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Abandoned shipwreck (MA), Abandoned tank, Abandonment behavior (FA), Aberrant, Aboveground archaeology, Abrasive stone, Absolute, Absolute date, Absolute dating, Absolute magnetometer, Absolute pollen diagram, Absolute technique, Academic archaeology, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS), Accidental destruction, Acculturation (SA), Acid soil, Acoustic interaction, Acoustic method, Active emitter (BA), Activity, Activity area, Activity artifacts, Activity set, Activity subculture, Actualistic theory, Adaptation, Adaptive efficiency (PA), Adaptive radiation, Adaptive strategy, Additives, Adobe, Adze, Aeolian sediments, Aerial archaeology, Aerial perspective, Aerial photograph, Aerial photography, Aerial Photography & Satellites, Aerial reconaissance, Affect-laden customs (SA), Affiliation, Affinity, Agate, Age, Age distribution, Age, Bronze, Age, Conventional radio carbon, Age, Copper, Age, Iron, Age, Stone, Agglomerative program, Aggradation, Agrarian techno complex, Agricultural origin, Agricultural settlement, Agropastoral elite, Agropastoral settlement, Agropastoralism, Airborne radar, Airborne remote sensing, Aircraft-borne sensor imagery, Alkali, Allochthonous deposits (FA), Alluvial fan, Alluvial sediment, Alternate flaking, Altithermal, Amino-acid dating, Analogous, Analogue models, Analogy, Analysis , Dialectical, Analysis of archaeofaunas, Analysis of pigments, Analysis of variance, Analysis phase, Analytic units, Analytical archaeology, Analytical purpose, Analytical skill, Anatomically modern humans, Anatomy, Ancestor, Anchorage, Ancient hunter, Ancillary sample, Animal remains, Annealing, Antechamber, Anthropological approach, Anthropology, Antiquarian, Antiquarianism, Antiques, Antiquities, Antiquities act, Antiquities legislation, Antiquities ordinance, Antiquity of human kind, Antithesis, Antler, Antler picks, Anvil stone, Applied anthropology, Approach, Approach, A - historical, Approach, Diachronical, Approach, Historical, Approach, Linear, Apriorism, Aquatic civilization, Aquatic sediment, Aquaturbation (FA), Arbitrary level, Archaeo astronomy, Archaeo botany, Archaeo chemistry, Archaeo faunas, Archaeo magnetic dating, Archaeo magnetic intensity dating, Archaeo magnetism, Archaeo metallurgical, Archaeo metallurgy, Archaeo zoology, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeobotanical study, Archaeobotanists, Archaeological, Archaeological assessment report, Archaeological ceramologist, Archaeological classification, Archaeological conservancy, Archaeological context, Archaeological culture, Archaeological data, Archaeological deposit, Archaeological evidence, Archaeological features, Archaeological fieldwork, Archaeological inference, Archaeological logistics, Archaeological materials, Archaeological monitoring, Archaeological perspective, Archaeological population, Archaeological process, Archaeological reasoning, Archaeological record, Archaeological record search, Archaeological recovery, Archaeological remains, Archaeological research, Archaeological reserve, Archaeological resource, Archaeological resource protection, Archaeological sequence, Archaeological site, Archaeological structure, Archaeological survey, Archaeological systematics, Archaeological taxonomy, Archaeological theory, Archaeological types, Archaeological unit, Archaeologist, Archaeologist , Underwater, Archaeologist , Zoo, Archaeologist, Biblical, Archaeologist, Community, Archaeologist, Consultant, Archaeologist, Contract, Archaeologist, County, Archaeologist, Curatorial, Archaeologist, Dirt, Archaeologist, Industrial, Archaeologist, Planning, Archaeologist, State, Archaeology, Archaeology, Aboveground, Archaeology, Academic, Archaeology, Action, Archaeology, Aerial, Archaeology, Analytical, Archaeology, Armchair, Archaeology, Behavioural, Archaeology, Biblical, Archaeology, Classical, Archaeology, Cognitive, Archaeology, Cognitive processual, Archaeology, Colonial, Archaeology, Community, Archaeology, Conservation, Archaeology, Contextual, Archaeology, Contract, Archaeology, Critical, Archaeology, Cult, Archaeology, Demographic, Archaeology, Destructive, Archaeology, Dirt


B.P (Before present), Back dirt, Background noise (FA), Background research, Balangoda culture, Balangoda man, Balangoda point, Bannerstone, Barbed projectile point, Barrow, Barter, Bartering, Bas relief, Basal layer, Basal thinning, Basement, Basic Communication Process (BCPs), Basketry, Baulk ; Balk, Bead, Bed, Bed rock, Bedding plane, Bedrock mortar, Behavior, Behavioural analysis, Behavioural archaeology, Behavioural complexity, Behavioural interpretation, Behavioural norms, Behavioural system, Bending flake, Bentonites, Berm, Beta ray scattering, Beta-ray back -scattering, Biblical archeaologist, Biblical archeaology, Biface, Biface knife, Bifacial thinning flake, Big man role, Big man society (SA), Bilateral kinship (SA), Bilateral symmetry, Biological anthropology, Biological decay, Biological species, Biosphere, Biostratigraphy, Biotic, Biotic age, Bipedalism, Bipolar flake, Bipolar technique, Blade technology, Blade tool, Bleaching, Bleaching agent, Blockade, Blockade, Naval, Blockade, Pacific, Blockade, Paper, Boat grave, Body sherd, Bonding, Bonding agent, Bone awl, Bone engraving, Bone shaft implement, Borer, Bossing, Bottleneck, Bottleneck effect (PA), Boulder clay, Bowsing, Brachiation (PA), Brain capacity, Brain endocasts, Brazing metal, Bronze, Bronze age, Bronze disease, Bulb of percussion (PA), Bulbar cavity (PA), Bulbar scar, Bulbous, Burial, Burial ,Extended, Burial cist, Burial mound, Burial mounds, Burial platform, Burial practices, Burial scaffold, Burial, Bundle, Burial, Collective, Burial, Complete, Burial, Flexed, Burial, Fractional, Burial, Intrusive, Burial, Multiple, Burial, Post-cremation, Burial, Post-excavation, Burial, Primary, Burial, Secondary, Burial, Supine, Burial, Urn, Buried site, Buried surface, Burin


Cache, Cairn circle, Calcareous concretions (FA), Calibration, Calibration curve, Calvaria, Canalize, Canonical model, Capstone, Carbon -Radio dating (CR dating), Carnivour ; Carnivore, Carrying capacity, Cascade, Cascade networking system, Cascade, Tank, Cascading system, Cataloguing, Catalytic values, Catastrophic age profile (PA), Catastrophical theory (TA), Cave, Cave art, Cave biased record, Cave deposit, Cave depositional micro environment, Cave floor, Cave habitation, Cave occupation, Cave paintings, Cave period, Cave roof, Cave sediment, Cave sedimentation, Cave settlement, Cave temple, Celestial orientation (SA), Celt tools, Central place theory, Centralization, Centrifugal force, Centripetal force, Ceramic analysis, Ceramic are, Ceramic artifacts, Ceramic composition, Ceramic ecology, Ceramic petrology, Ceremonial artifacts, Ceremonial exchange of valuables (SA), Ceremonial sites, Ceremonialism, Chalcedony, Chalcolithic, Chalcolithic age, Chalk deposits, Chamber, Chamber of tombs, Chance discoveries, Characterisation study, Chemical deterioration, Chert, Chert debris, Chiefdom, Chiefdom society, Chipped stone, Chipped tool, Chipping debris, Chipping station, Chipping tools, Chopper, Chrono-stratigraphy, Chronological horizon, Chronological types, Chronology, Chronometric dating, Chronometry, Cire perdue process, Cist, Cistern, Cists burial, City mound, City state, Clan, Clan based society, Clan motif, Classical age, Classical archaeology, Classical period, Classification, Classification of data, Classificatory system, Clastic deposit, Clay pipes, Clay tablets, Cleaver, Climatic oscillation, Closed system, Cluster analysis, Cluster sampling, Coarse ware, Cobble, Coefficient of attributes, Cognition, Cognitive archaeology, Cognitive information, Cognitive processual archaeology, Coinage, Collapsed cavity, Collapsed stratigraphy, Collateral flaking, Colluvium deposit, Colonial archaeology, Colonialism, Column, Columniation, Commentary, Communal hunting, Communication process, Compaction, Complete Survey, Complex interaction, Complex system, Complexity, Component, Component analysis, Composite band, Composite mould, Composition, Compound interactor (BA), Compound mound, Comprehensive reconnaisance, Computer Simulation, Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), Concave, Concentric exploitation zone model, Concentric stone circle, Conchoidal fracture, Conchoidal implements, Conchologist (PA), Conchology, Concrete, Concretion, Cone effect, Confluence, Conical mound, Conjunctive approach, Conquistadors, Conservation, Conservation approach, Conservation archaeology, Consolidant, Constellation analysis, Constrained sets (AS), Construction monitoring, Construction trench, Consultant archaeologist, Contagious subtype, Contemporary archaeology, Context, Context of deposition, Context recording sheet, Context sheets, Contextual analysis, Contextual archaeology, Contextual attributes, Contextual meaning, Contextual seriation, Continuous variable, Contract archaeologist, Contract archaeology, Contradictive variety, Contrary effect, Conventional radio carbon age, Convex, Copper age, Copper alloy, Copper mines, Copper plate inscription, Copper technology, Coprolites, Core, Core attributes, Core tool, Corncob pit, Corporate group, Correlation, Correlation coefficient, Cortex, Cotton gin, Cotton mill, County archaeologist, Coupled system, Covering law model, Cracked cobbles, Cranium, Crannog ; Lake dwelling, Cremation, Critical archaeology, Crop choice models, Crop marks


Data recovery, Data universe, Data, Research, Dating, Dating programme, Datum, Datum line, Datum point, Daub, Dead organism, Debitage, Debitage analysis, Debris, Decay, Decaying agent, Decaying process, Deciduous woodland, Decline, Decorative variation, Deep Sea core, Deliberate destruction, Demographic archaeology, Demographic diffusion, Demographic pressure, Demographic variable, Dendritic pattern, Dendritic scheme, Dendro-climatology, Dendrochronology, Dendrogram, Dendrology, Denomination, Depiction of the elite, Deposit, Deposit of fragments, Deposit, Clastic, Deposit, Colluvium, Deposit, Detrital, Depositional context, Depositional environment, Depositional process, Depositional remnant magnetism, Descent, Descent group, Descent of man, Descent rule, Descriptive type, Desk-based assessment (Desk-top study), Despot, Despotism, Despotism, Oriental, Destructive archaeology, Destructive method, Destructive method ,Non, Detached flake, Detached piece, Determinant system, Deterministic approach, Deterministic model, Detrital deposit, Diachronic, Diachronic perspective, Diagnostic artifact, Diagnostic traits, Diagonal parallel flaking, Dialectical analysis, Dialectical materialism, Diatom analysis, Diatoms, Dietary hypothesis, Differentiation, Diffrential access, Diffusion, Diffusion in reconstruction, Diffusional approach, Digital mapping, Dimorphism, Dimorphism, Gender, Dimorphism, Sexual, Direct diffusion, Direct exchange, Direct historical approach, Directional trade, Directive correlation, Dirt archaeologist, Dis-elaboration, Disc, Discard behavior, Disciplined procedure, Discoloration, Discrete variables, Disjunction, Dislocation, Disopertative interchange, Dissolution, Distal end, Distant analysis, Distant decay model, Distribution area model, Ditch, Division of labour, Dogmatic, Dolichocephalic, Dolmen, Dome, Domestic group, Dominant, Drip ledge, Drop zone, Dry sieving, Dry valley, Dyke, Dynamic equilibrium, Dynamic model


Earth data, Earthwork, Ecclesiastic, Ecclesiastical buildings, Eco - facts, Eco system, Eco system evidence, Eco-factual material, Eco-zone, Ecological analysis, Ecological analysis ,Paleo, Ecological determinism, Ecological functionalist approach, Ecology, Economic catchment area, Ecotonal variable, Ecotone, Edifice, Effective population size, Effigy mound, Egalitarian, Egalitarian society, Egalitarian system, Egyptologist, Egyptology, Electrical interaction, Electrical resistivity, Electro magnetic interaction, Electro magnetic surveying, Electro-magnetic detector, Electrolysis, Electron probe micro analysis, Electron probe micro analyzer, Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) dating, Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) method, Element sampling, Elevation, Elm decline, Embalming, Emission, Emitter (BA), Emmer, Empathetic method, Emulation, Emulatory act, Emulatory perception, Encephalization, End scraper, Endogamy, Endogenous change, Engraving, Entity, Entity system, Environmental Archaeology, Environmental evidence, Environmental information, Environmental reconstruction, Environmental setting, Eocene-epoch, Eolith, Epigene, Epigenesis, Epigenetic, Epigenetic model, Epigenetic rule, Epigrapher, Epipalaeolithic, Epistemology, Epistemology of archaeology, Epoch ; Era, Equifinality, Equilateral arch, Equilibrium, Equilibrium, Dynamic, Equilibrium, Punctuated, Equilibrium, Spatial temporal, Equilibrium, Stable, Equilibrium, Stable dynamic, Equilibrium, Statistical, Equilibrium, Unstable, Equivocal, Equivocation, Erratic boulder, Escalation, Escarpment, Essential variable, Etched, Ethnic subculture, Ethnicity, Ethno archaeological observation, Ethno archaeology, Ethno histroical narrative, Ethnobotany, Ethnobotany, Palaeo, Ethnocentrism, Ethnogenesis, Ethnographic observation, Ethnographic study, Ethnography, Ethnohistory, Ethnology, Eustatic, Eustatic change of sea level, Eustatic fall, Eve theory, Evolution, Evolutionary species, Excavation, Excavation layer, Excavation reports, Excavation unit, Excavation, Rescue, Excavation, Research, Excavation, Salvage, Excavation, Selective, Excavation, Shell midden, Excavation, Test, Excavation, Training, Exogamy, Exogenous change, Exogenous skeleton, Expedient behaviour, Expediential approach, Explanation, Explicit theory, Exploitation, Exploitation excessive, Exploration, Exploratory data analysis, Exponential relationship laws, Extended burial, Extended family, Extensive cultivation, Extensive excavation, Extinction, Extinction, Megafaunal, Extra terrestrial archaeology, Extrasomatic


Facade, Facing, Factor, Factor analysis, Fall-off analysis, Fallow period, False-colour infra-red photography, Fauna, Faunal analysis, Faunal association, Faunal correlation, Faunal data, Faunal dating, Faunal elements, Faunal grave goods, Faunal remains, Faunal spatial structure, Faunistic, Feature, Feature, Negative, Feature, Positive, Feminist archaeology, Field archaeology, Field catalogue, Field diary, Field discipline, Field evaluation, Field laboratory, Field method, Field note book, Field practice, Field school, Field survey, Field systems, Field walking, Field walking method, Field work, Field work opportunity, Find assemblage, Find sheet, Findspot, Fishbone analysis, Fission dating, Fission track analysis, Fissure, Flake, Flake core, Flake implements ; Flake tools, Flake, Bending, Flake, Bifacial thinning, Flake, Detach, Flaking, Flaking , Alternate, Flaking , Collateral, Flaking , Horizontal, Flaking , Oblique, Flaking , Parallel, Flaking , Percussion, Flaking , Pressure, Flaking , Retouch, Flaking , Secondary, Flaking , Transverse, Flat arch, Flexed burial, Flint, Flint knapping, Floating chronology, Flood plain, Flood plain archaeology, Flood plain area, Flood plain dynamic, Flood plain geology, Flood plain topography, Floral data, Floral remains, Flotation, Flotation method, Flotation tank, Flow chart, Flow of commodity (SA), Fluorescence, Fluorescent state (SA), Fluorine dating, Fluorine test, Fluvial, Fluvial silt overlay, Fluviatile, Fluxgate gradiometer, Focal interactor (Se.A), Food consumption, Food debris, Food remains, Food residues, Foot hills, Foot path, Foot survey, Forage, Forage strategy, Forager, Foraging society, Foraging subsistence, Forge, Forgery, Forging, Form analysis, Form, matter and movements, Formal attributes, Formation, Formation process, Formative period, Formative system phase, Fosse, Fossil, Fossil beach, Fossil cuticle, Fossil hominid, Fossil wedge, Fossilized faunal remains, Foundation trench, Founder effect (AT), Fourteen C. accelerator dating, Fourteen C. dating, Freeze- drying, Frequency distribution, Frequency seriation (AS), Fret, Friable, Frontier innovation (SA), Frontispiece, Frost action, Functional distribution, Functional interpretation, Functional type, Functional variation, Funerary style, Funerary urn, Futurologist, Futurology, Fuzzy taxonomy, Fuzzy tolerance


Gallery grave, Gaming piece, Garbage studies, Gathering, Gaussian distribution laws, Gender approach, Gender archaeology, Gender, Common, Gender, Cultural, Gender, Grammatical, Gender, Social, Genderise, Genealogy, Geneological species, Geneological table, General system ontogeny, Genetic correlation, Genotype, Geoarcheaology, Geocentric theory, Geochemical analysis, Geochronology, Geographical Information system (GIS), Geological age, Geological episode, Geological epoch, Geological period, Geological phase, Geologist, Geology, Geomagnetic reversal, Geomorphology, Geophysical prospection, Geophysical survey, Geophysical surveying instrument, Glacial maximum, Glaciation, Glacier, Glacier episode, Glacier erosion, Glacier feature, Glass disease, Glass layer count, Glass ware, Glaze, Glazed ceramics, Glazed technology, Glazed tiles, Glazed ware, Glazing, Glottochronology, Glyph, Goal seeking system, GPS Survey (Global Positioning System), Gracile, Gracile austrolopithecine, Gradualism, Graffiti, Graffiti post fired, Graffiti pre fired, Grain impression, Granulometry, Graphic scaling technique, Graphite printing, Grave goods, Graver, Great apes, Grid, Grid excavation, Grid frame, Grid generalization method, Grid method, Grid planning, Grid point, Grind stone, Grooved ware, Ground penetrating radar, Ground plan, Ground railing, Ground reconaissance, Ground water, Groundstone, Group response, Grouped trend, Guard stone


Habitat, Habitation site, Haemotite, Half-life, Hammer stone, Hand-axe, Handstone, Harpoon, Harris matrix, Hearth, Heavy mineral analysis, Hedgerow dating, Herbivorous, Herd-instinct, Herding group, Hereditary, Hereditary transmission, Hermeneutics, Hetaroachy, Hetaroachy, Social, Heuristic method, Hierachy, Hierarchical organization of correlation, Hierarchical subtype, Hieroglyphic writing, Hieroglyphs, High energy site, High relief carving, Hill saddle, Hinterland, Hinterland settlement, Histogram, Historic ,Sites Act, Historic building, Historical archaeolgoy, Historical geographer, Historical geography, Historical particularism, Historical research, History, History, Early, History, Pre, History, Proto, Hoard, Hoard, Coin, Holism, Holistic analysis, Holistic synthesis, Hollow casting, Home base, Home based decision, Homeostasis, Homeostatic equilibrium (AT), Hominid, Hominoid, Homogeneous, Homogenisation, Homophone, Homophonic syllable, Homophony, Homosapiens, Homosapiens, Archaic, Hooper's hedgerow hypothesis, Horizon, Horizon, Chronological, Horizontal cave, Horizontal displacement (PA), Horizontal displacement of artifacts, Horizontal stratification, Horizontal stratigraphy, Horizontaly displaced artifacts, Horticulture, Horticulturist, Household archaeology, Human behaviour, Human body, Human existence, Human exploitation, Human group network, Human traits, Humanism, Humanistic discipline, Humanistic studies, Hunter-gatherers, Hypogene, Hypogenesis, Hypogenetic, Hypothesis formulation, Hypothesis testing, Hypothetico-deductive explanation


Ichnolite, Ichnology, Icon, Iconic, Iconoclast, Iconograph, Iconography, Iconology, Identification, Ideogram, Ideotechnic artifacts, Idolatry, Illusory skewness, Immediate excavation, Imperceptible depositional hiatus, Implements, Implements, Flake, Implements, Pebble, In situ, Incuse, Independent culture, Independent system, Independent types, Indigenous theory, Individuals and attributes, Induced polarization technique, Induction, Inductive logic theory, Industrial activity, Industrial archaeologist, Industrial archaeology, Inessential types, Inevitable variation, Infra-red absorption spectrometry, Infra-red aerial photography, Inhumation, Initial state, Inland cave, Inorganic form, Inscription, Inscription, Cave, Inscription, MRI (Minor Rock Inscription), Inscription, Pillar, Inscription, Relic casket, Inscription, Rock, Inscription, Slab, Insect analysis, Intaglio, Intaglio design, Integral definition, Intensive dating, Inter-assemblage relationship, Interaction, Interaction mode, Interaction sphere, Interaction zone, Interactor, Interactor role, Interglacial period, Interlaboratory differences, Intermural, Interpersonal interaction, Interpluvial phase, Interpretative Archaeology, Interstadial, Intra site, Intra site analysis, Intra site patterns, Intra site scale, Intrusive fieldwork, Inventory, Investigative conservation, Iron, Iron age, Iron artefacts, Iron ore deposit, Iron slag, Irrigation civilization, Islamic archaeology, Iso cephalism, Isochrestic style, Isomorphic model, Isomorphism, Isopleth maps, Isostatic recovery, Isostatic uplift, Isotope, Isotope, Radioactive, Isotope, Stable, Isotope, Unstable, Isotopic analysis, Ivory artefact


K-Ar dating, Karstik caves, Karstik geomorphology, Keystone, Kill site, Kin group, Kinesics, Kinship, Kinship status, Kinship structure, Knapping, Knuckle walker, Knuckle-walking


Labor intensive technique, Lactation, Lacustrine clay, Lacustrine deposits, Lacustrine plain, Lag and lead, Lagrang's principle, Land archaeology, Land utilization pattern, Land-use pattern, Landing slab, Landsat imagery, Landscape archaeology, Landscape features, Landscaping, Laser surveying device, Late prehistoric period, Lateritic weathering, Lava, Law of superposition, Layer, Layer interface, Layer superposition, Lead isotope analysis, Legitimacy, Legitimate, Legitimisation, Lenticular patterns, Levallois technique, Level, Lexicostatistics, Life assemblage, Life history, Limestone, Limited area reconnaissance, Lineage, Linear approach, Linear association, Linear diachronic historical approach, Lithic, Lithic experimentation, Lithic reduction sequence, Lithic spectrum, Living archaeology, Living floor, Living fossil, Living site, Locational analysis, Locational significance, Locational trace, Locus ; (pl.loci), Loess, Loess sediments, Loess soil, Logical deduction, Logicist archaeology, Long barrows, Looter, Looting, Low relief, Low vault, Lunate, Lustre, Lustre surface


Macro artifact, Macro evolution, Macro-fossil analysis, Macrolith, Macroscopic plant remains, Magnetic anomaly, Magnetic dating, Magnetic reversal, Magnetic surveying, Magnetic susceptibility, Magnetometer, Magnetometric survey, Magnetostratigraphy, Map layer, Mapping, Marine molluscan shells, Maritime, Maritime archaeology, Maritime littoral area, Market exchange, Marxist archaeology, Mason's mark ; Banker mark, Masonry, Masonry, Brick, Masonry, Lime, Masonry, Rubble, Material, Material culture, Material medium, Material remains, Matrilateral, Matrilineage, Matrilineal bond, Matrilocal, Matrix, Matrix ,Stratigraphic, Mechanical, Mechanical cleaning, Mechanical detection, Mechanical interaction, Mechanistic perspective (AT), Medieval Archaeology, Megafauna, Megafaunal extinction, Megalith, Megalithic, Megalithic cult, Megalithic culture, Megalithic implements, Megalithic occupation, Megalithic period, Megalithic practice, Megalithic tradition, Mesolith, Mesolithic, Mesolithic cult, Mesolithic culture, Mesolithic implements, Mesolithic occupation, Mesolithic period, Mesolithic practice, Mesolithic tradition, Metal detector, Metallographic examination, Metallurgical analysis, Metallurgy, Metamorphic, Metamorphic rock, Metastable equilibrium, Metate, Methodological individualism (AT), Methods of dating, Micro blades, Micro environmental zone, Micro evolution, Micro regional survey, Micro strategy, Micro topography, Microhabitat, Microlith, Microlithic, Microlithic age, Microlithic implements, Microstratigraphy, Microwear, Microwear analysis, Mid-Pleistocene age, Midden, Midden, Kitchen, Middle range theory, Middle, Stone Age (MSA), Migration, Milling stone, Mineralization, Mineralogical analysis, Minerological analysis, Minimum Number of Individuals (MNI) (ZA), Mirror neuron (CA), Mislearning, Mitigation, Mitosis (AT), Mixed site, Mobility art, Molar, Mollusc, Molluscan analysis, Molluscan remains, Monarchy, Monocausal explanation (AT), Monolith, Monolithic, Monument, Monumental Archaeology, Monuments At Risk Survey (MARS), Moonstone, Morphogenesis (AT), Morphogenesis, Cultural, Morphological dating, Morphological system, Morphology, Mortar, Mortise, Mortuary practices, Mortuary rites, Mortuary vessel, Mosaic evolution (AT), Mossbauer spectroscopy, Mould, Moulding, Mound, Mound builder, Mudstone, Muller, Multi scalar spatio-temporal perspective (AT), Multicomponent site, Multidimensional, Multidimensional analysis, Multidimensional constellation, Multilinear cultural evolution, Multiple subcultural aspects, Multiplier effect (AT), Multiregional evolution, Multistate attributes, Multistate types, Multivariate explanation, Multivariate statics, Multivariate statistical explanation, Mummification, Mummy, Mummy cave, Munsel Colour Chart, Munsel scale, Museology


N - transform (FA), N - transformation (Natural) (FA), N.T.S (National Topographic Series), National Environmental Planning Act, National, Survey Grid, Natural, Natural context, Natural sediments, Natural selection, Natural strata, Naturalism, Nautical Archaeology, Naval technology, Navigation, Nearest neighbour analysis (SA), Nearest neighbour index, Nearest neighbour statistic, Negative feature, Negative feedback, Neo Age ; Neo period, Neo phase, Neo-evolution, Neo-gene, Neoevolutionary perspective, Neolithic period, Neolithic revolution, Network analysis, Neutron activation analysis, New Archaeology, Niche, Nimbus, Nitrogen analysis, Nitrogen profile dating, Nitrogen test, Nobility, Nomad, Nomadic, Nomadism, Non - site, Non - site assemblage, Non cultural transformation (AT), Non material culture, Non-descript stone tool, Non-geometric microlith, Non-intrusive fieldwork, Non-probabilistic sampling, Non-renewable resource, Nonarbitary units, Normal polarity epoch, Novelty, Nuclear family, Number of Identified species, Number of Identified Specimens (NIS), Numerical dating, Numerical taxonomy, Nutrition analysis


Object clustering, Oblique flaking, Obsidian, Obsidian density(OD), Obsidian hydration, Obsidian hydration dating, Obsidian hydration dating technique, Obsidian hydration layer, Obsidian scarcity, Occupation, Occupation horizon, Occupation layer, Occupation site, Occupational residues, Oceanic, Oceanic currents, Oceanic voyages, Ochre, Offset planning, Old world primate, Ombrogenous peat (blanket peat), Omnivore, Onomastics, Ontogenic culture, Ontogeny, Ontogeny, Social institutions, Ontogeny, Species, Ontological history, Ontology, Open field mould, Open field pit mine, Open field system, Open-area excavation, Operation, Operational Sequence, Operational taxonomic units, Operational variable, Optical Emmission Spectrometry (OES), Optically stimulated luminescence dating, Oral history, Oral tradition, Organic, Organic phylogeny, Organized diffusion, Original home, Orthography, Oscillation, Osteodontokeratic culture (PA), Osteology, Otolith, Outcrop, Outstrip erosion, Outwash gravel, Ovate, Over-centralization, Overhunting, Overseas, Oxidation, Oxidized firing, Oxidizing, Oxidizing atmosphere, Oxygen isotope analysis, Oxygen isotope chronostratigraphy


Palaeo, Palaeo-botany, Palaeo-ecological analysis, Palaeoclimatic signal, Palaeodemography, Palaeoentomology, Palaeoethnobotany, Palaeography, Palaeolithic, Palaeolithic age, Palaeolithic art, Palaeolithic culture, Palaeolithic implements, Palaeomagnetic reversal, Palaeomagnetism, Palaeopedology, Palaeoserology, Palaeosoil, Palaeostratigraphy, Palaeozoic age, Paleaoclimate, Paleoecology, Paleointensity dating, Paleontology, Paleopathology, Paleornithology, Paleospeleological activity, Palimpsest, Palimpsest, Artifact (FA), Palynologist, Palynology, Panarchy (AT), Paradigm shift, Paradigmatic inversion (AT), Parallel flaking, Parallel flaking trajectories, Parallelism, Parapatric speciation (AT), Parietal art, Parsimony, Partial dominance, Particle size analysis, Particularism, Particulate factors, Passive emitter (BA), Past, Past, Constructed (CHM), Past, Excluded, Past, Presented, Pastoral nomad technocomplex (PA), Patrilineage, Patrilineal, Patrilineal descent, Patrilocal, Pattern of discard, Peat-bog condition, Peatbog, Pebble, Pebble tools, Pedestal, Pedestrian survey, Pedology, Peer-polity interaction (SA), Penecontemporary, Percolation, Percussion flaking, Perforation, Perforator, Performance characteristics, Periglacial phenomena, Peripheral band, Peripteral, Permafrost condition, Permafrost layer, Personal artifact, Pestle, Petroglyphs, Petrographic analysis, Petrography, Petrological examination, Petrological microscopic analysis, Petrological microscopy, Petrology, Phase, Phase ,Sub, Phase diagrams, Phase pattern regularities, Phenotype, Phenotype correlation, Phenotype variance, Phoneme, Phonetic value, Phonetic variation, Phonetics, Phosphate analysis, Phosphate test, Phosphoresent, Photo mosaic, Photogrammetry, Photomicrograph, Phylogenetic, Phylogeny, Physical anthropology, Physical setting, Physiographic feature, Physiography, Phytolith, Pictograph ; Pictogram, Pictographic, Pile dwellings, Pipestone, Pit grave, Planimetric map, Planning archaeologist, Pliestocene period, Pliocene period, Plough zone archaeology, Pluvial, Pluvial deposit, Pluvial topography, Point pattern analysis (SA), Polarity, Polity, Pollen analysis, Pollen zone, Polycephalus, Polyphones, Polyphonic sylable, Polyphony, Polythetic classification (AS), Polythetic morph, Polythetic nomial function method, Population estimate, Population growth, Population sample, Positive feedback (AT), Post - hole, Post colonial, Post deposition, Post depositional context, Post medieval archaeology, Post pleistocene adaptation, Post processual archaeology, Post processualism, Post structuralism (deconstructionism), Pot hunter, Pot hunting, Pot sherd, Potassium argon dating, Practice of cremation, Practice of flexing the body, Practice of mummification, Practotype, Pre-Cambrian era, Preadaptation (PA), Preceramic occupations (PA), Precipitation, Precise context, Prehistoric, Prehistoric archaeology, Prehistoric hunter, Prehistoric site, Prehistory, Preneanderthal hypothesis, Presapians hypothesis, Preservation, Preservation by record, Preservation condition, Pressure flaking, Prestate societies, Prestige, Prestige chain exchange, Prestige goods, Primary context, Primary cultural deposit, Primary functional variation, Primary interactor, Primary source, Primatology, Prime mover, Primitive valuables, Principle components analysis (RCA), Principle of uniformitarianism, Privy stone, Probabilistic law, Probabilistic sampling, Probe, Problem domain, Problem orientation, Problem oriented excavation, Problem oriented research, Processual archaeology, Processual interpretation, Processualism, Profile, Profile drawing, Projectile point, Proper historical perspective, Propressivist, Proto


Quadrant method, Quadrupedalism (PA), Qualitative analysis, Qualitative method, Qualitative multistate attributes, Quantitative trace, Quantitive analysis, Quantitive methods, Quarry, Quarry pit, Quarry site, Quarternary period, Quartz, Quartzite, Quench, Quern


Racemization (AM), Radial contour theory, Radial model, Radiating arch, Radio active carbon dating, Radio active carbon year, Radio active chronology, Radio active decay, Radio active isotope, Radio active metric assay, Radiocarbon age, Radiocarbon date, Radiometric dating, Railing, Raised beach, Rampart, Random walks, Randomized strategy, Range, Ranked societies, Raster, Raster data, Raster map, Raster model, Rate of change, Rational behavior, Reaction, Reason, The age of, Reburial, Receiver, Receiver response circuit model (BA), Recess, Reciprocal exchange, Reciprocity, Reconnaissance survey, Recoverable damage (AHM), Rectilinear, Rectilinear grid, Recycling of artifacts, Recycling, Lateral, Red ocher ; Red ochre, Red ocher site, Redistribution, Redistribution of trade goods, Redistributional trade, Reducing atmosphere, Reduction firing, Reference activity, Refuse deposition, Regional analysis, Regression analysis, Relative chronology, Relative dating, Relative density data, Relative density determination, Relativism, Relic casket, Relic chamber, Relics, Relief, Reliquary, Remote sensing, Remote sensing technique, Renewable resource, Renovation, Replicating inscription, Representative sample, Rescue archaeology, Rescue excavation, Research archive, Research design, Research excavation, Residence rule (SA), Residual method (Method of residue), Residue, Resistivity surveying, Response, Retaining wall, Retouch, Retouched stone implements, Retoucher, Retrieved artefacts, Reversed polarity epoch, Ridgeway, Rim sherd, Riverine archaeology, Riverine artefacts, Riverine geology, Riverine interactions, Riverine landform, Riverine sediment, Riverine stratification, Riverine topography, Riverine trade, Riverine watercraft, Robber trench, Robust, Rock art, Rock carving, Rock edicts, Rock fall, Rock inscriptions, Rock paintings, Rock shelter paintings, Rock shelters, Rock varnishes, Rosetta stone, Rubbish disposal, Rubbish pit, Rubble, Ruins, Runic alphabet, Runicstone, Rustication


S, Salvage archaeology, Salvage artefact, Salvage excavation, Sample contamination, Sampling strategy, Sampling universe, Sand courtyard, Sand dunes, Sand stone, Sand terrace, Sarcophagus, Satellite Sensor imagery, Savanna vegetation, Savanna/Savannah, Scanning electron microscopy, Scattered diagram, Scavenger, Scavenging, Sceptic, Scepticism, Schist, Scraper, Scraper, Combination, Scraper, End, Scraper, Flake, Scraper, Side, Screen, Screening, Script, Sea cave, Sea faring, Seabed core, Seabed sample, Season of site occupation, Season of variation, Seasonality, Secondary context, Secondary diffusion, Secondary source, Section drawing, Sector diagram, Sedentary, Sedentary economy, Sedentary society, Sedentary village, Sedentism, Sediment, Sediment trap, Sedimentary infilling, Sedimentation, Sediograph technique, Seed remains, Segmentary society, Seismic method, Selective excavation, Selective hunting pressure, Self- regulation, Self-organisation (AT), Self-organising system, Sender, Sensory performance characteristic (BA), Sequential dating, Seriation, Seriation technique, Series, Serology, Serology, Palaeo, Serrated, Settlement accumulation, Settlement analysis, Settlement archaeology, Settlement cluster, Settlement degradation, Settlement dispersal, Settlement distribution, Settlement heirarchy, Settlement lattice, Settlement morphology, Settlement pattern, Shadow mark, Shaft grave, Sheet gravel, Sheet, Refuse, Shell excavation, Shell midden, Sherd, Shifting cultivation, Ship burial, Shovel, Side blades, Side scraper, Silent trade, Silicious body (EA), Silt deposit, Simple mixed farming system, Simple random sampling, Single component site, Single species hypothesis, Site, Site archive, Site catchment analysis, Site catchment strategies, Site data, Site definition, Site formation, Site formation process, Site history, Site information, Site selection, Site steward, Site Stratified, Site, Buried, Site, Declared, Site, Exploitation Territory (SET), Site, Exploitation Territory Analysis, Site, Open air, Site, Quarry, Site, Single component, Site, Submerged, Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), Situational artifacts, Slab, Slag, Slag deposit, Slash and burn cultivation, Slating, Slip, Small - finds, Smelting, Smudge pit, Social Anthropology, Social bond, Social diffusion, Social evolution, Social heteroarchy, Social hierarchy, Social interaction, Social model, Social network, Social norm, Social organization, Social response, Social science, Social structure, Social subculture, Social subsystem, Societal approach, Sociocultural items, Sociocultural programming, Sociocultural system, Sodium profile dating, Soil compaction, Soil composition, Soil conductivity meter, Soil crumbs, Soil film, Soil fluxion, Soil horizon, Soil mark, Soil matrix, Soil micro morphology, Soil phosphate analysis, Soil profile, Soil resistivity, Soil resistivity meter, Soil sample, Soil scientist, Soil sounding radar, Soil texture, Solifluxion, Solution cavities, Sondage, Sorting artifacts, Spatial analysis, Spatial distribution, Spatial scales, Spatial structure, Spatial temporal equilibrium, Spatio temporal framework, Spatula, Spearhead, Specialized farming system, Species, Specific analysis, Specific attributes, Specific gravity analysis (SG), Specification, Spectroscopy, Speculative phase, Speculative philosophy, Speculative science, Speleology, Sphere of exchange, Spontaneous social order (SA), Spout, Stable dynamic equilibrium (TA), Stable equilibrium, Stable isotope analysis, Stable region


Tablet, Tablet ,Clay, Taboo, Taphonomic agent, Taphonomic process, Taphonomy (AC), Tatoing, Tatoo, Taxa, Taxonomy, Technocomplex, Tectonic movements, Temporal formal process (PA), Tephra, Tephrochronology, Termination of trajectory (AT), Terminus, Terminus, Antequem, Terminus, Postquem, Terra incognita, Terra-cotta, Terrace, Terrerstrial reference, Terrestrial, Terrestrial quadruped, Territorial integrity, Territorial interaction, Territory, Tertiaryfil, Test excavation, Test pit, Test trench, Theodolite, Theoretical archaeology, Thermal analysis, Thermal prospection, Thermal protection, Thermo Luminescence(TL), Thermo luminescent dating, Thermo Remnant Magnetism (TRM), Thermography, Thiessen polygon, Thin section, Thin section analysis, Three age system, Three dimensional recording, Time capsule, Time pattern regularity, Time pattern space matrix, Time space gridding (AS), Tomb, Tool, Tool, Bone, Tool, Celt, Tool, Chert, Tool, Metal, Tool, Wooden, Topogenus peat, Topography, Topsoil, Topsoil layer, Totem, Totemism, Totemistic, Trace, Trace element analysis, Trace elements, Training excavation, Trajectory, Trajectory of evolution, Transect weight, Transform culture, Transform type, Transhumance, Transient culture group, Transmission Electron microscopy, Transmission of innovation, Tree-ring dating(Dendrochronology), Trench, Trend surface analysis, Tribal assemblage, Tribal totem, Tribute, Trihedral adze, Tropical cyclone, Tropospheric jet stream, Tumulus, Turbation, Tuyere, Two dimensional, Type, Type fossil, Type site, Typology, Typology of artifacts, Typology of sites


Ubiquitous wooden technology, Ultrasonic cleaning, Uncials, Unconstrained clustering, Underwater archaeologist, Underwater archaeology, Underwater park, Uniface, Uniface tool, Unified culture group, Uniformitarianism, Unilinear procedure, Unimodal patterns, Unit, Unrecoverable damage, Unstable equilibrium, Uppermost level, Uranium assay, Uranium-series dating, Urban archaeology, Urban configuration, Urbanism, Urbanization, Urinal stone, Urn, Use ware analysis, Utensil, Utilitarian, Utilitarian value


Valley bluff, Variety generation, Variety selection, Varve, Vault, Vector, Vector data, Vector map, Vector model, Vertebrate, Vertical displaced artifacts, Vertical displacement, Vertical displacement of artifacts, Vessel, Vessel anatomy, Vessel base, Vessel decoration, Vessel handle, Vessel rim, Vessel spout, Vessel surface lustre, Vessel ware texture, Viking age, Virtual archaeology, Virtual reality, Visual interaction, Volcanic ash, Volcanic cloud, Volcanic eruption, Volcanic glass, Volcanic mud, Volcanic rock, Volcano


Ware analysis, Water saturated site, Waterlogged, Waterlogged wood, Wattle and daub, Weaning period, Wet seiving, Wetland archaeology, Wheeler box-grid, Wild Cultivar, Wild type, Wild type cereals, Wood charcoal study, Wooden implement, Woodland, World system


X - radiography, X-ray diffraction analysis, XRF analysis (X-Ray Fluorescence analysis, XTENT modeling


Zipf 's principle, Zoo archaeologist, Zoo archeology, Zoolatry