Glossary of Home Science Terms → Contents

A.D.P, A.T.P, Abrasive, Abscess, Absorbency, Absorbent, Absorber, Absorption of food, Accelerated freeze drying, Accessories, Accessory food factor, Accompaniments, Accounts, Accumulator, Acetobacter, Acetylene gas, Acid, Acid base balance, Acidic food, Acidity, Acidolphus milk, Acidosis, Acidulate, Acidulous, Acitors, Activators, Active Transport, Adapter, Additives, Adjacent colour scheme, Admixture, Adsorption of dirt, Adulterant, Adulteration (food), Aerated water, Aeration, Aeration pan, Affinity, Affinity colour, Agar-agar, Age group, Air brick, Air circulator, Air conditioning, Air humidity, Air shutter, Air space, Air-tight, Albumen water, Alcohol, Alcoholic beverages, Aleurone in grain, Aleurone layer, Alfreso meal, Alimentnary canal, Alkali, Alkaline, Alkaline salts, Alkalosis, Allergy, Allot, Alloy, Allspice, Almond, Altar, Alternanth, Alternating current (A.C), Aluminium moulding, Aluminium silicate, Aluminium ware, Amaranth, Amine, Amino group, Amino-acids, Ammeter, Ammonia, Ammonium hydroxide, Ampere, Amylase, Amylo pectin, Amylose, Anabolism, Anaemia, Anaerobic, Analysis, Analyzer, Anchovy, Androgen, Aneurin, Angel cake, Angelica, Angular stomatitis, Animal fat, Animal proteins, Aniseed, Annex, Anthracite coal, Anti - biotic, Anti oxidant, Anti-scorbutic, Antibacterial, Antibiotics, Antibodies, Anticoagulant, Antimacassar, Antimony, Antioxidant, Aperitif, Apparatus, Appetizer, Appliances, Appliances outlet, Aqueous, Arc lamp, Arch, Architecture, Archivolt, Aromatic ginger, Aromatic leaf, Arrack, Arrangement, Arras tapestry, Arrowroot flour, Arthritis, Artichoke, Artificial feeding, Artificial light, Asafoetida, Asbestos, Ascorbic acid, Ash, Ash pumpkin, Ash tray, Asparagus, Aspect (of a house), Asphalt, Aspic jelly, Astringent, Atmosphere, Atmospheric pressure, Atrium, Attached room, Attic, Attire, Attraction, Attractive, Au gratin


Basal metabolic rate, Basal metabolism, Baseboard, Basement, Basic diet, Basic elements, Basket chair, Basket shelf, Basting, Batter, Battery, Bay leaf, Bay window, Beaker, Beam, Bean, Bean Mung ; Green gram, Bean Sword, Beater, Beauty, Bechamel sauce, Bed head, Bed lamp, Bed linen, Bed manner, Bed side, Bed table, Bed-sitting room, Bedding, Beet sugar, Bell circuit, Bell pepper, Bellows, Bend construction, Bendwood, Bent-wire holder, Benzene, Benzine, Benzoic acid, Benzol, Beri-beri, Best end of neck, Betel, Betel nut, Betel tray, Bevel, Beverage, Bidet, Bifold door, Bile, Bile acid, Bile salts, Biliousness, Bilirubin, Biliverdin, Bill of quantities, Bin, Biological value, Biotin, Bitot's spot, Biuret test, Black-lead, Blade bone of pork, Blanching, Blancmange, Blank wall, Blanket, Blaze, Blender, Blending, Blind, Block front chest, Block rate, Blonde finish, Blood - heat, Blood clot, Blow degree, Blown caramel, Blue print, Board, Board Valence, Body mass Index, Body surface area, Body-building food, Boiling, Bolster, Bombe, Bonbon, Bond, Bone china, Bone stock, Boning (meat), Book case, Book end, Book shelf, Borax, Bosh, Bottle gourd, Bottle opener, Bottled gas, Botulism, Bouchee, Boudoir, Bouilli, Bouillon, Bouquet, Bouquet garni, Box mattress, Bracket, Braising, Braizer, Bran, Branch circuit, Brandering, Brandy butter cream, Brandy sauce, Brawn, Brayed food, Bread crumbs, Bread fruit, Breakfast, Breakfront, Breast meat, Brewer's yeast, Brewing, Bric-a-brac, Bridge roll, Brine, Brining, Brisket, British Thermal Unit, Brittling, Brix meter, Brix scale, Broccoli, Broiling, Broiling iron, Broken rice, Broth, Broth sauce, Browning, Brush, Brush Flue, Bubbling, Buckwheat, Budgeting, Buffalo ghee, Buffet service, Built-in furniture, Built-in lighting, Bullock's heart, Bunk bed, Bureau, Burner, Burner assembly, Butter, Butter milk, Buttock steak, Butyric acid


Cabbage, Cabin, Cabinet, Cable, Cabriole leg, Cactus, Cafeteria, Caffeine, Café, Café curtain, Cake, Cake ,Dummy, Cake cooler, Cake rack, Cake structure, Cake tray, Calabash, Calciferol, Calcium, Calcium absorption, Calcium carbonate, Caldron ; cauldron, Calorie, Calorific value, Calorimeter, Calves' foot jelly, Cam action, Camp bed, Camp cot, Can (v), Canape, Candied peel, Candling, Cane sugar, Canister, Canned food, Canned milk, Canopy, Canteen, Cap-opener, Capillary action, Capon, Capric acid, Capsicum, Caragheen moss, Caramel degree, Caramel stage, Caramelising, Caraway, Carbohydrate, Carbonate, Cardamon, Carmine colouring, Carotenoid, Carotenoids, Carp, Carpet, Carpet area, Carpet Cut pile, Carpet Felted, Carraway seed, Carrier type fuse, Cartilage, Carton, Cartridge type fuse, Carving, Carving knife, Carving vegetable, Cascade, Casein, Casenogen, Cashew - apple, Cashew - nut, Casket, Cassava, Casserole, Cassia auriculata, Cassia fistula, Cassolette, Cast-in-situ, Cast-iron, Castor oil, Castor sugar, Catabolism, Catechu, Catering, Catotene, Cauldron, Cauliflower, Caustic soda, Caviare, Cayenne pepper, Ceiling rose, Ceiling switch, Cell, Cellar, Cellaret, Cellophane, Cellular oxidation, Cellulose, Centigrade, Central air shaft, Central heading system, Central hearth, Centre of interest, Centrepiece, Ceramics, Cereals, Cermic tile, Cesspool system, Ceylon almond, Chaise-longue, Charming, Chaud-froid, Cheek of beef, Cheese, Cheese Edam, Cheese Kraft, Chemical character, Chemical composition, Chicken wire, Chicory, Chilled food, Chilli, China jar, China moss, Chinaware, Chive, Chloride, Chlorophyll, Cholesterol, Chop (meat ), Chopper, Chopping, Chopping board, Chopsticks, Chronic, Chuck steak, Chutney, Cinnamon, Circuit, Circuit breaker, Circulating oven, Citric acid, Citrin, Citron, Citrus fruit, Clarified fat, Clear soup, Clod, Closed circuit, Cloves, Coagulation, Coal, Coal fuel, Coating, Cocktail, Cocktail shaker, Coconut, Coconut milk, Coconut, Young, Coefficient, Coefficient of linear expanion, Coefficient of utilization, Colander, Collagen, Collar of pork, Colloidal solution, Colour affinity, Colour combination, Colour distribution, Colour harmony, Colour scheme, Colour vision, Colour wash, Colour wheel, Colouring, Combustion, Combustion ,Partial, Combustion ,Total, Complementary colour scheme, Complete protein, Complex sugar, Component, Compressed yeast, Compression cylinder, Compression system, Compressor shaft, Concentrate, Condensable, Condensed milk, Condenser, Condensing coil, Condiments, Conditioning of food, Conduction, Cone cells, Confection, Confectioner, Confectionery


Dado, Dainties, Dainty, Dairy food, Dairy product, Damage, Damaged, Damper, Dates, Debility, Decanting, Decoction, Deep well cooker unit, Deep-freezing, Deep-frying, Defective diet, Deficiency, Deficiency disease, Deflector, Deformity, Defrosting, Dehydration, Dehydrocholesterol, Dementia, Denaturing, Denaturing of proteins, Deposit, Dermatitis, Desiccated coconut, Design, Desk lighting, Dessert, Dessert fork, Dessert spoon, Dextrin, Dextrose, Diabetes, Diagram, Dial, Diastase, Dicing, Diet, Diet list, Diet Low fat, Dietary, Dietary defect, Dietary deficiency, Dietary fiber, Dietary survey, Dietetics, Dietitian ; Dietician, Diffused lighting, Digestive, Digestive enzymes, Digestive gland, Digestive juice, Digestive organ, Digestive system, Dilution, Diminutive arragement, Dinette, Direct current (D.C), Direct light, Direct lighting, Direct steaming, Dirty, Disaccharide, Discoloration of food, Dish, Distribution Board ; Panel board, Distribution network (Electricity), Dividers (Refrigerator), Dog iron, Domestic tariff, Door frame, Door mat, Door post, Door sill, Door step, Door way, Door wedge, Double boiler, Dough, Dragging technique, Drawing of fowl, Dredger, Dredging, Dress designing, Dressed fowl, Dressing, Dried, Dried fish, Dried fruit, Dried yeast, Drip, Dripping, Dripping pan, Droplet of fat, Drug, Drumsticks, Dry, Dry cell, Dry heat, Dry system, Dual temperature freezer, Dull, Dupion, Durability, Durable, Dustbin, Duster, Duvet, Dynamo


Earth wire, Earthenware, Earthing, Easy chair, Eave, Economies, Economize, Edible seaweed, Effects, Effervescence, Egg flip, Ekel, Elaborate, Elastic fibre (of meat), Elasticity of dough, Elastin, Electric bell, Electric circuit, Electric cleaner, Electric connection, Electric cooker, Electric current, Electric equipment, Electric heating, Electric insulation, Electric lighting, Electric meter, Electric mixer, Electric outlet, Electric resistance, Electrical appliances, Electricity, Electricity generating station, Electricity meter, Electricity meter reader, Electricity meter reading, Electricity Negative, Electricity Positive, Electricity shock, Electricity spark, Electricity vibration, Electrolyte, Electrolytic bath, Electroplated ware, Electroplating, Element, Elements of art, Elements of colour, Elements of form, Elements of line, Elements of texture, Elevation, Front, Elevation, Side, Ellipse, Embers, Embryo, Emphasis, Emulsification, Emulsifier, Emulsion of olive oil, Enamel saucepan, Endosperm, Energy saving devices, Energy, Solar, Enlarge, Enriched rice, Enrichment, Entrails, Entrement, Entrée, Enzymatic Browning, Enzyme, Epithetial tissue, Erosion of tongue, Eruption, Essence, Essential, Essential amino-acids, Essential fatty acid, Essential oil, Estrogen, Ethyl alcohol, Evaporated milk, Evaporation, Evenizer, Expand, Expansion, Expectant mother, Expectation, Expend, Expenditure, Expenses, Expressive, Extended family, Exterior decoration, Extractive


Face mask, Factitious, Fade, Faggot, Family enviornment, Fancy goods, Farenheit, Farina, Farinaceous ingredient, Fascicle, Fascinating, Fat, Fat-soluble, Fattening diet, Fatty acid, Fatty fish, Fatty foods, Feather degree, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ferment (n), Ferment (v), Fermentation, Fertile, Fertility, Fibre of meat, Fibrin, Filament, Fillet, Filling, Filter, Finance, Fineness, Fire-brick, Firebrand, Fireless cooking, Fireplace, Fireproof vessel, Fixed charge, Fixed cost, Flank, Flare, Flash tube, Flat rate, Flavour, Flavouring, Flavoursome, Flexibility, Flexible cord, Flexible Joints, Flexible leather diaphragm, Flint, Float valve, Flood lighting, Flooded system, Floor plan, Floor tile, Floral design, Floriculture, Flourescence, Flourish, Flue (of stove), Fluorescent, Fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent light, Fluorine, Fluorosis, Flush, Flush tank, Fluted edge, Foam, Foam rubber mattress, Foie gras ( of goose), Fold, Fold cookers, Folding (flour), Folding bed, Folic acid, Follicular keratosis, Food ,Unprocssed, Food analysis, Food constituents, Food consumption, Food Enriched, Food hygiene, Food labeling, Food poisoning, Food preservation, Food processing, Food pyramid, Food safety, Food storage, Food stuffs, Food technology, Food value, Food waste, Foot-candle, Force of friction, Force of gravity, Forcemeat, Forcing bag, Forequarter, Form, Formal balance, Formal service, Fortified flour, Fortified margarine, Foundation recipe, Four poster bed, Fractional distillation, Frame, Freezer, Freezing, Freezing mixture, Friction, Fritter, Front elevation (House plan), Frosted food, Frozen meat, Fructose, Fruit, Fuel, Full-cream milk, Functionalism, Fungus, Funnel, Fuse


Gadget, Galactose, Galantine, Galingale, Gall - bladder, Game, Game bird, Gammon, Garnish, Garnishing, Gas, Gas cilinder, Gas cooker, Gas range, Gastritis, Gateau, Gelatine, Gelatnization, Generator, Germ, Germicide, Germination, Geyzer, Ghee, Gherkin, Giblet, Gilding, Gill (measure), Gills ( of fish), Gizzard, Glare, Glass, Glass ,Blown, Glass ,Cut, Glass ,Plate, Glass ,Pressed, Glass ,Safety, Glass ,Sheet, Glass ,Window, Glass block, Glass cloth, Glass jar, Glass tile, Glass ware, Glass wool, Glaze, Glazed earthenware, Glazing, Gliadin, Globular protein, Globule of fat, Globulin, Glucose, Gluten, Glutenin, Glycerine, Glycerol, Glycogen, Glyoxylic test, Goblet, Goitre, Governor, Gradation, Grading, Graduation, Grain, Grain of meat, Graining of sugar, Gramme, Granite, Granite flooring, Granulated sugar, Grape fruit, Grape knife, Grape sugar, Grate (of fire place), Grater, Grating, Grease, Grease proof paper, Grease spot test, Greasing, Green vitriol, Greens, Grid, Griddle, Gridiron, Grill, Grill boiler, Grill plate, Griller, Grilling, Grinder, Grinding, Grinding stone, Gristle, Gristle (cartilage), Grocer, Groceries, Ground floor, Grouping, Grout, Growth hormone, Gruel, Guard rail, Guild, Gully box


Haemoglobin, Hair sieve, Hamburger, Hammock, Hand of pork, Hand-mill, Hard -ball degree, Hard thread degree, Hard-cured bacon, Hare, Harmony, Hash (mince), Hastener, Hatch window, Hatchet, Hatchet ,Broad, Hatchet ,Claw, Haunch of venison, Hay-box cookery, Head light, Heat, Heat coil, Heat distributor, Heat evenizer, Heat resistant, Heat unit, Heater, Heating element, Herb, Herb vinegar, Hermetic sealing, High density lipo Protien (HDL), High protein diet, High tension, Hind quarter, Hippuric acid, Histidine, Hob, Hob plate, Holder method of pasteurization, Home craft, Home garden, Home like, Home maker, Home management, Homely, Homogenized milk, Honey, Hors d`oeuvre, Horse-power, Hostess, Hot, Hot oven, Hot plate, Hot pot, Hot water pastry, House circuit, House installation layout, House planing, Housecraft, Household accounts, Household appliances, Household budget, Household linen, Household stock, Hue, Human resource, Humidity, Humidity drawer, Hydrator, Hydrator drawer, Hydrator pan, Hydraulic thermostat, Hydro-electric scheme, Hydrogen, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism


Ice, Ice box, Ice chamber, Ice cream, Ice-cube tray, Icing, Icing Boiled, Icinglass, Idealism, Igniltion temperature, Illuminated oven dial, Illumination, Illusion, Immersion heater, Incandecent, Incandecent lamp, Incomplete proteins, Indirect lighting, Indirect steaming, Informal balance, Informal service, Infusing tea leaves, Infusion, Ingredient, Inlaid sugar work, Inlet pipe, Inorganic compound, Inorganic food, Insecticide, Institutional management, Insulation, Insulator, Insulin, Interlocking switch plug, International unit, Inulin, Invalid cookery, Invalid diet, Inventory of equipment, Iodide, Iodine, Iodized salt, Iron, Iron board


Jack, Jagged, Jar, Jerked beef, Joint account, Jointing, Joist, Jungle fowl, Junk, Junket


Keratomalacia, Kerosene oil cooker, Ketosis, Key board, Key hole, Kidney bean, Kiln, Kilo calorie, Kilowatt, Kilowatt- hour meter, Kilowatt-hour, Kitchen, Kitchen cabinet, Kitchen dinette, Kitchen dresser, Kitchen equipment, Kitchen knife, Kitchen sink, Kitchen units, Kitchenette, Knacks, Knapsack, Knead, Kneaded flour, Kneading trough, Knife, Knife ,Carving, Knife ,Cheese, Knife ,Steak, Knife carving, Knife grinder, Knife scratch, Knife sharpener, Knolkhol


Labour saving devices, Lacquer, Lactalbumin, Lactase, Lactation, Lactation period, Lactic acid, Lactoglobulin, Lactose, Laminated plywood, Lamination, Lamp, Lamp ,Fluorescent, Lamp ,Incandescent, Lamp ,Neon, Lamp ,Portable, Lamp ,Pressure, Lamp ,Standard, Lamp ,Table, Lamp black, Lamp holder, Lamp shade, Lamp stand, Landscape, Lard, Larder, Larding-needle ; Larding-pin, Lardon ; Lardoon, Lassitude, Lattice top, Lattice window, Lauric acid, Lawn, Laxative, Layer cake, Layette, Laying covers, Leaching, Leaf gelatine, Leaf tube, Leafy vegetables, Lean meat, Leather vessel, Leaven, Lecithin, Leek, Left- overs, Leg of beef, Legume, Legumin, Lemon, Lemon curd, Lemon grass, Lentil, Lettuce, Level tablespoonful, Liaison, Lighting, Lime, Line, Line arrangement, Lining (a tin), Linolenic acid, Linolic acid, Linseed tea, Lipase, Lipoid, Liquefied ammonia, Liquid ammonia, Liquid diet, Liquorice, Loaf cake, Loaf cheese, Loaf sugar, Lobster, Lock, Loft, Louvre ; Louver, Low density lipo protein L.D.L, Low protein diet, Low tension, Lunch, Luncheon


Macaroni, Mace, Magnetic field, Magnetron, Main circuit, Main switch, Maize, Malic acid, Malnutrition, Malt, Malt extract, Malt sugar, Malted milk, Manganese, Manhole, Manifold (pipe), Marinade, Marinate, Marinating, Mask a mould, Master bedroom, Master key, Maximum demand, Meal management, Meal ticket, Meal time, Measuring jug, Measuring spoon, Meat and Meat substitutes, Mechanical efficiency of the body, Medallion, Medium oven, Menu, Menu card, Meringue, Metal reflector, Metal rod, Meter, Microwave oven, Midday meal, Middle age, Mild-cured, Millet, Mince (n), Mince (v), Mince-pie, Mincemeat, Mincer, Mincing-machine, Mineral oil, Mineral water, Minimum allowance, Mint sauce, Minute reminder, Mixed diet, Mixer, Mixing bowl, Mixing tube, Modernism, Moist heat, Molasses, Mono unsaturated, Monosaccharide, Monotonous diet, Mortar, Mosaic eruption, Moth-repellent, Motif, Mottling of teeth, Mould, Mower, Multi plug, Multi-port, Multipurpose furniture, Multipurpose room, Multipurpose table, Mural


N2 Balance, Natural flavour, Natural spring, Naturalism, Naturalness, Negative, Nematode, Net income, Net price, Net profit, Net weight, Neutral colour, Neutral wire, Nichrome, Nickel silver spoon, Nicotinic acid, Night-blindness, Nitre, Nitrogen balance, Nitrogenous food, Noodles, Nourishment, Nozzle, Nuclear family, Numbness, Nursery, Nursing mother, Nut cracker, Nutmeg, Nutrient, Nutritional deficiency, Nutritional disorder, Nutritional problem, Nutritive value


Oat cake, Oatmeal, Oats, Obesity, Oedema, Off-peak supply, Offal, Oil bath, Oil cake, Oil cloth, Oil filter, Oil line, Oleic acid, Olein, Oleo-margarine, Olive, Olive oil, Omelette, Open circuit, Open coil type unit, Open range, Open space, Optimum allowance, Optimum concentration, Optimum ratio, Organic acid, Organic compound, Organic food, Ornamental, Osmotic pressure, Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, Out shine, Out side, Output, Oven Air, Oven rack, Overdue, Overflow, Overweight, Ox-heart, Oxaluria, Oxidation, Oxidation of food, Oxidization, Oxidize, Oxtail soup, Oxycalorimeter


Packaging, Packing case, Pale, Palete knife, Palisade, Pallor, Pan, Pan-broil, Pan-roast, Panada, Panel lighting, Panorama, Pantry, Para-aminobenzoic acid, Paralysis (palsy), Parapet, Parathyroid gland, Parboiled, Parboiled rice, Parboiling, Parched grain, Parchment icing, Parlour, Parquet flooring, Parquetry, Parsley, Parsley butter, Partially-incomplete protein, Passage, Passion cordial, Passion fruit, Pasteurization, Pasteurized milk, Pastille, Pastries, Pastry, Pate de foiegras ( Goose liver), Pathogen, Pattern, Patties, Patty, Patty pan, Pearl degree, Pepsin, Peptide, Peptone, Peptonized milk, Percentage loss of protein, Pericarp, Peripheral view, Pernicious anaemia, Persimmon, Persipan paste (Mock marzipan), Personal grooming, Pest, Pestle, Petits four, Pewter jug, Phenolphthalein, Phosphatase, Phosphate, Phosphorus, Phrynoderma, Physical and chemical changes, Phytase, Phytic acid, Pickle, Pigment, Pigmentation, Pilot light, Pint, Pinwheel, Piston, Place card, Plant protein, Plantain, Plate Rack, Play pen, Plug, Plug base, Plug switch, Poach an egg, Poker, Polenta, Polychromy, Polyneuritis, Polyunsaturated, Popcorn, Pork (belly), Portico, Positive, Positive balance, Potential, Pre-natal, Precursor, Preservation (of food), Preservatives, Preserve (n), Preserves, Pressure cooker, Pressure cookery, Pressure difference, Primary colours, Principles of design, Principles of planning, Processed food, Projection, Propane, Proportion, Protein, Protein standard, Protein supplementation, Proteose, Protoplasm, Proving of bread, Provitamin, Ptomaine poisoning, Pudda fish, Pulled bread, Pullet, Pulses, Punch, Puree, Push button switch, Putrefaction, Pyrex ware, Pyridoxine


Quantity cookery, Quart, Quenelle, Quern, Quick-frozen food, Quick-oven


Radiant, Radiant heat, Radish, Rag, Ragi ; Raggee ; Raggi ; Raggy, Railing, Rainwater Gutter, Raisin, Raising agent, Rake, Ramekin ;, Rampart, Rancid Oil, Rasgolla, Receding colours, Reciprocating type compressor, Recommended dietary requirements, Reconstituted milk, Reducing diet, Reducing sugar, Reduction, Reflection factor, Refrigerant, Refrigerating mechanism, Refrigeration, Refrigerator, Relive (course), Removable burner, Rendering fat, Rennet, Rennin, Reproduction, Resistance, Resistnce to disease, Resources, Restaurant, Retarded growth, Rhodopsin, Rhythm, Ribbed glass shelf, Riboflavin, Rice polishings, Rickets, Ridge, Ridge joint, Ridge tile, Rigor mortis, Rijsttafel, Rind, Ring unit, Risotto, Rissole, Rissolette, Roaster, Roasting, Rock sugar, Rod cells, Roll, Rollator cycle, Rolled oats, Rolled rib of beef, Rolling out, Rolling pin, Roof garden, Root vegetables, Rope (in bread), Rotary beater, Rotary compressor, Rotary switch, Rotor, Roughage, Round of beef, Round wire nail, Rounded dessertspoon, Roux, Rubber gasket, Rubber scraper, Rubbing-in method, Rug, Rump of beef, Rye


Saccharine, Saccharometer (syrup gauge), Saccharose, Saddle of mutton, Saddle quern, Safety fuse, Safety switch, Salad, Salami, Salpicon, Salt, Sand courtyard, Sanitary, Sanitation, Sap, Satiety value, Saturated, Sauce, Sauer-kraut ; sour-crout, Saute, Savarin, Savings account, Savour, Savoury, Saw dust hearth, Scalded milk, Scalding, Scale, Scaly dermatitis, Scone, Scoop, Scrag of mutton, Scrambled egg, Scum, Scummer, Scurvy, Searing, Seasoned flour, Seasoning, Secondary colours, Seething, Semi solids, Semi-direct lighting, Semi-enclosed top, Semi-indirect lighting, Semi-solid diet, Semolina, Separated milk, Septic tank, Service, Serviette, Serving, Setting the dough, Setting the sponge, Shallot, Shallow fat frying, Shallow frying, Sheathing, Sheet gelatine, Shell fish, Sherbet, Shew bread ; show bread, Shim, Shin of beef, Shirred egg, Short bread, Short circuit, Short eats, Shortening, Shoulder of mutton, Shredding, Sick room, Side elevation (House plan), Sifting, Silicon, Silverside of beef, Simmering, Sinew, Singeing, Single phase, Sink, Sirloin of beef, Skewer, Skillet, Skim milk, Skimmed milk, Skimming, Slatter shelf, Slicing, Slide valve, Slot meter, Slow oven, Smoked fish, Smoking temperature, Smorgasbord, Snack, Snake gourd, Soaking, Socket, Sod, Soft ball degree, Softening point, Solamun Melongina ; Egg plant, Solar energy, Solid fuel, Solid top, Solvent, Solvent power, Souffle, Sour cream, Sousing, Spatula, Spawn, Special diet, Species, Specific heat, Specification, Specimen diet, Speed, Spit iron, Spittoon, Spore, Spot lighting, Spring onion, Spud, Spun sugar, Squeezer, Stale food, Stand, Staple food, Static electricity, Steam vent, Steaming, Steaming ,Direct, Steaming ,Indirect, Steeping, Step ladder, Step up transformer, Step-down transformer, Sterility, Sterilization, Sterilized milk, Sterilizing, Stewing, Stiff froth, Stimulant, Stock, Stock pot, Stoned date, Stool, Storage battery, Storage compartment, Stove, Strainer, Streaky bacon, Streamlining, Stuffing, Stunted growth, Subcutaneous fat, Substratum, Sucrose, Suction cleaner, Suet, Sulphur dioxide, Sultana, Supermarket, Supplementary cost, Supply unit, Surface burner, Surface tension, Surface wiring, Surplus, Swab, Sweet cummin, Sweetmeats, Switch dial, Switch plug, Synthetic diet, Syrup, Syrup ,Thick


T-bone steak, Table arm chair, Table arrangement, Table clock, Table cloth, Table d'hote, Table decoration, Table linen, Table setting, Table spoon, Table ware, Tabloid, Tamarind, Tapioca, Target of mutton, Tea trolley, Teapot, Teapoy, Television, Tender cut of meat, Tenderization, Tenderize, Tenderizer, Tendon, Tendon bundle, Tepid, Tertiary colours, Tetany (Muscular spasm), Texture, Textured vegetable Protein (TVP), Thawing, Therm, Thermos flask, Thermostat, Thick flank of beef, Thin flank of beef, Thread work in sugar, Three-pin plug, Three-pin switch, Time and motion study, Time control, Timer control, Tinning, Toast, Toaster, Toddy, Sweet, Toilet, Tomato puree, Tool, Topping, Topside of beaf, Torch light, Tough meat, Traditional dishes, Transmission line, Treacle, Trim, Trip swicth, Tripe, Triplet inset pan, Trivet, Trussing, Tubular metal, Tumbler switch, Tur dhal ; Toor dhal, Turf, Turkey, Turmeric powder, Turret, Twist loaf, Two-way switch


Ultra high temperature, Unclean, Under weight, Underdone meat, Underground mains, Unimeter, Unit, Unit of electricity, Unit of length, Unit of measurement, Unit Standard, Unleavened, Unleavened bread, Unpolished rice, Unsavoury, Upland, Upper story, Utensil


Vaccination, Vaccum cleaner, Vaccum flask, Vaccum jar, Vaccum pump, Vaccum tube, Valence board, Valve handle, Vanilla, Vapour pressure, Variegated, Variety, Veal, Vegan, Vegetable, Vegetable crisper, Vegetable oil, Vegetarian, Vegetarian diet, Vegetarianism, Velvet, Venison, Ventilating fan, Ventilating grill, Verandah, Verdigris, Very slow oven, Vessel, Vibration, Electric, Vinegar, Visual purple, Vitamin, Vitreous enamel, Vivid, Volatile, Volt, Voltage, Voltmeter


Wad, Wafer, Waffle iron, Wage, Wall board, Wall bracket, Wall map, Wall paper, Wall tile, Wallet, Wand, Wardrobe, Ware, Warm colours, Warm current, Warming drawer, Warming plate, Wash stand, Wash tub, Washer, Waste, Waste basket, Waste paper, Waste product, Wasting, Water absorption, Water boiler, Water carriage system, Water closet, Water proof, Water pump, Water rate, Water sealed, Water storage, Water tank, Water tight, Water vapour, Watt, Watt-hour, Watt-meter, Wattage, Wax, Wax cloth, Weather proof, Wedge, Wee, Weed, Weevil, Weight, Weight-height-age table, Wet, Wet heat, Whet, Whey, Whipping, Whisk, Whisk Fly, White cummin seed, White fish, White pepper, White wash, Whiten, Whole grain cereal, Whole meal flour, Wholesale price, Wicket gate, Window frame, Window shutter, Wing rib of beef, Winged nean, Winnowing fan, Wire rack, Wire spoon, Wood apple glue, Wood carving knife


Xanthoproteic reaction, Xanthoproteic test, Xeranthemum (everlasting), Xerophthalmia


Yard, Yeast, Yield, Yoghurt, Yolk