Glossary of Environmental Terms → Contents

Abatement, Abiogenesis, Abiotic, Abiotic components, Abiotic environment, Abiotic system, Ablation, Aborigines, Abortion, Abrasion, Abrasion platform, Abrasion tableland, Abrasion, Glacial, Abrasion, Wind, Absolute, Absolute drought, Absolute humidity, Absolute instability, Absolute security, Absolute stability, Absolute temperature, Absolute zero, Absorb, Absorbed dose, Absorbed light, Absorbed ray, Absorbency, Absorbent papers, Absorber, Absorber unit, Absorbing power, Absorbing screen, Absorbing well, Absorption, Absorption capacity, Absorption cross section, Absorption of gases, Absorption reaction, Abundance, Abundance, Relative, Abuse, Abysmal, Abyss, Abyssal, Abyssal deposit, Abyssal ooze, Abyssal plain, Abyssal rocks, Abyssal zone, Acaricide, Accelerated erosion, Acceptance, Accessibility, Accident site, Acclimatic soil, Acclimation, Acclimatization (Acclimatation), Accommodation, Accountability, Accumulation, Acetaldehyde, Acid, Acid deposition, Acid mine water, Acid precipitation, Acid rain, Acid-Pulse (dry deposition), Acidic soil, Acidic solution, Acidification, Acidity, Aclinic line, Acquired characteristic, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome/AIDS, Activated carbon, Activated sludge, Activation energy, Active volcano, Actuarial forecast, Acute, Acute diseases, Acute toxicity, Adaptation, Adaptational need, Adaptational structure, Adaptational value, Adaptive, Adaptive characters, Adaptive convergence, Adaptive features, Adaptive management, Adaptive parasite, Adaptive races, Adaptive radiation, Adaptive value, Adaptive zone, Addict, Addiction, Additive, Adhesive force, Adiabatic cooling, Adiabatic lapse rate, Adiabatic lapse rate, wet, Adiabatic lapse rate,dry, Adit, Adjacent rocks, Adolescence, Adsorption, Advanced gas-cooled reactor, Advanced sewage treatment, Advection, Advective fog, Advective frost, Adventition, Adventitious plants, Adventitious roots, Adventure sports, Adventure tourism, Advertisement, Aeolian, Aeolian deposit, Aeolian desert, Aeolian plain, Aeolian sand, Aeolian soil, Aeolic sediments, Aeration, Aerial, Aerial life, Aerial navigation, Aerial photograph, Aerial photography, Aerial plants, Aerial roots, Aerial surveying, Aerial water, Aerobic, Aerobic bacteria, Aerobic organism, Aerobic pathway, Aerobic respiration, Aerobiosis, Aerodrome, Aerodrome beacon, Aerodrome control, Aerography, Aerology, Aerophilous, Aeroplankton, Aerosol particle, Aerosol scavengers, Aesthetic degradation, Aesthetic resources, Aesthetic values, Aestivation, Affected party, Affected public, Affluent (Ref.water bodies), Afforestation, Age, Age class, Age distribution, Age structure, Age, Geological, Age, Palaeolithic, Age, Pleistocene, Age, Stone, Agents of denudation, Agents of transportation, Agents of weathering, Agglomerate, Aggradation, Aggregate, Aggregated distribution, Aggregated units, Aggregative response, Agrarian civilization, Agribusiness, Agricultural chemicals, Agricultural pollution, Agricultural revolution, Agricultural waste, Agriculture, Agriculture,Animal, Agriculture,Commercial, Agriculture,Economic, Agriculture,Modern, Agriculture,Plantation, Agriculture,Primitive, Agriculture,Subsistence, Agriculture,Traditional, Agro climatology, Agro forestry, Agroclimatic zone, Agroecosystem, Agroforestry system, Agronomical, Agronomy, Agropastoral system, Agrostology


Back bay, Back lands, Back slope, Back wash, Background radiation, Background rate of extinction, Backscattering, Backshore, Backswimmers, Backwater, Backyard ecology, Bacteria, Bacterial, Bactericide, Bad governance, Bad land, Bag house ; Bag filter, Balance of nature, Balancing, Banner cloud, Bar, Bar beach, Bar,Sand, Bare root seedling, Barometric pressure, Barrage, Barrel, Barren land, Barrier, Barrier reefs, Barrow, Barysphere, Basal Convention, Base, Base of erosion, Basement crust (of the earth), Basic solution, Basin estuary, Bathemetry survey, Bathyal zone, Battery, Batyl zone, Bauxite, Bayhead beach, Beach, Beach tourism, Bear, Beaver, Bed rock, Bee, Bee-bread, Beetle, Benthic, Benthic zone, Benthos, Benzene, Benzopyrene, Beta particle, Beta particle decay, Beta radiation, Bias, Bilateral accord, Bio, Bio rhythm, Bio safety, Bio-climate, Bioaccumulation, Bioassay, Biochemical structure, Biocide, Bioclimatic zone, Bioconcentration, Biodegradable, Biodegradable chemical, Biodegradable plastics, Biodegradable waste, Biodegradation, Biodiversity, Biodiversity convention, Biodiversity degradation, Biodiversity hotspots, Biofuel, Biogenesis, Biogeochemical cycles, Biogeography, Bioinsecticide, Biological, Biological barriers, Biological control, Biological diversity, Biological evolution, Biological herbicide, Biological heritage, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD);Bio chemical oxygen demand, Biological pest control, Biological process, Biological productivity, Biological resources, Biological shield, Biological weathering, Biology, Bioluminescence, Biomagnification, Biomass, Biomass burning, Biomass pyramid, Biome, Biopesticide, Bioreactor, Biosphere, Biosphere reserve, Biota, Biotechnology, Biotic components, Biotic factor, Bird tour, Bird watching, Bird’s feet delta, Birth control, Birth rate, Bitumen, Black body, Black liquor, Black lung disease, Black smoke, Blind valley, Blizzard, Block faulting, Block uplift, Blood fluke, Blood rain, Blowdown, Blowpit (Ref. paper making), Blue revolution, Blue sapphires, Blueprint for survival, Bluff, Bog, Bog plants, Boiling point, Bolide impacts, Bond stretching vibrations, Book louse, Bot fly (warble fly), Botanical forest products, Botanical garden, Botany, Bottleneck, Bottom sediments, Bottom traction, Boundary, Boundary layer, Boundary, Natural, Boundary, Political, Boundary, Provincial, Breakwater, Breast height, Breathing roots, Breathing zone, Breeder nuclear fission, Breeding grounds ; Breeding places, Brine, Broad leaved forest, Broad range, Broke (Ref. Paper manufacture), Bromine, Bromochlorodifluoromethane, Bromomethane, Bronchitis, Brown issues, Brownian motion, Browse, Browsing, Buffer zone, Bulk density, Bund, Bureaucracy, Burma micro plate, Burn, Burrow, Burst, Bushes, Business tourism, Butterfly watching, Buttress roots, By-product


Cactaceous, Cactus, Caddis fly, Calamity, Calcareous skeleton, Caliper, Calorie, Camouflage, Cancer, Canning, Canopy, Canopy class, Canopy classification, Canopy cover, Canopy density, Canopy differentiation, Canopy layer, Canopy protection, Canopy walk, Canopy, Interrupted, Cap, Capacity assurance plan, Capillarity, Capillary flow, Capillary water, Capital, Capital goods, Caravan, Caravan route, Carbomate, Carbon, Carbon absorber, Carbon assimilation, Carbon balance, Carbon cycle, Carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide equivalent, Carbon disulfide, Carbon emission, Carbon fixation, Carbon monoxide, Carbonic acid, Carboniferous, Carcinogen, Cardinal points, Cardinal winds, Cardiovascular toxicity, Carlsberg ridge, Carnivore, Carrying capacity, Carrying of land, Case control study, Case study, Cash crops, Cask, Caste, Cat's eyes, Catalyst, Catalytic converter, Catalytic incinerator, Catastrophism, Catchment area, Catchment basin, Caterpillar, Cathode, Cation exchange, Cation exchange capacity, Causeway, Cavern, Ceasefire, Cell, Cellular aerobic respiration, Cellulose, Cement compounds, Cement dust, Cement production, Central collection point, Central Environmental Authority, Centrate, Centrifugal collector, Ceramic, Chaff, Chain, Chain reaction, Chain surveying, Channel, Channel,Overflow, Channel,River, Chapperal, Chappuis Band of Ozone Absorption, Check-valve tubing pump, Chemical change, Chemical coating, Chemical coating solvents, Chemical evolution, Chemical lifetime, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Chemical reaction, Chemical stressors, Chemical treatment, Chemical weathering, Chemosynthesis, Chemotrophic, Chena cultivation, Chine, Chlorinated hydrocarbons, Chlorination, Chlorinator, Chlorine, Chlorine contact chamber, Chlorofluorocarbons, Chloroform, Chlorophyll, Chloroplast, Chlorosis, Cholera, Chorographical map, Chorography, Chorology, Chromosome, Chronic diseases, Chronic effect, Chronic toxicity, Chrysolite, Cinder cone (ash cone), Circular flow model, Cirque, Cirro - cumulus cloud, Cirro stratus, Cirrus cloud, Citizen's report, Citizen-based coverage, Citizenship, Civil journalism, Civil war, Civilization, Clarifier, Clarity, Classification, Classification of contaminants, Clastation, Clay, Clay particles, Clay, Red, Clay,Aluvial, Clay,Boulder, Clay,Brick, Clay,China, Clay,Ferruginous, Clay,Fire, Clay,Potter’s, Clay,Tile, Clean Air Act, Clean air legislation, Clean development mechanism, Clean fuels, Clean screening, Clean up, Clean water, Cleaner production, Cleaning process, Clear - cutting, Clear felling, Clear well, Cleavage, Cliff, Climate, Climate change, Climate change impact, Climate, Types of, Climate,Arctic, Climate,Arid, Climate,Bio, Climate,Cold, Climate,Continental, Climate,Cool, Climate,degradation, Climate,Desert, Climate,Dry, Climate,Equable, Climate,Hot, Climate,Insular, Climate,Maritime, Climate,Mediterranean, Climate,Mild, Climate,Monsoon, Climate,Mountain, Climate,Oceanic, Climate,Sub tropical, Climate,Temperate, Climate,Tropical, Climate,Uniform, Climate,Wet, Climatic barriers, Climatic condition, Climatic control, Climatic elements, Climatic factor, Climatic optimum, Climatic region


Dairy cattle, Dairy industry, Dairy products, Dale, Dam, Data, Deactivation, Dealkalization, Death rate, Debouchure, Debris, Debris flow, Dechlorination, Decibel unit, Deciduous, Deciduous forests, Decomposer, Decomposition, Decontamination, Decontamination factor, Deep well sequestering, Deficit forest, Defile, Deflection, Defluoridation, Deforestation, Deformation, Degradable plastic, Degree, Degree of urbanization, Dehydration tolerance, Deionization, Delimitation, Delinquency, Dell, Delta, Demand-side waste management, Demarcated season, Demineralization, Demographic change, Demographic process, Demographic revolution, Demographic transition, Demography, Dendritic drainage, Dendro thermal power, Denitrification, Density, Density dependent, Density independent, Denudation, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), Dependant, Dependent, Depletion, Deposit, Deposit,Abyssal, Deposit,Aeolian, Deposit,Alluvial, Deposit,Chemical, Deposit,Clastic, Deposit,Crystalline, Deposit,Fluviatile, Deposit,Glacial, Deposit,Inorganic, Deposit,Lagoonal, Deposit,Littoral, Deposit,Volcanic, Deposition, Depressed area, Depression, Desalination, Desert, Desert climate, Desert,Cold, Desert,Hot, Desert,Sandy, Desert,Stony, Desertification, Desiccation tolerance, Design criteria, Desmutting, Destructive distillation, Detergent, Determinant, Determinism, Detritus feeders, Developed countries, Developing countries, Developmental toxicity, Dewater, Dewpoint, Dewpoint temperature, Dialysis, Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), Diameter limit, Diameter tape, Diapause, Diatoms, Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT), Dichlorodifluoromethane, Dicyclic, Diesel engine, Differential erosion, Diffraction, Diffuse pollution, Diffused light, Digestion, Direct aggression, Direct emission, Direct violence, Disaster, Discontinuity, Disease vector, Diseases of affluence, Disinfectant, Disinfection, Dispenser, Dispensing, Dispersal, Dispersant, Displaced, Displaced aggression, Disposal, Disposal wells, Dispute, Dissipation, Dissolved oxygen, Distillation, Diurnal Ozone Concentration, Diversity, Diversity,Biological, Diversity,Eco-system, Diversity,Genetic, Diversity,Species, Divide, Divide,Knife edge, Divide,Permanent, Divide,Secondary, Divide,The great, Diving beetles, Doab, Dobson Unit, Dock, Dock,Dry, Dock,Floating, Domestic legitimacy, Domestication, Dominant place, Dominants, Donnan effect, Donnan equilbrium, Doppler effect, Dormancy, Dormant volcano, Dose response curve, Down aquatic system, Down stream agriculture, Drainage, Drainage,Annular, Drainage,Antecedent, Drainage,area, Drainage,Consequent, Drainage,Dendritic, Drainage,Inland, Drainage,Insequent, Drainage,Obsequent, Drainage,Oceanic, Drainage,pattern, Drainage,Radial, Drainage,Rectangular, Drainage,Resequent, Drainage,Subsequent, Drainage,Surface, Drainage,system, Drainage,Trellis, Drift, Drift,Continental, Drinking water, Drip tip, Drought, Drought prone area, Drought tolerance, Drupe, Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate, Dry deposit, Dry deposition, Dry dock, Dry lands, Dry low lands, Dry mixed evergreen forests, Dry zone, Drying agent, Drying beds, Dump sites, Dung beetle, Dust, Dust devils, Dust dome, Dust storm


Earth, Earth day, Earth layers, Earth movement, Earth pillar, Earth slip, Earth summit, Earth's major life zones, Earth,Axis of, Earth,Crust of, Earth,Inclination of, Earth,Orbit of the, Earth,Revolution of, Earth,Rotation of, Earthquake, Earthworm, Eclipse, Eclipse partial, Eclipse, Total, Eclipse,Lunar, Eclipse,Solar, Eco conservation, Eco diversity, Eco integrity, Eco management, Eco productivity, Eco-adventure, Eco-catastrophe, Eco-friendly, Eco-fundamentalism, Eco-lodge, Eco-medicine, Eco-system, Eco-tourism, Eco-tourism zone, Eco-zone, Ecoclimate, Ecocline, Ecological backlash, Ecological balance, Ecological distribution, Ecological divergence, Ecological explosion, Ecological farming, Ecological health, Ecological impact, Ecological indicator, Ecological integrity, Ecological niche, Ecological reserve, Ecological rule, Ecological succession, Ecological units, Ecologically suitable species, Ecology, Ecology, Advanced, Ecology, Applied, Ecology, Brackish water, Ecology, Fresh water, Ecology, Marine, Ecology, Terrestrial, Economic benefits of control, Economic decision, Economic globalization, Economic growth, Economic needs, Economic recession, Economic resources, Economic system, Economic wants, Economics, Economy, Economy,Plantation, Ecosphere, Ecotone, Ectoparasites, Ectophytic, Eddy, Eddy action, Eddy diffusion, Eddy of air, Eddy of dust, Eddy of water, Eddy of wind, Edephic characters, Edephic climax, Edephic environment, Edephic factors, Edephic formation, Edge, Edge effect, Education, Effect, Effect on human health, Effective rainfall, Efficient use of energy, Effluent, Effluent standard, El-Nino, El-Nino-Southern Oscillation(ENSO), Electrical energy, Electricity, Electro Magnetic radiation, Electrolysis, Electrolyte, Electron, Electrostatic precipitators, Element, Elephant safari, Ellipse, Elliptical, Elution, Embouchure, Emerald, Emergents, Emission, Emission standard, Emission trading ( house gases), Empathy, Enclave tourism zone, Encroachment, Endangered, Endangered species, Endemic, Endemic species, Endemic trees, Endogenic forces, Endoparasites, Endothermic reaction, Energy budget, Energy conservation, Energy efficiency, Energy pyramid, Energy quality, Energy requirement, Energy source, Energy transfer, Enhanced greenhouse effect, Enhancers, Enrichment, Entertainment, Entomology, Entomophilous, Entomophilous flower, Entropy, Entropy stage, Environment, Environment clearance, Environment day, Environmental balance, Environmental benefits, Environmental code, Environmental communication, Environmental conservation, Environmental convention, Environmental crime, Environmental degradation, Environmental economics, Environmental ethics, Environmental hazards, Environmental Impact Assessment/EIA, Environmental lapse rate, Environmental law, Environmental modification, Environmental monitoring, Environmental noise, Environmental philosophy, Environmental policy, Environmental pollution, Environmental protection, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environmental Protection Licence / EPL, Environmental psychology, Environmental regulations, Environmental rehabilitation, Environmental reporting, Environmental sanitation, Environmental stress, Environmental valuation, Environmental variation, Environmental,Impact, Environmental,Indicator, Environmentalism, Environmentalist, Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs), Enzyme, Epeirogenetic movements, Epeirogenic earth movement, Ephemeral, Ephemerals, Epicarp, Epicentre, Epidemic, Epiphyte, Epiphytic, Epiphytic root, Epiphytism, Epiphytotic, Equalizing line, Equator


Facet, Facilitated diffusion, Fact, Faecal matter, Fallow, Fallow land, Family planning, Famine, Far ultraviolet radiation, Farm, Farmer, Farming, Farming,Cattle, Farming,Dairy, Farming,Fruit, Farming,Livestock, Farming,Mixed, Farming,Pastoral, Farming,Poultry, Fault - Block Mountain, Faulting, Faults, Fauna, Fauna species, Feasibility, Fecundity, Federalism, Feedback, Feedback cycle, Fell, Fen, Fermentation, Ferns, Fertile, Fertile crescent, Fertile study, Fertility, Fertilizer, Field capacity, Filler, Filtration, Fire, Fire management, Firth, Fish, Fish culture ; Pisciculture, Fish,Shoal of, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act, Fishery harbour, Fishing dispute, Fishing grounds, Fishing operations, Fishing port, Fishing rod ; pole, Fishing shoal, Flash floods, Floating dock, Flocculated soil, Floccule, Flood plain, Flora, Flora species, Fluctuation, Flume, Fluoridation, Fluoride, Fluorocarbon, Flurry, Fluvial plain, Fluviatile deposit, Flux, Fly ash, Flyways, Fodder, Fog, Fold mountains, Foliage, Food chain, Food process industries, Food security, Food shortage, Food storage, Food web, Foredeep, Foredune, Forest, Forest belt, Forest clearing, Forest conservation, Forest cover, Forest cover map, Forest cover type, Forest degradation, Forest dieback, Forest fire, Forest floor, Forest fragmentation, Forest garden, Forest health treatments, Forest interior conditions, Forest inventory, Forest landscape, Forest management, Forest management cycle, Forest management plan, Forest mensuration, Forest ordinance, Forest plantation, Forest profile, Forest quality, Forest tree breeding, Forest tree improvement, Forest type, Forest yield regulation, Forest, Old-growth, Forest, Tropical, Forest,Cloud, Forest,Coniferous, Forest,Deciduous, Forest,Equatorial, Forest,Evergreen, Forest,Monsoon, Forest,Reserved, Forest,Sub - tropical, Forest,Temperate, Forest,Thorn, Forested wetland, Forester, Forestry, Formaldehyde, Formative zone, Formic acid, Forward market, Fossil, Fossil fauna, Fossil fuel, Fossilisation, Fossilised fuel, Fossorial, Fractures, Fragile areas, Fragmentation, Framework convention, Framework on climate change, Frangible, Free radicals, Freezing, Fresh reservoirs, Fresh water, Friction, Friends of the Earth, Frigid zone, Fringing reef, Frost, Frost brake, Frost hollows, Frost, Killing, Frost,Hoar, Frugality, Fruit fly, Fuel switching, Fuel wood, Full-tree harvesting, Fumes, Fumigant, Fumigation, Fungi, Fungicide, Fur, Furnace oil, Fusion


Gaia hypothesis, Galaxy, Gale, Galvanic couple, Gamma radiation, Gamma rays, Gap, Gap,Air, Gap,Water, Gap,Wind, Garbage, Garbage dump, Garbage worm, Garden crop, Garnet, Gas-cooled reactor, Gaseous phase, Gasoline, Gene, Gene bank, Gene pool, Gene technology, Genetic adaptation, Genetic code, Genetic diversity, Genetic drift, Genetic engineering, Genetic resources, Genetically Modified Organism / GMO, Genetics, Genocide, Genome, Genomics, Genotype, Gentle breeze, Gentle slope, Gentles (maggots), Genus, Geo political concept, Geo politics, Geo syncline, Geographic races, Geographical barriers, Geographical distribution, Geographical Information System (GIS), Geographical location, Geography, Geological age, Geological era, Geological history, Geological period, Geological phase, Geological reconnaissance, Geological sequence, Geological survey, Geological survey and mines bureau, Geology, Geomorphological characteristic, Geostrophic wind, Geothermal energy, Germ (Disease), Germination, Glacial crevasses, Glaciation, Glacier, Glacier, Lake, Glacier,Wave cut, Glacis, Global challenge, Global climate model, Global positioning system, Global Precipitation Climatology Project, Global warming, Global Warming Potential / GWP, Globalization, Gold, Governmental Organizations / GO's, Grains, Graphite, Grass - hopper, Grasses, Grassland, Grassland climate, Gravel, Gravitation, Gravitational water, Gravity percolation zone, Graze, Grazing, Green, Green accounting, Green auditing, Green book, Green consumerism, Green fly, Green house effect, Green house gases, Green issues, Green liqour, Green movement, Green productivity, Green revolution, Green tax, Greenery, Greenhouse warming, Greenpeace, Greens, Grey issues, Grey water, Gross Domestic Product / GDP, Gross National Income, Gross National Product / GNP, Gross observation, Gross primary productivity, Ground control, Ground cover, Ground moraines, Ground vegetation, Ground water, Ground water contamination, Ground water level, Ground water respiration, Growing season, Growth regulators, Growth rings, Guided tour, Gulf stream, Gullies, Gully, Gully erosion, Gully infilling, Gully reclamation


Habitat, Habitat enhancement, Habitat management, Habitation, Hail, Hail stone, Hail storm, Hamburger connection, Hammock, Hanging valley, Harappan civilization, Harbour, Harbour, Natural, Harbour,Artificial, Harbour,Bottle-neck, Hard pan formation, Hard water, Hardness, Hardness,Permanent, Hardness,Temporary, Hardness,Water, Hardwoods, Harmful behaviour, Harmful substances, Harsh environment, Hartley-Huggins Band of Ozone Absorption, Harvest, Harvest cut, Harvest forecast, Harvesting methods, Harvesting season, Hazard, Hazardous waste, Haze, Headland, Health hazard, Heartwood, Heat, Heat balance, Heat belt, Heat conservation, Heat drying, Heat equator, Heat flux, Heat rate, Heat resistant, Heat Solar, Heat tolerance, Heat,Radiant, Heavenly bodies, Heavy industries, Heavy metals, Heavy oil, Hedge, Hemisphere, Hemisphere, Southern, Hemisphere,Eastern, Hemisphere,Land, Hemisphere,Northern, Hemisphere,Water, Hemisphere,Western, Herbaceous, Herbaceous vegetation, Herbicide, Herbivore, Herdsman, Hereditary characters, Hereditary material, Herpetology, Heterotroph, Heterotrophic succession, Hibernation, High impact area, High latitude, High tide, High way, High yield variety, Higher biomass forest, Highland, Highland series, Hiking, Hill, Hill,Conical, Hill,Foot, Hillock, Hinterland, HIV / Human Immuno deficiency Virus, Hoar frost, Holism, Home gardens, Homeostatic control, Homogeneity, Honeydew, Horizon, Horizon,Apparent, Hormone, Horror, Horticulture, Horton plains, Host, Hot climate, Hot desert, Hot season, Hot spring ; Thermal spring, Human, Human development index, Human ecology, Human Genome Project (HGP), Human rights, Human settlements, Humanitarian law, Humidity, Humidity of air, Hummock, Humus, Humus cover, Humus layer, Hunter, Hurricane, Husk, Hybridization / Cross-breeding, Hydration, Hydraulic action, Hydro-electricity, Hydrocarbon, Hydroelectric generation, Hydroelectric power, Hydrogen acceptor, Hydrogen bomb, Hydrogen bromide, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen donor, Hydrogen electrode, Hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen sulphide, Hydrogen transfer, Hydrological cycle, Hydrology, Hydrolysis, Hydrolyte, Hydrolytic, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Hydrophyte, Hydropower, Hydrosphere, Hydrothermal chemistry, Hydrotropic, Hydrotropism, Hygrometric (Hygroscopic), Hygrometry, Hygroscope, Hygroscopic, Hygrosmeter, Hygrosmeter paper


Ice core, Ice floe, Iceberg, Identified resources, Igneous rock, Ignition, Ignition temperature, Imitation, Immature community, Immature timber, Immigrant, Immigration, Immunity, Immunotoxicity, Impermeable aquifer, Impermeable(Impervious), Impervious rock layers, Import, Import trade, Imports, Impotence, In situ conservation, In-breeding, Inbred, Incest, Incineration, Incised meander, Inclination of the earth, Incompatibility, Incubation period, Indented coast, Indestructible, Indigenous, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous people, Indirect aggression, Indirect emission, Individual organisms, Indo Australian plate, Indoor air quality, Industrial archaeology, Industrial centre, Industrial crop, Industrial effluence, Industrial region, Industrial resources, Industrial revolution, Industrial solid waste management, Industrialization, Infant mortality rate, Infectious diseases, Inferior mirage, Infiltration, Infiltration capacity, Infrared heat rays, Infrared radiation, Infrastructure, Inhalants, Inhibitor, Inhibitors of chloroplast development, Initial Environmental Examination / IEE, Initial form, Inland deep mining, Inland immigration, Inland surface mining, Inland wetlands, Inner peace, Inorganic compounds, Inorganic matter, Inorganic sediments, Input, Insect, Insecticide, Insectivore, Insectivorous, Inselberg, Insolation, Insulation, Integrated control, Integrated pest control, Integrated pest management, Integrated solid waste disposal system, Integrated waste management system, Integrated watershed management, Intensity, Inter personal relationship, Inter relations, Inter-cropping, Inter-fluve, Inter-locking spurs, Inter-monsoon forests, Inter-monsoon period, Inter-monsoon rain, Interaction, Interbasin transfer, Interception, Interdependence, Interested party, Intermediate, Intermediate zone, Intermittent rain, Internal combustion, Internal cost, Internal environment, Internal water resources, International, International community, International date line, International species identification system, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (world conservation union), International,Atomic Energy Agency, Interspecific competition, Intertidal zone, Intertropical Convergence Zone(ITCZ), Intrusive rocks, Inundation, Invasion, Invasive Alien Species / IAS, Inversion, Inversion, Thermal, Invertebrate, Investigative environmental reporting, Invisible drought, Iodine, Ion, Ion exchange, Ion exchange complex, Ionization, Ionizing radiation, Ionosphere, Iron slag, Iron stone, Irradiation, Irrigation, Irrigation project, Irrigation works, Irrigation,Flood, Island chains, Isolated system, Isostasy, Isotope, Isthmus, Ivory


Jet propulsion, Jet stream, Joule / J, Jungle corridors, Jungle felling, Jungle tracking, Jungle,Scrub


Kapok, Katabatic winds, Kerosene, Kiln, Kilo calorie, Kilo watt, Kinetics, Kingdom, Knee roots, Knoll, Knot, Kyoto protocol


Labour force, Labour intensive, Lacustrine, Lag time, Lagoon, Lagoon coast, Lagoon culture, Lake, Land, Land breeze, Land capability, Land degradation, Land filling, Land forms, Land fragmentation, Land reclamation, Land slide ; slip, Land surface damage, Land tenure, Land use planing, Land utilization, Land,Bad, Landscape architecture, Landscape ecology, Landscape mosaic, Landslide sapping, Lapse rate, Latent heat, Lateral moraines, Latitude, Latrine pit, Law of conservation of energy, Law of conservation of matter, Law of the minimum factors, Leach solution, Leaching, Lead poisoning, Leaded petrol, Leadership, Leaf area index, Lee, Leech, Leeward side, Less developed countries, Lethal concentration/LC, Lethal dose/LD, Lethal, Median / LC 50, Lethal, Median / LD 50, Levee, Level, Lichen, Life cycle, Life cycle analysis, Life expectancy, Life process, Life style, Life system, Life-supporting function, Light air, Light breeze, Light house, Light industries, Light intensity, Light traps, Light year, Lightning, Lightning, Fork, Lightning,Sheet, Lignin, Lime, Lime, Milk of, Lime,Quick, Lime,Slaked, Limestone, Limiting factor, Limnetic zone, Linear growth, Lipophilic, Liquid of petrolium gas / LPG, Liquid wastes, Liquidize, Lithosphere, Littoral vegetation, Littoral woodland, Littoral zone, Living creatures, Living Modified Organisms / LMOS, Living resources, Load, Loamy soil, Long day plants, Long shore-drift, Long term waste, Longitudes, Longitudinal valley, Loop river, Loss of control, Low cost stove, Low income settlements, Low land, Low tide, Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level(LOAEL), Lull, Lumber, Lunar month, Lunar year, Luxury consumption


Macronutrients, Macropore, Magma, Magnetosphere, Maintenance, Maintenance treatment, Majority, Malaria, Malnutrition, Mammals, Man and biospheric program, Man and reserves, Management guidelines, Mangrove swamp, Mangrove vegetation, Mantle, Marble, Marginal soil, Marine, Marine mammals, Marine ornamental fish, Marine Pollution Prevention Act, Marine Pollution Prevention Authority, Maritime, Maritime vegetation, Market demand, Market equilibrium, Market supply, Marshes, Mass, Mass communication, Maternal mortality rate, Matter, Maximum Economic Yield (MEY), Maximum levels, Maximum Residue Limit (MRL), Maximum Sustainable Yeild (MSY), Meadow, Mean sea level, Meander, Mechanized mining, Mediation, Medium-Density Fibre-board (MDF or MDFB), Meltdown, Membrane, Mental physical ailments, Merchantable height, Merchantable timber, Meridianal altitude, Meroplankton, Mesosphere, Mesothermal climate, Metabolic reserve, Metabolism, Metal, Metal quarry, Metallic minerals, Metamorphic rock, Meteor, Meteorite, Meteorological effects, Meteorology, Methane, Micro climate, Micro environment, Micro nutrients, Micro organisms, Microbial pesticides, Micropore, Microthermal climate, Microtopography, Mid - country, Mid Indian oceanic ridge, Middle latitude, Migrant bird, Migrants, Militants, Milkfish seed, Millipede, Mimicry, Mined land, Mineral, Mineral extraction, Mineral resources, Mineralization, Mines and minerals act, Minimum viable population, Mining, Minor irrigation works, Minority, Miscibility, Miscible, Mixed economic system, Mixed farming, Moat, Mobility, Mock moon, Mock sun, Modem, Moderate breeze, Moderator, Modes of life, Moisture, Mole, Molecule, Molluscicide, Mono culture, Monocotyledon, Monoculture, Monopoly, Monsoon, Monsoon climate, Monsoon forests, Monsoon rain, Monsoon scrub jungles, Monsoon,North - East, Monsoon,South - East, Monsoon,South - West, Montane, Montane environment, Montane forests, Montane pygmy forest, Montane zone, Montreal protocol, Moonstones, Morphological, Mortality, Mortality rate, Mosses, Mother rock ; Parent rock, Motivation, Mountain chain, Mountain tracking, Mouth of river, Mud flats, Mulch, Multilateral agreement, Multilateral environmental agreement, Multipurpose tree, Mutagen, Mutation, Mutual reaction, Mutualism, Mycorrhiza


Nation, Nation building process, National, National Anthem, National Aquaculture Development Authority, National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency Act, National Biosafety Framework/ NBF, National Coastal Zone Management Plan, National Crisis, National Environmental Act / NEA, National Environmental Policy Act, National Heritage Wilderness Act, National Interests, National Parks, National Reserves, National Security, National Survival, National wildlife refuge system, Natural, Natural buffer, Natural disaster, Natural environment, Natural gas, Natural growth, Natural process, Natural resources, Natural selection, Natural vegetation, Naturalized plants, Nature based tourism, Nature corridors, Nature reserve, Nature sanctuary, Navigation, Navigation,Aerial, Naze ; Nase, Neap tide, Near ultraviolet radiation, Nebulosity, Nectar, Negative feed back, Negative impact, Negative interactions, Negative peace, Negentropy, Nekton, Neo malthusianism, Neo-Darwinism, Neritic zone, Ness, Net economic welfare, Net ecosystem production, Net primary productivity, Net useful energy, Neutral, Neutral solution, Neutralization, New micro plate, Niche, Niche,Potential, Niche,Realized, Nimbo stratus clouds, Nitrification, Nitrogen cycle, Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen fixing trees, Nitrogen metablolism, Nitrogenous compound, Nitrogenous food reserves, No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL), Noctural animals, Nomadism, Non biodegradable waste, Non communicable diseases, Non consumptive use, Non game wildlife, Non governmental organizations (NGO), Non recyclable waste, Non renewable resources, Northeast monsoon, Northeast trade winds, Nourishment, Nuclear autumn, Nuclear energy, Nuclear energy or atomic energy, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion, Nuclear safety, Nuclear waste, Nuclear winter, Nucleus, Nutrient balance, Nutrients, Nutrition


Oasis, Observation, Occlusion, Occupational hygiene, Occupational safety, Ocean basin, Ocean currents, Ocean deeps, Ocean dumping, Ocean floor, Ocean thermal energy conversion, Oceanic circulation, Oceanic currents, Oceanic sediment, Oceanic zone, Oceanography, Odour, Off shore bars, Off shore fishing, Off shore mining, Off shore wells, Off shore wind, Oil pollution, Oil refinery, Oil spill, Oil tank, Oil well, Omnivores, Onshore wind, Opacity, Open cast mining, Open pit mining, Open sea, Open stimulus discussion, Open system, Opinion survey, Opium, Optimum temperature, Order, Ore, Organic, Organic agriculture, Organic chemicals industry, Organic compounds, Organic farming, Organic matter, Organism, Organochlorin pesticide, Organophosphates, Organophosphorous pesticide, Ornamental fish, Ornamental fish culture, Ornamental plants, Orogenesis, Out of danger, Output, Over consumption, Over crowding, Over exploitation, Over fishing, Over grazing, Over nutrition, Over ploughing, Over population, Oxidation, Oxygen, Oxygen cycle, Ozone / O3, Ozone depleter, Ozone depleting substances, Ozone depletion, Ozone hole, Ozone layer, Ozone layer depletion, Ozone,Column


Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Palaeogeography, Palaeontology, Palk bay, Palk strait, Papermaking, Parasite, Parasitic chain, Parasitism, Participatory development, Particulate matter, Pasteurization, Pastoral agriculture, Pastoral system, Pasture land, Pathogen, Pavement, Peace, Peak, Pearl banks, Pearl oyster, Peatland, Peculiar ecosystem, Pelagic, Per capita income, Percentage cover, Percolation, Perennation, Perennial reservoir, Peri-winkles, Period, Peripherality, Permafrost, Permanent drought, Permeability, Perpetual resources, Persistent Organic Pollutants /POPs, Personal experiences, Personality, Personality development, Pest, Pesticide, Pesticide poisoning, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Petrologist, Petrology, Phosphate, Phosphorus cycle, Photochemical smog, Photoperiodism, Photorespiration, Photoroph, Photosynthesis, Photosynthetic energy deviator, Photosynthetic inhibitors, Phototropism, Photovoltaic cell, Physical barrier, Physical discomfort, Physical factors, Physical weathering, Physiological drought, Physiological limits, Phytophagous, Phytoplankton, Phytotoxic, Pioneer community, Planet, Plankton, Plankton nets, Plant community, Plant harvesting, Plantation agriculture, Plastics disposal, Plastics recycling, Plate subduction zone, Plate tectonics, Plates, Plucking, Plume, Pneumatophores, Polar front, Polar stratospheric clouds, Pole, Pollen, Pollination, Pollutant, Pollutant load, Pollution, Pollution source, Pollution,Air, Pollution,Environment, Pollution,Nitrate, Pollution,Noise, Pollution,Point, Pollution,Soil, Pollution,Water, Poly Chlorinated Dipheniles, Poly culture, Population, Population control, Population crash, Population density, Population dispersion, Population distribution, Population dynamics, Population explosion, Population growth rate, Population growth spiral, Population pyramid, Porosity, Porous rock, Positive analysis, Positive feedback, Positive peace, Pot hole, Potential value, Poverty, Poverty line, Power, Power generation, Power sharing, Power station, ppeal, Precipice, Precipitate, Precipitation, Precipitation patterns, Precipitation scavenging, Predation, Predator, Predator chain, Predator-prey relationship, Prescribed, Prescribed burning, Preservation of the environment, Preservatives, Preservatives,Food, Press conference, Press release, Pressure filtration, Pretreatment, Prey, Primary consumer, Primary ecological succession, Primary forest, Primary gross production, Primary prevention, Primary producer, Primary sewage treatment, Primary succession, Primary treatment, Prime reproductive age, Primitive agriculture, Principal recipient, Priority pollutants, Process, Producer, Producer base, Productivity, Profundal zone, Project, Project Approving Agency, Project proponent, Prop roots, Propellers, Proposed areas, Proposed areas network, Proposed forest reserves, Protein, Proto-cooperation, Public land resources, Public nuisance, Public property, Pulp and paper industry, Pumped strorage system, Pupa, Pupal instar, Pupal stage, Puparium, Pupation, Pure competition, Pyramid of numbers, Pyrolysis


Quadrat, Quagmire, Quality of life, Quarrying, Quaternary, Quiet sun, Quietude


Race, Racism, Radiant heat, Radiating waste, Radiation, Radiation absorption, Radiation blindness, Radiation scattering, Radiation sickness, Radiation units, Radioactive decay, Radioactive material, Radioactive waste, Radioactivity, Radioisotope, Railway, Rain forest, Rain forest walk, Rain making, Rain shadow, Rain shadow effect, Rain water harvesting, Rainfall, Rainfed lands, Rainfed paddy land, Rampart, Random, Random distribution, Range, Rankine cycle, Rare, Rare plants, Ratify, Raw sewage, Re - absorption, Re - emission, Reacting, Reaction, Reactive depression, Real wages, Rebel, Recessive, Recharge rate, Reclamation, Recreational areas, Recrystallization, Recyclable waste, Recycling, Red data book, Red rain, Reef, Reference man, Refiner (papermaking), Reflection, Reforestation, Refraction, Refuse, Regeneration, Regular behaviour, Regulation, Regulator, Rehabilitation, Rejuvenation, Relative biological effectiveness, Relative concept, Relative density, Relative humidity, Remote area, Remote sensing, Renewable energy, Renewable resources, Repellants, Reproductive age, Reproductive health, Reptiles, Reptilian, Reradiation, Reserves, Reservoir, Residual hills, Residual ridges, Residue, Residue analysis, Resistance, Resources, Respiration, Retention of water, Reuse, Reversed osmosis, Ribo Nucleic Acid / RNA, Rich forest, Ridge, Ridge,Mountain, Riffle (, Rill, Rill erosion, Risk, Risk assessment, Risk management, River basins, River terraces, River valley, Riverine forest, Rock cycle, Rock platform, Rock system, Rodenticide, Rotation of crops, Rotation of the earth, Rotational movement, Rubies, Ruins, Ruminant, Running water, Runoff, Runoff,Surface, Rural, Rural areas, Rural community, Rural tourism, Rural,Development Society


Saline soil, Saline-water, Salinity, Salinization, Salt marsh, Salt swamp, Salt water intrusion, Saltern, Sample, Sanctuaries, Sand bar, Sand blasting, Sand courtyard, Sand dunes, Sand fly, Sand reef, Sand stones, Sand terrace, Sanitation, Saprophyte, Saprophytic chain, Saprovores - bacteria, Saturated air, Saturation capacity, Saturation level, Savannah, Sawfly, Scarp, Scarplands, Scavenger, Scenic areas, School eco clubs, Screw worm, Scrub jungle, Sea grass beds, Sea level, Sea level change, Sea level rise, Sea surface temperature, Seam, Seamounts (Abyssal zone), Season, Seasonal reservoir, Seasonality, Seawalls, Secondary air pollutant, Secondary consumer, Secondary ecological succession, Secondary forest, Secondary succession, Secure landfill, Sediment, Sediment transportation, Sediment yield, Sedimentary rock, Sedimentation, Seed, Seep, Seepage, Seismic focus, Seismic force, Seismograph, Selection pressure, Selective cutting ; logging(Ref.forestry), Selective pesticide, Self sustained, Semi desert, Semi-arid zone, Senile stage of soil, Sensible heat, Separate sewer system, Separatism, Separatists, Septic tank, Sere, Settlement, Sewage pumping, Sex education, Shale, Shale,Oil, Shanties, Sheet erosion, Shelter belt, Shepherd ; Herdsman, Shield, Shifting cultivation, Shifting sands, Shoal, Shoal of fish, Short-term waste, Short-wave radiation, Shrubs, Siliviculture, Silt, Siltation, Silvicultural system, Simian, Site, Site class, Site index (Forestry), Site preparation, Site rehabilitation, Site sensitivity, Site,Agricultural, Site,Aquacultural, Site,Archaeological, Site,Excavation, Site,Forestry, Skid road, Skidder, Skidding (log), Skin cancer, Slaked Lime, Sleet, Sluice, Slumping, Smog, Smoke, Smoke emission, Smoke pollution, Snail, Snowpack, Sociability, Sociable, Social, Social adaptation, Social adjustment, Social and economic benefits, Social anthropology, Social attitude, Social behaviour, Social change, Social character, Social conflict, Social contract, Social control, Social crisis, Social degeneration, Social discipline, Social dynamics, Social ecology, Social equilibrium, Social evolution, Social forces, Social framework, Social heritage, Social problem, Social process, Social survey, Social values, Soil, Soil acidity, Soil aeration, Soil chemistry, Soil classification, Soil coloids, Soil colour, Soil conservation, Soil consistency, Soil degradation, Soil depth, Soil digesting, Soil drainage, Soil erosion, Soil fertility, Soil horizon, Soil moisture storage, Soil organism, Soil porosity, Soil profile, Soil solution, Soil structure, Soil temperature, Soil texture, Soil water, Solar cell, Solar collector, Solar energy, Solar flares, Solar heat, Solar radiation, Solar spectrum, Solar wind, Solid waste, Solifluction, Soluble load, Solution, Solution hole, Sonic boom, Soot, Source, Source pollution, Sources of sand, South frigid zone, South latitude, South magnetic pole, South pole, South,Magnetic, Southern hemisphere, Southern oscillation


Tailings, Tank, Tank cascades, Tank,Abandoned, Tanner, Tannery, Tar sand, Target group, Taxon, Taxon,Critically endangered, Taxon,Data deficient, Taxon,Endangered, Taxon,Extinct, Taxon,Extinct in the wild, Taxon,Flagship, Taxon,Keystone, Taxon,Least concern, Taxon,Lower Risk, Taxon,Near threatened, Taxon,Not evaluated, Taxon,Relict, Taxon,Threatened, Taxon,Vulnerable, Taxonomy, Technology, Tectonic factors, Tectonic movements, Tectonic plate, Tectonic strain, Temperate - zone, Temperate deciduous forests, Temperate desert, Temperate grasslands, Temperature, Tendency, Tending, Tensional movements, Teratogenesis, Teratogenic, Teratogenic compounds, Terminal moraines, Termite, Terrace, Terraced paddy field, Terracing, Terrestrial, Terrestrial ecosystem, Terrestrial energy, Terrestrial organism, Terrestrial radiation, Territoriality, Territory, Tertiary consumer, Textile mill, Texture, Theoretical environment, Theory of demand, Theory supply, Thermal conductivity, Thermal efficiency, Thermal electric power, Thermal energy, Thermal enrichment, Thermal inversion, Thermal pollution, Thermal shock, Thermal spring, Thermocline, Thermosphere, Thicket, Thinning, Third world, Thorn scrub, Threshold value, Thrust, Tidal currents, Tidal flat, Tidal power, Tidal wave, Tides, Till, Timber, Timber extraction, Tissue culture, Tobacco, Tobacco tar, Toilet purpose, Tolerance, Tolerance limits, Tolerance,Salinity, Tomb stones, Top soil, Topaz, Topographical factors, Tornado, Total resources, Tourist destination, Tourist generating countries, Toxic metals, Toxic substance, Toxic waste, Toxic waste disposal, Toxicity, Toxicology, Toxicology,Environmental, Trade unions, Traditional economic system, Translocation, Transmittance, Transparent, Transpiration, Transportation, Tree dieback, Tree farms, Tree top walk, Trellis drainage pattern, Triple vaccine, Trophic chain, Trophic level, Trophic of cancer, Trophic of capricon, Trophic structure, Tropical forest, Tropical forest conservation Act, Tropical mountain forest, Tropical seasonal forest, Tropical wet forest, Troposphere, Trunk, Tsunami, Tube well, Tuber, Tundra, Turbulence, Typhoons (cyclone)


Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet rays, Unconfined aquifer, Under crowding, Under growth, Under nutrition, Under planting, Understorey, Undiscovered resources, Uneven-aged stand, Uniform distribution, Universe, Unleash, Unmanaged forest land, Unstable air, Uplift, Upper surface, Urban areas Development, Urban growth, Urban,Authority Law, Urbanization, Utilization of resources


Vaccine, Vaccum, Vaccum ultraviolet, Vaporisation, Variation, Vascular plants, Vegetation degradation, Velocity, Vertebrate, Villu grasslands, Violence, Virulent, Visible light, Visual pollution, Vivipary, Volatile, Volatization, Volcanic ash, Volcanic bomb, Volcanic cinders, Volcanic crater, Volcanic dust, Volcanic neck, Volcanic quake, Volcanic rock, Volcano, Vulnerable, Vulnerable bank


Warble fly, Wasp, Waste, Waste land, Waste materials, Waste treatment plant, Water boatment, Water consumption, Water cycle, Water degradation, Water droplets, Water lagoon, Water logged lands, Water logging, Water management, Water plate, Water pollution, Water potential, Water quality, Water resources, Water shed, Water softener, Water softening, Water source, Water spray, Water spring, Water table, Water vapour, Water withdrawal, Watershed, Watershed assessment, Watershed integrity, Watershed management, Watt, Wave length, Waves, Way of life, Weather, Weather modification, Weathering, Weaving Industry, Weed, Weed control, Weedicide, Westerlies, Wet deposition, Wet evergreen forest, Wet zone, Wetlands, Whirl wind, Whirling beetle, Wilderness, Wilderness area, Wildfire, Wildlife, Wildlife conservation, Wildlife corridor, Wildlife habitats, Wildlife management, Wilting percentage, Wind energy, Wind mill, Wind system, Windbreaks, Winter, Wire worm, Wood, Wood pulp, Woodlot, World biomes, World conservation strategy, World heritage, World view, World Zoo Conservation Strategy




Yield, Yield curve, Yield,Analysis


Zero opportunity cost, Zoo geography, Zoo plankton, Zoology