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Abbreviated, Abbreviation, Aberrant, Aberration, Abietic acid, Abiogenesis, Abiotic, Abnormal, Abort, Abortion, Abortive (aborted), Abortive infection, Abortive transduction, Abrasion, Abrupt, Abscisic acid, Abscission, Abscission layer, Absolute, Absolute hercogamy, Absolute humidity, Absorb, Absorbency, Absorbing region, Absorption, Absorption band, Absorption ratio, Absorption spectrum, Abstriction, Abundance, Abundant classes, Abyssal, Abyssal association, Acarpous, Acauline (Acaulescent), Acceleration, Accelerator, Accessory, Accessory branch, Accessory bud, Accessory cell, Accessory fruit, Accessory gonidium (pl.Gonidia), Accessory indusium, Accessory pigments, Accidental, Accidental union, Acclimation, Acclimatization (Acclimatation), Accommodation, Accrescent, Accretion, Accumbent, Acellular, Acentric, Acentric chromosome, Acerose (Acerous), Acervulus, Acetabulum, Acetaldehyde, Acetaldehyde mutase, Acetamide, Acetic acid fermentation, Acetification, Acetone, Acetyl CoA (Acetyl Coenzyme A), Achene, Achenial fruit, Achenodium, Achlamydeous, Achromatic spindle, Achromatin, Acicula, Acicular, Acicular crystal, Acid bath, Acid dye, Acid fast, Acid hydrolase, Acid phosphatase, Acid plants, Acid proteiase, Acid rain, Acid soil, Acid-neutralization theory, Acid-neutralizer, Acidity, Acidophile ; Acidophil, Acidophilic, Acidotrophic, Acidulent, Acidulous, Acies, Aciform, Acinus (Pl. Acini ), Aconitic acid, Acotyledon, Acotyledonous, Acquired, Acquired character, Acquired immunity, Acrandrous, Acrandry, Acrocarpous, Acrofugal, Acrogamous, Acrogenous (Growing at the apex), Acrogenous (Produced at the apex), Acrogynous, Acrogyny, Acropetal, Acroscopic, Actinomorphic, Actinomorphous, Actinomycosis, Actinostele, Action spectrum, Activate, Activated diffusion, Activation energy, Activator, Active, Active absorption, Active bud, Active exudation, Active immunity, Active ingredient, Active site, Active transport, Aculeate, Aculeiform, Aculeus, Acumen, Acuminate, Acutangular, Acute, Acyclic, Adaptability, Adaptable, Adaptation, Adaptive, Adaptive characters, Adaptive parasite, Adaptive races, Adaptive radiation, Adaxial, Additive, Additive effect, Additive genetic variance, Adelphous, Adelphous condition, Adenine, Adenosine diphosphate (ADP), Adenosine monophosphate(AMP), Adenosine phosphate, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Adherence, Adhesion, Adhesive disc, Adhesive force, Adichogamy, Adipocellulose, Adjustment, Adnascens, Adnascent, Adnate, Adnation, Adnexed, ADP (Adenosine diphosphate), Adpressed (appressed), Adsorbent, Adsorption, Adsorption film, Adsorption of bacteriophages, Adult, Adult form, Adventitious bud, Adventitious cell, Adventitious embryo, Adventitious embryony, Adventitious root, Adventive (Adventitious), Aecial, Aecidial, Aecidial form, Aecidiolum, Aecidiospore, Aeciospore, Aecium (Aecidium), Aeolian, Aerate, Aeration, Aerenchyma, Aerial, Aerial photography, Aerial plants, Aerial roots, Aerial water, Aerobe, Aerobic


B cells ; B lymphocytes, Bacca (Berry), Baccate, Baccausus (Etaerio), Bacillar, Bacilli, Bacilliform, Bacillus, Back cross, Back reaction, Backshore, Bacteria, Bacterial, Bacterial nodule, Bactericidal, Bacterio-purpurin, Bacteriochlorophyll, Bacteriocin, Bacterioid (Bacteroid), Bacteriologist, Bacteriology, Bacteriophage, Bacteriosis, Bacteriostatic, Bacteriotoxin, Bacterioviridin, Bacteroid (Bacterioid), Baculiform, Balance of nature, Balanced solution, Balanophorin, Bald, Ballistic, Ballistic fruit, Balsam, Balsam of Peru, Balsam of Tolu, Band, Band shaped, Banner, Bar chart, Barb, Barbate, Barbel, Barbellate, Barbule, Bare area, Bark, Barometer, Barren, Barren flower, Barren glume, Barren ground, Barrier (Barrage), Bars of Sanio, Basal, Basal area, Basal body, Basal cell, Basal growth, Basal placentation, Basal wall, Base, Base (Chemical), Base pair (bp), Base ratio, Base sequence, Basichromatin, Basid (Basidium), Basidial, Basidial layer, Basidiocarp, Basidiolichenes, Basidiophore, Basidiospore, Basidiosporous, Basidium (Basid), Basifixed, Basifugal, Basigamic, Basigamous, Basigamy, Basinerved (palmate), Basipetal, Basis, Basiscopic, Basophilic, Bast, Bast fibers, Bast islands, Bath, Bathybic, Bathymetrical, Bathypelagic, Bayer's junctions, Beachflora, Beak, Beaked, Bee bread, Bee fly, Beet sugar, Behaviour, Bell jar, Bell shaped, Belt, Belt transect, Bending stress, Benedict's test, Benthal, Benthic, Benthic region, Benthonic, Benthophyte, Benthos, Benthos individuals, Benzoin, Berberine (alkaloid), Berry, Berry cone, Beta cells, Beta sheets, Betaxanthin, Betulin, Bi-indusiate, Biachaenium, Biacuminate, Biangulate, Biarticulate, Biauriculate, Biauritus, Biaxial, Bibracteate, Bibracteolate, Bicarinate, Bicarpellary, Bicarpellate, Bicellular, Bicollateral, Bicollateral bundle, Biconcentric, Biconjugate, Biconjugate pinnatus, Bicornis, Bicornuate, Bicotyledonary (Dicotyledonous), Bicrenate, Bicuspid, Bicuspidate, Bidentate, Bidigitatus, Biennial, Bifacial, Bifarious (Distichous), Bifer, Biferae, Biferous, Bifid, Bifidate, Biflorate, Biflorous, Bifoliate, Bifollicular, Bifolliculus, Biforate, Biformis, Biforous, Bifrons, Bifurcate, Bifurcation, Bigeminate (Biconjugate), Bigeneric, Biglandular, Biglumis, Bihilatus, Bilabiate, Bilamellar, Bilamellate, Bilateral symmetry, Bilateralism, Bilaterality, Bilaterally symmetrical, Bilobate, Bilobed, Bilocellate, Bilocular, Bilomentum, Bimaculate, Bimestris, Bimus, Binary division, Binary fission, Binate, Binato-pinnatus (Bipinnate), Binervate, Biniflorus, Binomial nomenclature, Binuclear, Binucleate, Binucleolate, Bio assay


c DNA (Complementary DNA), C3 plants, C4 plants, Cactaceous, Cactiform, Cactus, Caducous, Caenogenesis, Caenogenetic, Caeoma, Caeoma cushions, Caeoma disks, Caeomospore, Caerulescent, Caeruleus, Caesalpineous, Caespitellose(Caespitose;Caespitulose), Caffeine, Calathiform, Calcar, Calcarate, Calcareous, Calcariform, Calceolate, Calcicole, Calcicole plant, Calcicolous, Calcification, Calcified, Calcifugal (Calciphobous), Calcifuge (Calciphobe), Calcifuge plant, Calciphile, Calciphilic (Calciphilous ; Calcicolous), Calciphobe (Calcifuge), Calciphobous (Calcifugal), Calciphyte, Calculation, Caline, Callose (Polysaccharide), Callosity, Callus, Calorie, Calorific value, Caloritropism, Calotrophic, Calvin cycle, Calycifloral, Calyciflorous, Calyciform, Calypter, Calyptra, Calyptral deperulation, Calyptriform, Calyptrogen, Calyx, Calyx tube, CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism), Cambiform, Cambium, Cambium cells, Cambium layer, Cambium ring (Cambial ring), Camoflage, Campanulate, Camphor, Camphoraceous, Camphoric, Campylotropous, Canada Balsam, Canal, Canal cell, Canal raphe, Canaliculate, Canaliculus, Canauba wax, Cancellate, Cancer, Cancerous tissue, Candelabra, Candelabra branching, Candelabra hairs, Cane sugar, Cannibalism, Canopy, Canopy trees, Canyon, Canyon grapes, Cap-cell, Cap-cell (of Oedogonium), Cap-fungi, Capillaceous, Capillarity, Capillary, Capillary attraction, Capillary movement, Capillary potential, Capillary tube, Capillary tubule, Capillary water, Capillitial, Capillitium, Capitate, Capitellate, Capituliform, Capitulum (Head), Caprification, Caprificus, Caproic acid, Capsicin, Capsid, Capsomere, Capsular fruit, Capsulate, Capsule, Capsuliferous, Caput, Carbohydrase, Carbohydrate, Carbohydrate metabolism, Carbohydrate transformation, Carbon, Carbon assimilation, Carbon balance, Carbon cycle, Carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide acceptor, Carbon dioxide fixation, Carbon fixation, Carbon sequestration, Carbon sink, Carbon- 14 dating, Carbonaceous, Carbonic anhydrase, Carboniferous, Carbonised, Carboxyl terminal, Carboxylase, Carboxylation, Carboxylic acid, Carboxysome, Carbozymase, Carcerular, Carcerule, Carcerulus, Carcinogen, Carcinogenic, Cardinal, Caries, Carina, Carinal, Carinal canal, Carinate, Carinatoplicatus, Cariopsis (Caryopsis ; Caryopside), Cariose, Carious, Carmine, Carneous, Carnivorophyte, Carnivorous, Carnose, Carnous, Carotenol, Carotin (Carotene), Carotinoid, Caroubin, Caroubinase, Carp (Carpel), Carpadelus (Cremocarp), Carpel (Carp), Carpellary, Carpellary disc, Carpellate, Carpellody, Carpellotaxy, Carpid, Carpocephalum, Carpodes, Carpogam (Carpogonium), Carpogenic, Carpogenous, Carpogonial, Carpogonidium (Carpospore), Carpogonium (Carpogam), Carpophore, Carpophore (in Algae), Carpophyll (Carpel), Carposperm, Carposphere, Carposporangium, Carpospore, Carposporic, Carrageenan(polysacharide), Carrying capacity, Cartilagenous, Caruncle, Carunculate, Caryogamic, Caryogamy (Karyogamy)


Dacryoideus, Dactylinus, Dahline, Daily of growth, Daily periodicity, Dammar (resin), Damping, Damping off, Daphnin, Dark reaction (of photosynthesis), Dark-rigor, Darwinism, Dasycladous, Dasyphyllous, Date-shaped, Datiscin, Daturine, Daughter cell, Daughter nucleus, Daughter spore, Day degrees, Day length, Day neutral plant, Day-position, Deamination, Deammonification, Deammonobacteria, Deassimiliation, Death point, Deazotobacteria, Deby-Huckel theory, Decagynous, Decamerous, Decandrous, Decapetalous, Decaphyllous, Decapitation, Decarboxylase, Decarboxylation, Decasepalous, Decay, Decemdentate, Decemfid ; Decemfidus, Decemlocularis, Deciduous, Deciduous forest, Declinate ; Declined, Decolorate, Decoloration, Decoloratus, Decompose, Decomposer, Decorticated, Decortication, Decumbent, Decurrent ; Decursive, Decussate, Decussation, Dedifferentiation, Deferred shoot, Deficiency, Deficiency disease (Physiological disease), Defined medium, Definite, Definite growth, Definite host, Definitive nucleus, Deflected ; Deflexted, Deflexion, Defoliant (Defoliator), Defoliation, Deform, Deformation, Deformed, Deformity, Degeneracy, Degeneration, Degradation, Degree of dominance, Degree of freedom, Degree of ionization, Degree of randomness, Dehisce, Dehiscence, Dehiscent ; Dehiscing, Dehydrase, Dehydration, Dehydrin (protein), Dehydrogenase, Deletion, Delignification, Delignifying, Delimitation, Delimited, Deliquescent (becoming liquid), Delta-leaved, Deltoid, Dematioid, Denaturation, Denaturing, Dendrad, Dendriform, Dendritic, Dendrium, Dendrochronology, Dendrocolous, Dendrogram, Dendrograph, Dendroid, Dendrologist, Dendrology, Dendrophilus, Dendrophyte, Denitrification, Denitrifying, Denitrobacteria, Dense (cytoplasm), Densito meter, Densitometry, Density, Density gradient, Density gradient centrifugation, Dentate, Denticle, Denticulate, Denticulations, Dentoid, Denudate, Denudation, Denuded, Denuded quadrat, Deodar, Deoperculate, Deoxyribonuclease (DNAase), Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), Deoxyribonucleotide, Deoxyribose, Depauperate, Dependence, Dependent (Pendent ; Pendulous), Dependent community, Deperulation, Dephosphorylation, Depigmentation, Deplanate, Deplasmolysis, Deplasmolytic, Deposit, Deposition, Depression, Depression of freezing point, Depressotruncatus (Retuse), Derivative, Derived, Derma, Dermal, Dermal tissue, Dermatinus, Dermatogen, Dermatophyte, Descending, Descent, Desert, Desiccant, Desiccation, Desmid, Desmidian, Desmogen (Procambium), Desmolase, Destarched, Destructive metabolism (Catabolism), Destructive parasite, Detergent, Determinant, Determinate growth, Determinate inflorescence, Detoxification, Detoxify, Deuter cell, Deutoxylem (Metaxylem), Development, Development of tissue, Deviation, Devolution, Dew-leaves, Dew-point, Dextrad ;Dextral, Dextrans (polysaccharide), Dextrin, Dextrinase, Dextrorotatory, Dextrorse, Dextrose, Diacmic, Diad (Dyad), Diadelphous, Diadromous, Diageotropic, Diageotropism, Diagnosis


Ear (of corn), Ebeneous, Eborinus, Ebracteate, Eburneous, Ecad (oecad), Ecalcarate, Eccentric, Ecesis (Oecesis), Echard (non available soil water), Echma (ejaculator), Ecidium (aecidium), Eciliate, Ecoclimate, Ecological factor, Ecological health, Ecological Impact assesment (EIA), Ecological intergrity, Ecological light unit, Ecological niche, Ecological optimum, Ecological reserve, Ecological units, Ecologically suitable species, Ecology, Economic product, Ecorticate, Ecospecies, Ecosystem, Ecosystem integrity, Ecosystem management, Ecosystem productivity, Ecotone, Ecotype, Ectendotrophic, Ectocarp ; Exocarp ; Epicarp, Ectodynamic (Ectodynamomorphic), Ectophytic, Ectoplast, Ectotrophic, Edaphic, Edaphic characters, Edaphic climax, Edaphic factor, Edaphic formation, Edentate, Edestin, Edge, Edge effect, Edible plants, EDTA(Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid), Efficiency index, Effloresence, Effusion, Efoliolate, Egg, Egg cell, Eglandulose, Ejection ; Ejaculation, Elaboration, Elaioplast, Elasticity, Elater, Elaterophore, Electric charge, Electric double layer, Electrical, Electrical potential, Electrical stimulation, Electro-osmosis, Electrolysis, Electrolyte, Electrolytic, Electron micrograph, Electron microscope, Electron transfer, Electron transport chain, Electronasty, Electrophoresis, Electroporation, Electrostatic attraction, Electrotaxis, Electrotropism, Elementary species, Elevation of boiling point, Elfin wood, Ellipsoid, Ellipsoidal, Elliptic ; Elliptical, Elocular (Unilocular), Elongate, Elongated, Elongating region, Elongation, Elute, Elution, Eluvial layer, Eluviation, Eluvium (Eluvial layer), Emarginate (Retuse), Emasculation, Embracing (Amplexicaul), Embryo, Embryo abortion, Embryo culture, Embryo factor, Embryo sac, Embryogeny, Embryology, Embryonal, Embryonal tube, Embryonal vesicle, Embryonate, Embryonic, Embryonic appendage, Embryonic phase, Embryophyta, Embryophyta zoidiogamia, Emergence, Emersion effect, Emetin, Emission energy, Emission spectrum, Emodin, Empennatus (Pinnate), Empiric diagram (Floral diagram), Empty glume, Emulsifier, Emulsin, Emulsion, Emulsoid, Enation, Encysted, Encystment, End to end, End-product, End-product inhibition, Endangered species, Endarch, Endemic, Endemism, Endergonic reaction, Endocarp, Endocaryogamy, Endochite, Endochrome, Endochrome plate, Endocytosis, Endodermal, Endodermis, Endodynamomorphic, Endoenzyme, Endogamic ; Endogamous, Endogamy, Endogenous, Endogenous rhythm, Endogonidium, Endokaryogamy ( Endogamy), Endolithic, Endolithophyte, Endomitosis, Endoparasite, Endoparasitic, Endoperidium, Endophyte, Endophytic, Endophytic mycorrhiza, Endophytism, Endoplasm, Endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Endopleura ( Tegmen ; Tegumen), Endopolyploidy, Endosmosis, Endosome, Endosperm, Endospermic, Endospore (of Bacteria), Endospore ; Endosporium, Endostome, Endosymbiont hypothesis, Endosymbiosis, Endosymbiotic, Endothecium, Endothecium(of Bryophyte sporogonium), Endothermic, Endotoxin, Endotrophic, Endozoic, Energesis, Energesis aerobic, Energid, Energy, Energy flow, Energy relations, Enervis (Enervius), Enolase, Ensheathing leaf base, Ensiform, Enterotoxin, Enterovirus


F- factor ; Fertility factor, F1 (First filial generation ), Face, Faciation, Facies, Facies ( ref.Ecology), Factor, Factors affecting growth, Facultative, Facultative anaerobe, Facultative parasite, FAD (Flavine Adenine Dinucleotide), Fairy - ring, Falcate (sickle shaped ), False, False axis, False bark, False dichotomy, False dissepiment, False drupe, False fruit, False germination, False hybridism, False indusium, False parenchyma, False plankton, False raceme, False septum, False whorl, Family, Fan, Farina, Farinaceous, Fasciation, Fascicle, Fascicled, Fascicular, Fascicular cambium, Fascicular tissue, Fascicular xylem, Fastigiate, Fastigiation, Fat body, Fat splitting, Father - plant (in hybridisation), Fatigue, Fats (oils), Fatty acid, Fatty oils, Feather - veined, Feathery, Fecundity, Feedback inhibition, Feedback regulation, Feeder, Fehling's solution, Felted (Matted), Female (adj), Female flower, Female gamete, Fen, Fence, Fenestra, Fenestrate ; Fenestrated, Ferment, Fermentation, Fermentative energesis, Fern, Ferrobacteria, Ferrugineous ; Ferruginous, Fertile, Fertile glume, Fertilisation, Fertiliser, Fertility, Fertilization, Fetid (Foetid), Feulgen reaction, Fibre, Fibril, Fibrous, Fibrous drupe, Fibrous layer, Fibrous root, Fiddle-shaped, Fidelity, Field capacity, Field observation, Field resistance, Field stratum, Fig insect, Fig wasp, Figure, Filament, Filamentous, File meristem, Filial, Filial generation, Filicinean ; Filicineous, Filiform, Film, Filter, Filter pump, Filterability, Filterable viruses, Fimbria, Fimbriate ; Fimbricate, Fimbrillate ; Fimbrilliferous, Finger and toe disease (Club root), Finger printing, Finger printing,DNA, Fingered (Digitate), Fire management, Fission, Fission fungi, Fissiparous, Fistular ; Fistulose, Fitness, Fix, Fixation (e.g. of nitrogen), Fixation (of tissues), Fixative, Fixed, Fixing (organ), Flabellate ; Flabelliform, Flaccid, Flagellate, Flagelliform, Flagellum, Flake, Flaky, Flame-coloured, Flash yield, Flask, Flavescent, Flavone, Flavonoids, Flavoprotein, Fleshy, Fleshy drupe, Fleshy fruit, Flexible, Flexuous ; Flexuose, Flexure, Floating, Floating leaves, Flocculation, Flocculent ; Flocculant, Floodplain, Flora (dissertation on plants), Flora (plants of an area), Flora (plants of the world), Floral, Floral axis, Floral bud, Floral diagram, Floral envelope, Floral formula, Floral leaf, Floral symmetry, Floret, Floriculture, Floriferous, Florigen, Florist, Floristic composition, Flour, Flower, Flower (floral) bud, Flowering glume, Flowering plants, Flowerless plants, Fluctuation, Fluctuation (in Evolution), Fluctuation test, Fluid mosaic model, Fluitant, Fluorescence, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorine, Fluvial ; Fluviatile, Fly-trap, Foetid (Fetid), Folds of Sanio (Bars of Sanio), Foliaceous, Foliage, Foliar, Foliar gap, Foliate, Foliation (Vernation), Foliferous, Follicle, Follicular, Food, Food chain, Food crop, Food cycle, Food reserves, Food storage, Food vacuole


G1 (1st Gap phase), G2 (2nd Gap phase), Galactan, Galactin, Galactose, Galacturonic acid, Galea, Galeate, Gall, Galvanotactic, Galvanotaxis, Galvanotropic, Galvanotropism, Gamboge, Gametangium, Gamete, Gametogenesis, Gametophyte, Gamopetalous, Gamophyllous, Gamosepalous, Gap (eg. leaf gap), Gas, Gas-vacuole, Gasterolichens (group of lichenes), Gastric bacteria, Gaultherin (glycoside), Geitonogamy, Gel, Gel electrophoresis, Gelatine, Gelation, Gemma, Gene, Gene bank, Gene cloning, Gene cluster, Gene expression, Gene frequency, Gene pool, Gene product, Gene therapy, Genera (pl. of genus), General, Generalized, Generation, Generation time, Generative, Generative cell, Generative chromidium, Generative impregnation, Generative nucleus (Germinative nucleus), Generic characters, Genetic, Genetic code, Genetic diseases, Genetic drift, Genetic engineering, Genetic equilibrium, Genetic recombination, Genetic resources, Genetic variation, Genetics, Geniculate, Genome, Genotype, Genotypic, Gentianine (pigment), Gentianose (trisaccharide), Gentiobiose, Genus, Geocarpy, Geocentric, Geocryptophyte, Geographic, Geographic unit, Geographical distribution, Geological age, Geology, Geonasty, Geophilous, Geophyte, Geotropic curvature, Geotropic movement, Geotropism (Gravitropism), Germ, Germ (Disease), Germ cell, Germ tube, Germinable, Germinal, Germinal apparatus, Germinal corpuscle ; Germinal dot, Germinal lid, Germinal process, Germinal slit, Germination, Germination of seed, Germinative nucleus (Generative nucleus), Germplasm, Gerontogeous (Old World), Gibberellin, Gigantism, Gill (Lamella), Gill -fungus, Girder, Girder shaped, Girdle, Girdle band, Girdle trace, Girdling, Girth, Glaber ; Glabrous, Glabrous leaves, Glacial, Glacial erosion, Glacial period, Gladiate, Gland, Glandiferous, Glandiform, Glandular, Glandular cell, Glandular epithelium, Glandular hairs, Glandular scale, Glandular tissue, Glaucescent;Glaucous, Gleba, Gliadin, Glian, Gliding bacteria, Gliding growth, Gliding movement, Globate (Globular), Globoid, Globose, Globule, Globulin, Globulous, Glochid (Glochidium), Glochideous (Glochidiate), Glomerulate inflorescence, Glossopodium, Glucans (polysaccharides), Glucosamine (Amino sugar), Glucose, Glucoside, Glue, Glumaceous, Glume, Glutamic acid, Glutamine, Gluten, Glutenin, Glutinous, Glyceric acid, Glycerine, Glycerol, Glycerophosphate, Glycine, Glycodrupose, Glycogen, Glycolignose, Glycolipids, Glycolysis, Glycoproteins, Glycoside, Glycosyl transferase, Glycosylation, Glycyrrhizin (Glycoin), Glyoxylate cycle, Glyoxysome, Goblet-shaped, Golden brown algae, Golgi apparatus, Golgi bodies, Gonangium, Gonidangium (Gonitangium), Gonidium, Gonimia (Gonimium), Gonimic, Gonimic layer, Gonimoblast (in some red algae), Gourd, Gradate, Gradient, Graduation, Graft, Graft hybrid, Grafting, Grafting, Bud, Grain, Gram negative bacteria, Gram positive bacteria, Gram reaction, Gram stain, Gram-molecular solution, Graminaceous, Graminicolous


Habit, Habitat, Habitat enhancement, Habitat form, Habitat management, Habitat selection, Hadrocentric (Amphicribral), Hadromal, Hadrome (Hydrome), Haematein, Haematochrome, Haematoxylin, Haemophilia(Hemophilia), Hairs, Hairy, Halberd-shaped ; Halbert-shaped, Half, Half bordered, Half breed (Hybrid), Half inferior, Half leaf method, Half life(Half-life period), Half stem-clasping, Halide, Halobacteria, Halophilic, Halophilous, Halophobe, Halophyte, Halophytic, Halophytism, Halosere, Halved, Hamate ; Hamus, Handle, Hanging drop, Hanging root, Haplobiont, Haplobiontic, Haplochlamydeous, Haplodiplontic life cycle, Haploid, Haplont, Haplontic life cycle, Haplophase, Haplostele, Haplostemonous, Haplotype, Haplotypic, Haplozygous ; Hemizygous, Hapteron, Haptonasty, Haptotropism (Thigmotropism), Haptotype, Hardpan (soil), Hardwoods, Hardy, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, Hastate (leaf), Hatchet-shaped, Haustorium, Head (Capitulum), Heart rot, Heart wood, Heat, Heat of imbibition, Heat-shock, Heat-shock genes, Heat-shock protein, Heath, Heavy metal resistance, Heavy metals, Heavy water, Hecistotherm, Hedge, Hedgerow, Hekistotherm (Hecistotherm), Hekistothermic plant, Helianthine(red compound), Helical thickening, Helichrysin, Heliciform ; Helicoid, Helicoid cyme, Helionasty, Heliophilous, Heliophobic, Heliophyte, Heliotropism, Helium, Helix, Helmet, Helmet shaped (Galeate), Helminthoid, Helophyte, Helotism, Helper cell, Helper plasmid, Helper virus, Hematin, Hemi, Hemi-epiphyte, Hemi-hercogamy, Hemi-saprophyte, Hemicellulose, Hemicryptophyte, Hemicylindrical, Hemiform (rust fungi), Hemiparasite, Hemipuccinia, Hemizygote, Hemizygous, Hemp, Hemp fibre, Hepatics, Heptamerous, Heptarch, Herb, Herbaceous (i.e. not woody) plant, Herbaceous vegetation, Herbalist, Herbals, Herbarium, Herbicide, Herbicide resistance, Herbivorous, Hercogamic ; Hercogamous, Hercogamy, Hereditary, Heredity, Heretability, Herkogamic (Hercogamic), Hermaphrodite (Bisexual), Hermaphrodite flower, Hermaphroditism, Hesperidium (Aurantium), Hetaerio (Aetario), Hetero-auxin, Hetero-kinesis (Heterotypic division), Heteroalleles, Heteroblastic, Heteroblasty, Heterocarpous, Heterochlamydeous, Heterochromosome, Heteroclinous, Heterocyclic, Heterocyst, Heterodromous, Heterodromy, Heteroecious, Heteroecism, Heterogamous, Heterogamy, Heterogeneity, Heterogeneous, Heterogeneous system, Heteroicous (Heteroecious), Heterokaryon, Heterokaryosis, Heterokaryotic, Heterokontae, Heteromerous, Heteromerous lichen, Heteromorphic (Heteromorphous), Heteromorphism, Heterophyllous, Heterophylly, Heteropolar, Heterospermy, Heterosporangiate ; Heterosporangic, Heterosporic ; Heterosporous, Heterospory, Heterostyled ; Heterostylous, Heterostyly, Heterothallic, Heterothallism, Heterotroph, Heterotrophic, Heterotypic division, Heterotypical, Heteroxenous (Heteroecious), Heterozygosity, Heterozygote, Heterozygous, Hexacotylous, Hexacyclic, Hexamerous, Hexaploid, Hexarch, Hexokinase, Hexosan, Hexose, Hibernal, Hibernation, Hidden, Hiemal (Hyemal), Hierarchy, High energy bond, High yeast (Top yeast), Hill reaction


Icon, Iconotype, Icotype, Ideal curve, Identification, Ideotype (Idiotype), Idioblast, Igneous, Ijaculator, Illegitimate cross, Illumination, Imbibition, Imbricate, Immersed, Immiscible, Immobile, Immobilization, Immune, Immunity, Imparipinnate, Imperfect flower (Unisexual flower), Imperfect succession, Imperforate, Impermeable ; Impervious, Implicatus (Matted), Impregnating tube, Impregnation, Impulse, In-situ conservation, In-vitro, In-vitro culture (Explantation), In-vitro fertilization, In-vitro maturation, In-vitro mutagenesis, In-vitro translation, In-vivo, In-vivo gene therapy, Inactivated, Inactivation, Inactive, Inadhering, Inantherate, Inappendiculate, Inarching, Inarticulate, Inbreeding, Incandescent, Incanous, Incept ; Inception, Incidental species, Incipient drying, Incipient plasmolysis, Incipient wilting, Incision, Inclination, Inclined ; Inclining, Inclusion body, Incompatibility, Incompatible, Incomplete dominance, Incomplete flower, Incompressible, Inconspicuous, Incrassate, Incrustation, Incrustation (in Fossilisation), Incubation, Incubator, Incubous, Incumbent, Incurvate ; Incurved, Indefinite, Indehiscent, Independence, Independent, Independent assortment, Indeterminate, India rubber, Indicator, Indicator host, Indicator species, Indifferent species, Indiffusible, Indigene, Indigenous (native), Indigo, Indirect (heteroblastic) embryogeny, Individualism, Individuation, Indole acetic acid (IAA), Indole butyric acid, Induce, Induced, Induced dormancy, Inducer, Inducible, Inducible enzyme, Inducible gene, Induction, Induction period, Indumentum, Induplicate, Indusial, Indusial flaps, Indusiate, Indusium, Inedible, Inert, Inextensible, Infection, Infection peg, Infectious, Inferior, Inferior ovary, Inflated, Inflexed, Inflexibility, Inflexible, Inflorescence, Influence, Inframarginal, Infranodal, Infructescence, Infundibular ; Infundibuliform, Infusion, Inherant resistance, Inheritance, Inheritance of acquired characters, Inhibited, Inhibition, Inhibitor, Initial, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Initiate, Initiation, Initiation codon, Initiation factor, Initiation of flowers, Initiation signal, Initiator, Injection, Inner, Inner digestive layer, Innovation, Innovation shoot, Inoculate, Inoculation, Inoculum, Inorganic (Chemically), Inorganic (Non-chemically), Inositol, Insect gall, Insect pollination, Insecticide, Insectivorous plants, Insert, Inserted, Insertion, Insertion element, Insertion of leaf, Insertion sequence, Insolation, Insoluble, Instinct, Integrated, Integrated pest control, Integration, Integument, Integumental, Intensity, Inter-crossing, Interaxillary, Intercalary, Intercalary branching, Intercalary growth, Intercalary meristem, Intercalated, Intercalation, Intercarpellary, Intercellular, Interclonal, Intercotyledonary, Interdependence, Interface, Interfascicular, Interfascicular cambium, Interference, Interfoliaceous ;Interfoliar ; Interfoliate, Intergeneric, Intergenic, Intergranular material, Intermediate, Intermediate bundle, Intermediate plants, Intermediate product, Intermediate type, Intermediate zone, Intermicella fluid, Intermicella space, Intermittent


Jacket cell, Jaggery, Jalapin (a resin), Jamin chain, Joint, Jointed, Jordanean species, Jordanism, Jordanon (Jordanean species), Juice, Julaceous ; Juliform, Jungle, Jurassic, Jute, Juvenescence (Rejuvenescence), Juvenile, Juvenile phase


Kaolin, Karyogamy, Karyokinesis (Mitosis), Karyokinetic (Mitotic), Karyology, Karyolymph (Nuclear sap), Karyolysis, Karyolytic, Karyophagy, Karyoplasm, Karyosome, Karyotype, Katabolic (Catabolic), Katabolism (Catabolism), Katabolite (Catabolite), Katalase (Catalase), Kathodic (Cathodic), Keel (Carina), Keeled, Kernel, Ketones, Key, Kidney form ; Kidney shaped, Kilobase (kb), Kinase, Kinetic energy, Kinetin, Kinetochore, Kinetosome, Kinic acid, Kleistogamic (Cleistogamic) ; Kleistogamous (Cleistogamous), Klinostat, Kneed (Geniculate), Knight-Darwin Law, Knop's solution, Knot, Kranz anatomy, Krebs cycle


Label, Labelled compound, Labellum, Labiate, Labile, Labium, Labyrinthiformis, Lac, Laccase, Laccine, Lacerated, Laciniate ; Laciniform, Lacquer, Lactase, Lactifer (Laticifer), Lactiferous (Laticiferous), Lactose, Lactucine, Lacuna, Lacunnar tissue, Lacunose, Lacustrine, Laevulose, Lag, Lag phase, Lamarckism, Lambda bacteriophage, Lamella, Lamellar, Lamellate ;Lamelliform ;Lamellose, Lamina, Laminarin (polysaccharide), Laminated, Lanate, Lance-ovate, Lanceolate, Landscape ecology, Lantern slide, Lanuginose, Late blight, Latent, Latent bud, Latent development, Latent factor, Latent period, Latent time, Lateral bud, Lateral conjugation, Lateral flower, Lateral meristem, Lateral root, Laterisation, Laterite, Lateritic, Latex, Latex cell, Laticifer (Lactifer), Laticiferous, Laticiferous cell, Laticiferous tissue, Laticiferous tube, Laticiferous vessel, Latifoliate ; Latifolious, Latticed cell, Lax, Layer, Layer society, Layer transect, Layerage ; Layering, Leach, Leaching, Leachy, Leaf, Leaf area index, Leaf area ratio, Leaf arrangement, Leaf axil, Leaf base, Leaf blade, Leaf blotch, Leaf bud, Leaf culture, Leaf curl, Leaf cushion, Leaf fall, Leaf gap, Leaf green (Chlorophyll), Leaf margin, Leaf primordium, Leaf scar, Leaf scorch, Leaf shape, Leaf shaped, Leaf sheath, Leaf spine, Leaf spot, Leaf stalk, Leaf tendril, Leaf thorn (or spine), Leaf trace, Leafing, Leaflet, Leafy, Leathery, Lecithin, Lectoallotype, Lectotype, Legitimate cross, Legitimate fertilization, Legume, Legumin, Leguminous, Leibig's law of the minimum, Lemma, Lemon-coloured, Lens, Lens cell, Lens shaped, Lenticel, Lenticular, Lenticular transpiration, Lepidodendroid, Lepidopterophilus, Lepidostroboid, Lepto-zygotene, Leptocentric (Amphivasal), Leptoform, Leptome, Leptonema, Leptosporangiate, Leptosporangium, Leptotene, Lethal, Lethal dose, Lethal gene, Lethal mutation, Leucine, Leuco-compound, Leucoplastid ; Leucoplasts, Level of significance, Ley, Liana, Liber fibres (Bast fibres), Libriform fibres (Wood-fibres), Lichen, Lichenicolous, Lichenin, Lichenoerythrine, Lichenologist, Lichenology, Lichenoxanthine, Lid, Lid cell, Life cycle, Life form, Ligand, Light energy, Light flash, Light growth reaction, Light hard, Light indifferent, Light phase, Light quantum, Light reaction (of photosynthesis), Light saturation, Light sensitive, Ligneous, Lignicole, Lignicolous, Lignification, Lignified, Lignify, Lignin, Lignite, Ligno-suberization, Lignocellulose, Lignone, Lignose, Lignous, Ligular, Ligulate, Ligulate flower, Ligule, Liguliflorate ; Liguliflorous, Liguliform, Limiting factor, Limiting layer, Limnad (Limnium), Limnaea, Limnetic, Limnium (Limnad), Limnology, Limnophilus, Limnophyta, Limnoplankton, Linase, Line, Line of growth, Line transect, Lineage


Mace, Maceration, Macrandrous, Macro, Macro-elements, Macroconidium, Macrogamete, Macrogonidium, Macromolecule, Macronutrients, Macrophyll (Megaphyll), Macrophyllous, Macrophyte, Macrophytic, Macrophytoplankton, Macropodous, Macroscopic, Macrosporangiate, Macrosporangium, Macrospore, Macrosporophyll, Macrostylous, Macrosymbiont, Macrotherm (Megatherm), Macrothermophilus, Macrozoogonidium, Macrozoospore, Macular ; Maculate, Main axis, Male cell, Male flower, Male gamete, Male haploidy, Male sterility, Maleic hydrazide, Malic acid, Malpighiacei hairs, Malpighiaceous, Maltase, Maltin, Malting, Maltodextrin, Maltose, Malvaceous, Mamilla (Mammilla), Mammiform, Mammilla (Mamilla), Mammillar ; Mammillate, Mammilliform, Mammose, Mangrove, Manipulation, Mannan, Mannite, Mannitol, Mannitose, Mannocellulose, Mannose, Manometer, Manubrium, Manufactured food, Maple sugar, Maquis, Margin, Margin of leaf, Marginal, Marginal placentation, Marginate ; Margined, Marine, Maritime, Maritime vegetation, Marking (on cell wall), Marsh, Mass flow, Mass selection, Massula, Mastic, Mastoid, Maternal chromosome, Maternal inheritance, Matrix, Matroclinous, Matula, Maturation, Mature, Maximal, Meadow, Mealy (Farinaceous), Mean, Mechanical, Mechanical tissue, Mechanism, Mechanism of inheritance, Mechanism of movement, Mechanism of photosynthesis, Mechanism of respiration, Meconium, Medial ; Median, Median (stat), Medicinal plants, Medium, Medulla, Medullary, Medullary bundle, Medullary cast, Medullary ray, Medullary region, Medullated, Medullation, Megaconidium, Megalogonidium (Macrogonidium), Megaphanerophyte, Megaphyllous, Megaphylly, Megaplankton, Megaplanogamete, Megaprothallus, Megascopic, Megasorus, Megasporangium, Megaspore, Megasporocarp, Megasporocyte (Megaspore mother cell), Megasporogenesis, Megasporophyll, Megatherm (Macrotherm), Megathermic, Megazoosporangium, Megazoospore, Meiocyte, Meiosis, Meiosporangium, Meiotherm, Meiotic, Melampyrine, Melanin, Melanism, Melanophyll, Melezitose, Melibiase, Melibiose, Melitose, Melizitase, Melizitose, Mellarose, Melliphagous, Membranaceous (Membranous), Membrane, Membrane filter, Membranous expansion, Membranous layer, Mendel's laws, Mendelian characters, Mendelian inheritance, Mendelism, Meniscoid, Meniscus, Menispermine, Mentum, Mericarp (Fruitlet), Merism, Meristele, Meristem, Meristem culture, Meristematic, Meristematic cell, Meristematic tissue, Meroblastic embryogeny, Merogamy, Merozygote, Mesarch, Mesocarp, Mesochil, Mesochite (Mesochiton), Mesocortex, Mesocotyl, Mesophanerophyte, Mesophyll, Mesophyllous, Mesophyte, Mesophytism, Mesosome, Mesosperm, Mesospore ;Mesosporinium ; Mesosporium, Mesostylous, Mesotherm, Mesothermic, Mesoxylic (Mesarch), Mesozoic, Metabolic, Metabolism, Metabolite, Metacellulose, Metachlamydeous (Gamopetalous), Metachlorophyllin, Metachromatin, Metamorphogenesis, Metamorphosed, Metamorphosis, Metaphase


N.S.quotient, NAA (Naphthalene Acetic Acid), NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), NADP (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate), Naked, Naked bud, Naked bulb, Naked cell, Naked eye, Naked movement, Naked protoplasm, Naked seed, Naked,DNA, Nalidixic acid, Nanandrous, Nanism, Nanometre, Nanophanerophyte, Nanoplankton, Napiform, Narceine (alkaloid), Narcotic, Narcotine (alkaloid), Nascent, Nastic, Nasty, Natans, Natant, Native (Indigenous), Native protein, Natural, Natural area, Natural selection, Naturalization, Naturalized, Nature reserve ; Nature sanctuary, Naviculaeform, Nearctic region, Nebulose, Neck, Neck canal cell, Neck cell, Neck rot, Necrosis, Necrotic spots, Nectar, Nectarium ; Nectary, Nectonic benthon, Needle leaf, Negative, Negative control, Negative staining, Negatively geotropic, Negatively hydrotropic, Negatively phototropic, Nemathecium, Neo-Darwinism, Neogaean, Neogeic, Neophyte, Neotropical, Neotype, Nepenthin, Nephroid, Neritic plankton, Nerve (in plant), Nest epiphyte, Net photosynthesis, Net primary production, Net production, Net suction pressure, Netted, Neuter (Neutral), Neuter (sterile flower), Neutral (Ineffective), Neutral Red, New, Niche, Nicotine, Niederblatter (Hypophyll), Nitrate bacteria (eg.Nitrobacter), Nitrification, Nitrifying bacteria, Nitrite bacteria (eg.Nitrosomonas), Nitrobacteria, Nitrocellulose, Nitrogen assimilation, Nitrogen cycle, Nitrogen deficiency, Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen metabolism, Nitrogenase, Nitrogenous bases, Nitrogenous compound, Nitrogenous food reserves, Nitrophilous, Nitrophyte, Nival, Nival flora, Nodal, Nodding, Nodding flower, Node, Nodose ; Nodiferous, Nodulation, Nodule, Nodulose, Nomad, Nomadic, Nomenclature, Nomium, Nomophilus, Non symbiotic nitrogen fixation, Non wood, Non-articulated, Non-available water, Non-disjunction, Non-electrolyte, Non-endospermic, Non-essential, Non-ionized, Non-Mendelian inheritance, Non-porous, Non-reducing sugar, Non-selective herbicide, Non-sense codon, Non-sense mutation, Non-toxic, Non-vacuolate, Non-vascular, Non-viable, Normal, Normal distribution, Notched, Noviform, Nucamentum (Catkin), Nucellus, Nuciferous, Nuciform, Nuclear, Nuclear cavity, Nuclear division, Nuclear envelope, Nuclear membrane, Nuclear plate, Nuclear sap, Nuclear spindle, Nucleated, Nucleic acid, Nuclein, Nucleobases, Nucleolate ; Nucleolated, Nucleole ; Nucleolus, Nucleoplasm, Nucleoplasmic, Nucleoprotein, Nucleoside, Nucleosome, Nucleotide, Nucleus, Nudation, Nude (Naked), Nudicaulous, Nupharetum, Nut, Nutant (Nodding), Nutation, Nutlet, Nutrient agar, Nutrient balance, Nutrient broth, Nutrient salts, Nutrition, Nutritive, Nyctanthous, Nyctanthy, Nyctigamous, Nyctinastic, Nyctinastic movement, Nyctinasty, Nyctipelagic, Nyctitropic, Nyctitropism, Nymphaeetum


Obclavate, Obconic ; Obconical, Obcordate ; Obcordiform, Obcrenatus (Denticulate), Obdiplostemonous, Obdiplostemony, Obex, Obices, Obimbricate, Object, Oblanceolate, Oblate, Obligate (Obligative ; Obligatory), Obligate anaerobe, Obligate parasite, Obligate symbiont, Obligative ; Obligatory, Obligulate, Oblique, Oblong, Obovate, Obscure, Observed value, Obsolete, Obtuse, Occluded, Occlusion, Oceanad, Oceanic, Oceanophilus, Oceanophyte, Ochrea, Ochreate, Ocrea (Ochrea), Ocreate (Ochreate), Octagynous, Octamerous, Octandrous (Octantherous), Octant, Octantherous (Octandrous), Octinucleate, Octolocular, Octopetalous, Octoploid, Octoradiate, Octosepalous, Octospermous, Octosporous, Octostemonous, Octostichous, Oculus (eye of tuber), Odontoid, Odoratus, Odour, Oecesis (Ecesis), Oecology (Ecology), Oedema, Officinal, Offset, Offspring, Oidium, Oil duct, Oil gland, Oil globule, Oils (Fats), Oily endosperm, Oleic acid, Olein ; Oleine, Oleoresin, Olibanum (resin), Oligandrous (Oligostemonous), Oliganthous, Oligarch, Oligocene, Oligomerous, Oligomery, Oligonucleotide, Oligophyllous, Oligosaccharide, Oligospermous, Oligostemonous (Oligandrous), Oligotrophic, Ombrophile, Ombrophilous, Ombrophily, Ombrophobe, Ombrophobic, Ombrophoby, Ombrophyte (Shade plant), Omnivorous, Ontogenetic, Ontogeny, Oogamete, Oogamous, Oogamy, Oogenesis, Oogonium, Ooplasm, Oosperm (Ospore), Oosphere (Ovum), Oospore (Oosperm), Opaque, Open association, Open bundle, Open community, Open formation, Open pollination, Open Reading Frame (ORF), Open venation, Open woodland, Opercular ; Opereulate, Opercule ; Operculum, Operon, Opium, Opposite (leaf), Optical activity, Optical section, Optimal, Optimal area, Optimal temperature, Optimum, Orange colour, Orbicular ; Orbiculate, Orchid, Orcin, Order, Ordinal characters, Organ, Organ culture, Organelle, Organic (Chemically), Organic (Non-chemically), Organic acid metabolism, Organisation, Organism, Organogenesis, Organogenetic, Organogeny, Organography, Oriental region, Orientation, Orifice, Origin, Origin of life, Origin of species, Ornithophilous, Orogenic, Orographic characters, Orthocladous, Orthogeotropism, Orthophototropism, Orthostichous, Orthotropic (Orthotropous), Orthotropism, Orthotropous (Orthotropic), Oscillation, Osmometer, Osmosis, Osmotic, Osmotic pressure, Osmotically active, Ostiole, Outbreeding, Outer digestive layer, Outgrowth, Outline, Ovary, Ovate, Overcurvature, Overgrazing, Overhanging, Overlap, Overlapping, Overlapping genes, Overlying, Overstocked, Ovoid ; Ovoidal, Ovulate, Ovule, Ovule culture, Ovuliferous scale, Ovum, Oxaloacetic acid, Oxalosuccinic acid, Oxidase, Oxidation, Oxidation-reduction potential, Oxidative, Oxidative anabolism, Oxidative enzyme, Oxidative phosphorylation, Oxidising enzyme, Oxido-reductase, Oxycellulose, Oxychromatin, Oxydase (Oxidase), Oxygen, Oxygenase


Pachytene, Paedogenesis, Paired, Palaeaceous, Palaearctic region, Palaegaea (Old world), Palaeobatany, Palaeobotanist, Palaeogeic, Palaeophytology (Palaeobotany), Palaeotropic, Palaeozoic, Pale ; Palea, Paleaceous, Paleola (Lodicule), Paleolate, Palet (Palea), Palingenetic, Palingeny (Palingenesis), Palisade cell, Palisade parenchyma, Palisade tissue, Palmate, Palmatifid, Palmatipartite, Palmatisect, Palmella stage, Palmelloid, Palmitic acid, Palmitin, Papilliform, Papillose (Papillate), Pappous, Pappus, Papyraceous, Parabolic ; Parabolical, Paracellulose, Paracentric, Paracentric inversion, Parachromophoric, Parachute, Parachute mechanism, Parafin, Paraheliotropism, Parahormone, Parallel, Parallel evolution, Parallel type (Paratype), Parallel venation, Parameridian, Parameter, Parameter (physical), Paramylum (polysaccharide), Parapectic acid, Parapectin, Paraphyllium, Paraphysis, Parasexual, Parasexual cycle, Parasite, Parasitic roots, Parasitism, Paraspermatium, Parasporal, Parasporal crystal, Parastichy, Paratonic, Paratonic movement, Paratracheal, Paratype, Parchment, Parenchyma, Parenchymatous cell, Parent, Parichnos, Parietal, Parietal cytoplasm, Parietal placentation, Paripinnate, Parkland, Paroecious ; Paroicous, Parthenocarpic fruit, Parthenocarpy, Parthenogamete, Parthenogenesis, Parthenogenetic, Parthenogeny (Parthenogenesis), Parthenogonidium, Parthenospore, Partial, Partial digest, Partial habitat, Partial parasite, Partial velum, Particle, Particle radiation, Partition, Partition chromatography, Partition coefficient, Passage, Passage cell, Passage number, Passage time, Passive absorption, Passive immunity, Pasteur effect, Pasteurization, Pasture, Patana, Patch (of grass), Patent, Patent branches, Patent leaves, Paternal, Paternal chromosome, Pathogen, Pathogen-free, Pathogenic ; Pathogenous, Pathogenicity, Pathology, Pathotoxin, Pathotype, Pathovar, Pathway, Patroclinous, Pear-shaped, Peat, Pecopteroid, Pectase, Pectic, Pectic acid, Pectic compound, Pectin, Pectinaceous, Pectinase, Pectinate, Pectocellulose, Pectose, Pectosic acid, Pedate, Pedately, Pedicel (i.e. flower stalk), Pedicellate, Pedigree, Pedogenesis, Pedology, Peduncle (i.e. Inflorescence stalk), Peg, Pelagic, Pellet, Pellicle, Pellucid, Peloria, Peloric, Pelorisation, Peltate, pendent, Pendulous placentation (Apical placentation), Penetration, Penicillate ; Penicilliform, Penicillin, Penicillus, Pennate (Pinnate), Pentacarpellary, Pentadactylous, Pentagynia, Pentamerous, Pentandria ; Pentandrous, Pentapetalous, Pentaphyllous, Pentapterous, Pentarch, Pentastichous, Pentose, Pentose,Phosphate pathway, Penultimate, PEP (Phosphoenolpyruvate), Pepo, Pepsin, Peptase, Peptic, Peptic ferment, Peptidase, Peptide, Peptide linkage, Peptidoglycan(Mucoprotein), Peptone, Perception, of stimulus, Percolate, Percurrent, Perennating organ, Perennation, Perennial, Perfect flower (Bisexual flower), Perfoliate (Perfollate), Perforate, Perforated solenostele, Perforation plate, Perianth, Periaxial


Quadrangular, Quadrant, Quadrat, Quadrat chart, Quadridentate, Quadrifid, Quadrifoliate, Quadrijugate, Quadrilocular, Quadrincucleate, Quadripolar, Quadrivalent, Quadrivalve ; Quadrivalvular, Qualitative composition, Qualitative trait, Quantitative character, Quantitative composition, Quantitative genetics, Quantitative inheritance, Quantitative trait, Quantum, Quantum yield, Quarantine, Quartz, Quasine, Quaternary, Quaternary structure, Quiescen centre, Quiescen zone, Quiescent, Quincuncial, Quincuncial aestivation, Quinhydrone electrode, Quinine(alkaloid), Quinone, Quinquangular, Quinquelocular, Quinquevalvate


R plasmid, Race, Raceme, Racemose, Racemose branching, Racemose inflorescence, Rachilla, Rachis, Radial, Radial bundle, Radial cut, Radial parenchyma, Radial section, Radial symmetry, Radial system, Radially symmetrical (Actinomorphic), Radiant, Radiant energy, Radiate, Radiation, Radical leaf, Radicellose, Radicle, Radio isotope, Radio tracers, Radio-active, Radio-carbon, Radioactivity, Radium emanation, Radius, Raffinase, Raffinose, Rain forest, Ramal, Ramenta, Ramification, Ramify, Ramose ;Ramous ; Ramus (pl.rami), Random, Random distribution, Random error, Random mutagenesis, Random primer, Random sample, Range, Raphe, Raphide, Rare, Rarified, Rate, Rate of growth, Rate of photosynthesis, Rate of respiration, Ratio, Ratoon, Raumparasite, Ravine, Raw material, Ray, Ray floret ; Ray flower, Ray initial, Ray parenchyma, Re-differentiation, Re-precipitation, Re-solution, Reaction, Reaction time, Recalicitrant seeds, Recapitulation theory, Recent, Receptacle, Receptacular, Receptive, Receptor, Receptor molecule, Recessive, Reciprocal, Reciprocal hybrid, Reclamation disease, Reclinate, Recombinant, Recombinant DNA, Recombinant DNA technology, Recombinant protein, Recombinant RNA, Recombinant type, Recombinant vaccine, Recombination, Recombination fraction, Recombination frequency, Reconstructed cell, Recrudescence, Rectipetality, Recurrence, Recurrent, Recurvate ; Recurved, Red algae, Red rot, Redox potential, Reducing sugar, Reduction, Reduction action, Reduction division, Reduction series, Reduplication, Reed-swamp, Reflection, Reflex, Reforestation, Refraction, Refractive, Refractive index, Regeneration, Region, Region of distribution, Regional, Regma, Regression, Regressive, Regular, Regular peloria, Regularity (Symmetry), Regulation, Regulator, Regulatory genes, Regulatory mechanism, Rejuvenation, Rejuvenescence, Relative humidity, Relative transpiration, Relaxed, Relaxed circle, Relaxed plasmid, Release, Relic ; Relict, Remote, Renascent, Renaturation, Reniform, Rennet, Repair, Repeat, Replacement, Replacement theory, Replicate, Replicate experiment, Replication, Replisome, Repressor, Reproduction, Reproduction hormone, Reproductive bodies, Reproductive bud, Reproductive cell, Reproductive development, Reproductive organ, Reproductive potential, Repulsion, Reserve cellulose, Reserve food, Reserve material, Reserve starch, Residual gas, Resin, Resin duct, Resin flux (Resinosis), Resiniferous, Resistance, Resistant, Resolution (Resolving power), Respiration, Respiratory, Respiratory chamber, Respiratory quotient, Respiratory roots, Respiratory substrate, Respirometer, Response, Rest period, Resting, Resting bud, Resting cell, Resting period, Resting spore, Restriction endonuclease, Restriction enzyme, Resultant law, Resupinate, Resurrection plant, Retardation, Retarding effect, Reticulate, Reticulate chloroplast, Reticulate thickening, Reticulate venation, Reticulation, Reticulum, Retinaculate, Retinaculum (Caudicle), Retinerved


S phase, S1 nuclease, Sac, Saccate, Saccharase, Saccharification, Sach's solution, Saffranin, Saffron, Sagittate, Sago, Salicin (a glucoside), Salicylic acid, Saline, Saline resistance, Salt absorption, Salt desert, Salt gland, Salt marsh, Salt marsh plant, Salt steppe, Salt swamp, Salt tolerance, Saltation, Saltatory evolution, Salting out, Salver form ; Salver shaped, Samara, Sample area, Sample plot, Sampling, Sand bar, Sand culture, Sand dune, Sandy shore, Sap, Sap colour (Sap pigment), Sapflow, Sapling, Saponaceous, Saponification, Saponin (glucoside), Saprobic, Saprophyte, Saprophytic, Saprophytism, Sapwood, Sarcoderm ; Sarcotesta, Sarment (Runner), Sarmentaceous ; Sarmentose, Satalite DNA, Satalite RNA, Sativus, Saturation, Saturation deficit, Saturation point, Savannah (savanna), Savannah forest, Saw toothed (Sawed), Scaber (Scabrous), Scabrid, Scabrid hairs, Scabridous, Scabrous, Scabrous hair, Scaffold, Scalariform, Scalariform conjugation, Scalariform duct, Scalariform thickening, Scalariform tracheid, Scalariform vessel, Scale, Scale bark, Scale hair, Scale leaf, Scale like, Scaly, Scaly bulb, Scandent ; Scandentes, Scanning Electron Microscope, Scape, Scapeless, Scapiform, Scapigerous (Scapiferous), Scar, Scarification, Scarified, Scattered, Scattering of light, Schistaceous ; Schistose, Schizo-lysigenous, Schizocarp, Schizocarpic fruit, Schizogenetic ;Schizogenic ; Schizogenous, Schultze's solution, Schweitzer's reagent, Scientific name, Scion, Scion-stock interaction, Sciophilous, Sciophyte, Scissile, Sclereid (Stone cell), Sclerenchyma, Sclerenchymatous fibre, Sclerenchymatous tissue, Sclerophilous, Sclerophylly, Sclerophyte, Sclerosed (Sclerotic), Sclerosis, Sclerotesta, Sclerotic, Sclerotium, Sclerotoid, Scorpioid, Scorpioid cyme, Screen, Screening, Scrub, Scurfy, Scutellum, Scypha (Scyphus) (in lichens), SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate), Sea weed, Sea-shore plants, Seam, Season, Seasonal, Seasonal periodicity, Seasonal predominant, Secondary, Secondary antibody, Secondary cambium, Secondary cell wall, Secondary consumer, Secondary cortex, Secondary desmogen, Secondary dormancy, Secondary formation, Secondary growth, Secondary meristem, Secondary metabolite, Secondary nucleus, Secondary phloem, Secondary plant products, Secondary roots, Secondary succession, Secondary thickening, Secondary tissue, Secondary vascular tissue, Secondary xylem, Secretion, Secretory, Secretory cell, Secretory tissue, Section, Sector, Sectorial chimaera, Secund, Sediment, Sedimentary yeast (Bottom yeast), Sedimentation, Sedimentation coefficient, Seed, Seed bank, Seed bed, Seed coat, Seed dispersal, Seed dressing, Seed drill, Seed leaf, Seed plant, Seed storage proteins, Seed treatment, Seed year, Seedling, Segment, Segmentation, Segregant, Segregation, Seismonastic movement, Seismonasty, Seismonic irritability, Seismonic stimulus, Selago type, Selectable marker, Selection, Selection coefficient, Selection response, Selection unit, Selective absorption, Selective agent, Selective permeability, Selective pressure, Self coloured, Self contained, Self fertility, Self fertilization


T cells, T-DNA (Transfer DNA), T-test, Tabular, Tabular root system, Tabulation, Tachytelic, Tachytely, Tactic movement, Tactile, Tag, Taiga, Tailed, Talus, Tangential, Tank-epiphyte, Tannase, Tannic acid, Tannin, Tannin sac, Tap root, Taper, Tapetal, Tapetum, Tapioca, Taq polymerase, Target, Target site, Targeting vector, Tartaric acid, Taungya, Taxa, Taxis, Taxon, Taxonomic, Taxonomist, Taxonomy, Teasing, Technology, Teeth, Tegmen ; Tegumen, Tegumentary, Teleologic ; Teleological, Teleology, Teleutoconidium ; Teleutogonidium, Teleutosorus, Teleutospore ; Teliospore, Telium (Teleutosorus), Telluric, Telophase, Temperate, Temperature, Temperature coefficient, Temperature sensitive, Temperature sensitive mutant, Temperature sensitive mutation, Temperature sensitive protein, Temperature summing, Template, Temporary wilting, Tendril, Tension, Tentacle, Tepal, Teratology, Terete, Terminal, Terminal branching, Terminal bud, Terminal inflorescence, Terminal oxidase, Terminate, Termination, Termination codon, Termination signal, Ternate, Ternate pinnate, Terpene, Terpenoid, Terrace, Terrestrial, Terricolous, Tertiary, Tessellate, Test, Test cross, Testa (Seed coat), Tetracyclic, Tetracycline, Tetrad, Tetrad analysis, Tetradynamous, Tetragonal, Tetramerous, Tetramorphic, Tetrandrous, Tetrapeptide, Tetraploid, Tetraploidy, Tetrarch, Tetrasaccharide, Tetrasomic, Tetrasporangium, Tetraspore, Tetrasporic, Tetrasporophyte, Tetrastichous, Tetratype, Tetrazolium, Texture, Thalamus, Thalloid ; Thalloidal, Thallophyte, Thallose, Thallus, Theca, Thecium, Theobromine, Theoretical, Theory, Therapeutic agent, Thermal, Thermal absorption, Thermal conduction, Thermal death point, Thermal emission, Thermal induction, Thermal stress, Thermic shock ; Heat shock, Thermo-growth reaction, Thermo-labile, Thermocouple, Thermometer, Thermonastic, Thermonasty, Thermoperiodicity, Thermophil, Thermophilic, Thermophilic bacteria, Thermophyte, Thermosensitivity, Thermostable, Thermotaxis, Thermotherapy, Thermotropism, Thiamine, Thickening, Thigmonasty, Thigmotactic, Thigmotaxis, Thigmotropism, Thorn, Thorn climber, Thorn forest, Thorny, Thread, Thread blight, Threshold, Threshold value, Throat, Throat (of corolla tube), Thrombin, Thrum-eyed, Thylakoid, Thymidine, Thymidine kinase, Thymine, Thymine dimer, Thymol (phenol), Thyrse, Thyrsiform ; Thyrsoid, Thyrsula, Ti plasmid (Tumor inducing plastid), Tidal forest, Tier, Tigline, Tiller, Tillering, Tilth, Timber, Timberline, Time, Time course, Time factor, Tissue, Tissue culture, Tissue system, Toadstool (Mushroom), Tobacco mosaic virus, Toleration ; Tolerance, Tolu balsam, Tomentose, Tomentose hairs, Tomentum, Tongue, Tongue shaped, Tonoplast ; Tonotaxis, Tonus (Tone), Tooth, Toothed


Ubiquitose, UDP-galactose(Uridine Diphosphate galactose), UDP-glucose (Uridine Diphosphate glucose), Ultra-filter, Ultracentrifugation, Ultrafiltration, Ultrafiltration theory, Ultramicroscope, Ultramicroscopic, Ultrasonic, Ultrasonication, Ultrastructure, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet rays, Umbel, Umbellate, Umbrella-shaped, Unarmed, Uncinate, Under planting, Underground, Underground stem, Underleaves, Undershrubs, Understorey, Undulate, Unequal, Unequal bivalant, Unequal crossing over, Uneven growth, Unguicular ;Unguiculate, Uni-directional, Uniaxial, Unicarpellate (Monocarpellary), Unicell, Unicellular, Unicostate, Unifarious, Uniflorous, Unifoliate, Unijugate, Unilabiate, Unilateral, Unilocular, Unimembrane, Uninuclear ;Uninucleate ;Uninucleated, Uniovular twins, Uniparous, Uniparous branching, Uniserial, Uniseriate, Unisexual, Unisexual flower, Unisexualism, Unistratose, Univalent, Unorganized, Unorganized ferment, Unsaturated fatty acid, Upper yeast, Uracil, Urceolate, Urea, Urease, Uredosorus, Uredospore, Urethane, Uridine, Urn-shaped, Utricle


V- region (variable region), Vaccination, Vaccine, Vacuolar membrane, Vacuolate, Vacuolate cell, Vacuolation, Vacuole, Vacuome, Vacuum, Vagil benthon, Vaginula, Valine, Vallecula, Vallecular, Valvate, Valvate leaves, Valvate sepals, Valve, Valvular, Valvular dehiscence, Van der Waals' forces, Vancomicin, Vanillin (phenolic aldehyde), Variability, Variable, Variant, Variate, Variation, Variegated, Variety, Vascular, Vascular bundle, Vascular cambium, Vascular cryptogam, Vascular cylinder, Vascular plant, Vascular strand, Vascular system, Vascular tissue, Vascular wilt, Vasculum, Vasicentric, Vector, Vector molecule, Vegetable (Plant), Vegetable kingdom, Vegetation, Vegetation belt, Vegetation form, Vegetation type, Vegetative, Vegetative body, Vegetative bud, Vegetative cell, Vegetative chromidium, Vegetative development, Vegetative function, Vegetative growth, Vegetative impregnation, Vegetative nucleus, Vegetative organ, Vegetative parthenocarpy, Vegetative propagation, Vegetative reproduction, Vegetative shoot, Vegetative state, Veil, Vein, Veined, Veinless, Veinlet, Velamen, Velum, Velutinous ; Velvety, Venation, Venom, Venter, Ventilating tissue, Ventral, Ventral canal cell, Ventral placentation (Marginal placentation ), Ventral suture, Ventricose ;Ventricous, Ventriculose, Venule, Vermicular, Vermiform, Vernal, Vernalisation, Vernation, Verrucose, Versatile anther, Vertical, Vertical section, Vertically compressed, Verticil (Whorl), Verticillaster, Verticillate (Whorled), Very rare, Vesicle, Vessel (Trachea), Vessel element, Vestige, Vestigial, Vexillar ; Vexillary, Vexillum, Viability, Viability test, Viable, Vibratile, Vibrio, Vicarious, Vicilin, Vigour, Villus, Vilutinoue (Velvety), Vine, Viral pathogen, Viral protein, Viral vaccine, Virescence, Virescent, Virgin forest, Virion, Viroid, Virosus, Virulence, Virulent, Virus, Virus free, Viscocity, Viscous, Visible light, Vital force, Vitalism, Vitalist Theory, Vitamin, Vitellin (protein), Vitrification of tissues, Vitta (in diation), Vitta (Oil tube), Viviparous, Vivipary (Viviparity), Volatile oils, Volatilization, Volcano, Volume, Volutin, Volutin granule, Volva


Wall, Wall pressure, Wallace's line, Wart, Warty, Waste product, Water absorption, Water balance, Water bath, Water capacity, Water content, Water culture, Water dispersal, Water film, Water gland, Water intake, Water leaf, Water loss, Water plant, Water pollinated, Water pore (Water stoma), Water potential, Water relations, Water sac, Water stoma (Water pore), Water storage, Water storage organ, Water storing-tissue, Water stress, Water table, Wave length, Wavy, Waxy, Weak, Weathering agents, Weber-Fechner law, Wedge, Wedge shaped, Weed, Wet evergreen forest, Wet rot, Wet weight, Wettability, Wettable, Wetting agent, Whorl, Whorled, Wild, Wild type, Wild yeast, Wilderness, Wildfire, Wilt, Wilt-disease, Wilted, Wilting, Wilting coefficient, Wilting percentage, Wilting point, Wilting range, Wind dispersal, Wind pollinated, Wind pollination, Wing, Wing petal, Winter killing, Winter-annual, Withering, Woad (dye), Wobble hypothesis, Wood, Wood fibre, Wood parenchyma, Wood rot, Wood vessel, Woodland, Woody, Wool, Woolly, Woronin's hypha, Wort, Wound hormone, Wounding, Wrinkled


X chromosome, X linked, X linked disease, X linked inheritance, X linked trait, X-generation, X-radiation, X-ray Crystallography, Xanthein, Xanthin ; Xanthine, Xanthone, Xanthophyll, Xanthophyllin, Xenia, Xenogamy, Xenospecies, Xenotransplantation, Xeric, Xeromorphic, Xeromorphosis, Xerophile, Xerophilous, Xerophily, Xerophobous, Xerophyte, Xerophytic, Xeroplastic, Xerosere, Xerothermic, Xylan(polysaccharide), Xylem, Xylem bundle, Xylem fibre, Xylem parenchyma, Xylem trachea, Xylose


Y-chromosome, Yams, Yearly, Yeast, Yeast Artificial chromosome (YAC), Yeast cloning vector, Yellow green algae, Yield, Young's modulus


Z-DNA (Zig-zag Dioxyribonucleic acid), Zein (protein), Zero point, Zero time, Zonal, Zonation, Zone, Zoned, Zoocecidium, Zoochory, Zoogamete, Zoogonidangium, Zooid, Zoomorphosis, Zoophilous, Zoophilous flower, Zooplankton, Zoosporangiophore, Zoosporangium, Zoospore (Swarmspore ; Swarmer), Zygomorphic (Zygomorphous), Zygomorphism (Zygomorphy), Zygomorphy (Zygomorphism), Zygonema, Zygospore, Zygote, Zygotene, Zymase, Zymogen (protein precursor)