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Abbreviations, Abhor, Abhorrence, Ablative Case, Ablution, Abnormal Causation, Abridge, Abridged edition, Abridgement, Absence of complete meaning, Absolute, Absorbed in thought, Abstract, Abstract art, Abstract concept, Abstract form, Abstract noun, Abstract thinking, Abstract thought, Abstraction, Abstruse, Absurd, Literature of, Absurdity, Abuse, Academician, Academy, Accent, Accentuation, Acclamation, Accomplished, Acknowledge, Acknowledgement, Acoustics, Acquaintance, Acquire, Acquired knowledge, Acritical, Acrostic, Active, Active voice, Actual, Actualization, Acute, Ad nauseum, Adaptation, Adapted, Address, Adjective, Administration, Admire, Admirer, Adulation, Adumbrate, Adumbration, Advancement, Adventure, Adverb, Aesthete, Aesthetic, Aesthetic accord, Aesthetic delight, Aesthetic distance, Aesthetic movement?, Aesthetic subject, Aesthetician, Aesthetics, Affective domain, Affectivism, Affectivity, Affinity, Agile, Agitation, Agnomen, Agnomination, Agnostic, Agnosticism, Agog, Agogic accent, Agonis ; Agonic, Agonize, Agony, Alacrity, Alap, Alienate, Alienation, Allegorical play, Allegorically, Allegory, Alliteration, Alliterative poetry, Allude, Allusion, Aloud, Alphabet, Alphabetical order, Alto, Altruism, Amateur, Amateurish, Amatory, Amazement, Amber, Amber light, Ambiguity, Ambiguous, Ambit, Ambivalent, Amorous, Amorphous, Amorphousness, Amphimacer, Amphitrachys, Amplification, Amplify, Amuse, Amusement, Amusing arts, Anachronism, Anagram, Analogism, Analogous, Analogy, Analysis, Analytical, Anapaest, Andro Centric, Anecdote, Anger, Anglican, Anguish, Animadversion, Animating, Animation, Annals, Anomalous, Anomaly, Antagonist, Anterior, Anthology, Anthology of essays, Anthropology, Anthropomorphic, Anthropomorphism, Anti- rhetoric, Anti-dramatic, Anti-hero, Anti-metrical, Anti-poetic, Antibracchius, Antiphony, Antiquarian, Antiquarianism, Antiquary, Antithesis, Antithetic, Anxiety, Anxious, Aorist, Apathy, Aphorism, Aphoristic, Aphoristic style, Aplomb, Apocalyptic, Apologue, Apology, Aporia, Apostrophe, Apotheosis, Appearance, Appelation, Applied arts, Apprehension, Appropriateness, Apsidal, Arabesque, Archaeological, Archaeological evidence, Archaeology, Archaic, Archaism, Archetype, Archives, Arrangement of incidents, Arrogance, Arrogant, Articulation, Artidlom, Artifice, Artificial, Artist, Artistic, Artistic beauty, Artistic form, Artistic ornament, Artistic precision, Artistic quality, Artistic skill, Artistry, Artlessness


Babble, Bacchius, Backward, Badinage, Ballad, Ballad poetry, Baptist, Barbarism, Bard, Bardic composition, Basic determinant, Bastard title, Bathos, Beast fable, Beauty, Belles-lettres, Belletrist, Belletristic, Benediction, Benedictive mood, Biannual, Bibliographer, Bibliography, Bibliomonia, Bibliophile, Biennial, Bigot, Bigotry, Bilingual, Bimonthly, Binarism, Biographer, Biography, Biweekly, Black magic, Black-comedy, Blank verse, Blasphemy, Blatant, Blemish, Blurb, Bohemian, Bombast, Book, Book mark, Book seller, Book shelf, Book shop, Book stack, Book worm, Booklet, Boredom, Bourgeoisie, Breach of euphonic rules, Brevity, Brilliance, Brilliant, Broadcast, Brochure, Burgeoning, Burlesque


Cabbalistic, Cachinnation, Cadence, Caesura, Caliber, Calligraphy, Canon, Canto, Capitalism, Capitalization / bourgeoisification, Capricious, Captivate, Captivating, Caret, Caricature, Carpe diems, cartelization, Catalogue, Catastasis, Catastrophe, Catchword, Catharsis ; Katharsis, Cathartic experience, Causative verb, Cause, Celebrate, Celebrated, Celebrity, Celibate, Censorship, Central, Centralized, Cerebrals, Certainty, Cessation of emotions, Chain of similes, Chapter, Character delineation, Characters, Christianity, Christianization, Chronotope, Church of England, Circumlocution, Civil society, Clarity, Class dance, Classic, Classical period, Classicality, Classicism, Clearness, Climax, Close range, Closed couplet, Cobesion, Cognition, Cognitive animal, Cognitive Approaches, Coherence, Coherent, Coin, Coinage, Coincidence, Collaboration, Colleague, Collection, Collective consciousness, Collective subconscious, Collective unconsciousness, College, Colloquialism, Colon, Colonialist, Colophon, Colour, Colour combination, Colour harmony, Comedy, Comedy of character, Comedy of intrigue, Comedy of manners, Comic novels, Comma, Commensurate, Commentary, Commerce, Commonplace, Communicate, Compact, Comparative criticism, Comparison, Comparison Standard of, Comparison Subject of, Compilation, Compile, Complement, Complex plot, Complexity, Complication, Complication (in drama), Compliment, Components, Composition, Concatenation, Concealed praise, Concealment, Conceit, Concept, Conclusion, Concord, Concordant, Concrete, Concrete Poetry, Condemnation (of others), Confabulate, Confer, Conference, Confidence, Confusion, Congratulate, Congregationist, Congruity, Conjunction, Connoisseur, Connotation, Connote, Conplet, Conscious mind, Consciousness, Consciousness, Stream of, Consequents, Consistent, Consonance, Constant drill, Construe, Consummate skill, Contact, Contemporary, Content, Contentment, Context, Contextual meaning, Contradiction, Contradistinction, Contralto, Contribution, Controversial, Controversy, Contumely, Convention, Conventional, Conventional practice, Converse, Conveying emotions, Conveying meaning, Correlation, Corroboration, Counter concepts, Counter melody, Counter point, Countercentric, Couplet, Courtly- love poetry, Courtly-love code, Covert praise, Creation, Creationism, Creative, Creative play, Creative potential, Creative potentiality, Creativity, Criteriom, Critic, Critical appreciation, Critical concepts, Critical perspective, Critical positions, Critical realism, Critical theory, Criticism, Criticize, Critique, Cryptogram, Cultural materialism, Cultural productions, Cultural studies, Culture, Curiosity, Curious, Cyclopedia, Cynicism, Cynosure


Dactyl, Dactyle, Dainty, Dative case, Death, Death-song, Debilitate, Deceit, Decentering, Deception, Decipher, Declamation, Decorate, Decorative, Decorum, Decrepit, Decrepitude, Defeatism, Defect, Defect, Poetical, Defective, Degeneracy, Degenerate, Degree, Deism, Delectable, Deliberate, Deliberation, Deliberative writing, Delicate, Delight, Delineate, Delineation, Delivery, Delude, Delusion, Democratic socialism, Demon, Demoniac, Demonic, Denary, Denial, Denotation, Denouement, Denounce, Dependant, Depression, Derelict, Derision, Derivative, Derivative nouns, Derogatory, Describe, Description, Description of violence, Descriptive, Descriptive language, Desolate, Despair, Despondence, Desuetude, Desultory, Detachment, Detailed, Deterioration, Determinant, Determinism, Device, Devise, Devotional poetry, Dexterous ; Dextrous, Diacritical mark, Dialect, Dialectic, Dialectical, Dialectician, Dialectics, Dialectology, Dialogic, Dialogue, Diaphragm, Diary, Dichotomy, Diction, Dictionary, Dictum, Didactic, Didacticism, Didactics, Diegesis, Different tastes, Diglossia, Dilemma, Dilettante, Diphthong, Directory, Dirge, Disalienation, Disbelief, Discard, Disciple, Discipline, Discord, Discouragement, Discourse, Discrepancies, Discriminating mind, Discrimination, Discursive, Discursive thoughts, Discussion, Disenchantment, Disgrace, Disguise, Disgust, Disillusion, Disinterest ; Disinterestedness, Disinterested, Dismal, Disparage, Disparagement, Disparity, Dispassionate, Disposition, Disposourse, Disprove, Disregard, Disrepute, Dissenter, Dissertation, Dissimilitude, Dissimulation, Dissyllabic meter, Distinction, Distortion, Distraction, Disunity, Ditty, Divergent, Division of labour, Divulge, Doctoral degree, Doctrinaire, Doctrinal, Document, Documentary, Doggerel verse, Dogma, Dogmatic, Dogmatic critic, Dogmatism, Domain, Domination, Double entendre, Double meaning, Doubt, Dramatic form, Dramatic irony, Dramatic structure, Dramaturgy, Dream poetry, Dreaming, Dreaming state, Drill, Dual, Duet, Dull-witted, Dullard, Dullness, Duplicated perfect tense, Duplication


Eager, Eagerness, Eavesdrop, Ebullient, Eccentric, Eccentricism, Eccentricity, Eclecticism, Economic structure, Ecstasy, Ecstatic, Edification, Edition, Editor, Educate, Education, Educe, Eduction, Egoism, Egoistic, Eight-syllabic metre, Elaborate, Elaboration, Elegance, Elegant, Elegant style, Elegy, Elevated language, Elevation, Eleven- syllabic metre, Elicit, Elite, Elocution, Eloquence, Elucidate, Elucidation, Emancipation, Embellish, Embellishment, Emblem, Embodied, Embodiment, Emotion, Emotional, Emotionalism, Emotive, Emotive language, Emotive words, Empathetic expression, Empathise, Empathiy, Empathy, Empirical, Empiricism, Enchantment, Encomium, Encyclopedia, End-rhymes, Endurance, Energy, Enfeeble, Enfeeblement, Engross, Enjambement, Enjoyment, Enjoyment ; Function of, Enjoyment ; Theory of, Ennui, Enraptured, Ensuant, Entertainment, Enthralled, Enthusiasm, Enthusiast, Enthusiastic, Enumerate, Enunciate, Enunciation, Environment, Envoy, Ephemeral, Ephemerist, Epic, Epic narrative, Epic poem, Epic poet, Epic simile(Homeric simile), Epic style, Epic theatre, Epicurean, Epigram, Epigrammatic style, Epilepsy, Epileptic, Epilogue, Epiphany, Episode, Episodic, Episodic hero, Episteme, Epistemology, Epistle, Epistolary novel, Epitaph, Epithalamium, Epithet, Epitome, Epoch, Epyllion, Equivalent, Equivocal, Equivocation, Erotic, Erotic sentiment, Erudite, Erudition, Esoteric, Esoteric knowledge, Essay, Essay type, Essayist, Essence, Establishment, Estrangement, Etymological, Etymology, Eulogist, Eulogy, Euphemism, Euphonic combination, Euphony, Evaluation, Evangelical movements, Evangelical works, Evenness, Evoke, Evolution, Exaggeration, Excel, Excellence, Excellent, Excelling, Exception, Exchange, Excitant determinant, Excitement, Exercise, Exigency, Existentialism, Experience, Experience (of emotion), Explicit, Explicitness, Exposition, Expranatory Scene, Express, Expressed meaning, Expression, Expressionism, Expressive, Expressive dance, Extempore, External manifestation, Extol, Extravagance, Extravaganza, Extremist, Exude, Eye rhymes


Fable, Fabulous, Facetious expression, Facile, Facilitation, Facsimile, Faculty, Fad, Faddist, Fairy tale, Fallacy, Falsification, Fanaticism, Fanciful, Fancy, Fancy, Poetic, Fantasy, Fantasy literature, Far-fetched, Farce, Farceur, Farcical, Fascicle ; Fascicule, Fascinating, Fast, Faultless, Fear, Feast, Feature, Fellow, Fellowship, Felt meaning, Feminine rhymes, Feminist criticism, Feminist novelists, Feminist theatre, Feminist theory, Feudalistic, Fiction, Fifteen syllabic metre, Figurative imagery, Figurative meaning, Figure of sense, Figure of sound, Figure of speech, Filament, Film, Fine-arts, First-person narrative, Five-syllabic metre, Flash, Flash effect, Flat characters, Flat(n), Flattery, Flavor, Flexibility, Flexible, Fluidity, Folk drama, Folklore, Folkplay, Folktale, Foot, Foot (poetic), Force, Foreword, Form, Formal, Formal analysis, Formalism, Formulated, Forte, Fossilization, Foundation, Four-syllabic metre, Fourteen-syllabic metre, Fragment, Fragmentary, Fragmentation, Framework, Free drama, Free verse, Free-thinker, Freelance writer, Frenzy, Freudian criticism, Fright, Frontispiece, Fun, Function, Functionary, Fundamental, Fundamental determinant, Fundamentalism, Funny, Fury, Fury , Sentiment of


Gala-night, Garland of causes, Garland of similes, Gaudi style, Gaze, Generalization, Generalization, function of, Genetics, Geneva school, Genitive case, Genius, Genre, Germ, Gerund, Gesticulation, Gesture, Gift, Gifted, Glamorous, Global capital, Glorification, Glorify, Glory, Gloss, Glossary, Glow, Gnomic, Gnomic verse, Goal, Golden age, Goodness, Gossip, Grace, Graceful, Graduate, Graduation, Grammar, Grammarian, Grammatical error, Grand narrative, Grandiloquence, Grandiloquent, Grandiose, Graphic, Graphically, Grasp, Gratification, Gratify, Grotesque, Guerdon, Guidelines, Guna vowels, Gutturals


Hack writing, Hackneyed phrases, Half-rhyme, Hallowed by tradition, Hallucination, Handbook, Handmaid, Handwriting, Happenings, Happy ending, Harangue, Harbinger, Hard, Hard consonant, Harlot, Harmony, Harridan, Haste, Haughty, Hauteur, Hazard, Head, Headline, Hedonism, Hegemony, Hell, Hemistich, Herald, Heresy, Hermeneutics, Hero, Heroic couplet, Heroic epic, Heroic Sentiment, Heroine, Heroism, Heroism, Sentiment of, Heteroclite, Heterodox, Heterogeneity, Heterogeneous, Heterology, Heterotopia, Hexameter, Hiatus, Hideous, Hideous sentiment, Hierarchy, Hieroglyphics, High art, Highest bliss, Highlight, Hilarious, Hilarity, Hint, Hiss, Historical context, Historical materialism, Historical play, Historicism, Historicity, Hit, Hobgoblin, Hodiernal, Holograph, Homage, Homocotalenta, Homogeneous, Homonyms, Honorarium, Honour, Honours (degree), Horror, Hortatory, Howler, Humanism, Humanist, Humanitarian, Humanitarian ethics, Humanities, Humanity, Humble, Humorist, Humorous, Humour, Humour, Sentiment of, Hymn, Hymnal, Hypallage, Hyper intellectual, Hyperbaton, Hyperbole, Hyperconsciousness, Hypercritic, Hypercritical, Hypercriticism, Hypernaturalist, Hypernaturalistic, Hyperrealism, Hyperreality, Hypersensitive, Hypocrisy, Hypocrite, Hypocritical, Hypothesis, Hytrid


Iambic, Iambic meter, Iambus, Ideal, Idealism, Idealistic, Idealize, Identical, Identity, Ideograph, Ideography, Ideology, Idiom, Idiosyncracy, Idyll, Illiteracy, Illiterate, Illumination, Illuminative, Illuminator, Illusion, Illusory, Illustrated, Illustration, Imagery, Imaginary, Imaginary, The, Imagination, Imaginative, Imaginative writing, Imagism, Imagist, Imbecile, Imbecility, Imitation, Imitation of situations, Imitative, Immemorial, Immorality, Impatience, Impeccability, Imperative, Imperative Mood, Imperceptibility, Imperfect rhymes, Imperfect Tense, Imperfection, Impersonal, Implausible, Implied meaning, Imposed form, Impression of experience, Impression of past experience, Impression of present experience, Impropriety, Improvisation, Impulse, Imputation, Inaccurate, Inambrate, Inane, Inappropriate, Incandescent, Incantation, Incipience, Incipient signs, Incomprehensible, Incongruity, Incongruity with context, Inconsistencies, Inconstancy, Incremental repetition, Indebtedness, Independent, Indeterminate, Index, Indication of plot, Indicator, Indignation, Indirect censure, Indirect eulogy, Indirect speech (fig.of speech), Indiscrimination, Individual, Individualism, Individuality, Indoctrination, Indolence, Induction, Industrialization, Ineptitude, Infallible, Infelicity, Inference, Inference, Theory of, Inferior, Inferiority complex, Inferiority,Intellectual, Infinite, Inflammable, Inflexibility, Influence, Infrastructure, Ingenious, Ingenuity, Inherent, Ink, Ink-horn, Innovation, Innumerable, Inputs, Inquiry, Insanity, Inscribe, Inscription, Insight, Insinuator, Insipid, Inspiration, Instruction, Instrumental case, Intellect, Intellectual, Intellectualism, Intelligence, Intelligent, Intelligentsia, Intelligibility, Intended meaning, Intention, Intentional fallacy, Inter-textual, Interest, Interesting, Interior monologue, Interlocutor, Internal rhyme, Interpolate, Interpolation, Interpretation, Intersperse, Intimation, Intonation, Intoxication, Intricate, Introduction, Intuition, Intuitive method, Inumbrate, Invention, Inveterate, Invocation, Invoke, Involuntary feelings, Iota, Irascible, Ironic, Irony, Irrational, Irrelevant, Isochronal, Issue, Italics, Iterate, Itinerant, Itinerary


Jargon, Jealousy, Jejune, Jest, Joke, Joker, Jollity, Joy, Juncture, Junctures, Jungian criticism, Justification, Juxtaposition


Keen, Ken, keynote, Kinetics, Knockabout, Knowledge, Knowledgeable


Labials, Labour power, Laconic, Lacuna, Lampoon (v), Lampooner, Lampooning, Language, Language loyalty, Langue, Laud, Laudable, Laudation, Laudatory, Laurel, Lavishly, Law of the Father, Learn, Learned, Learned pursuit, Learner, Learning, Lecture, Lecturer, Lectureship, Legend, Legendary, Legibility, Legible, Legitimate, Leninism, Lenitive, Lesbianism, Lettering, Letters, Man of, Lexicography, Lexicon, Liaison, Liberal arts, Liberal humanism, Liberalism, Life stream, Light verse, Light-hearted, Limelight, Limerick, Limn, Linguistic criticism, Linguistics, Literacy, Literal denotation, Literal meaning, Literal translation, Literary, Literary ballad, Literary criticism, Literary genius, Literary genre, Literary memory, Literary philosopher, Literary studies, Literary terms, Literate, Literati, Literatim, Literato (P .Literati ), Literature, Literature review, Litterateur, Little Narration, Liveliness, Location, Locative case, Locution, Logic, Logocentric, Long of three mora, Long syllable, Loquacious, Love, Love, Sentiment of, Loveliness, Low grade, Lucid, Lucidity, Ludicrous, Lullaby, Luminous, Lustre, Luxuriant posture, Luxuriating, Lyre, Lyric, Lyric poetry, Lyric writer, Lyrical, Lyrical ballad, Lyrical poem, Lyricist, Lyrics


Machina,Deus-ex, Madrigal, Madrigal Singers, Magic, Magic effect, Magic realism, Magic Sympathetic, Magical realism, Magnificent, Magnificent Style, Magnitude, Major plot, Malapropism, Male chauvinism, Man about town, Man of letters, Man of taste, Manifestation, Mannerism, Manuscript, Marginal, Martial play, Martyr, Martyrdom, Martyred, Marvel, Marvel, Sentiment of, Marvellous, Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Marxist criticism, Mask, Masque, Masterful, Masterpiece, Mastery, Materialism, Matinee show, Maxim, Meaning, Mechanical device, Media studies, Medieval, Mediocre, Mediocrity, Medium, Medium tempo, Medley, Meiosis, Melancholy, Mellowness, Melodrama, Melodramatic, Melody, Melody instrument, Memoirs, Memory, Mental laziness, Mental state, Mentality, Mentor, Meretricious, Meritorious, Merits, Messenger poem, Metamorphosed, Metamorphosis, Metaphor, Metaphorical, Metaphrase, Metaphysical, Metaphysics, Method, Methodist, Methodology, Metonymy, Metre, Metre niolation of, Metric, Metrical, Metrical composition, Metrical defect, Metrical type, Middle ages, Middle class, Middle comedy, Middling character, Mildness, Milieu, Mime, Mimeograph, Mimesis, Mimetic criticism, Mimic, Minority discourse, Miracle play, Mirror image, Mirth, Misadventure, Misanthropic, Misconception, Mise-en-scene, Misnomer, Missionary, Misuse of syllable, Mixed composition, Mixed genre, Mixed metaphor, Mixing of colours, Mob scene, Mock epic, Mock-heroism, Mode, Mode of production, Model, Moderate, Moderation, Modern music, Modernisation, Modernism, Modernist, Modernity, Modulation, Modus operandi, Molossus, Monogram, Monograph, Monolingual, Monologue, Monologue play, Monometric Poem, Monossyllatic meter, Monosyllable, Monotonous, Monotony, Monstrosity, Monumental, Mood, Mora, Moralist, Morality play, Moribund, Morlid, Morpheme, Morphology, Mother tongue, Motif, Motivation, Motive, Motive force, Movement, the, Moving scene, Multi-racial, Multiculturalism, Multiform, Multilingual, Multiple monologue, Multiple settings, Musical art, Mystery play, Mystic, Mystical, Mystique, Myth, Mythical, Mythical being, Mythological, Mythology


Nadagama, Nadagama tradition, Nadir, Naive, Naivete ,Naivety, Naivety, Narrate, Narration, Narrative, Narrative poem, Narrative structure, Narratives, Narratology, Narrator, Narrow minded, Nasals, Nascent, Nascent state, Nation-state, Nationalism, Nationalist, Nationality, Natural sciences, Natural selection, Natural statement, Naturalism, Nature, Necessary conclusion, Necessitarianism, Necklace, Nectar, Negation, Neo-classical, Neo-logy, Neo-Platonism, Neo-realism, Neo-scholasticism, Neoclassism, Neocolonialism, Neohumanism, Neologism, Neologist, New comedy, New comer, New criticism, New historism ; Historism, New Poetry, The, New testament, New wave, Newsletter, Newspaper, Newsreader, Nicety, Night fall, Nihilism, Nine-syllabic metre, Nineteen-syllabic metre, Nobel prize, Nomenclature, Nominal, Nominative case, Non de plume, Non entity, Non-conformist, Non-critical, Non-descript, Non-fiction, Non-figurative, Non-laughter, Non-physical, Non-verbal, Nonsense, Nonsense verse, Nostalgia, Nostalgic, Notation, Note, Noteworthy, Notice, Notice-board, Notion, Notorious, Noumenon(thing-in-itself), Novel, Novelette, Novelist, Novella, Novelty, Nuance, Numbering, Nursery rhyme, Nymph


Object, Objective, Objectivism, Objectivity, Obliterate, Obliteration, Obloquy, Obscene, Obscenity, Obscurantism, Observation, Observe, Obsolescence, Obsolete, Obstructive, Occular, Occupation, Occupational, Occupational hazard, Octave, Octometre ; Octametre, Ode, Odious sentiment, Odyssey, Oedipus complex, Off-the-record, Ola leaf, Old hand, Old testament, Ominonus, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omniscient narrator, Onomatopoeia, Ontology, Opaque, Open couplets, Open university, Open-minded, Opening, Opera, Opinion, Opponent, Opposing (forces), Opposition, Optative mood, Optimism, Opuscular, Opuscule, Oracle, Oration, Oratory, Organic unity, Organized, Orgy, Oriental, Origin, Original, Original work, Originality, Ornament, Ornamental, Ornamentalist, Ornamentation, Ornate, Orthodox view, Orthodoxy, Orthography, Oscillation, Ostentatious, Other, The, Out-of -date, Outburst, Outlandish, Outpourings, Outspoken, Outstanding, Over-conceptualization, Oversimplification, Overstatement, Overtone, Oxymoron


Paised by, Palatals, Palindrome, Palliative, Palpability, Palpable, Pamphlet, Pamphleteer, Panacea, Panegyric, Panorama, Pantheistic, Paper mache, Papyrus, Parabasis, Parable, Paradigm, Paradox, Paragraph, Paraleipsis, Parallelism, Paralysis, Paraphrase, Paratactic sentences, Parlance, Parochial, Parody, Parole, Paronomasia, Parsimony, Partial rhymes, Parts of speech, Passion, Passion play, Passive voice, Past master, Past Passive Participle, Past Perfect, Pastime, Pastoral, Pastoral poem, Pathetic fallacy, Pathetic sentiment, Pathfinder, Pathos, Pathos, Sentiment of, Patriarch, Patriarchy, Patriotic, Patriotism, Patron, Patronage, Patronymic, Pause, Peculiar, Pedagogues, Pedagogy, Pedant, Pedantic, Pedantry, Pellucid, Pen-name, Penance-grove, Penmanship, Pensive, Pentameter, Pentametre, Perception, Perfection, Performing arts, Peripatetic, Periphrasis, Permanent emotion, Permanent states, Pernicious, Personification, Perspective, Pessimism, Pessimism worship, Petibourgeoisie, Petrarchan sonnet, Phallocentricism, Phantasy, Phenomenalism, Phenomenological criticism, Phenomenology, Phenomenon, Phenomenon, natural, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Photocopy, Photostat copy, Phrase, Phraseology, Picaresque novel, Pictorial effect, Picturesque, Picturization, Piety, Pigment, Pinnacle, Pious, Pity, Placate, Plagiarism, Plagiarist, Plain, Plain style, Plausibility, Play on words, Pleasing combination, Pleasing quality, Pleasure, Plenary, Plenitude, Plethora, Plot, Plot time, Pluralist criticism, Poem, Poem par excellence, Poesy,, Poet, Poet laureate, Poet-theorist, Poetaster, Poetess, Poetic, Poetic audience, Poetic convention, Poetic defects, Poetic diction, Poetic drama, Poetic endeavour, Poetic fancy, Poetic justice, Poetic language, Poetic licence, Poetic merits, Poetic power, Poetic principles, Poetic prose, Poetic talent, Poetic theory, Poetic value, Poetical causation, Poetical cause, Poetics, Poetics, schools of, Poetry, Poignancy, Poignant, Point-of-view, Poise, Polemical, Polish, Political criticism, Political theory, Polymath, Polymathy, Polyphonic, Polysemous, Ponder, Pornographical, Portrait, Portraiture, Portrayal, Position, Post-colonial literature, Post-colonialism, Post-modernism, Post-modernist, Post-structuralism, Posthumous award, Postmodernism, Postscript, Potential/Potency, Practical, Practical criticism, Prague School, Praiseworthy, Prakrit, Preamble, Preconceived, Preconception, Preface, Preference, Preliminaries, Premiere, Preoccupation, Preoccupied, Preposterous, Prescriptive, Presence, Presentation, Presentiment, Preservativism, Pride, Primary imagination, Primary society


Qualitative, Qualitative method, Quality, Quandary, Quantitative method, Quartet, Quatrain, Quintet, Quip, Quote


Radiance, Rationalism, Reader, Reader-response criticism, Readership, Reading, Reading public, Real world, Realism, Realism Critical, Realistic, Realistic novel, Realization, Rebuke, Recalcitrant, Recapitulate, Recapture, Recension, Reception theory, Recital, Recitation, Recite, Recognition, Recollection, Reconciliation, Recondite, Reconstruct, Record, Recreate, Recreation, Rectitude, Redundancy, Reduplicated, Reduplication, Refinement, Reflexive novels, Reflexive sense, Reflexiveness, Reformism, Refreshing, Relative, Relative order, Religious Psychology, Relish, Relishing, Reminiscence, Reminiscent, Renaissance, Renaissance literature, Renaissance poetry, Rendering, Rendition, Renunciation, Repartee, Repertoire, Repetition, Report, Repository, Representation, Representational, Reproach, Reproduce, Reproduction, Repugnant, Research, Research question, Resentment, Reservoir, Resolution (in drama), Restlessness, Restricted, Retell, Retina, Retrospect, Retrospective exhibition, Revelation, Reverie, Reversal, Reversal of Situation, Rewrite, Rewriting, Rhapsode, Rhapsody, Rhetoric, Rhetorical critic, Rhetorician, Rhetories, Rhyme, Rhymester, Rhythm, Rhythmical movement, Riddles, Ridicule, Rise an emotion, Rising action, Roman Catholic, Romance, Romantic, Romanticism, Rosa theory, Round Characters, Russian formalism, Ruthless


Sacred, Sagacity, Salutation, Sameness, Sample, Sanskrit, Sanskritization, Sarcasm, Sardonic, Sardonicism, Satire, Satiric comedy, Satirical, Scansion, Scent, Sceptic, Scepticism, Schematic, Scholar, Scholarly, Scholarship, Scholastic, Scholiast, School of literary criticism, School of thought, School,, Science fiction, Scientific, Scientific method, Scientific socialism, Scribe, Script, Script-writer, Scroll, Scurrilous paper, Second Period, Second sophistic, Secondary meaning, Secularization, Self consciousness, Self diagnosis, Self educated, Self exploratory, Self exposure, Self portrait, Self restraint, Self slorification, Self-conceit, Self-conscious, Self-revelation, Semantics, Semblance, Semi- barbarian, Semi-vowels, Sensate, Sensation, Sensational, Sensational irony, Sensitivity, Sensorium, Sensory, Sensory organ, Sensuous, Sentence, Sentiment, Sentimental, Sentimentalism, Sentimentalist, Septametre, Serious (dram ), Sermons, Sesquipedal, Sesquipedalism, Seven-syllabic metre, Severely plain, Shame, Shameless, Shelleyan, Short poem, Short syllable, Sibilants, Sight comedian, Sight line, Significant, Simile, Simple plot, Simple vowel, Simplification, Simultaneous, Sinecdotal, Singular, Six-syllabic metre, Sixteen-syllabic metre, Sleight of meaning, Slovenliness, Slow, Smoothness, Snob, Snobbery, Snobbishness, Social change, Social class, Social consciousness, Social environment/climate, Social history, Social institutions, Social life, Social mobility, Social order, Social organization, Social prestige, Social reality, Social relations, Social sciences, Social status, Social structure, Social values, Socialist realism, Socialized, Socially activist, Socio critical (level), Socio-cultural, Socio-economic, Socio-political, Soft consonants, Soft-hearted, Solace, Solecism, Soliloque, Solitary verse, Somnuilogy, Sonnet, Sonneteer, Sonorous (sound), Sophistication, Sophistry, Soporific, Sordid, Sorrow, Sovereignty, Speaking-heart, Spectacle, Speculation, Spiritual, Spiritual productions, Splendour, Spondaic, Spontaneous, Stage time, Stage-manage, Stale, Stalinism, Standard language, Standards, Stanza, Statement, Steady, Stereotype, Stereotyped, story, Story (in drama), Strain, Stratification, Stream of consciousness, Stress, Stressed syllables, Structural, Structuralism, Structure, Structured, Study of language, Style, Stylistics, Stylization, Sub commentary, Sub-junctures, Sub-narrative, Sub-plot, Subject matter, Subject-matter, Subjectivism, Sublimation, Sublime, Sublimity, Subordinate clause, Subordinate clones, Substructure, Succinct, Succinctness, Suggestion, Super-imposition, Super-structure, Supernatural, Superstructure, Supposition, Surrealism, Surrealist, Susceptibility, Susceptible, Suspense


Tabula rasa, Tale, Talent, Taste, Tastefulness, Tautology, Tearjerker, Tears, Technicalities, Teleology, Telepathy, Tempo, Ten-syllabic meter, Tenor (in metaphor), Tension, Tercet, Terminological analysis, Terminologist, Terminology, Terrible sentiment, Terror, Terror, sentiment of, Tetralogy, Tetrameter, Text, Textual criticism, Theatre time, Theme, Theme music, Theme song, Theoretical, Theoretician, Theory, Theory of literature / literary theory, Thesis play, Thirteen-syllabic metre, Thought, Threadbare (legends), Three linites, The, Three-syllabic metre, Throng, Thumb nail sketch, Timbre, Time Images, Tolerance, Tone language, Tone poem, Topographic, Torpor, Touchstone, Traditional, Traditional mould, Traditionalism, Tragedian, Tragedy, Tragi-comedy, Tragi-comic, Tragic, Trainable,, Transcript, Transcription, Transformism, Transitory feeling, Transitory states, Translate, Translation, Translator, Transliterate, Transparent, Trash, Treatise, Trend /tendency, Trimmings, Triple verses, Triplet, Triteness, Triumph, Trochaic foot, Trope, Tropology, Trybrachys, Tune, Twin verses, Typescript, Typical comparison


Ubiquitous, Ugliness, Ugly, Ultimate, Ultra Modern, Ultra sensitive, Ultra sonic, Un proportionate, Unabridged, Uncertainty principle, Uncommitted, Unconscious, Uncritical, Underground literature, Unintrusive narrator, Unitary, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unprescribed, Unreal, Unrefined, Unreliable narrator, Unskilled, Unsophisticated, Upheaval, Urbane, Urge, Usage, Utilitarianism, Utopian novels, Utterance


Vague, Valour, Value, Values, Variable, Variant, Variety, Variety entertainment, Vehement hero, Vehicle (in metaphor), Verbal, Verbal mood, Verbal presentation, Verbiation, Verbosity, Verisimilitude, Vernacular, Vers libre, Verse, Verse Free, Versification, Versifier, Version, Vicissitudes of life ; Drama, Victorian poetry, View, View point, Vignette, Vigorous dance, Villain, Violent, Type of play, Visceral, Vision, Visionary, Visnu stance, Visual arts, Visual effect, Visual Pattern, Vivid, Vocabulary, Vocal, Voice, Volume, Voyeurism, Vulgar, Vulgar speech, Vulgarise


Wail, Walking round, Walking styles, Wall, War cry, Warble, Weak rhymes, Weakness, Weariness, Well read, Well-made play, Westernisation, Wisdom, Wit, Witty, Women's poetry, Wonder, Wonderful, Wordy, Workmanship, World vision, Writerly


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