Glossary of Computer Terms → Contents

abacus, abbreviated addressing, abbreviated dialling, abnormal termination, abort, abscissa, absolute address, absolute addressing, absolute code, absolute coding, absolute error, absolute movement, absolute value, abstract data type, abstract, automatic, acceleration time, accelerator board, acceptance test, access, access arm, access code, access control, access control register, access event, access immediate, access level, access mask, access mechanism, access memory, random, access method, access mode, access path, access permission, access privilege, access random, access right, access storage device, direct, access storage, direct, access storage, random, access storage, zero, access time, access to store, access, serial, accessory, accounting machine, accounting package, accounting routine, accumulator, accuracy, acknowledge character, acoustic coupler, acoustical sound enclosure, acronym, action, action diagram, action entry, action message, action oriented management report, action statement, action stub, active area, active cell, active class, active configuration, active database, active decomposition diagram, active element, active file, active index, active matrix display, active window, activity, activity rate, activity ratio, actual decimal point, actuator, ada, adapter card, adaptive allocation, adaptive interface, adaptive system, add subtract time, add time, add-in, add-in program, add-on, add-on card, adder, adder, binary half, adder, half, adding wheel, addition, addition record, addition table, address, address buffer, address bus, address calculation, address decoder, address field, address format, address modification, address part, address register, address space, address translation, address, absolute, address, arithmetic, address, base, address, direct, address, indirect, address, instruction, address, machine, address, memory, address, multi, address, one, address, real, address, reference, address, specific, address, variable, address, virtual, address, zero level, addressable cursor, addressing, addressing, absolute, addressless instruction format, adjacent matrix, administrative data processing, advanced BASIC, alert box, algebra of logic, algebra, boolean, ALGOL, algorithm, algorithm, hashing, algorithmic language, alias, aliasing, aligning disk, aligning edge, alignment, all purpose computer, allocate, allocation, alpha test, alphabetic code, alphabetic string, alphageometric, alphanumeric, alphanumeric code, alphanumeric display terminal, alphanumeric sort, alphaphotographic, alt ( key), alternate path routing, alternate routing, ALU, alvey programme, ambient condition, ambient temperature, ambiguity error, ampersand, amplifier, amplifier, buffer, amplitude, analog, analog computer, analog device, analog input system, analog model, analog modem, analog monitor, analog representation, analog signal, analog to digital converter, analog transmission, analogical reasoning, analysis, cost, analysis, system, analyst, analyst, programmer, analyst, system, analytical engine, anchor cell, AND circuit, AND element, AND gate, AND operation, animation, animation window, annotation, annotation symbol, ANSI keyboard, answer mode, antecedent driven reasoning, anti aliasing, anti static mat, antidote, antiglare filter, antivirus programme


B-tree, babble, bachman diagram, back panel, back plane, back space, back tracking, back volume, backbone, background, background color, background job, background noise, background printing, background processing, background program, backing store, backing up, backspace character, backspace key, backup, backup copy, backup storage, backward chaining, backward read, backward reasoning, bad sector, badge reader, ball printer, band, band printer, bank switching, bank, data, bar code reader, bar code scanner, bare board, barrel printer, base, base 10, base 16, base 2, base 8, base address, base concept, data, base management system, data, base notation, base number, base, data, baseband coaxial cable, baseband transmission, based system, knowledge, baseline document, Basic Input/ Output System(BIOS), BASIC language, basic linkage, batch, batch file, batch job, batch processing, batch processing mode, batch total, batching, batten system, battery backup, baud, baudot code, beep, Beginning Of Tape marker (BOT), Bench mark, Bench mark problems, Bench mark tests, Bench marking, Bernoulli drive, Beta test, bezier curve, bidirectional, bidirectional printer, bifurcation, binary, binary arithmetic, binary arithmetic operation, binary boolean operation, binary chop, binary code, binary coded character, Binary Coded Decimal (BCD), binary coded decimal notation, binary coded decimal representation, binary coded digit, binary coded octal, binary counter, binary device, binary digit, binary file, binary half adder, binary notation, binary number, binary number system, binary operation, binary point, binary representation, binary search, binary system, binary time, binary, row, binary-to-decimal conversion, binary-to-gray code conversion, binary-to-hexadecimal conversion, binary-to-octol conversion, biochip, bionics, bipolar, bipolar read only memory, biquinary code, bistable, bistable circuit, bistable device, bistable magnetic core, bit, bit check, bit control, bit density, bit error rate, bit error, single, bit image, bit location, bit map, bit map scanning, bit mapped display, bit mapped screen, bit parity, bit pattern, bit position, bit rate, bit sign, bit slice microprocessor, bit slice processor, bit stream, bit stuffing, bit test, bit transfer rate, bit twiddler, bit-mapped font, bit-mapped graphics, bit-synchronous protocol, bitonal, black box, blank, blank character, blanking, bleed, blind search, blinking, block, Block Check Character(BCC), block diagram, block graphics, block leader, block length, block length, fixed, block move, block protection, block structure, block structured language, block transfer, block, storage, block, variable, blocking, blocking factor, blow, blow up, board, body type, boiler plate, bold facing, bold printing, book keeping, book mark, boolean algebra, boolean calculus, boolean complementation, boolean expression, boolean operation, binary, boolean operator, boolean variable, boot, boot strapping, boot virus, bore, borrow, bottleneck, bottom-up programming, bottom-up technique, bound, box decision, brainwave interface, branch, branch instruction, branch instruction, conditional, branch point


cable, cable connector, cable ribbon, cable television, cache controller, cache memory, CAD, CAE, CAI, calculate, calculating, calculations, calculator, calculator mode, calculus boolean, calibration, call, call accepted packet, call blocking, call clearing, call connected packet, call establishment, call instruction, call request packet, call setup, called terminal, calling rate, calling sequence, calling terminal, cambridge ring, cancel, cancel button, cancel character, canned software, capacitor store, capacity, capacity, memory, capacity, storage, caps lock, caps lock key, capture, data, carbon ribbon, card, card deck, card feed, card field, card format, card hopper, card job control, card loader, card punch, card punch buffer, card punched, card punching, card reader, card sorting, card verification, card verifier, caret, carriage, carriage control key, carriage control tape, carriage motor, Carriage Return (CR), carriage, automatic, carrier frequency, Carrier Sense Multiple Access, carrier signal, carry, cartesian coordinate system, cartridge, cartridge drive, cartridge tape, cascade, cascade connection, cascade control, cascade sort, cascading, case logic, case-sensitive, cashless society, cassette, cassette interface, cassette recorder, cassette tape, CAT, cat eye, catalog, catalogue, category, category storage, cathode ray tube, cathode ray tube visual display unit, cell, cell animation, cell definition, cell pointer, cellular radio, center, central control unit, central information file, Central Processing Unit (CPU), central processor, centralized design, centralized network configuration, centronics interface, certification, chain, chain field, chain printer, chain printing, chained files, chained list, chaining, chaining search, champion, change of control, channel, channel adaptor, channel capacity, channel, communication, channel, information, channel, input/output, channel, peripheral interface, channel, read/write, character, character checking, character code, character density, character emitter, character generator, character map, character mode terminal, character modifier, character oriented, character pitch, character printer, character reader, character reader, magnetic ink, character recognition, character set, character space, character string, character template, character, binary coded, character, layout, character, least significant, character, numeric, characteristic, Characters Per Second (CPS), characters, special, charge, Charge Coupled Device (CCD), chart, chart, system, chassis, cheapernet, check, check bit, check digit, check even parity, check odd parity, check parity, check point, check problem, check register, check sum, check validity, check, arithmetic, checkout, chicken-and-egg-loop, Chief Information Officer(CIO), chief programmer, chip, chip card, chip family, chip, silicon, chop, chroma, chromaticity, chrominance, churning, cipher, ciphertext, circuit, circuit capacity, circuit diagram, circuit switched, circuit switching, circuit, AND, circuit, bistable, circuit, control, circuit, NOR, circuit, stable trigger, circuit, virtual, circuitry, circular list, circular shift, circulating register, class hierarchy


Daisy chain, Daisy wheel, Daisy wheel printer, Dark bulb, Darkness, Data, Data acquisition, Data administration, Data administrator, Data analysis, Data bank, Data base, Data Base Administration (DBA), Data base analyst, Data base concept, Data base environment, Data base management system, Data base manager, Data base packages, Data base specialist, Data broadcasting, Data bus, Data byte, Data capture, Data catalog, Data cell, Data center, Data chaining, Data channel, Data channel multiplexor, Data clerk, Data collection, Data communication, Data communications equipment, Data communications system, Data compression, Data concentration, Data control section, Data conversion, Data declaration, Data definition, Data Definition Language (DDL), Data description, Data Description Language (DDL), Data dictionary, Data diddling, Data directory, Data division, Data editing, Data element, Data encryption, Data encryption standard, Data entry, Data entry device, Data entry form, Data entry operator, Data entry specialist, Data export, Data field, Data field masking, Data file, Data file processing, Data flow, Data flow analysis, Data flow diagram, Data format, Data gathering, Data import, Data independence, Data integrity, Data Interchange Format (DIF), Data item, Data leakage, Data librarian, Data link, Data link layer, Data link level, Data management, Data management system, Data manger, Data manipulation, Data manipulation instruction, Data manipulation language, Data matrix, Data medium, Data model, Data movement time, Data name, Data origination, Data packet, Data plotter, Data point, Data preparation, Data preparation device, Data privacy, Data processing, Data processing center, Data processing curriculum, Data processing cycle, Data processing department, Data processing management, Data processing manager, Data processing system, Data processing technology, Data processing, automatic, Data processing, commercial, Data processing, electronic, Data processor, Data protection, Data protection registrar, Data rate, Data record, Data reduction, Data representation, Data security, Data security officer, Data segment, Data service unit, Data set, Data sharing, Data sheet, Data source, Data station, Data storage, Data storage technique, Data stream, Data structure, Data table, Data terminal, Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), Data transfer operations, Data transfer rate, Data transmission, Data transmission, asynchronous, Data type, Data validation, Data value, Data word, Data word size, Data, control, Data, numeric, Data, raw, Data, test, Datum, Daughter board, Dead lock, Deallocation, Deblocking, Debug, Debugger, Debugging, Debugging aids, Decatenate, Deceleration time, Decimal, Decimal arithmetic, floating, Decimal code, Decimal digit, Decimal notation, binary coded, Decimal number, Decimal point, Decimal point, actual, Decimal point, assumed, Decimal representation, binary coded, Decimal system, Decimal to binary conversion, Decimal to hexadecimal conversion, Decimal, coded, Decision, Decision box, Decision instruction, Decision structure, Decision symbol, Decision table, Decision theory, Decision tree, Deck, Declaration statement, Decode, Decoder, Decoding, Decollate, Decrement, Dedicated, Dedicated computer, Dedicated line, Dedicated word processor, Default, Default operator, Default value, Defect, Deferred address, Deferred entry, Deferred exit, Defined function key, user, Definite iteration, Degradation, Deinstall, Dejagging, Delay circuit


E - commerce, Eavesdropping, Echo, Echo check, Edge, Edge card, Edge connection socket, Edit, Edit line, Edit mode, Editing terminal, Editor, Effective data transfer rate, Efficiency, Egoless programming, Eight bit chip, Eighty-column display, Electro sensitive paper, Electro static printer, Electron beam deflection system, Electronic, Electronic blackboard, Electronic bulletin board, Electronic cottage, Electronic data change, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Electronic data processing, Electronic document distribution, Electronic filing, Electronic fund transfer, Electronic journal, Electronic magazine, Electronic mail, Electronic mail address, Electronic messaging, Electronic music, Electronic office, Electronic pen, Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS), Electronic power supply, Electronic printer, Electronic publishing, Electronic shopping, Electronic tablet, Electronic wand, Element, Element, active, Element, AND, Elementary diagram, Elementary item, Elite, Embedded command, Embedded object, Embedded system, Embedding, Emitter, Emitter coupled logic, Emitter, character, Empty shell, Empty string, Emulate, Emulation, Emulator, Enable, Encapsulated Post Script (EPS), Encapsulation, Encipher, Enclosure, Encode, Encoder, Encryption, Encryption algorithm, Encyclopedia, End key, End mark, End of file, End of file label, End of file marker, End of file routine, End of page routine, End of reel block, End of reel label, End of tape marker, End of text, End of transmission, End of Transmission Block (ETB), End page, End user, End-to-end- control, End-user computing, End-user system, Endless loop, Endnote, Engineering workstation, Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA), Enhanced Small Device Interface, Enhancements, Enquiry, Enquiry character, Enter, ENTER key, Enter/ return key, Enterprise model, Enterprise schema, Entity, Entity life history, Entity model, Entity relationship model, Entity subtype, Entry point, Envelope, Environment, Environment devision, Equate directive, Erasable optical storage, Erasable storage, Erase, Erase head, Ergonomics, Erlang, Error, Error analysis, Error code, Error control, Error correcting code, Error detecting code, Error file, Error handling, Error list, Error message, Error rate, Error register, Error report, Error routine, Error transmission, Error, absolute, Error, ambiguity, Error, inherited, Error, logical, Error, run time, Error, single bit, Error, truncation, Escape (Esc) key, Escape character, Escape code, Escape sequence, ESPRIT programme, Etching, EtherNet, Ethics, Eureka programme, European article numbering code, Evaluation, Even parity check, Event, Event-driven environment, Event-driven language, Event-driven program, Event-handler, Evolutionary refinement, Exception reporting, Exchange, Exchangeable disk, Executable file, Executable program, Executable statement, Execute, Execute cycle, Execution, Execution time, Executive, Executive information system, Executive program, Exit, Expandability, Expanded memory specification, Expansion card, Expansion slot, Expert support system, Expert system, Expert system shell, Explicit address, Exploded view, Exponent, Exponential notation, Exponential smoothing, Exponentiation, Export, Expression, Extended memory, Extender board, Extensible language, Extension, Extent, Extent, file, External data file, External memory, External reference, External schema, Extract


Fabrication, Face, Facility, Facility management, Facing pages, Facsimile, Facsimile transceiver, Facsimile transmission, Fact template, Factor, Factor analysis, Factor, blocking, Factor, scale, Factorial, Fail safe system, Failsafe, Failure, Failure predication, Fairness, Fall back, Fallout, Family of computers, Fan in, Fan out, Fast-access storage, Fat bits, Fatal error, Father file, Fault, Fault tolerance level, FAX, Fax program, Feasibility study, Feature extraction, Feed, Feed , horizontal, Feed holes, Feed, card, Feed, friction, Feed, vertical, Feedback, Feedback circuit, Female connector, Ferrite core, Fetch, Fetch cycle, Fetch, instruction, Fibre Distributed Data Interface, Fibre optic cable, Field, Field delimiter, Field Effect Transistor(FET), Field emission, Field engineer, Field of view, Field separator, Field upgradable, Field, card, Field, variable, Fifth generation computers, Figure, Figure shift, File, File allocation table, File backup, File codes, File conversion utility, File dump, File extension, File gap, File handling, File identification, File label, File layout, File level model, File librarian, File locking, File maintenance, File maintenance, updating and, File management, File manager, File marker, end of, File multi-reel, File name, File name extension, File organisation, File processing, File protection, File recovery, File routine, end of, File server, File sharing, File size, File storage, File structure, File transfer, File Transfer Access and, File transfer protocol, File update, File virus, File, arbitrarily sectioned, File, archived, File, destination, File, end of, File, extent, File, index sequential, File, sequential, Filespec, Filling, Film, Film developer, Film reader, Filter, Find and replace, Finder, Finite, Finite element method, Firmware, First generation computers, First order predicate logic, First-in-first-out, First-in-last-out, Fitting, Fixed, Fixed area, Fixed block length, Fixed length record, Fixed point, Fixed point arithmetic, Fixed point representation, Fixed spacing, Fixed storage, Fixed word length, Fixed-head disk unit, Fixed-program computer, Fixed-size record, Flag, Flat pack, Flat screen, Flat-panel display, Flatbed plotter, Flatbed scanner, Flexible disk, Flicker, Flight computer, Flight simulator, Flip-flop, Float, Floating decimal arithmetic, Floating point, Floating point notation, Floating point representation, Floating- point arithmetic, Floating- point constant, Floating- point operation, Floating- point routine, Floppy disk, Floppy disk case, Floppy disk controller, Floppy disk unit, Flow, Flow diagram, Flowchart, Flowchart template, Flowchart text, Flowchart, detail, Flowchart, system, Flowline, Flush, Flush left, Flush right, Focusing, Font, Footer, Footnote, Footprint, Force, Forecasting, Foreground job, Foreground processing, Foreground program, Foreground task, Form, Form Feed (FF), Form letter program, Formal language, Format, Format, address, Format, addressless instruction, Format, card, Format, print, Format, record, Formating, Formatted display, Forms design, Formula, FORTRAN, Forward chaining, Four-address instruction, Four-out-of-eight code


Gallium arsenide, Game theory, Games, Gamut, Gantt chart, Gap, Gap, interblock, Garbage, Gas display, Gate, Gate, AND, Gate, NOR, Gate, one, Gate, OR, Gateway, Gathering, data, Geek, General purpose, General purpose computer, General purpose register, Generality, Generalized routine, Generate, Generation, Generation computer, first, Generation, fourth, Generator, Generator, clock signal, Generator, number, Generator, report, Generic model, Geometry, Germanium, Gibberish, Giga bit, Giga byte, Giga hertz, Glare, Glitch, Global, Global character, Global operation, Global search and replace, Global variable, Go down, Go-to (v), Gopher, Grabber, Grade, Gradient, Grammar, Grammatical error, Grammatical mistake, Grandfather file, Graph, Graph theory, Graphic data structure, Graphic digitizer, Graphic display mode, Graphic display resolution, Graphic display terminal, Graphic input device, Graphic mode, Graphics, Graphics mode, Graphics tablet, Graphics, computer, Gray code, Gray scale, Greater than, Grid, Grid chart, Grid sheet, Gridding, Grounding, Group mark, Group printing, Guest computer, Gulp


Hacker, Half adder, Half adder, binary, Half duplex, Half subtractor, Half toning, Half word, Halt, Halt instruction, Halting problem, Hamming code, Hand calculator, Hand held computer, Hand writing recognition, Handler, Hands on, Handshaking, Handwriting recognition, Hang up, Hard clip area, Hard configuration, Hard contact printing, Hard copy, Hard disk, Hard error, Hard failure, Hard hyphen, Hard page break, Hard sector, Hardware, Hardware dependent, Hardware description language, Hardware dump, automatic, Hardware key, Hardware specialist, Hardwired, Harness, Hash totals, Hashing, Hatching, Head, Head , read, Head cleaning device, Head crash, Head positioning, Head slot, Head switching, Head, combined, Head, erase, Head, read / write, Head, write, Header, Header card, Header lable, Header record, Heap, Heap sort, Helical wave guide, Help, Henry, Hertz, Heterogeneous network, Heuristic, Heuristic learning, Hexadecimal number, Hexadecimal point, Hi-res graphics, Hidden codes, Hidden line, Hidden line removal, Hidden object, Hidden surface, Hierarchical database, Hierarchical network, Hierarchical structure, Hierarchy, High bandwidth, High density, High level language, High order, High order column, High persistence phosphor, High resolution, High Speed Printer(HSP), High storage, High volatility, High-level network, Highlighting, Histogram, Hit rate, Hold, Holding time, Holes, sprocket, Hollerith card, Hologram, Holography, Home, Home computer, Home grown software, Home key, Home management software, Home page, Home record, Hopper, Hopper, card, Horizontal feed, Horizontal scrolling, Host computer, Host language, Hot zone, House keeping, HTML, Hub remote access, Hue, Huffman tree, Human engineering, Human, machine interface, Hybrid computer, Hybrid computer system, Hyper media, Hyper tape, Hyper text, Hyper Text Markup Language, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Hyperlink, Hyphenation, Hysteresis


I/O bound, I/O channel, I/O Control System(IOCS), I/O device, I/O instructions, I/O ports, I/O processor, I/O symbol, Icon, Identification, Identification division, Identification, file, Identifier, Identifier, lable, Idle character, Idle time, If-then operation, If-then-else, Ignore, Ignore character, Iimport, Illegal character, Illuminate, Image, Image area, Image base visual serving, Image converter, Image enhancement, Image processing, Imaging system, Immediate access, Immediate-mode-commands, Impact printer, Impedance, Implementation, Implied address, Impulse, Inactive, Inactive windows, Incidence light, Incidence matrix, Increment, Incremental compiler, Incremental plotter, Incremental spacing, Indefinite iteration, Indent, Indentation, Independent, Independent, machine, Index, Index address, Index hole, Index hole sensor, Index register, Index sequential access, Index sequential file, Index variable, Indexed file, Indexer, Indexing, Indicator, Indirect addressing, Induce, Inductance, Induction, Industrial robot, Inequality, Infection, Inference, Inference program, Inference rule, Infinite loop, Infix notation, Informatics, Information, Information banks, Information bits, Information channel, Information explosion, Information network, Information processing, Information processing centre, Information provider, Information resources management, Information retrival, Information revolution, Information science, Information services, Information storage, Information super highway, Information system, Information system, management, Information technology, Information theory, Information utility, Inherent error, Inhibit, Initial base font, Initialise, Initialization, Initiate (v), Ink cartridge, Ink character reader, magnetic, Ink jet printer, Input, Input area, Input data, Input device, Input job stream, Input media, Input stream, Input unit, Input/ output channel, Inputting, Inquiry, Inquiry processing, Inquiry station, Insert, Insert (Ins) key, Insert (v), Insert mode, Insertion method, Insertion point, Install, Installation, Installation time, Instant print, Instruction, Instruction address, Instruction code, Instruction counter, Instruction cycle, Instruction fetch, Instruction format, addressless, Instruction register, Instruction register, current, Instruction set, Instruction time, Instruction word, Instruction, arithmetical, Instruction, branch, Instruction, breakpoint, Instruction, computer, Instruction, conditional branch, Instruction, data manipulation, Instruction, halt, Instruction, jump, Instruction, machine, Instruction, null, Instruction, unconditional branch, Instrument, Instrumental input, Integer, Integer attribute, Integer type, Integer variable, Integrate, Integrated circuit, Integrated computer package, Integrated data processing, Integrated programs, Integrated software, Integration, Integrator, Integrity, Integrity class, Integrity confinement, Integrity context, Integrity control, Integrity label, Integrity tower, Integrity upgrading, Intelligence, Intelligent device, Intelligent language, Intelligent terminal, Intelligent terminal intensity, Intelsat, Inter Block Gap(IBG), Inter connected network, Inter Record Gap(IRG), Interactive, Interactive graphics, Interactive graphics system, Interactive link, Interactive processing, Interactive program, Interactive query, Interactive system, Interactive video disk, Interconnected ring, Interconnection, Interface, Interface card, Interface Message Processor (IMP), Interference, Interlace, Interleaving, Interlock


Jack, Jacket, Jacquard loom, Jam, Job, Job control card, Job control language, Job control statement, Job number, Job oriented terminal, Job queue, Job scheduler, Job stream, Job turnaround time, Job, batch, Job-to-job- transition, Joggle, Join, Josephson junction, Journal, JOVIAL, Joystick, Joyswitch, Julian number, Jump instruction, Jump, conditional, Junction, Junk, Justification, Justified, left, Justified, right, Justify (v)


Keep-out area, Kernel, Kerning, Key, Key bounce, Key pad(numeric), Key punch, Key punching, Key stations, Key stroke, Key switch, Key verification, Key verifier, Key verify, Key, command, Key, shift, Key, user defined function, Key-to-address, Key-to-disk unit, Key-to-tape unit, Keyboard, Keyboard punch, Keyboard terminal, Keyboard-to-disk system, Keyboard-to-tape system, Keying-error rate, Keyword, Kilobaud, Kilobyte, Kinematics, Kinetics, Knowledge acquisition, Knowledge base, Knowledge based system, Knowledge domain, Knowledge engineering, Knowledge information processing, Knowledge representation


Label, Label identifier, Label prefix, Label, header, Label, trailer, Lag, Language processor, Language statement, Language subset, Language translation, Language translation program, Language, assembly, Language, basic, Language, common business oriented, Language, high level, Language, low level, Language, machine, Language, object, Language, query, Language, source, Laptop computer, Large scale integration, Laser, Laser printer, Laser storage, Last-in first-out, Latch, Latency, Layer, Layout, Layout character, Layout sheet, Leader, Leading, Leading edge, Leased line, Least significant character, Least Significant Digit (LSD), Left justified, Legacy system, Legend, Length, Length record, fixed, Length, block, Length, fixed block, Length, record, Less than, Letter, Letter quality printer, Level, Level address, zero, Level language, high, Level language, low, Level, access, Lexicon, Librarian, Library, Library routine, Light pen, Limiter, Line, Line adapter, Line editor, Line Feed (LF), Line printer, Line spacing, Link, Link attribute, Link designator, Link name, Link reference, Link resource, Link type, List, List, error, Liveware, Load, Loader, Loader, card, Local area network, Local variable, Location, Location, bit, Lockout, Log, Logic, Logic board, Logic card, Logic circuits, Logic diagram, Logic element, Logic gates, Logic operator, Logic programming, Logic seeking, Logic symbol, Logic theorist, Logical, Logical decision, Logical error, Logical file, Logical instruction, Logical operator, Logical product, Logical record, Logical representation, Logical shift, Logical sum, Logical unit, Logical unit number, Logical value, Login, Login security, Logo, Logoff (v), Logon (v), Logon file, Logout, Look alike, Lookup function, Lookup table, Loop, Loop code, Loop structure, Loop technology, Loop, control, Loop, nesting, Loop, ring network, Looping, Loss, Low activity, Low bandwidth, Low density, Low level language, Low order, Low order column, Lower case, Lower- level management, Luminance, Luminance decay, Luminosity


Machine address, Machine code, Machine cycle, Machine dependent, Machine error, Machine independent, Machine instruction, Machine intelligence, Machine interruption, Machine language, Machine learning, Machine operator, Machine oriented language, Machine readable information, Machine sensible information, Machine time, available, Machine, accounting, Macro, Macro assembler, Macro instruction, Macro programming, Magazine, Magnetic bubble, Magnetic bubble memory, Magnetic card, Magnetic cell, Magnetic character, Magnetic core, Magnetic core storage, Magnetic core, bistable, Magnetic coreplane, Magnetic disk, Magnetic disk unit, Magnetic domain, Magnetic drum, Magnetic film storage, Magnetic head, Magnetic ink, Magnetic ink character reader, Magnetic media, Magnetic memory, Magnetic printer, Magnetic resonance, Magnetic storage, Magnetic store, Magnetic strip card, Magnetic tape, Magnetic tape cartridge, Magnetic tape cassette, Magnetic tape code, Magnetic tape density, Magnetic tape driver, Magnetic tape real, Magnetic tape recorder, Magnetic tape sorting, Magnitude, Mail box, Mail merge, Mailing list program, Mailing merging, Main frame (computer ), Main memory, Main menu, Main storage, Main-line program, Maintainability, Maintenance, Maintenance programmer, Maintenance routine, Maintenance, file, Maintenance, updating and file, Major sort key, Malfunction, Malice program, Management graphics, Management information system, Management report, Management science, Manager, Manipulating, Manipulation instruction, data, Mantissa, Manual, Manual input, Manual operation, Mapping, Margin, Mark, Mark sensing, Mark, tape, Marker, end of file, Marquee, Mask, Mass storage device, Master clock, Master console, Master data, Master file, Master/ slave system, Match, Matching, Math coprocessor, Mathematical functions, Mathematical logic, Mathematical model, Mathematical symbols, Matrix, Matrix data, Matrix notation, Matrix printer, Matrix printer, dot, Means/ ends analysis, Mechanical data processing, Mechanical translation, Mechanics, Mechanization, Media, Media eraser, Medium, Medium scale integration, Megabyte, Membrane keyboard, Memory, Memory address, Memory allocation, Memory board, Memory capacity, Memory chip, Memory cycle, Memory dump, Memory management, Memory map, Memory power, Memory protection, Memory slot, Memory, associative, Memory, bubble, Memory, core, Memory, external, Memory, internal, Memory, magnetic, Memory, main, Memory, random access, Memory, volatile, Memory-management program, Menu, Menu driven software, Menu item, Menu-driven, Merge, Merge print program, Mesh network, Message, Message format, Message header, Message queuing, Message retrieval, Message switching centre, Meta character, Meta compiler, Meta language, Metallic oxide semiconductor, Metropolitan area network, Micro, Micro chart, Micro chip, Micro coding, Micro coding device, Micro computer, Micro computer chip, Micro computer development system, Micro computer system, Micro controller, Micro electronics, Micro fiche, Micro film, Micro floppy disk, Micro graphics, Micro instructions, Micro justification, Micro logic, Micro maniaturization, Micro processor, Micro program, Micro programmable computer, Micro programming, Micro second, Micro spacing, Microcode, Microform, Microwave, Microwave transmission line, Mini computer, Mini floppy disk, Miniaturization, Minimize, Minimize button, Minor sort key, Mirroring, Mixed number


Name, Name, file, Nano, Nano computer, Native compiler, Native language, Natural language, Navigation, Near letter quality printer, Needle, sorting, Negate, Negative true logic, Negotiation, Nerd, Nest, Nested block, Nested subroutine, Nesting, Nesting loop, Netiquette, Netware, Network, Network analysis, Network architecture, Network chart, Network diagram, Network theory, Network topology, Networking, Neural net, Nibble, Niladic, Nine's complement, Nixie tube, No-op (no-operation), Node, Noise, Noise pollution, Noise- immunity, Non conductor, Non destructive read, Non erasable storage, Non executable statement, Non graphic character, Non impact printer, Non linear programming, Non numeric programming, Non overlap processing, Non print, Non procedural query language, Non reflective ink, Non sequential computer, Non switch line, Non volatile storage, NOR circuit, NOR gate, NOR operation, Normalise, NOT, Notation, Notation, base, Notation, binary coded decimal, Notation, octal, Notation, radix, Notebook computer, Nucleus, Null, Null cycle, Null instruction, Null string, Null value, Num lock key, Number, Number base, Number cruncher, Number crunching, Number generator, Number representation, Number system, Number system, binary, Number, base, Numbers, random, Numeral, Numeral system, Numeralisation, Numeric, Numeric character, Numeric coding, Numeric constant, Numeric data, Numeric keypad, Numerical analysis, Numerical expresssion


Object attribute, Object base, Object designator, Object language, Object orientation, Object program, Object reference, Object resource, Object type, Object type inheritance, Object-oriented development, Object-oriented language, Octal digit, Octal nottion, Octal point, Octal, binary coded, Octet, Odd parity check, Off line, Off line processing, Off line storage, Off the shelf, Office automation, Office computer, Office information system, Offset, On board computer, On line, On line data base, On line fault tolerant system, On line problem solving, On line processing, On line service, On line storage, On-line help, On-line information service, One address, One address computer, One address instruction, One chip computer, One dimensional array, One level memory, One line function, One out of ten code, One pass compiler, One's complement, One, gate, Opacity, Open, Open architecture, Open ended, Open file, Open subroutine, Open system interconnection, Opening a file, Operand, Operating ratio, Operating system, Operating system disk, Operation, Operation , NOR, Operation analysis, Operation centre, Operation code, Operation personnal, Operation, AND, Operation, arithmetical, Operation, binary arithmetic, Operation, binay boolean, Operation, complementary, Operation, computer, Operation, if-then, Operation, logical, Operational management, Operations research, Operator, Operator, machine, Optical character, Optical character reader, Optical communication, Optical disk, Optical fibre, Optical mark reader, Optical mark recognition, Optical page reader, Optical reader wand, Optical recognition device, Optical scanner, Optimal merge tree, Optimisation, Optimising compiler, Optimize, Optimum, Optimum programming, Optimum tree search, Option key, OR circuit, OR gate, OR operator, Order, Order of operation, Ordinate, Organisation chart, Organisational control, Organization, file, Origin, Original data, Originate/ answer, Orthographic, Osciliatory sort, Oscillography, Oscilloscope, Outline utility, Output, Output area, Output buffer, Output channel, input, Output data, Output device, Output media, Output signal, zero, Output stream, Output unit, Outputting, Overflow, Overflow, arithmetic, Overhead, Overlap, Overlap processing, Overlapping, Overlay, Overprint, Overpunch, Overscan, Overstrike, Overstriking, Overwrite


P-register, Pack(n), Pack(v), Package, Package, application, Packaged software, Packet, Packet assembler, Packet disassembler, Packing, Packing density, Pad, Padding, Page, Page break, Page down key, Page frame, Page printer, Page reader, Page skip, Page up key, Page, end, Pagination, Paging, Paging memory, Paging rate, Painting, Palette, Panel, Panel, control, Paper feed, Paper tape, Paper tape code, Paper tape punching, Paper tape reader, Paper tape verifier, Parabola, Paradigm, Paragraph, Paragraph assembly, Parallel, Parallel access, Parallel adder, Parallel circuit, Parallel computing, Parallel conversion, Parallel input/ output, Parallel interface, Parallel operation, Parallel printer, Parallel printing, Parallel processing, Parallel reading, Parallel run, Parallel transmission, Parameter, Parenthesis, Parity bit, Parity check, Parity check, even, Parity check, odd, Parity checking, Parkinson's law, Part, address, Partition table, Partitioning, Parts list, Parts programmer, Pascal, Pass, Passive device, Passive graphics, Password, Paste, Patch, Patching, Path, Path name, Pattern recognition, Pattern, bit, Pause key, Peak load, Peak volume, Peek, Peer-to-peer communication, Pen plotter, Peopleware, Perforator, Performance, Performance monitor, Period, retention, Periodic report, Peripheral, Peripheral equipment, Peripheral slots, Permanent storage, Permission, access, Persistence, Personal computer, Personal identification number, Phase, Phased conversion, Phonetic system, Photo composition, Photo graphic, Photo optic memory, Photo pattern generation, Photo plotter, Photo sensitive, Photo typesetter, Photo typesetting, Physical, Physical design, Physical record, Physical security, Pica, Pico, Pico computer, Pico second, Picture, Picture element, Picture processing, Picture tube, Pie chart, Piggyback board, Piggyback file, Pilot method, Pin, Pin compatible, Pin feed, Pipeline, Piracy, Pitch, Pixel, Plain text, Plainmeter, Plasma display panel, Platen, Platform, Platter, Plot, Plotter, Plotter resolution, Plotter, data, Plotter, X-Y, Plug, Plug board, Plug compatible, Pocket computer, Point, Point arithmetic, fixed, Point arithmetic, floating, Point identification, Point of sale termination, Point representation, fixed, Point representation, floating, Point to point line, Point, actual decimal, Point, assumed decimal, Point, decimal, Point, entry, Point-of-sale software, Point-to-point channel, Point-to-point protocol, Pointer, Poisson theory, Poke, Polar, Polar coordinates, Polarising filter, Polish notation, Polyphase sort, Pop up menu, Populated board, Port, Portability, Portable, Portable computer, Portable program, Portrait format, Position, Position bit, Position X, Position Y, Positional notation, Positive true logic, Post edit, Post implementation review, Post mortem dump, Post processor, Postfix notation, PostScript printer, Posture, Potentiometer, Power, Power amplifying circuit, Power down, Power off, Power on, Power supply


Quad-density, Quadratic quotient search, Quality, Quality control, Quality engineering, Quantity, Quantum, Quasi language, Query, Query answer, Query by example, Query language, Query response, Queue, Queued access method, Queuing, Queuing theory, Quick disconnect, Quick time, Quit (v)


Race condition, Rack, Radio button, Radix, Radix notation, Radix point, Radix sorting, Ragged left, Ragged right, Raised flooring, RAM, Random access, Random access file, Random access memory, Random access storage, Random logic design, Random number, Random processing, Range, Range check, Rank, Raster display, Raster fill, Raster graphics, Raster scan, Rat's nest, Rate, clock, Rate, keying-error, Rate, read, Ratio, utilization, Raw data, Ray tube store, cathode, Ray tube, cathode, Re run, Read, Read head, Read only memory, Read only storage, Read time, Read, scatter, Read/ write channel, Read/ write head, Reader, Reader head, Reader, card, Reader, character, Reader, film, Reader, magnetic ink character, Reader, paper tape, Reader, tape, Reading station, Real -time clock, Real address, Real constant, Real number, Real storage, Real time image generation, Real time processing, Real- time, Real- time output, Reboot, Receive, Recognition, voice, Recompile, Reconnection, Reconstruction, Record, Record count, Record format, Record length, Record management, Record manager, Record number, Record, addition, Record, data, Record, fixed length, Recording density, Recording layout, Recover, Recoverable error, Recovery, Rectangular coordinate system, Rectifier, Recurring cost, Recursion, Recursive procedure, Recursive subroutine, Red-green-blue monitor, Redundancy, Redundancy check, Redundancy code, Redundant information, Reel, Reference address, Reference edge, Reflectance ink, Reformat, Refresh, Refresh circuitry, Refresh display cycle, Refresh memory, Refresh rate, Refreshing, Regenerate, Region, Register, Register, access control, Register, address, Register, arithmetic, Register, check, Register, circulaing, Register, console display, Register, current instruction, Register, error, Register, index, Register, shft, Register, storage, Registration, Regression analysis, Regression testing, Relation, Relational data base, Relational database management, Relational expression, Relational model, Relational operation, Relational operator, Relational structure, Relative address, Relative cell reference, Relative coding, Relative movement, Relay, Release (v), Release version, Reliability, Relocatable code, Relocatable program, Relocate, Remainder, Remark, Remote, Remote access, Remote batch processing, Remote computer terminal, Remote computing service, Remote console, Remote job entry, Remote job service, Remote logging, Remote processing, Remote processor, Remote station, Remote terminal, Removable media, Remove, Reorder point, Reorganize, Repagination, Repeat counter, Repeat key, Repeater, Repeating number, Repetition instruction, Replace, Replacement theory, Report, Report file, Report generation, Report generator, Report writer, Report, error, Representation, Representation, binary, Representation, binary coded, Representation, data, Representation, fixed point, Representation, floating point, Representation, number, Reproduce, Reprogramming, Reserved accumulator, Reserved word, Reset, Reset button, Reset key, Reset mode, Reset, cycle, Resident program, Residual value, Resilient, Resistor, Resizing, Resolution, Resource, Resource allocation, Resource file, Resource sharing, Response, Response time


S - 100 bus, Salami technique, Sales forecasting model, Sample data, Sampling, Sampling rate, Satellite, Satellite communication, Satellite computer, Saturate, Save, Scalar, Scalar value, Scale, Scale factor, Scaling, Scan, Scan area, Scan line, Scan path, Scanner, Scanner channel, Scanning, Scatter plot, Scatter read, Schedule, Scheduled maintenance, Scheduled report, Scheduler, Scheduling, Scientific applications, Scientific computer, Scientific notation, Scissoring, Scope, Scrap book, Scratch, Scratch file, Scratch pad, Screen, Screen dump, Screen generator, Screen position, Screen saver, Screen size, Screen update, Screen, display, Script, Scroll (v), Scroll arrow, Scroll bar, Scroll lock, Scroll lock key, Scrolling, Search, Search and replace, Search engine, Search key, Search time, Search, binary, Second generation computers, Second source, Second, micro, Secondary key, Secondary storage, Section, Sector, Sector method, Security, Security control, Security program, Security specialist, Seek, Seek area, Seek time, Segment, Segment, data, Segment, program, Segmentation, Segmented bar chart, Segmented program, Select, Selecting, Selection sort, Selection structure, Selector, Selector channel, Self-adapting, Self-checking code, Self-compiling compiler, Self-complementing code, Self-correcting code, Self-validating code, Semantics, Semiconductor, Semiconductor device, Semiconductor memory, Semiconductor storage, Semirandom access, Sense, Sensitivity, Sensors, Sequence, Sequence check, Sequence structure, Sequential, Sequential access, Sequential computer, Sequential data set, Sequential data structure, Sequential device, Sequential file, Sequential file organization, Sequential file, index, Sequential list, Sequential logic, Sequential machine, Sequential processing, Sequential storage, Serial, Serial access, Serial adder, Serial board, Serial computer, Serial data, Serial input/ output, Serial interface, Serial operation, Serial port, Serial printer, Serial processing, Serial reading, Serial transfer, Serial transmission, Series, X, Server, Service bureau, Service contract, Service program, Service provider, Servo mechanism, Session, Set, Set, character, Set, data, Setup, Setup code, Setup time, Shading symbols, Shape, Shared file, Shared logic, Shared resource, Shareware, Sharing, time, Sheet feeder, Sheet, coding, Shift, Shift key, Shift register, Shift, arithmetical, Shift, logical, Shift, right, Shortcut key, Shortest operating time, Shutdown, Side effect, Sided, double, Sided, single, Sift, Sifting, Sign, Sign bit, Sign digit, Sign flag, Sign position, Sign-off, Sign-on, Signal, Signal, generator clock, Signal, zero output, Signal-to-noise ratio, Signaling rate, Signature, Significance, Significant character, least, Significant digit, Silicon chip, Silicon valley, Silicon wafer, Simplex, Simulator, Simultaneous, Simultaneous input/ output, Simultaneous processing, Single, Single address, Single bit error, Single density, Single precision


Tab, Tab group, Tab interval, Tab key, Table, Table file, Table lookup, Table, addition, Table, decision, Tablet, Tabulate, Tabulation, Tabulation character, Tabulator, Tabulator clear key, Tabulator mechanism, Tabulator set key, Tabulator setting, Tabulator stop, Tag, Tag along sort, Tag field, Tail, Tail frame, Tandem computer, Tangent point, Tape, Tape cartridge, Tape code, Tape control, Tape deck, Tape drive, Tape label, Tape mark, Tape punch, Tape reader, Tape reader, paper, Tape reel, Tape reproducer, Tape resident system, Tape spool, Tape station (tape unit), Tape unit, Tape verifier, paper, Tape volume, Tape width, Tape, magnetic, Tape, paper, Target, Target data set, Target directory, Target disk, Target drive, Target language, Target path, Tariff, Task, Task panel, Task queue, Taskbar, Technique, Technology, information, Tele cine, Tele communication, Tele conferencing, Tele copy, Tele meter, Tele net, Tele printer, Tele text, Telex, Template, Temporary storage, Tens complement, Tensile strength, Tera byte, Terminal, Terminal address card, Terminal component, Terminal configuration facilities, Terminal emulation, Terminal entry, Terminal error, Terminal job, Terminal node, Terminal port, Terminal response mode, Terminal security, Terminal session, Terminal stand, Terminal table, Terminal transaction facility, Terminal user, Terminal, intelligent, Terminal, jop oriented, Terminal, remote computer, Terminate, Terminated line, Termination, Termination, abnormal, Ternary, Test data, Test plan, Test program, Test run, Text, Text area, Text attribute, Text body, Text compression, Text control, Text cursor, Text editing, Text editor, Text file, Text formatting program, Text line, Text lock, Text mode, Text processor, Text revision, Text segment, Text stream, Text string search, Text suppression, Text transmission, Text transparency, Text window, Textual scrolling information, Texture, Themal printer, Theory of numbers, Thermal printer, Thermal stencil, Thin film, Thin film storage, Three address computer, Three dimensional, Three point curve, Throughput, Thumb wheel, Ticket, Ticket based access control, Ticket list, Tightly coupled multi processing, Time error, run, Time frame, Time scale, Time share, Time sharing, Time sharing priority, Time, acceleration, Time, access, Time, add, Time, add-subtract, Time, available machine, Time, compile, Time, idle, Time, read, Time, real, Time, response, Time, run, Time, search, Time, seek, Time, total, Time, transfer, Timed backup, Timeout, Timer, Timer clock, Title bar, Toggle, Toggle switch, Token, Token ring, Tolerance, Toll, Tone, Toner, Tool box, Toolkit, Top margin, Topology, Total time, Total transfer, Touch screen, Touch sensitive, Trace, Track, Track ball, Track density, Track pitch, Track reverse, Track sector, Track selector, Tractor feeder, Traffic intensity, Trailer label, Trailer record, Trailing edge


ULSI, Ultra fiche, Ultra high frequency, Ultra violet light, Ultrasonic, Unary, Unary operation, Unconditional branch instruction, Unconditional branching, Unconditional transfer, Uncontrolled loop, Undelete, Under flow, Undo, Unexpected halt, Unibus, Unipolar, Unit, Unit position, Unit, (VDU) visual display, Unit, audio response, Unit, central control, Unit, central processing, Unit, control, Unit, logical, UNIX, Unpack, Unset, Up, Up and running, Update, Updating and file maintenance, Upgrade, Upload, Uppercase, Upward compatible, User, User defined function, User defined function key, User friendly, User group, User profile, User terminal, Utility, Utility programme, Utility statistics, Utilization ratio, Utilization statistics


VAB, Vaccine, Vacuum tube, Validation, Validity check, Value, Value, null, Vaporware, Variable, Variable address, Variable block, Variable field, Variable resistor, Variation, VDT, VDU, Vector, Vector display, Vector pair, Vendee, Venn diagram, Verification, Verifier, Verifier, automatic, Verifier, card, Verifier, key, Verifier, paper tape, Vertical feed, Very high speed integrated circuit, Video, Video cassette, Video conference, Video digitiser, Video disk, Video display, Video game, Video generator, Video signal, View, View data, View port, Virtual, Virtual address, Virtual circuit, Virtual community, Virtual memory, Virtual reality, Virtual storage, Virus, VisiCalc, Vision recognition, Visual display, Visual display unit, cathode ray tube, Visual page, Visual scanner, VLDB, Vocabulary, Voice communication, Voice grade, Voice input, Voice mail, Voice output, Voice recognition system, Voice response, Voice synthesis, Voice synthesizer, Volatile file, Volatile memory, Volatility, Volume


Wafer, Wait state, Wait time, Walk through, Wand, Warm boot, Warm start, Warmup time, Warning message, Web server, Web site, Weighted code, Wetzel, Wheel printer, White board window, White noise, Whole number, Wide area network, Wide area telephone service, Wide band, Wide card character, Wide/ broad band, Width, tape, Wild card, Winchester disk drive, Window, Windowing, Windows metafile format, Wire board, Wire printer, Wire wrap, Wired programme computer, Wireframe, Wiring diagram, Word, Word length, Word processing, Word processor, Word wrap, Word, reserved, Work area, Work bench, Work breakdown structure, Work group, Work year, Working storage, Worksheet, Workspace, World wide web, Wrap around, Wrap round, Write, Write enable ring, Write head, Write protect notch, Write protect ring, Write protect sensor


X axis, X punch, X-position, X-series, X-Y plotter


Y axis, Y orientation, Y punch, Y-position, Yoke


Z address, Z axis, Z force, Z-buffer, Zap, Zero, Zero access storage, Zero fill, Zero flag, Zero output signal, Zero suppression, Zero track sensor, Zone, Zone bits, Zone punch, Zoom, Zoom factor, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zooming