Glossary of Legal Terms → Contents

abbraviation, abduction, abinitio, abolish, abrogation, absolute liability, absolute privilege, abuse, abutendi (jus), acceptance, acceptor, accession, accretion, accused, acnormal sensitivity, acquired, acquired property, acquittal, act of god, act of stranger, Action Paulina, actru reus, ad hoc, ad litem, adjudicate, administration, adoption, adultery, advancement (presumption of), adversarial Proceedings, affidavit, age of discretion, age of majority, age of puberty, agency, agency by estoppel, aggression, agnatic heirs, alienate, alienation of property, amalgamation, amaliguity, amendment, analogous, ancestral property, ancillary, animus, anomalies, ante-nuptial stuprum, antecedent debt, antenuptial, anti-competitive law, anti-trust law, anticipatory breach, antiquated, antogonism, apex court, apparent authority, appellate courts, apprehended, appropriation, arbitrariness, arbitration, archipelago, arrest, Article (of the Counstitution), ascertained goods, assault, assisted contracts, asylum (political), attestation, authority, authorized agent, autochchonous Constitution, automatism, autonomy, autrefois acquit, autrefois convict, auxiliary


bailment, bargaining power, barter, bastardy, battery, bearer, beneficiaries, benevolent intention, bequeathed, bigamy, bilateral contracts, bilateral treaties, bill of exchange, bill of lading, bill of rights, binding decisions, bona fide, borrower, breach of promise of marriage, breach of the duty of cate, break in the legal continuity, break the chain of causation, burden of proof, bureaucracy


C.I.F. (cost, insurance, fright), canon law, casus omissus, causa sine qua non, causally relevant factor, causation in law, cause in fact, caveat, caveat emptor, certiorari )writ of), cessation, cession, cestui que use, cestuis que trust, charitable trusts, chattel, Child abuse, chose in action, chose in possession, civil litigation, co-existence, co-trustee, codification, cognirable offence, cohabitation and repute, collaterals, collective responsiblilty, coming to the nuisance, common duty of care, common estate, common heritage of mankind, common mistake, common property, Commonwealth, compensation, competent authority, conciliation, concubinage, confesion, consensus ad idem, constructive trusts, consular immunity, contemporary, contempt of court/parliament, continental shelf, contractual liability, contributory negligence, control test, Contructive last opportunity rule, Conventions (International), conveyance, corporal punishment, corporeal, corpus, counter offer, creditor, cross offer, culpa, culpable homicide, cura, curator, curatorship, curses curiae, custodial rights, custody, custom, customary laws, customaty international law


damage, damages, damnum injuria datum, de evictione (action), de facto seperation, debentures, debtor, deceit, declaration, decree, deed, defamation, default, defect, defendant, delegate, delegated legislation, delegation, delimitation, Delimitation Commission, deliverable, demurrage, desuetude, devolution, dictum, dilemma principle, direct consequence test, Directive Principles of State Policy, discretion, discrimination, dishonoured, dissenting judgment, distinguishing (a decision), dividend warrants, divisible contract, doctine of transformation, doctrine of advancement, doctrine of allurement, doctrine of estoppel, doctrine of privity of contract, doctrine of severability, dolus, dominium, donee, donor, dplomatic immunity, duty of care


ecclesiastical law, economic loss, edicts, effective control, effluxion, egg-shell skull theory, eiusdem generis rule, ejectment, encumbrance, endorsed, enforceability, entry into force, equality before the law, equitable remedies, equity, estoppel, eviction, ex aequo et bono, ex gratia compensation, ex post facto, exceptio rei venditae et traditae, exception, exchange of instruments, exclusion of liability, exclusive jurisdiction, executed (a document), executive powers, executors, exemplary damages, exemption clauses, expedition theory, expiation, express agreement, express and implied amendment, express terms, extinctive prescription, extra-territorial jurisdiction, extradition


F.O.B. (free on board), fair com ment, false imprisonment, family support, fault priciple, federal state, femme covert, femme sole, fetter, feudal system, fideicommissa, fiduciary relationship, filus nullius, financial or pecuniary loss, fixtures, force majeure, foreseeable, foresight test, forfeit, formalities, foster parents, fragmentation, franchise, fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, fructus industrales, fructus naturales, frustration (of contracts)


generalia specialibus / non derogabt, golden rule of interpretation, gratuity, guardian, guardian ad litem


habeas Corpus, habit and repute, hierachy of sources, hierarchy, holder, holder in due course (of a bill), hot pursuit, humanitarian law


id quod, immemorial usage, immovable, implied terms, impugned deed, in pari delicto potior est conditiond efendentis rule, in personam, incorporation (of a corporation), Incorporeal, indemnity, independent contractors, indictment, indigenous laws, infancy, inference of negligence, infringement of rights, inhabitants, inheritance, injunction, injuria, innocent misrepresentation, innuendo, insanity, insolvency, insurable interest, intention, inter alia, inter vivos, interest, interim measures, intermediate examination, international legal personality, interpretation of statutes, intestate heirs, intra vires, invalid, invitation to treat, invitees, ipso facto, irresistible impulse, irrevocable errors


judicial review of legislation, judicial separation, jura in re aliena, jus congens, jus in rem, justa causa, justiciable, justifiable


kaikuli, kidnapping


land tenure, landraad, last opportunity rule, legal personality, legatee, legitima portio, lessee, Lex Aqulia, liability without fault, licensee, lien, life interest, liquidated damages, literal rule to interpretation, loco parentis, locus standi, longi temporis prescription, lunacy


Mahr, maintenance, majoritarianism, mala fide, malice, malicious desertion, mandamus (writ of), mandated and trust territories, maritime provinces, market price, master and servant relationship, matrimonial actions, matrimonial fault, matrimonial home, matrimonial property, matrimonial relief, matrimonial rights, mediation, mens rea, minor, minority, misappropriation, mischief rule of interpretation, misrepresentation, mistake of fact, mitigatory plea, monism, monogamy, mortgage, movable property, mudusam (inherited property), multilateral treaties, mutual mistake


natural guardian, natural justice, natural law school, naturalis et interna, nec clam, nec precario, nec vi, necessary authority, necessity, negligent misrepresentation, negligent misstatement, negotiable instruments, nervous shock, nikah, nolle prosequi, nominal damages, non delegatable duties, non liquet, non liquidated, notarial conveyance, nuda proprietas, null and void, nulla poena sine lege, nullity of marriage


obiter dicta, occupation, occupier, occupier's liability, offer, ombudsman, organization test, overule (previouse desissions), ownership


paraveni property, parental consent, parental rights, parenthetical clause, Parliamentary privilege, parliamentary supremacy, participatory democracy, partition, passive personality principle, pasta sunt servanda, pater familias, patria protestas, patrimonial loss, payee (negotiable instruments), pecuniary damages, pecuniary loss, penalty, per incuriam rule, peremptory norm, periodically, perishable goods, perpetuity rule, persuasive authrity, petitioner, physical possession, pledge, pluralism, polyandry, polygamy, possession civilis, pre-emption, precatory trust, precedent, predecessor in title, preferential right, prejudiced, premium, prerogative power, prescription, presumption, prima facie, private nuisance, privity of contract, pro semisse, pro tempore, procedendo (writ), product liability / producer's liability, promissory notes, proof, proprietory interest, prorogue / dissolve parliament, prosecution, proviso, proximity rule, psychiatric illness, puberty, public interest, public nuisance, public trustee, publication, pure economic loss, putative marriage


qualified privilege, quantum meruit basai, quazis, qwrit of quo warranto


rape, ratification, reasonable foreseeability, reasonable man, rebates, rebuttable presumption, reciprocal obligations, recklessness, recognition, reconciliation, rectification, redundancy, referendum, remedy, remoteness of damage, renunciation, reparations, repeal, represent, reprisals, repudiate, reputation, res, res communes, res extra commercium, res ipsa loquitur, res judicate, res nullius, res publicae, res univesitatis, rescinded, reservation, residue of rights, respondent, responsibility, restitutio in intergrum, restitution, restitution of conjugal rights, restitutional damages, restrictions, retroactive legislation, retrospective, revoke, rule of law


secessionists, secular, seduction, segregation, self defence, self determination, seoeration a mensa et thror, sequestration, servitude, servitudinal right, settlement, shabby millionnaire rule, social action litigation, sovereign immunity, sovereignty, specific performance, spoliation, standard of care, stare decisis, state hood, state immunity, state liability, state resposibility, stoppage in transitu, strict liability, subordinate legislation, subrogation, subsequent quthority, subsideary sources, successor, summary inquiry, summary procedure, summon, superficies solo cedit


tediatetam, tenancy, terra nullius, territorial principle, territory, testamentary processdigns, tort liability, tortfeasor, traditio, transferability, treaties, trespass, trustee, tutela


Uberrimae Fidei, ultimate consumer, ultra vires, undisclosed principal, undisturbed possession, undue influence, unequivocal acceptance, unilateral mistake, unitary state, unjust enrichment, unliquidated damages, upper guardian, urumai property, usucapio, usufructs, ut dominus, Uterine heirs


valuable consideration, vendee, vendor, venia aetatis, vertical and lateral support, vicarious liability, Vindicatory action, Visitors, Vitiate, Void, Void marriage, Voidable marriage, Voluntary assumption of risk


Waiver, wali, warranties, warranty of title, wrong, wrongfully causing death