Glossary of Carpentry Terms → Contents

Adhesive, Adhesive, Adjustable head, Adjustable sash, Adjustable square, Adze, Air dried lumber, Air drying, Allen head, Alternative strip hinge, American lacquer ; Lacquer, Angle, Animal glue, Annual ring ; Annual growth rings, Apex plate, Apoxy resin, Application of lacquer (by hand), Apron link, Arbor, Arbor press, Arc, Arch, Astringency, Attractiveness, Auger, Auger bit, Auxiliary line, Awl, Axis


Back saw, Back-flap hinge, Balcony railing, Ball pane hammer, Ball valve, Baluster, Baluster, Balustrade, Balustrade, Bamboo, Bamboo leaf design, Bamboo leaf-creeper design, Bamboo leaf-flower design, Bamboo mesh design, Band saw, Bar, Bar cramp, Bar post, Bar support, Bar support of lathe, Bark, Barrel bolt, Base, Base coat, Bastard file, Batten, Batten door, Batten holder, Batten sash, Batten window, Bead, Bead(v), Beaded edge, Beading, Beading joint, Beading plane, Beam, Beam compass, Beating, Bed of plane, Beetle, Beetle larva, Belt sander, Belt sanding, Bench dog, Bench drill, Bench grinder, Bench hold fast, Bench hook, Bench lathe, Bench plane, Bench shears, Bench stop, Bench tools, Bench vice, Bend flap hinge, Bevel, Bevel chisel, Bevel drive, Bevel edge, Bevel edge paring chisel, Bevel gear, Bevel paring chisel, Bevel protracter, Bevel square, Bevel square, Bevel wheel, Bevelled, Bevelled halving, Bevelling, Bherunda (Two-headed eagle desgn), Birdsmouth, Bisect, Bisection, Black dye, Blacksmith's chisel, Blade, Blade of chisel, Blade of try square, Block ; Bench stop, Block board, Block plane, Blood albumin glue, Blow pipe, Board ; Plank, Bolection Moulding, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt and nut, Bolt head, Bolt lever, Bolt rail, Book case, Book stand, Border-leaf design, Bore, Borer, Borer attack, Borer resisting woods, Boring, Both faces panel, Bottom rail, Boundary line, Boundary mark, Bow, Bow drill, Bow handle, Bow saw, Bow saw, Bow staff, Bow string, Bow,Tip of, Box bolt, Box lock, Boxwood rule, Brace, Brace, Brace and Bit, Brace bit, Brace bit, Brace crank, Brace handle, Brace head, Brad, Bradawl, Brass of try square ; Steel plate of try square, Brass Plate ; Steel plate, Brass rule, Brewed lac, Bricklayer's chisel, Bridle joint, Brush, Butt hinges, Butt joint, Butt joint fitting, Button lac


Cabin hook, Cabinet, Caliper, Cambium ; Cambium layer, Cambium ring, Campstool, Cane, Cap iron (of plane) ; Back iron (of plane), Carbide tip, Carcass, Carpenter's bench, Carpenter's bench, Carpenter's gauge ; Making gauge, Carpenter's hammer, Carpenter's pencil, Carpenter's plane, Carpenter's scraper, Carpenter's square, Carpenter's vice ; Bench vice, Carving ; Engraving, Casein glue, Casement fastener, Casement sash, Casement stay, Casement window, Ceiling, Ceiling board, Ceiling joist, Ceiling moulding, Ceiling sheet, Center head stock (of lathe), Center plug bit, Center point (of lathe), Center tail stock (of lathe), Centre, Centre bit, Centre line, Centre plug bit, Centre plumb, Centre punch, Chain design, Chain line, Chamfer, Chamfer bit, Chamfer plane, Chamfered edge, Chamfering, Champak, Chasing, Check in timber, Chest, Chest handle, Chest lock, Chisel, Chisel, Chisel knife, Chisel tooth saw, Chiselling, Chord, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck of brace, Circle, Circle method, Circular plane, Circular saw, Circumscribe, Clamp, Clamp jaw, Clamp screw, Clamp system, Clamped, Clamping plates, Class I timber, Class II timber, Claw hammer, Cleat, Clinching, Clinker, Closed housing joint, Closed mortise and tenon joint, Coach screw, Coat hook, Cold chisel, Colour kneading, Colour matching, Comb design, Combination pliers, Common dovetail joint, Common grade lumber, Common housing joint ; Housing joint, Common rafter, Compass, Compass saw, Compound miter, Concave, Concentric, Concentric circle, Concentric circle method, Concentric hinge, Construction line, Contact glue, Conventional lion design, Conversion of timber, Convex, Coping saw, Copper dye, Cormice moulding, Corner cupboard, Corner lap joint, Coronation red, Corrugated fasteners, Corrugated sheets, Counter-sunk bolt, Counter-sunk head, Counter-sunk joint ; Counter-sunk lap seam, Countersink bit, Countersink drill, Countersinker, Countersinking, Couple closed roof, Cove moulding, Crack, Crack, Cramp, Cramp saw, Crank, Creeper design, Crook, Crooked timber, Cross bar of lathe, Cross cut saw ; Log saw, Cross grain, Cross halving joint ; Cross lap joint, Cross section, Cross section line, Crotch, Crushed lac, Cup, Cup headed square nuts and bolts, Cup hook, Cup shake, Cupboard lock ; Cabinet lock, Cupping, Curve cutting plane, Cutting edge, Cutting iron of plane, Cutting pliers, Cylinder rim lock


Dado, Dead knot, Decay, Decorative work, Defect, Defects in timber, Design, Design, Diagonal grain, Dial Gauge ; Micrometer, Diameter, Different kinds of joints, Different kinds of nails, Dimension line, Divider, Door, Door bolt, Door chain, Door check ; Door closer, Door frame, Door handle, Door head, Door hinge, Door jamb, Door knob, Door post, Door stop, Door with side light, Dotted line, Dotting, Double action spring hinge, Double cut file, Double face flush panel, Double hinge, Double iron, Double plane iron, Double-ended round nose tool, Dovetail, Dovetail halving joint, Dovetail joint, Dovetail joint, Dovetail pin, Dovetail saw, Dowel, Dowel joint, Drafted margin chisel, Draw ring, Drawer pull, Drawer shutter knob, Drawer stop, Drawing to scale, Drawing to scale, Dressed size, Dresser, Dressing, Drill, Drill bit, Drilling, Driving nails, Dry rot, Durability


Earlywood (Springwood), Eave gutter, Edge, Edge design, Edge joining, Elasticity, Elephant duel design, Ellipse, Emery paper, Emery stone, Enamal paint, Encrustation, End grain, End of the bow, End-elevation ; side elevation, Engraving, Engraving tool, Engravings, Engravings, Epoxy glue, Escapement of plane ; Throat of plane, Expansion bit, Exter hammer, Eye of hammer


Face ; Nose ; Toe, Face frame, Face of hammer, Face veneer, False view line, Fan light, Felling, Female cell, Ferrule, Ferrule of chisel, Ferrule of the bow, Fhenol Formaldehyde resin, Fibre board, File, File, File brush, Filing, Filler, Fillet, Filling, Filter cloth ; Cloth lacquer filter, Fine shellac, Finishing tool, Firmer chisel, First coat, Fish joint, Fish plate, Fit, Fitting, Five interlocked women design, Five-fold rope design, Five-ply rope design, Flat -sawn lumber, Flat file, Flaw, Flaw, Flexibility, Flexibility, Floor bar, Floor bar knee, Floor bearer beam, Floor board, Floor board sawing, Floor cramp ; Ground cramp, Flush bolt, Flush panel door, Focus, Folding rule, Folding sash, Four swan design, Frame of panel door ; Rail, Frecut panel, Free hand drawing, Freehand drawing, Freeze rail, French polish, French window, Fret saw, Front elevation


Gable roof, Gable wall, Gajasinha design, Gate hook and eye, Gate valve, Gauge, German jack or Roughing plane, German jack plane, Gimlet, Girth, Glass cutter, Glasspaper ; Sandpaper, Glazed and panelled door, Glazed and panelled sash, Glazed sash, Glue, Glue, Glue brush, Glue joint, Glueing, Gold dye, Goldsmith's lacquer, Gouge, Grain, Gravity hinge, Green dye, Green lumber, Grid design, Grind stone, Grinding wheel, Grit, Groove ; Rabbet, Groove of the cross bar, Groove tongue ; Spline, Grooving, Grooving plane ; Plough plane, Grooving saw, Grooving tool, Ground plan, Grove of the cross bar of lathe, Growth ring ; Annual ring, Gumlac, Gusset plate, Gutter, Gutter bearer, Gutter box, Gutter bracket


Half round gutter, Half-lap joint ; Notching joint, Half-rip saw, Half-round file, Halved scarf joint, Halving, Halving joint, Hammer, Hammer, Hand drill, Hand lacquer, Hand lacquer work(Hand lecquring ), Hand plane, Hand rail, Hand saw, Hand saw, Handle, Handle of bow saw, Handle of chisel, Handle of hammer, Handle of plane, Hard ochre, Hard wood, Hardboard, Hardness, Hasp and Staple, Hatch window, Hatchet, Haunched mortise and tenon joint, Head of screw, Heart shake, Heartwood, Heartwood, Heating of lac, Heating of lacquer, Heel of plane, Helical door spring, Hexagon, Hexagonal headed nut and bolt, Hinge, Hip rafter, Hipped end, Hipped roof, Hold fast, Hole ; Slot, Hole of the bar, Hole of the lathe, Hollow plane, Honey dew, Hook, Hook and double strap, Hook and eye, Hook and single strap hinge, Horizontal line, Host tree, Hygroscopic


Immersion, Impregnation, Infeed, Inlaying, Inner bark, Inner circle, Inoculation ; Infection, Inside caliper, Inside gouge chisel, Isometric projection, Ivory dye


Jack plane, Jack plane ; Rough plane ; Short plane, Jack rafter, Jaw, Jaw of brace, Jenny calliper, Joiner, Joiner's cramp, Joinery, Joining, Joining, Joint, Joist


Kempas, Kerf, Key-hole saw, Kickback, Kiln, Kiln dried, King bolt, King post, Knife edge file, Knife-edge tool, Knob, Knockdown, Knot, Knot


Lac, Lac block, Lac extract ; Extract, Lac insect, Lac knife, Lac log, Lacquer, Lacquer coating, Lacquer for inlaying, Lacquer holds, Lacquer lathe, Lacquer sticks, Lacquer stove ; Lac stove, Lacquer threads, Lacquer work ; Lac work, Ladle rack design, Laminated board, Laminating, Lamp black, Lap dovetail joint, Lap joint, Latch, Latching eye, Latewood (Summer Wood), Lath ; Reeper, Lathe bar, Lathe block, Lathe bolt, Lathe chuck, Lathe lacquer, Lathe post, Lathe stop, Lathe work, Lattice, Lattice girder, Lattice window, Lattice work, Layer lacquering, Leaf, Leaf design, Lean-to, Ledge, Ledged door, Leg vice, Lettering, Level line, Levelling spathe, Lever for tightening, Lever for tightening bow saw, Lid design, Lifting butt, Line, Linear feet, Linear measurement, Linseed oil, Lintel, Lion design, Live knot, Lock, Lock block, Lock nut, Lock rail, Lock rail of panelled frame, Lock spring, Lock work, Log saw ; Cross cut saw, Long plane, Lotus petal design, Low bench, Luxury class timber


Maiden-elephant design, Main beam, Major axis, Making a scale, Male cell, Mallet, Mallet ; Wooden mallet, Mansard roof, Marking gauge ;Carpenter's gauge, Mask, Mason's hammer, Mat, Matched boards, Medallion, Medullary rays, Meeting rail, Meeting stile, Melamine formaldehyde resin adhesive, Metal bench, Meter, Middle rail, Minor axis, Mitre block, Mitre box, Mitre dovetail joint, Mitre joint, Mitre or Secret dovetail joint, Mitre square, Mitred bridle joint, Mitred halving joint, Mixing dyes with lac, Mortice and tenon joint, Mortise ; Mortice, Mortise and tenon, Mortise chisel, Mortise gauge, Mortise joint, Mortise lock, Mortise slot, Mortising, Mould, Mould for almirah, Moulded and beaded, Moulded gutter, Moulding, Moulding plane, Moulding plane ; Ploughing plane, Mouth of plane, Mullion, Multi purpose plane ; Combination plane ; universal plane, Multicolour mixed lacquering, Multicolour patch lacquering, Muntin of panelled frame, Muthu Mala design


Nail ; Pin, Nail bit, Nail lacquer work ; Thumb nail lacquer work, Nail punch, Nail socket of lathe, Nose bit, Nose brace bit, Nose of plane ; Toe of plane, Notch, Notch of the bar support, Notch perforator, Notches of the bar support, Notches of the bar support of lathe, Notching, Nub of plane ; Bottom of plane, Nut, Nuts and bolts


Oak, Observation window, Ochre ; Yellow orpiment, Octagon, Ogee, Oil stone, Oil stone, One eighth of an inch, One fourth(¼) of an inch, Open dovetail joint, Open mortise and tenon joint ;Through mortise tenon joint, Open roof, Orthographic projection, Out-line, Outer bark, Outer circle, Outside caliper, Outside gouge chisel, Oval, Oval brad nail, Oval file


Pad bolt, Pad saw, Pad saw, Pad sawing, Padlock, Pahade design, Painting, Palmyrah leaf, Pane of hammer, Panel, Panel of panelled frame, Panel pin, Panel saw, Panelled and glassed, Panelled and louvred, Panelled and louvred sash, Panelled door, Panelled frame, Panelled sash, Panelled window, Panelling, Parallel line, Parasite, Paring, Paring chisel, Parliamentary hinges, Particle Board ; Chip Board, Parting tool, Pasting threads of lacquer, Peg, Pegging, Pelmet, Pelmet board, Pentagon, Petal design, Phloem, Picture rail, Pillar head design, Pillar square design, Pilot bit, Pin, Pin and thread method, Pin of lathe, Pin of marking gauge ; Spur marking gauge; Thumbscrew of marking gauge, Pin of the cross bar, Pin of the cross bar of lathe, Pin of the nail, Pin of the nail of lathe, Pincer, Pine, Pine flower design, Pintle hinges, Pit saw ; Head saw, Pitch, Pitch of screw, Pith, Pivot hinge, Plain panel, Plan, Plane, Planing, Planing, Plantain leaf, Plate, Pliers, Plough iron, Ploughing plane, Plumb, Plumb bob, Plumb line, Plunge router, Plywood, Polesaw, Polish, Polishing, Polishing, Polishing pad, Polygon, Polyvinyl acetate adhesive, Porous wood, Pot, Powder of hard ochre, Powder of soft ochre, Power tools, Predator, Primary wood, Principal rafter, Protein Adhesive, Protractor, Prune, Prussian blue, Pumice, Purlin ; Purloin, Purlin cleat, Putty knife, Puzzle joint


Quadrant, Quarter sawn, Queen post


Rabbet, Rack, Radial shrinkage, Radius, Rafter, Rafter nail, Rail ; Frame of panel door, Railing, Rainwater goods, Rainwater gutter, Rainwater gutter box, Rainwater gutter head, Rainwater pipe, Raised grain, Rake, Raking out, Raking shore, Rasp, Rasp file, Ratchet brace, Ratchet brace, Raw lac, Rawl bolt, Rawl plug, Reamer bit, Rebate, Rebate iron, Rebate plane, Rebate plane, Rebated joint, Rebating, Rebating and grooving plane, Red dye, Red wood, Refining bag, Refining bag string, Refining of lac, Registered chisel, Resin, Resin, Resin rays, Resorcinol formaldehyde resin, Reversible mortise lock, Rhombo-triangle, Rhombus design, Ridge, Ridge joint, Ridge making, Ridge pole, Ridge tile, Right angle, Rim lock, Ring pull, Ring shake, Rip cut, Rip saw, Rip saw ; Double hand saw, Rivet, Rivet head, Rivet hole, Rivet nail, Roof, Roof nail, Roof truss, Roofing Nuts and bolts, Rope design, Rope-kont design, Rose countersinker, Rose window, Rot, Rotary plane, Roughing out in lathe, Round file, Round iron, Round plane, Round taper file ; Rat-tail file, Round-nose boring tool, Router bit, Router plane, Rubbing brick


Sand papering, Sanding block, Sanding sealer, Sandpapering, Sap wood, Sapwood, Sash, Sash eye, Sash window, Satin wood, Saw, Saw blade, Saw cut, Saw dust, Saw set, Sawing, Sawing, Sawing stool, Sawing stump, Scaffolding, Scale, Scantling, Scarf, Scarf joint, Scarf pin, Scotia, Scraper, Scraping, Scraping with pebbles, Screw, Screw auger, Screw bit, Screw driver, Screw driver, Screw nail ; Wood screw, Screw pine leaves, Screwing, Scriber, Sealer, Sealing wax, Seasoning, Seasoning lacquer, Seasoning timber, Second cut file, Secondary wood, Secret nailed joint, Secretion, Seed lac, Septagon, Set (of saw), Set square, Setting (of saw), Setting a gauge, Setting a saw, Setting a saw, Setting multicolour wave design, Setting of clearance and rake, Shank, Shank of chisel, Shank of screw, Shape, Shaped plane, Shaper, Shaping, Sharp edge ; Edge ; Champer, Sharpening, Sharpening a saw, Sharpening bevel of chisel, Shaving off, Shavings, Shellac, Shellac, Short, Shoulder, Shoulder of chisel, Shouldered butt joint, Shrinkage, Shutter, Shutting stile, Side laps, Sight rail, Silver dye, Single action spring hinge, Single dovetail joint, Single iron ; Single plane iron, Single plane iron, Single rope design, Skeleton bolt, Skew nailing, Skirting, Skirting board, Skylight, Skyscraper, Slab sawing, Sleeper, Sleeperplate, Slide rule, Sliding door, Sliding gear, Sliding sash, Sliding shutter, Sliding window, Slipstone, Slot of screw, Slot of the pin, Slot of the pin of lathe, Smooth cut file, Smoothing, Smoothing plane, Smoothing plane, Socket, Socket paring chisel, Soft ochre, Soft wood, Sole of plane; Face of plane, Solvent, Spade bit, Span, Special class timber, Special class upper timber, Special purpose plane, Spike, Spindle socket ; Nail socket, Spiral grain, Spirit level, Spirit stain, Splayed joint, Splayed panel, Splinter, Splintering, Splitting, Splitting, Spokeshave plane, Spoon bit ; Shell bit, Spoon brace bit ; Spoon bit, Spot design, Spray painting, Spraying, Spring compass, Spring hinge, Square ; Try Square, Square design, Square edge joint, Square file, Stain, Staining, Stair builder's saw, Star shake, Starved joint, Steel rule, Steel ruler, Stem of marking gauge, Stickers, Stile of panelled frame, Stock, Stock of marking gauge, Stock of plane, Stock of try square, Stone mortar, Stone pestle, Stool, Stop, Stop valve, Stopped housed joint, Storm window, Straight line, Strap hinge, String of bow saw, Strut, Strut and beam joint, Strut band, Strut post, Strutting, Stud, Stud bolt, Stud tenon, Stud tenon joint, Style, Subtend, Sulphur, Sunk thumb mould, Sunning, Super luxury class timber, Superfine shellac, Swan design, Synthetic resin adhesive


T-lap joint, T-slot, T-square, Table saw, Tack cloth or tack rag, Tack nail, Tack time, Tang, Tang of chisel, Tangent, Tape, Taper bit, Taper brace bit, Taper cut, Taper drill, Taper key, Taper pin, Taper reamer, Taper shank, Taper shank drill, Taper square file, Taper turning, Taper turning attachement, Tapering gutter, Teapoy, Tearout, Tee hinge, Teeth of saw, Tempered hardboard, Template, Tendril design, Tenon, Tenon saw, Termites, Tetra-rhombus design, Thread of screw, Three-light window, Three-swan design, Thumb mould, Tie beam, Tightening lever of brace, Timber, Toggle bolt, Toggle clamp, Tongue and groove, Tongue and groove pin, Tongue design, Tongued and grooved joint, Tongued and trenched joint, Tools, Tooth of saw, Top rail, Top rail of panelled frame, Torx head, Tower bolt ; Long bolt, Trammel, Trammel method, Trap door, Tray ; Panel, Triangular File, Trimmer joist ; Trimming joist, Trimmer rafter, True mitre joint, Trussed partition, Trussed rafter, Try square ; Right-angle gauge, Trying plane, Tung oil, Turn-rainbow lacquering