed, Reed ,Bamboo, Reed ,Brass, Reed ,Steel, Reed cap or cover, Reed dent, Reed hook, Reef knot, Reefer collar, Reeled silk, Reeling silk, Reeta nut, Regenerated cellulose, Reinforcing patch, Released tucks, Remnant, Renaissance lace, Renaissance stitch, Renaissance work, Renovations of garments, Rep stitch, Repeat, Repellency, Repp, Residue, Resiliency, Resin, Resin treated, Restyling, Reticella lace, Retting flax, Revers, Revers collar, Revers facing, Reverse chain stitch, Reverse direction, Reverse lever (machine part), Reverse pleating, Reversible cable (knitting pattern), Reversible collar, Reviver, Rhinestone, Rhythm in design, Rib (knitting), Ribbing (knitting), Ribbon, Ribbon embroidery, Rice starch, Rice stitch, Richelieu work, Rick-rack band, Ridge filling, Ridge stitch, Ridged double crochet, Rigid heddle, Rin Spinning, Ring, Ring picot, Rip-stop Nylon, Ripping a seam, Ripple stitch, Rippled collar, Rippled ruching, Rippling flax, Rise measurement, Robe, Rock ammonia (Ammonium carbonate), Rococco stitch, Roll collar, Roll hemming stitch, Rolled felled binding, Rolled hem, Rolled placket, Rolled whipped seam, Roller, Roller pressing, Roller printing, Roman cutwork, Roman stitch, Roman stripe (quilting design), Romper, Rope stitch, Roseleaf pattern (knitting pattern), Rosette chain stitch, Rosette filling stitch, Rotary cutter, Rotary iron, Rotary movement, Rotary washer, Rough cloth, Roughing flax, Rouleau, Rouleau loop, Roumanian couching, Roumanian stitch [Holbein stitch), Round frame, Round shape, Round underlaid patch, Roving flax, Ruching, Ruff, Ruffle, Ruffle ruching, Ruffled feather (knittine pattern), Ruffled ruching, Ruffler (maching part), Ruffler adjusting finger (machine part), Ruffler adjusting lever (machine part), Ruffler adjusting screw (machine part), Ruffler foot (machine part), Ruffler fork arm (machine part), Ruffler projection (machine part), Ruffler ruffling blade (machine part), Ruffler separator guide (machine part), Rug, Run and fell seam, Run stitch [Combination stitch], Runner (table), Running of colours, Running out ends, Running stitch, Russian collar, Russian cross stitch


Sabrina work, Sack clothe, Sack line style, Saddle sleeve, Saddle stitch, Saddle yoke, Sago, Sailcloth, Sailor collar, Salt, Salt - petre, Salt of lemon, Salt of sorrel, Sample, Sampler, Sanforization, Sanforized, Saponification, Saran, Saree, Saree blouse, Saree border, Sarong, Sartorial, Sash, Satchel, Satchet, Sateen ; Satin, Satin, Satin drill, Satin overcast filling stitch, Satin stitch, Satin weave, Saturated solution, Saw-tooth edge, Scallop, Scallop Shell (crochet pattern), Scallopped edge, Scallopped sleeve, Scallopping, Scar, Scarf, Scarf collar, Scent, Scheme of work, School uniform, Scissors, Scissors, Bent-handle dress makers shears, Scissors, Embroidery scissors, Scissors, Ordinary scissors, Scissors, Serrated edge scissors, Scissors, Sewing seissors, Scissors, Tailoring scissors, Scob, Scotch fingering, Scottish stitch, Scouring wool, Screw, Screw slot, Screwdriver, Script stitch, Scroll stitch [Coral stitch], Scroop, Scrubbing, Scutching flax, Seam, Seam allowance, Seam French, Seam Raised, Seamless knitting, Seamless technology, Seamstress, Seasoning of conjee, Seat, Secretion, Seed stitch, Seersucker, Self applique, Self bound edge, Self colour, Self corded corner, Self facing, Selvage, Selvage seam, Sequin, Serge, Serging, Sericin, Sericulture, Serpentine stitch, Serrated edge, Servicing (a machine), Serviette, Set-in sleeve, Setting sleeve, Setting the dobby, Setting-in gathers, Sew and fell seam, Sewing allowance, Sewing bag, Sewing hook, Sewing machine, Sewing machine cabinet, Sewing technique, Shade (colour), Shaded thread, Shading stitch, Shadow applique, Shadow hemstitching [double hemstitch], Shadow quilting, Shadow stitch, Shadow work, Shank, Shank ,Button, Shantung, Shaping, Sharing, Sharkskin, Sharps, Shawl, Shawl collar, Sheaf stitch, Shears, Shears Pinking, Shed, Shedding, Shedding lever motion, Shedding motion, Shedding pulley motion, Shedding Roller motion, Sheen, Sheep shear, Sheer cotton, Sheet, Shell edge, Shell gathers, Shell hem, Shell pattern, Shell rouleau, Shell stitch, Shell tucks, Shellac, Shirred gathers, Shirred puffing, Shirred tucks, Shirring plate (maching part), Shirring stay, Shirring [Ruching], Shirt, Shirt collar, Shirt opening, Shirt sleeve, Shirt waist, Shirting, Shoddy, Shoe lace, Shopping bag, Short double crochet [Half double crochet], Shortage (in cloth length), Shoulder, Shoulder pad, Shoulder slope, Shoulder strap, Shoulder strap sleeve, Shoulder tip, Shoulder to waist back, Shoulder to waist front, Shoulder width, Shoulder width front and back, Shrink, Shrink away fullness, Shrink-proof, Shrink-shrug, Shrinkage, Shutter tucks, Shuttle, Shuttle (machine part), Shuttle box, Shuttle ejector (machine part), Shuttle race or Race block, Shuttle slot (machine part), Side, Side fold, Side length, Side opening, Side placket, Side pleats, Silk, Silk fibre, Silk pins, Silk ribbon emboider, Silk voile, Silk worm, Silver, Silver embroidery, Singeing, Singer faggotter (machine part), Singer guide (machine part), Singercraft guide (machine part), Single crochet


T-square, Table cloth, Table linen, Table mat, Table napkin, Table runner, Tacking, Taffeta, Tail chain stitch, Tailor, Tailor's buttonhole, Tailor's chalk, Tailor's cushion, Tailor's dummy, Tailor's square, Tailor's tacks, Tailored corner, Tailored garment, Tailored opening, Tailored patch, Tailored placket, Tailored seam, Tailoring, Tailoring scissors, Take -up motion, Take up, Takli, Takli Metal, Takli Wooden, Tallow, Tambour frame, Tambour stitch, Tambour work, Tapa bark, Tape, Tape (measuring), Tape Measuring, Tape-covered seam, Taped hem, Taped opening, Taped pleats, Taped seam, Tapered dart, Tapering pleats, Tapestry, Tapestry carpet, Tarantulle, Tartan, Tassel (v), Tassel (weaving), Tatting, Tea cloth, Tea cosy, Tea gown, Teapoy cover, Tear, Tear strength, Teasel, Teasing wool, Teeth of ruffling blade (machine part), Template, Temple, Temporary hardness, Ten-hank, Ten-volume strength, Tenacity, Tendering of fabric, Teneriffe lace, Tensile strength, Tension, Tension beam, Tension control weve, Tension disc (machine part), Tension indicator (machine part), Tension pressure, Tension spring (machine part), Tension square (knitting), Tension thread guide (machine part), Tension thumb-nut (machine part), Tension thumb-screw (machine part), Tensioning, Tent stitch, Terry cloth, Terry towelling, Terrylene, Test, Textiles, Texture, Texture of material, Textured Yarns, Thermal insulation, Thermo-synthetic rayon, Thermoplastic control, Thermoregulation, Thermosetting Resin, Thermostatic control, Thick joints (in threads), Thick place (in yarn), Thick weft, Thimble, Thin place, Thorn stitch, Thread, Thread bundle, Thread cheese, Thread cording, Thread count, Thread counter, Thread cutter, Thread drawing, Thread gage, Thread guide (machine part), Thread heck, Thread lace, Thread layers of yarn, Thread loop (machine part), Thread marking, Thread piecing of yarn, Thread regulator (machine part), Thread roller, Thread take-up lever (machine part), Thread take-up spring (machine part), Thread warp, Thread warp beam, Thread warping drum, Thread worm, Thread-bearing side, Threaded backstitch, Threaded chain stitch, Threading tool, Three-core flex, Three-cornered tear, Three-ply thread, Three-quarter sleeve, Three-sided stitch, Throat plate (machine part), Thumb method of casting on (knitting), Thumb nut (machine part), Thumb rest, Thumb screw (machine part), Ticking, Tie (neckwear), Tie and die, Tie collar, Tie dyeing, Tied chain stitch, Tiered skirt, Tight pick, Tight selvage, Tinsel, Tinting, Tissue, Tissue papers, Titre of soap, Tobaco cloth, Toe of iron, Toilet bag, Tongue buckle, Top arm, Top dyeing, Top pocket, Top sewing, Top stitch, Top stitched, Top-coat, Torchon lace, Torso dart, Tow, Towel, Trace-tacking, Tracing paper, Tracing wheel, Trade pattern, Traditional design, Traditional designs, Traditional embroidery stitch, Trailing stitch, Train (bridal wear), Tramme work, Transfer patterns, Transparent grey, Trap place, Trapeze line, Tray cloth, Treadle, Treadle machine, Treadling, Treatment, Treble crochet, Trefoil design, Trellis chain stitch, Trellis stitch, Tricot (crochet), Trim-cut, Trimming, Trimming scissors, Trimmings, Triple, Trouser length, Trousers


U neck, U pile, Ultra-light weight, Ultra-violet light, Ultra-violet rays, Ultramarine blue, Un finished worsted, Unbleached, Unbleached muslin, Uncut pile, Under braider, Under press, Underarm length, Underarm seam, Undergarment, Underlap, Underlay, Underwear, Uneven place, Uneven weaving, Unevenness in yarn, Unicellular fibre, Uniform, Uniform Twill, Union dye, Union fabric, Unit method of sewing, Unlined coat, Unpick, UPF ( Ultraviolet Protection Factor), Upholstered furniture, Upholsterer's welt seam, Upholstery, Upright herring-bone stitch, Upright tacking, UV degradation


V-neck, V-shaped, Vacuum, Valance, Valenciennes lace, Vandyke chain stitch, Vandyke stitch, Variation of pattern, Veil, Velour, Velvet, Velveteen, Venetian embroidery, Venetian picot, Vest, Vicara, Vicuna wool, Vigoreux printing, Vinyon, Virgin wool, Viscose rayon, Viscous solution, Visible slide fastner placket, Visible slide zipper placket, Voiding, Voile, Volume concentration, Vulcanized container


Wadding, Waffle nylon, Waffle pique, Waist, Waist band, Waist line, Waist measure, Waistband one piece, Waistband two-piece, Wall hangings, Warmth to weight ratio, Warp, Warp backed fabrics, Warp beam, Warp end, Warp face, Warp file, Warp floats, Warp fold, Warp knit, Warp printing, Warp roller, Warp satin, Warp yarn, Warping, Warping board, Warping drum, Warping machine, Wash and -wear, Washable, Washable silk, Washing soda, Watch pocket, Water - lily fold, Water heater, Water line, Water mark, Water power, Water proof, Water resistant, Water softener, Water supply, Water, Repellent, Water-repellent, Watered effect, Wave darn, Wave stitch, Way of thread, Weak yarn, Wear and tear, Weave structure, Weave unit, Weaver's knot, Weaves, Weaves, Basket weave, Weaves, Bedford cord weave, Weaves, Broken twill weave, Weaves, Candle wick weave, Weaves, Cellular weave, Weaves, Combination or combined weave, Weaves, Combined twill weave, Weaves, Crepe weave, Weaves, Damask weave, Weaves, Diamond twill weave, Weaves, Diaper weave, Weaves, Dobby weave, Weaves, Double cloth weave, Weaves, Double harness weave, Weaves, Dumbara weave, Weaves, Faced twill weave, Weaves, Fancy matted weave, Weaves, Fancy rib weave, Weaves, Fancy twill weave, Weaves, Figure weave, Weaves, Gauze weave, Weaves, Honey-comb weave, Weaves, Huck-a-back weave, Weaves, Lappet weave, Weaves, Left-hand twill weave, Weaves, Leno weave, Weaves, Matte weave, Weaves, Mock leno weave, Weaves, Pile weave, Weaves, Plain weave, Weaves, Pointed twill weave, Weaves, Regular twill weave, Weaves, Rib weave, Weaves, Satin weave, Weaves, Spot weave, Weaves, Tafeta weave, Weaves, Tapestry weave, Weaves, Twill weave, Weaves, Warp faced twill weave, Weaves, Warp rib weave, Weaves, Wavy twill weave, Weaves, Weft faced twill weave, Weaves, Weft rib weave, Weaves, Zig-zag twill weave, Weaving, Web, Web darn, Web lace, Wedding ring (crochet pattern), Wedding sleeve, Weft, Weft floats, Weft fold, Weft knit, Weft pick, Weft thread, Weft way cracks, Weft yarn, Weft, Wrong, Weft-faced twill weave, Weight of cloth, Weighting silk, Welt, Welt buttonhole, Welt edge, Welt lining, Welt pocket, Welt seam, Welt seam placket, Wet-decating, Wet-finishing, Wet-spinning, Wetting power of water, Whale bone, Wheat-ear chain stitch, Wheat-ear stitch, Whipcord, Whipped chain stitch, Whipped running stitch, Whipped seam, Whipping, White goods, White work, Whorl, Wild silk, Winch, Wind resistant, Winder (machine part), Winding machine, Winding spindle, Window-pane (machine part), Windproof, Wine-glass (quilting design), Wing sleeve, Wire board, Wire guide, Wire healds, Wood apple gum, Wood pulp, Wool, Wool back (knitting), Wool Dead, Wool Fleece, Wool forward (knitting), Wool Hog, Wool Lamb's, Wool Long, Wool Merino, Wool Mohair, Wool over needle (knitting), Wool Pulled, Wool round needle (knitting), Wool Taglocks, Wool Wether, Woolen yarn, Work basket, Worked buttonhole, Workshop, Worm stitch [Bullion stitch], Worsted, Worsted fabric, Worsted system, Worsted yarn, Woven darn, Woven fabric, Woven join (knitting), Woven patch, Woven picot, Wrap, Wrap knits, Wrap pocket, Wrap seam, Wrap thread, Wrap weighted loom, Wrap-around skirt, Wrap-over, Wrap-placket, Wrapped hem placket, Wringer, Wrinkle, Wrinkle free, Wrinkle recovery, Wrist, Wrist band, Wrist opening, Wrist placket


Y-stitch, Yard, Yardage, Yardstick, Yarn, Yarn, Bleached, Yarn, Grey, Yarn, Mercerised, Yarn, Single, Yarn, Twisted, Yoke, Yoke ,Two-piece, Yokeless shirt


Zeolite water softener, Zig zag rule, Zig-zag chain stitch, Zigzagger, Zigzagger (machine part), Zip, Zip fastener, Zipper, Zipper foot (machine part), Zipper placket