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Leather lacing (Fastener), Post and rail (Fastener), Scarfed and glued (Fastener), Steel lacing Alligator (Fastener), Steel lacing Bristol type (Fastener), Wire type (Fastener)


Abrading, Abrading tools, Abrasive, Abrasive , Natural (corundum emery), Abrasive wheel, Abrasive wheel guard, Abrasive, Artificial (silicon carbide Aluminous oxide), Absolute, Absolute humidity, Absolute pressure, Absolute strength, Absolute temperature, Absolute ton mile, Absolute volume, Absolute zero, Absorb, Absorbing power, Absorbing well, Absorption, Absorption detector, Absorption dynamometer, Absorption loss, Absorptive capacity, Acceleration, Accelerator, Accelerator pedal, Accelerometer, Access, Access road, Accessories, Accessory, Accumulator, Accumulator piston type, Accuracy, Accurate, Acetone, Acetylene gas, Acetylene gas cylinder, Acetylene generator, Acetylene hose, Acetylene, Dissolved, Acid, Acid proof, Acid resisstant steel, Acid, Nitric, Acid, Sulphuric, Acidity, Ackerman principle, Ackerman system, Acme thread, Actuate, Actuator, Acute angle, Adapter, Addendum, Addendum circle, Adhesive, Adhesive bonding, Adhesive tape, Adiabatic curve, Adiabatic expansion, Adjacent angle, Adjust, Adjustable, Adjustable eccentric, Adjustable hacksaw, Adjustable level gauge, Adjustable spanner ; Shifting spanner, Adjustable square, Adjustable stroke, Adjustable tap wrench, Adjustable wrench ; Shifting wrench, Adjusting, Adjusting lever, Adjusting screw assembly, Adjusting screws, Adjustment, Adjustment strip, Advance mechanism, Advanced ignition, Aeration, Age hardening ; Ageing, Air, Air arc cutting, Air brakes, Air compressor, Air conditioning, Air cooling system, Air gauging, Air hardening, Air hose, Air humidity, Air jet, Air parking brakes, Air shrouded injection, Air temperature, Air, Compressed, Air-adjsuting screw, Air-bound, Air-cleaner, Air-cooling, Air-filter, Air-flow sensor, Air-intake, Air-lock, Air-pressure, Alcohol, Aligning, Alignment, Aliphatic hydrocarbons, Alkaline, All geared drive, All speed governor, Alligator shears, Alligator type steel lacing, Allowance, Allowance ; Degree of, Alloy, Alloy steel, Alloy-metal, Alloyed steel, Alloyed tool steel, Alloying elements, Alpax alloy, Alpha beta brass, Alpha brass, Alpha characters, Alpha iron, Alternating current ; A.C., Alternative set, Altitude, Altitude of a triangle, Aluminium, Amalgam, American National Coarse Thread, American National Fine Thread, American National Pipe (A.N.P.) Thread, American Standard Thread, American thread, American tool post, Ammeter, Ammonium chloride ; Sal-ammoniac, Amorphous metals, Ampere, Ampere-hour, Analogue control system, Analogue indicator, Analogue monitoring, Anchor pin, Angle, Angle acute, Angle gauge, Angle joint, Angle obtuse, Angle of drill, Angle of inclination, Angle of rake, Angle of thread, Angle of V-Thread, Angle plate, Angle point, Angle riveted joint, Angle-iron ( Angle right), Angle-iron (British Standard Angle ), Angular, Angular dimension, Angular velocity, Animal oil, Anneal, Annealing, Annulus gear, Anti Rattle spring, Anti-clockwise, Anti-freeze, Anti-friction bearing, Anti-friction metal, Anti-knock, Anti-stall device, Antimony, Anvil, Anvil - Parts of, Anvil beak, Anvil block, Anvil body, Anvil face, Anvil Hardie hole (Square hole), Anvil Horn or beak, Anvil Pritchel hole (round hole), Anvil stand, Apex (of a cone), Applied Mechanics, Approximate, Approximately, Approximation, Apron, Apron of a lathe, Arbor, Arbor press, Arc of contact of belt, Arc plasma


B.A Thread, Babbitt metal, Babbitting, Back, Back axle, Back balance, Back centre, Back electromotive force, Back fire, Back gear, Back lash, Back nut, Back plate, Back pressure, Back shaft, Back steady rest, Back-leak, Backlash, Baffle plate, Bag, Tool, Balance, Ball, Ball and socket joint, Ball bearing, Ball joint, Ball race, Ball racer, Ball steel, Ball valve, Band servo piston, Band servo piston stem, Band strut, Banding, Bar, Bar bender, Bar graph, Bar, Folding, Barometer, Barometric pressure, Barrel, Base, Base pitch of gears, Base tangent of gears, Basicity, Bassemer converter, Bassemer furnace, Bassemer process, Bassemer steel, Bastard file, Bastard pitch, Batch production, Bath, Electroplating, Battery ignition, Battery master switch, Battery post ; Eletrode post, Baulk ring type, Bauxite, Beaded edge, Bearing, Bearing bracket, Bearing metal, Bearing scraper, Bearing surface, Bearing, Ball, Bearing, Plain, Bearing, Roller, Bearing, Thrust, Beck iron (Bick iron ), Bed of lathe, Belt, Belt coupling, Belt dressing, Belt drive, Belt drive ,Open, Belt drive power transmission, Belt fastener, Alligator type steel lacing, Belt fastener, Leather, lacing, Belt fastener, Post and Rail, Belt fastener, Scarfed and glued joint, Belt fastener, Steel plate, Belt fastener, Types of, Belt fastener, Wire type, Belt joint, Belt polisher, Belt pulley, Belt sander, Belt tension, Belt tightner, Belt, Arc of contact of, Belt, Conveyor, Belt, Flat, Bench, Bench block, Bench brush, Bench drilling machine, Bench folder, Bench grinder, Bench guillotine, Bench hook, Bench lathe, Bench mark, Bench Shears, Bench tools, Bench vice, Bench, Metalwork, Bench, Soldering, Bench, Stake, Bend, Bend test, Bender, Bending machine, Bending press machine, Bending press tool, Bendix drive, Bendix gear, Bent clamp, Bent or curved snips, Benzene, Benzole, Benzoline, Beryllium copper, Bessermer converter, Between centres, Bevel, Bevel gauge, Bevel gear, Bevel gear drive, Bevel gear manufacture, Bevel gear, Spiral, Bevel gear, Straight, Bevel protractor, Bevel wheel, Bevel, Adjustable, Bevel, Sliding, Bevelled washer, Bifurcated rivet, Big end, Big end bearing, Bill crank lever, Bin ; Container, Binary numbers, Binary numerical system, Binomial distribution, Birfield constant velocity joint, Birmingham gauge ; B.G., Birmingham Wire Gauge ; B.W.G, Bisect, Bisection, Black, Black nut, Black oils, Black plate, Black red heat, Black smoke, Black washer, Black wax, Blackening of screws, Blacksmith's hearth, Blacksmith's punch, Blacksmith's set, Blacksmith's shank, Blacksmith's shop, Blacksmith's tongs, Blacksmith's tools, Blacksmith's vice, Blacksmith's work, Blade, Blank and pierce press tool, Blank bolt, Blank holder, Blank hole, Blank size for drawing, Blank size of cup, Blanking, Blanking die, Blast, Blast furnace, Blast furnace gas, Blast nozzle, Blast orifice, Blast stove, Blasting, Bleaching, Bleeder screw, Bleeding, Blind cylinder, Blind drilled hole, Blind hole, Blind tapped hole, Blister copper, Blister steel, Blooms, Blow lamp, Blow pipe, Blow-back, Blow-by gas, Blow-off bend, Blower, Blue heat, Blue stone


C-clamp, Cabin, Cabin hook, Cable, Cadmium, Calcium carbide, Calculate, Calculation, Calender roller, Calendering, Calibrate, Calibration, Caliper, Caliper control, Caliper Firm joint, Caliper gauge, Caliper, Hermaphrodite, Caliper, Inside, Caliper, Jenny or odd-leg, Caliper, Outside, Caliper, Spring, Caliper, Vernier, Calliper, Calorie, Calorific value, Calorimeter, Cam, Cam angle, Cam lever, Cam shaft, Cam, Lobe, Camber angle, Camshaft, Can,Oil, Cantilever, Cantilever spring, Cap (Filler cap), Cap nut ; Dome nut, Cap-nut, Capacity, Capacity chart, Capillarity, Capillary, Capillary action, Capstan, Capstan lathe, Carbon, Carbon dioxide, Carbon equivalent, Carbon gas, Carbon monoxide, Carbon steel, Carbon steel drill, Carbon steel welds, Carbon tetrachloride, Carbonaceous, Carbonization, Carbonizing flame, Carborundum, Carburetor, Carburetor principle, Carburization, Carnot's cycle, Carriage ; saddle, Carriage bolt, Carrier, Carrier bolt, Carrier wheel, Carrier, Lathe, Cartesion-coordinate robot, Cartridge fuse, Case hardening, Case-hardening of metals, Casing, Casing tube, Cast, Cast iron, Cast iron hardening, Cast iron machining, Cast iron malleable, Cast iron molecular, Cast iron pulley, Cast iron steel ; C. S., Cast iron welds, Cast iron white, Cast iron, Grey, Caster, Caster action, Caster angle, Caster wheel, Casting, Casting ; Mould of castings, Casting die, Casting, Centrifugal, Casting, Investment, Casting, Permanent, Casting, problems, Casting, Sand, Casting, Shell mold, Casting, Steel, Castle nut, Castle nut ; Castellated nut, Castor oil, Catch-plate ; Driving plate (of lathe), Catcher, Cathode, Caving, Cavity, Ceiling fan, Cell tester, Cellulosic, Cellulosic coverings, Cellulosic fluxes, Cement, Cementation furnace, Cementation process, Cemented carbides, Cementing, Cementite, Centering (work on the lathe), Centering drill, Centigrade, Centigrade thermometer, Centre, Centre bearing, Centre bit, Centre gauge, Centre lathe, Centre line, Centre line cracking, Centre Live, Centre mark, Centre of buoyancy, Centre of compression, Centre of floatation, Centre of gravity, Centre of gyration, Centre of inertia, Centre of mass, Centre of moments, Centre of oscillation, Centre of percussion, Centre of pressure, Centre of tension, Centre plates, Centre punch, Centre square, Centre to centre, Centrelles grinding, Centrelles machine, Centrelles process, Centrifugal blower, Centrifugal casting, Centrifugal force, Centrifugal speedometer, Ceramics, Chain, Chain drive, Chain line, Chain, Link of, Chamfered edge, Chamfering, Change wheels, Channel, Channel iron (B.S.C), Characteristics, Charcoal, Charge, Charge indicator bulb, Charging circuit, Charpy test, Chart, Chasers, Thread, Chassis, Chassis lubrication, Chatter of a machine, Check valve, Cheese head screw, Chemical, Cherry red, Chevron bevel wheel, Chill, Chill cast iron, Chilled, Chilling, Chimney, Chip, Chipping, Chipping chisel, Chipping goggles, Chipping hammer, Chipping screen (guard), Chisel, Chisel head, Chisel, Cold, Chisel, Crosscut or cape, Chisel, Diamond point, Chisel, Flat, Chisel, Half round, Chisel, Hot


Damper, Damping, Dark blue, Dark purple, Dark red, Dark yellow, Datum line, Dead centre, Dead centre of a lathe, Dead hole, Dead level, Dead size, Dead smooth file, Decagon, Decarbonising, Decimal equivalent of a fraction, Declutching, Deep drawing, Deep straw yellow, Definition, Deflection, Deformation, Degree, Degree of allowance, Degree of freedom, Degree of heat, Delta iron region, Delta metal, Denary numerical system, Dendrites, Density, Dent, Deoxidation, Depress, Depth gauge, Depth of thread, Design (ornamental), Design (structural), Design of plastic components, Design study of fixture, Designing for production, Detachable head, Detachable rim, Detail line, Detection, Development, Dewandre brake, Diagonal, Diagonal cutting pliers, Diagonal scale, Diagram, Diagrammatic, Dial, Dial gauge, Dial test indicator, Diameter, Diameter of thread core, Diamond machining, Diamond point chisel, Diaphragm, Diaphragm clutch, Diaphragm plunger, Die, Die box, Die cast metals, Die casting, Die collets, Die for powdered materials, Die forging, Die head, Die holder, Die nut, Die stock, Die, Letter (Letter stamp), Die, Number (Number stamp), Die, Pipe, Die, Threading or serewing, Diesel engine, Differential, Differential and rear axle, Differential assembly, Differential gear, Differential indexing, Differential principle, Digital control system, Digital indicator, Diluted Hydrochloric acid, Dilution, Dim filament, Dimension, Dimension line, Dip, Dip stick, Dip transfer, Dipper, Direct costs, Direct current, Direct drive, Direct injection, Direct numerical control, Direction indicator ; Trafficator, Direction of welding, Directional signal indicator bulb, Disc ; Tray ; Plate, Disc Brakes, Disc clutch, Disc valve, Discharge, Dished plate, Dismantling, Dissolved acetylene, Distilled water, Distribution, Distribution, Binomial, Distribution, Normal, Distribution, Poisson, Distributor, Distributor type injection pump, Dividers, Division of labour, Division plate, Dog, Doming hammer, Dotted line, Double acting, Double acting piston, Double cotton wire, Double cut file, Double declutching, Double ended grinder, Double ended spanner, Double folded edge, Double folded seam, Double riveted lap joint, Double sampling scheme, Double silk covered wire, Double straps butt joint, Dovetail joint, Dowel, Dowel joint, Down draught carburettor, Downshift solenoid, Downward welding ; Down hand welding, Draft, Drag link, Dragging, Drain cock, Drain hole, Drain pipe, Drain plug, Draughtsman (Draftsman), Engineering, Draughtsmanship ; Draftsmanship, Draw file, Draw filing, Draw radius, Drawing, Drawing board, Drawing die, Drawing down, Drawing folio, Drawing ink, Drawing instruments, Drawing office, Drawing office practice, Drawing over a hole, Drawing paper, Drawing pins, Drawing press tool, Drawing ratio, Drawing stress, Drawing to scale, Drawing tool, Drawing, Freehand, Drawing, Geometrical, Drawing, Instrumental, Drawing, Technical, Dresser, Dresser grinding wheel, Dressing, Belt, Drift, Drift hole puncher, Drift, Chisel, Drill, Drill (parts of), Drill adapter, Drill bit, Drill jig, Drill stand, Drill, angle, Drill, axis, Drill, body, Drill, body clearance, Drill, Carbon steel, Drill, Centring, Drill, chuck, Drill, Combination centring, Drill, cutting edge, Drill, Flat, Drill, Flat ended, Drill, flutes


Earth connection, Earthing, Eccentric, Eccentric mounting, Eccentric turning, Eccentricity, Economic batch quantity, Economic metal removal, Eddy current testing, Edge, Edge preparation, Edge, Beaded, Edge, Double-folded, Edge, Folded, Edge, Preparation of, Edge, Wired, Effciency, Effective diameter measurement, Efficiency, Elastic, Elastic fatigue, Elastic limit, Elasticity, Elasticity modulus of, Elasticity of metals, Electically operated copying system, Electric, Electric appliance, Electric arc, Electric arc furnace, Electric arc welding, Electric bouth, Electric cable, Electric control, Electric current, Electric current range, Electric drilling machine, Electric dynamo, Electric fan, Electric fittings, Electric fuel pump, Electric fuse, Electric generator, Electric heater, Electric horn, Electric lamp, Electric light, Electric mains, Electric motor, Electric portable grinder, Electric power, Electric power station, Electric pump, Electric shock, Electric soldering bit, Electric soldering Iron, Electric supply, Electric switch, Electric system, Electric wire, Electrical hazards, Electrical power transmission, Electrician, Electrician's pliers, Electricity, Electro beam, Electro deposition, Electro emission, Electro slag welding, Electro-hydraulic pressure actuator, Electro-magnetic chuck, Electro-motive force, Electrochemical machining (ECM), Electrode, Electrode cored, Electrode current range, Electrode holder, Electrode iron powder, Electrode non-consumable, Electrode polarity, Electrode rutile, Electrodischarge machining (EDM), Electrohydraulic-control, Electrolyte, Electrolytes, Electron beam machining, Electron emission, Electronic automatic transmission, Electronic control unit (ECU), Electronic fuel injection (EFI), Electroplate, Electroplating bath, Element, Elevation, Ellipse, Elliptic spring, Elliptical, Elliptical spring, Elongation, Emery, Emery cloth, Emery powder, Emery wheel, Emission control, Enamel, Enamelled wire, Enamelling, End cutting pliers, End play, Energy, Engine, Engine balance, Engine block, Engine draughtsman, Engine draughtsmanship, Engine drawing office, Engine timing, Engine tuning, Engine workshop practice, Engine, Compression ignition (C.I), Engine, Diesel, Engine, Four cylinder, Engine, Internal combustion, Engine, Multi cylinder, Engine, Oil, Engine, Petrol, Engine, Single cylinder, Engine, Single stroke, Engine, Steam, Engine, Two stroke, Engineer, Engineer's hammer, Engineer's level, Engineer's square, Engineer's tools, Engineer's vice, Engineering, Engrave, Engraving, Engraving tool, Epicycle gear box, Epicyclic gear, Epicyclic-Gear Box, Epidiascope, Equation, Equiangular, Equilateral, Equipment, Equivalent, Erase, Eraser (rubber), Ergonomics, Ethyl alcohol, Ethylene, Evaluate, Evaporator, Excess fuel, Exhaust, Exhaust edges, Exhaust fan, Exhaust gas, Exhaust injector, Exhaust lap, Exhaust line, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust port, Exhaust pump, Exhaust relief valve, Exhaust steam, Exhaust stroke, Exhaust valve, Exhaust ventilation, Expanding reamer, Expansion, Expansion joint, Expansion of metals, Expendable, Explosion ; Detonation, Explosive, Extension, External, External contracting brake, External thread ; Male thread, Extractor, Extractor screw, Extrafine pitch, Extrude, Extruded, Extrusion, Eye bolt, Eye of hammer, Eye shield


Fabric joint, Fabricate, Fabricating girders, Fabrication, Face, Face of file, Face of hammer, Face plate, Face shield, Face-centered cube, Facing, Factory, Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit thermometer, Fan, Fan belt, Fan spindle, Fan, Ceiling, Fan, Electric, Fan, Exhaust, Fan, Ventilating, Fang bolt, Fastener Belt (types), Fatigue, Fatigue allowance, Feed, Feed back, Feed drive, Feed gear, Feed of tools and cutters, Feed pipe, Feed pump, Feed rod, Feed screw, Feed tank, Feed water, Feed, Coarse, Feed, Fine, Feeding, Feeler gauge, Feet per minute ; (f.p.m), Feet per second (f.p.s), Felt washer, Female thread ( Internal thread), Fencing wire, Ferrite, Ferro-chromium, Ferro-prussiate paper, Ferro-vanadium, Ferrous metals, Ferrule, Fettling, Fibre, Fibre washer, Field magnet, File, File brush, File cut, File cuts, File face, File grades, File handle, File heel, File length, File parts, File point, File safe edge, File shapes, File tang, File teeth, File, Bastard, File, Dead smooth, File, Double cut, File, Flat, File, Half round, File, Knife edge, File, Middle cut, File, Mill Saw, File, Needle, File, Oval, File, Pillar, File, Rasp, File, Rotary, File, Rough, File, Round, File, Safe edge, File, Second cut, File, Single cut, File, Smooth, File, Square, File, Taper, File, Triangular, File, Warding, File,Cotter, Filing, Filing, Draw, Filing, Finish, Filing, Heavy, Filing, Light, Filing, Sensitive, Filings, Filler, Filler metal, Filler rod, Film, Filter, Filter gauze, Final drive, Fine adjustment screw, Fine feed, Fine grain, Fine pitch, Fine thread, Finger nut, Finish, Finish blanking, Finish filing, Finishing cut, Finishing tool, Fins, Fire, Fire brick, Fire clay, Fire extinguisher, Fire hazards, Fire hose, Fire irons, Fire, Blacksmith's, Fire, Green, Fire, Oxidising, Firing point, Firing stroke, Firm joint calipers, First aid, First aid cabinet, First angle projection (British Standard projection), First tap ; Taper tap, Fit, Fitter, Fitter's tools, Fitter's vice, Fitting, Fixed frame, Fixed nut (of micrometer), Fixtures, Fixtures Boring, Fixtures, Grinding, Fixtures, Horizontal boring, Fixtures, Milling, Fixtures, Turning, Flame, Flame carbonizing, Flame front, Flame hardening, Flame straightening, Flame temperature, Flame, Neutral, Flame, Oxidising, Flange, Flanged coupling, Flanged joint, Flanged wheel, Flaring tool, Flash point, Flash welding, Flat belt, Flat chisel, Flat drill, Flat ended drill, Flat faced mallet, Flat file, Flat head, Flat iron, Flat key, Flat nose pliers, Flat pulley, Flat scraper, Flat seam ; Folded seam, Flat washer, Flatness, Flatter, Flel gauge, Flexible, Flexible rule, Float, Float chamber, Float feed, Floating axle, Floating pins, Floor board, Floor drilling machine, Floor grinder (Pedestal grinder), Flow-line layout, Fluid, Fluid , Soldering, Fluid coupling, Fluid flywheel transmission, Fluorescent-penetrant testing, Flute (of drill, reamer); Channel, Fluted nut


G- clamp, G-clamp, Gallipoli oil, Galvanised iron, Galvanised wire, Galvanising process, Galvanizing, Gamma rays, Gap, Gap bed of lathe, Garden rake, Garden trowel ; Garden hoe, Gas, Gas carbon, Gas cylinder, Gas hose, Gas pipe, Gas pliers, Gas shield, Gas shielded tungsten arc welding, Gas thread (British standard Pipe Thread), Gas welding, Gas, Acetylene, Gas, Coal, Gas, Jet, Gas, Nitrogen, Gas, Oxygen, Gas,Hydrogen, Gas-filled, Gas-tight joint, Gases, Gases, Industrial, Gasket, Gassing, Gate change, Gate hinges, Gate hook and eye, Gauge, Gauge indicator, Gauge plug, Gauge pressure, Gauge, Bevel, Gauge, Birmingham, Gauge, Calliper, Gauge, Calliper screw, Gauge, Centre, Gauge, Depth, Gauge, Drill, Gauge, Drill point, Gauge, External thread, Gauge, Feeler, Gauge, Fuel, Gauge, Gap, Gauge, Height, Gauge, Level, Gauge, Limit, Gauge, Micrometer, Gauge, of wire, Gauge, Radius, Gauge, Rectangular hole, Gauge, Ring, Gauge, Screw, Gauge, Screw pitch, Gauge, Slip, Gauge, Snap, Gauge, Taper, Gauge, Vernier, Gauge, Wire, Gauging, Gauntlet, Gauze strainer, Gear, Gear application, Gear box, Gear drive, Gear lever, Gear rack, Gear ratio, Gear selector mechanism, Gear shaping, Gear shifter, Gear teeth, Gear testing machines, Gear tooth, Gear train, Gear wheel, Gear, Bevel, Gear, Elements, Gear, Form, Gear, Forming, Gear, Generating, Gear, Grinding, Gear, Hobbing, Gear, Measurement, Gear, Planing, Gear, Simple, Gear, Spur, Gear, Vernier calliper, Geared headstock (of lathe), Geared pump, Gearing ; Gear drive, Generator, Generator, Acetylene gas, Generator, Electric, Geometrical drawing, Geometrical pattern, Geometrical solid, Geometrical tolerance, Geometry, German silver, Gib-head key, Gimlet, Gland, Glass, Glass bowl, Glass wool, Glazing of grinding wheels, Globe joint, Gloves, Glue, Glycerine, Goggles, Goggles, Chipping, Goggles, Welding, Gold, Gold plating, Gold size, Gouging, Governor, Governor arm, Governor assembly, Governor ball, Governor cut off, Governor sleeve, Governor spindle, Governor valve, Governor valve gear, Grade of grinding wheel, Gradient, Gradient meter ; Gradiometer, Graduation ; Calibration, Grain, Grain growth, Grain or Grit of grinding wheel, Granular flux, Graph, Graph paper, Graph Pictorial, Graph Sector, Graph, Bar, Graph, Line, Graphite (Plumbago), Graphite collar, Graphite Grease, Graphited oils, Gravity, Gravity feed ; Gravity supply, Gravity welding, Grease, Grease cup, Grease gun, Grease lubrication, Grease nipple, Grease, Graphite, Greaser, Greasing, Green fire, Grey pig iron, Grind stone, Grinder, Grinder tool and cutter, Grinder tool post, Grinder, Bench, Grinder, Double ended, Grinder, Electric portable, Grinder, Floor or pedestal, Grinder, Hand, Grinder, Internal, Grinder, Power, Grinder, Single ended, Grinder, Surface, Grinder, Universal, Grinding, Grinding and polishing head, Grinding attachment (of lathe), Grinding fixture, Grinding forms, Grinding gear, Grinding of tools, Grinding powder, Grinding problems, Grinding process, Grinding thread, Grinding wheel, Grinding wheel profiling, Grinding wheel rest, Grinding wheel, Bond of, Grinding wheel, Dressing of, Grinding wheel, Grade of, Grinding wheel, Hole size of


H- iron, Hack saw, Hack saw blade, Hacking, Hacksaw, Hacksaw blade, Hacksaw frame, Hacksaw handle, Hacksaw machine, Hacksaw pistol grip, Hacksaw,Adjustable, Half moon stake, Half round chisel, Half round file, Half round scraper, Half-cross section, Hammer, Hammer drill, Hammer eye, Hammer face, Hammer handle (shaft or harf), Hammer pene, Hammer scales (mill scales), Hammer wedge, Hammer, Parts of, Hammer,Ball Pene (peine /Pane), Hammer,Claw, Hammer,Copper faced, Hammer,Cross pene, Hammer,Doming, Hammer,Hand, Hammer,Planishing, Hammer,Plastic, Hammer,Pneumatic, Hammer,Raising, Hammer,Raw hide, Hammer,Riveting, Hammer,Sledge, Hammer,Smith's, Hammer,Straight pene, Hammering, Hand drilling machine, Hand file, Hand grinder, Hand hammer, Hand lever, Hand operated drilling machine, Hand pump, Hand saw, Hand shears, Hand tap, Hand tools, Hand vice, Hand wheel, Handle, Handle of hammer ; Shaft of hammer, Handle, File, Handle,Insulated, Handle,Metal, Handle,Wooden, Hanger bearing, Hard facing, Hard solder, Hard soldering, Hardenability, Hardenable steels, Hardened and tempered, Hardening, Hardening and tempering, Hardening austenitizing, Hardening of metals, Hardening stainless steel, Hardening surface, Hardening, Induction, Hardening,Age, Hardening,Air, Hardening,Case, Hardening,Compound, Hardening,Work, Hardie, Hardie block, Hardie face, Hardie hole ; Square hole, Hardie horn ; Anvil beak, Hardie stake, Hardie stand, Hardie,Anvil body, Hardness, Hardness of metal, Hardware, Hardware merchant ; Iron monger, Hardy spicer type, Harness (Wiring), Hasp and staple, Hatchet soldering bolt (Iron or bit), Hatchet stake, Head lamp, Header tank, Headstock, Heal (of a fule); Shaft collar, Health and Safety Act, Hearth (Stove), Hearth ,Blacksmith's, Hearth ,Brazing, Hearth,Welding, Heat, Heat affected zone, Heat colour, Heat conductivity, Heat flow, Heat input, Heat table, Heat treatment (of metals), Heat treatment, copper alloy, Heat treatment, nonferrous metals, Heat treatment, procedures, Heat treatment, quenching media, Heat treatment, safety, Heat treatment, tempering, Heat treatment,furnaces, Heat treatment,Isothermal, Heat treatment,Magnesium alloys, Heat treatment,Nickel, Heat,Bright cherry red, Heat,Brilliant white, Heat,Cherry red, Heat,Dark red, Heat,Dazzling or bluish white, Heat,Degree of, Heat,Orange Yellow, Heat,Red (visible in the dark), Heat,Red (visible in the day light), Heat,White welding, Heat,Yellow white, Heater, Heater,Electric, Heater,Kerosene, Heater,Petrol, Heater,Soldering bouth, Heater,Water, Heavy cut, Heavy filing, Heel, Heel (of a file), Height gauge, Helical gear, Helix ; Spiral, Helix of a thread, Helix of V-Thread, Heptagon, Hermaphrodite calipers, Hexagon, Hidden line, High carbon steel, High carbon steel drill, High frequency induction welding, High gear, High limit, High pressure, High speed steel, High speed steel drill, High speed steel tools, High tensile steel, High tension, High tension circuit, High tension wire, Hightensile steel, Hinges, Hinges,Butt, Hinges,Gate, Hinges,Strap, Hinges,Tee, Hobbing, Hobbing machine, Hoist, Hold-down pin, Holder, Hole, Hole size of grinding wheel, Hole tapped, Hole,Blind, Hole,Oil, Hole,Pilot, Hole,Screwed (Threaded), Hole,Through, Hollow, Hollow bit tongs, Hollow head (socket) screw, Hollow punch, Hollow rivet, Hollow spindle (of a lathe), Hone, Honeycomb radiator, Honing, Honing tools, Hook, Hook and eye, Hook lever, Hook lever and Spring, Hook spanner


I-beam, Idle, Idle gear, Idle speed control, Idle time, Idle wheel, Idle wheel or Idler, Idling spring guide, Ignite, Igniter, Ignition, Ignition and starting switch, Ignition coil, Ignition key, Ignition switch, Ignition system, Ignition timing, Impact strength, Impeller, Impeller and turbine, Impeller pump, Impure copper, Incandescent ignition, Inclination, Inclination ; Rake, Incline, Independent chuck, Independent suspension, Indexing spot-welding fixture, Indian ink, Indicated power, Indicator, Indicator ,Dial, Indicator ,Speed, Indicator ,Thread-dial, Indirect costs, Indirect drive gear boxe, Inductance, Induction pipe, Induction stroke, Induction valve, Industrial, Industrial metals, Industrial school, Industry, Inertia, Ingot, Ingredient, Inhibitor switch, Injection condenser, Injection moulding of plastics, Injection orifice, Injection pipe, Injection timing, Injection valve, Injector, Injector hydrant, Ink, Ink, Drawing, Inlay, Inlet, Inlet manifold, Inlet pipe, Inlet port, Inlet stroke ; Suction stroke, Inlet valve, Inline type injection pump, Inner circle, Inscribe, Inside calipers, Inside micrometer, Inspection lamp ; Spotlight, Inspection-automatic, Install, Installation, Instantaneous centre, Instrument, Instrument board;Facia board ;Dash-board, Instrument,Drawing, Insulate, Insulated handle, Insulated pliers, Insulated screw driver, Insulated wire, Insulating, Insulation, Insulation tape, Insulator, Intake manifold, Inter-changeable nozzle, Interchangeability, Intercooler, Interference, Intermediate power-transmission gear, Intermediate tap ; Second tap, Intermittent fuel injection, Internal, Internal broach, Internal broaching, Internal centreless grinding, Internal combustion engine, Internal expanding brake, Internal grinder, Internal sidehole puncher, Internal thread (female thread), Interposed cross section, Interposed section ; Revolved section, Interrupter, Intersect, Intersecting, Intersection, Inverter system, Investment casting, Involute gear form, Involute rack, Involute testing, Iron, Iron ,Pig, Iron alloying elements, Iron carbon diagram, Iron foundry, Iron identification, Iron ore, Iron powder, Iron selection, Iron sponge, Iron, Cast, Iron, Colouring of, Iron, Galvanized, Iron, Malleable cast, Iron, Manufacture of, Iron, Properties of, Iron, Smelting of, Iron, Soldering (Soldering bit or bolt), Iron, wire, Iron, Wrought, Irregular, Irregular plane figure, Irreversible steering, Iso-octane, Isometric projection, Isometric view, Isosceles traingle, Isothermal, Isothermal heat treatments, Isotope, Izod test


Jack, Jack shaft, Jack, Bottle shaped, Jack, Hydraulic, Jack, Jenny caliper (hermaphroditeor odd leg ), Jack, Lifting, Jack, Mechanical, Jacking system, Jaws, Jaws of vice, Jet, Jigs, Jigs and fixtures, Jigs design features, Jigs drill, Job, Job production, Jockey pulley, Joint, Joint , Brazed, Joint ; Union, Joint edge preparation, Joint, Ball and Socket, Joint, Belt, Joint, Butt, Joint, Double riveted lap, Joint, Dovetail, Joint, Dowel, Joint, Knuckle, Joint, Lap, Joint, Riveted, Joint, Scarf, Joint, Single lap, Joint, Soldered, Joint, Sweated, Joint, Universal, Joint, welded, Jointed arm robot, Jointing, Joist, Joule, Journal, Journal bearing, Judder ; Juddering, Jumping up ( Upsetting), Junction pipe


Kelvin coupling, Kerosene, Kerosene heater, Key, Key drift, Key seat rule ; box square, Key way, Key woodruff, Key, Gib- head, Key, Round, Key, Sunk, Kickdown switch, Kiln, Kilometre, Kinematic instrument design, Kinetic energy, King pin ; Swivel pin, King pin inclination, Kit Tool, Knife, Knife edge file, Knife file, Knife switch, Knob, Knock, Knocking, Knuckle joint, Knuckle thread, Knurl, Knurled, Knurling, Knurling tools


Lacquering, Lambda oxygen sensor, Laminated spring, Lamination, Lamp, Land of drill, Lap, Lap joint, Lap seam, Lapping, Lapping ; Fine grinding, Lapping Cylindrical, Lapping, Flat, Lard, Laser cutting, Laser machining, Laser system, Latch, Latent energy, Latent heat, Lathe, Lathe (Parts), Lathe Apron, Lathe Bed, Lathe Boring bar, Lathe Carriage (Saddle), Lathe carrier, Lathe Carrier (dog), Lathe carrier plate, Lathe Catch-Plate, Lathe Centre, Lathe chuck, Lathe compound slide rest, Lathe Controls, Lathe Dead centre, Lathe dog, Lathe Face Plate, Lathe Finishing tool, Lathe Frame, Lathe saddle, Lathe saddle ; Lathe carriage, Lathe spindle, Lathe split nut or lead screw nut, Lathe tools ; Turner's tools, Lathe, Centre, Lathe, change wheels, Lathe, Gap bed, Lathe, Grinding attachment, Lathe, Hand wheels, Lathe, Head stock, Lathe, Hollow spindle, Lathe, Lead screw, Lathe, Parting tool ; Part off tool, Lathe, Pinion, Lathe, Plain, Lathe, Rack, Lathe, Roughing tool, Lathe, Screw cutting, Lathe, Tailstock, Lathe, Tool holder, Lathe, Tool post, Lathe, Tools, Lathe,Wood-turning, Lay shaft ; Counter shaft, Layer, Layout types , Factory, Layrub joint, Lead, Lead alloys, Lead babbitt, Lead of a thread, Lead screw, Lead tin alloy, Lead, Lumber, Leaded petrol, Leading trailing shoe, Leading trailing shoe type, Leads, Leaf separator, Leaf spring, Leaf, Spring, Learner driver, Leather lace, Leather punch, Left hand thread, Leg length, Length of file, Letter dies ,Letter stamps, Letter drill, Lettering, Level, Level, Spirit, Lever, Lever ,Hand, Lever Action, Lever Operated, Lever Shears, Lever, Bell crank, Lift valve, Lifting jack, Light, Light cut, Light filing, Light load, Light purple, Light switch, Light yellow, Lighting system, Lime, Limestone, Limit, Limit gauge, Limit, High, Limit, Low, Limits and Fits, Line, Line balancing, Line, Auxiliary, Line, Border, Line, Boundary, Line, Centre, Line, Chain, Line, Construction, Line, Detail, Line, Dimension, Line, Dotted, Line, Graph, Line, Hidden, Line, Oblique, Line, Parallel, Line, Plumb, Line, Projection, Line, Section, Line, Vertical, Linear dimension, Lining, Link, Link of chain, Linkage hook, Linked lines, Lip, Lip clearance, Lip of drill, Liquid, Liquid tap, Litre, Live axle, Live pulley, Live wire, Load, Load sensing valve, Loading mechanism, Automatic, Lobe, Location, Location spigot, Location, Plug, Location, Plug or spigot, Location, Principles, Location, Six point, Location, Two plug, Location, two vees, Lock, Lock-nut, Locking devise, Loose centre, Loss of power, Low gear, Low limit, Low tension, Lubricant, Lubricating oil, Lubrication, Lubricator, Lug, Lug (ear), Lug washer(star washer)


Machinability, Machinability of metals, Machine, Machine driven, Machine finished, Machine oil, Machine operated, Machine operator, Machine screw, Machine screw, Cheese-head, Machine screw, Countersunk head, Machine screw, Round or cup head, Machine screws (types), Machine tool control, Machine tools, Machine vice, Machine, Components of, Machine, Tap, Machined nut, Machinery, Machining head-Automatic, Machining of plastics, Machining,, Machining, Aluminum alloy, Machining, Cast iron, Machining, chip structure, Machining, stainless steels, Machining, stress concentration, Machining, Surface structures, Machinist, Machinist's rule ; Steel rule, Machinist's tools, Mag welding, Magnesium alloys, Magnet housing, Magnetic chuck, Magnetic particle inspection, Magnetic particle testing, Magnetic speedometer, Magnetic tape, Magneto, Magneto spanner, Magnitude, Main beam indicator bulb, Main bearing, Main cock, Main jet, Main shaft, Main switch, Main variations, Major axis, Major diameter, Malleability, Malleability of metals, Malleable, Malleable cast iron, Mallet, Mallet, Bossing, Mallet, Plastic, Mallet, Rawhide, Mallet, Rubber, Mallet, Tinmen's, Mallet, Wooden, Mandrel, Manganese, Manganese bronze, Manganese steel, Manganin, Manifold, Manipulate, Manipulation, Manual (Text book), Manual controls, Manual labour, Manual operation, Manual valve, Manually operated, Manufacture, Manufacture of iron, Manufacture of metals, Margin, Marginal cost, Marking-off table, Marking-off tools ; Marking out tools, Martensite, Martensite, temper, Martensitic stainless steel, Masking tape, Mason, Mason's trowel, Masonry, Masonry drill, Mass production, Master cylinder, Material of grinding wheel, Material utilization, Maximum, Maximum (n), Maximum fuel position, Maximum metal condition (MMC), Maximum pressure, Maximum strengts, Mean, Measurement of temperature, Measuring tape, Measuring tools, Mechanic, Mechanic's tools, Mechanical, Mechanical brakes, Mechanical effciency, Mechanical equivalent of heat, Mechanical governor, Mechanical horn, Mechanical jack, Mechanical power, Mechanical properties chart, Mechanical work, Mechanically operated copying, Mechanics, Applied, Medium carbon steel, Medium pitch, Melting, Melting point, Melting pot, Mercury, Mesh, Meshing of gear wheels, Metal, Metal ,Active gas welding, Metal bar, Metal creep strength, Metal former, Metal handle, Metal inert gas, Metal inert gas welding, Metal machining effect of, Metal modulus of elasticity, Metal notch toughness, Metal ores, Metal pipe, Metal polish, Metal rack, Metal rod cutting pliers, Metal scaling, Metal screw, Metal sheet plier, Metal solution, Metal stamp ; Metal dies, Metal thermal expansion, Metal work, Metal work bench, Metal worker, Metal, Physical properties of, Metal, stiffness of, Metal, stress of, Metal,Alloyed, Metal,Anti-fristion, Metal,Babbitt, Metal,Bearing, Metal,Brittleness of, Metal,Case - hardening, Metal,Colouring of, Metal,Compressibility of, Metal,Conductivity of, Metal,Corrosion Resistance of, Metal,Crystalline structure of, Metal,Cutting of, Metal,Ductility of, Metal,Elasticity of, Metal,Expansion of, Metal,Fatigue of, Metal,Ferrous, Metal,Fusibility, Metal,Glass, Metal,Gun, Metal,Hardening of, Metal,Heavy, Metal,Malleability of, Metal,Manufucture of, Metal,Muntz, Metal,Non-ferrous, Metal,Plasticity of, Metal,Properties of, Metal,Rolled Section of, Metal,Scheme of work, Metal,Sheet, Metal,Specifie gravity of, Metal,strength of, Metal,Syllabus, Metal,Tempering of, Metal,Tenacity of, Metal,Toughness of, Metal,Weight of, Metal,White, Metal-thread screws, Metallic glass, Meteorites, Metering in, Metering port


Nail, Nail punch ; Nail set, Narrow gap welding, National Coarse Thread, National Fine Thread, Natural abrasive (corundum emery), Natural flame, Natural resin, Nave (or boss) of a wheel, NC types (Numerical Control Type), Needle file ; Swiss pattern file, Needle nose pliers, Needle thrust bearing, Needle valve, Negative, Negative pole, Neon, Net present value, Neutral, Neutral axis, Neutral flame, Neutral position, Newall limit system, Nichrome, Nickel, Nickel alloy, Nickel chrome steel, Nickel plating, Nickel silver, Nickel steel, Nickel steels, Nickel welding, Nickel welds, Nipple, Nitric acid, Nitriding, Nitrogen, Nitrogen gas, No-load condition, Non -consumable, Non-ferrous metals, Non-forgeable, Non-return valve, Nonagon, Nondestructive alloys testing, Nondestructive aluminum testing, Nondestructive babbitt testing, Nondestructive beryllium testing, Nondestructive brass testing, Nondestructive bronze testing, Nondestructive cadmium testing, Nondestructive copper testing, Nondestructive die cast testing, Nondestructive dye penetrants testing, Nondestructive eddy current testing, Nondestructive fluorescent-penetrant testing, Nondestructive heat treating testing, Nondestructive lead testing, Nondestructive magnesium testing, Nondestructive magnetic-particle testing, Nondestructive manganese testing, Nondestructive molybdenum testing, Nondestructive radiographic testing, Nondestructive testing, Nondestructive tungsten testing, Nondestructive ultrasonic testing, Nondestructive zinc testing, Normal, Normalize, Normalizing, Notch ; Slot, Notch effect, Notch toughness, Notching, Nozzle, Nozzle of hose, Nuggets, Number die ; Number stamp, Number drill, Number plate lamp, Number,Calibrate, Number,Calibration, Number,Dial, Number,Dial indicator, Numerical control, Numerical control of machine tools, Nut, Nut handle, Nut locking devices, Nut,Black, Nut,Bright, Nut,Castle, Nut,Cup or dome, Nut,Fluted, Nut,Hexagonal, Nut,Lock, Nut,Machined, Nut,Slotted, Nut,Split, Nut,Square, Nut,Wig


Oblique line, Oblique projection, Oblique view, Obtuse angle, Octagon, Octagonal, Octane number, Odd parity, Odd- leg caliper, Odometer ; Hodometer, Off set spanner, Ohm, Oil, Oil bath, Oil burning, Oil can, Oil can, pressure type, Oil cap, Oil circulation, Oil consumption, Oil cooled, Oil distributor assembly, Oil drip tray, Oil feed, Oil filter, Oil gallery, Oil groove, Oil groove chisel, Oil hole, Oil leakage, Oil level gauge, Oil mist, Oil nipple, Oil passage, Oil pipe, Oil port, Oil pressure, Oil pressure gauge, Oil pump, Oil pump assembly, Oil pump gasket, Oil pump gear set, Oil pump housing, Oil pump housing oil seal, Oil retainer, Oil ring, Oil scraper rings, Oil seal, Oil slip, Oil stain, Oil stone, Oil sump, Oil tank, Oil valve, Oil wick, Oil,Animal, Oil,Crude, Oil,Engine, Oil,Lubricating, Oil,Mineral, Oil,Soluble, Oil,Vegetable, Oiler, Oilless bushing, Oils, Industrial, One way clutch, One way clutch inner racer, Open belt drive, Open circuit, Open ended spanner, Open hearth furnace, Open loop, Open mouthed tongs, Operate, Operating characteristic curve, Optical, Optical sizing, Optimum batch quantity, Optimum cutting speed, Orange yellow, Ore, Ore,Copper, Ore,Iron, Ore,Mineral, Ores, mining, Organic, Orifice check valve, Orthogonal projection, Orthographic projection, Oscillation, Otto cycle, Out of alignment, Out of Gear, Outer circle, Outlet manifold, Output, Output shaft, Outside calipers, Outside micrometer, Outside seaming, Oval, Oval file, Over-rich mixture, Overall dimensions, Overall length, Overall width, Overalls, Overdrive ; Overdrive gear, Overflow, Overhaul, Overhead valve, Overheads, Overheating, Overlap, Overload, Overloads, Oversize, Oxidation, Oxide, Oxide layer, Oxide of iron, Oxidise, Oxidising fire, Oxidising flame, Oxy-acetylene blowpipe, Oxy-acetylene cutting, Oxy-acetylene flame, Oxy-acetylene flame hardening, Oxy-acetylene torch, Oxy-acetylene welding, Oxy-coal gas welding, Oxygen, Oxygen gas, Oxygen hose, Oxygen in weld pool, Oxygen-arc cutting, Oxygen-laser cutting


Packing, Padlock, Paint, Paint brush, Pair of compasses, Pan-head rivet, Panel, Panel-beating tools, Paraffin, Parallel, Parallel lines, Parallel reamer, Parallel rule, Parallel shank twist drill, Parallel stake, Parallel stripe, Parallel turning, Parallel vice, Parallel,Jaw Pliers, Parallelogram, Park, Part cross section, Part programming, Partial load condition, Parting- off- tool (lathe), Parts of hammer, Parts of lathe, Pattern, Pattern maker, Paul / Pawl, Pawl, Pearlite, Pedal, Pene of hammer, Penetrate, Penetration, Pentagon, Percussion tools, Perform ; Operate, Performance, Permanent casting, Perpendicular, Perspective drawing, Petrochemicals, Petrol, Petrol air mixture, Petrol economy device, Petrol engine, Petrol heater, Petrol pipe, Petrol vapour, Petroleum, Petroleum by products, Petroleum oil, Petroleum well, Pewter, Phase diagrams, Phase shift, Phosphor bronze, Phosphor-bronze, Phosphorus, Physical properties, Physics, Picking, Pictorial graph, Pictorial projection, Pictorial view, Pierce, Piercing, Piercing saw, Pig iron, Pig iron mottled, Pig iron, white, Pig iron,Grey, Pig iron,Ingot, Pigment, Pillar drilling machine, Pillar file, Pilot drill, Pilot hole, Pilot jet, Pin, Pin and thread method, Pin drill, Pin joint, Pin punch, Pin spanner, Pincers, Pinion, Pinning, Pins, Drawing, Pipe, Pipe dies, Pipe fittings, Pipe junction, Pipe line, Pipe thread, Pipe thread,American Standard (A.N.P), Pipe thread,British Standard, Pipe tongs, Pipe union, Pipe vice, Pipe wrench, Pipe, Water, Pipe,Brass, Pipe,Cast iron, Pipe,Clip, Pipe,Copper, Pipe,Drain, Pipe,Fuel, Pipe,Gas, Pipe,Hose, Pipe,Metal, Pipe,Oil, Pipe,Petrol, Pipe,Steam, Pistol-grip hacksaw, Piston, Piston clearance, Piston crown ; Piston head, Piston head, Piston ring, Piston rings, Piston rod, Piston skirt, Piston slap, Piston stroke, Piston,Double- acting, Piston,Single- acting, Piston,Stroke of, Pitch, Pitch block, Pitch circle, Pitch diameter, Pitch of saw teeth, Pitch of thread or screw, Pitted, Pitting, Pivot, Pivot pin, Pivoting, Plain bearing, Plain lathe, Plain scale, Plain section, Plain turning, Plan, Plane ; Planer, Plane figure, Plane geometry, Plane section, Plane,Horizontal, Plane,Vertical, Planet gears, Planing, Planing machine, Planing of gears, Planish, Planishing, Planishing hammer, Plastic, Plastic compound, Plastic deformation, Plastic hammer, Plastic mallet, Plastic material, Plasticity, Plasticity of metals, Plastics, Plastics machinability, Plastics testing, Plastics,Thermoplastic, Plastics,Thermosetting, Plate, Plate,Surface, Plating, Plating,Chromium, Plating,Copper, Plating,Electro, Plating,Gold, Plating,Nickel, Plating,Silver, Plating,Steel, Plating,Tin, Platinum, Pliers, Pliers,Battery, Pliers,Battery Terminal, Pliers,Combination (cutting), Pliers,Diagonal cutting, Pliers,Electrician's, Pliers,End cutting, Pliers,Flat nosed, Pliers,Gas or pipe, Pliers,Insulated, Pliers,Long nose; Needle nose or pendulum, Pliers,Parallel Jaw, Pliers,Round nose, Pliers,Slip Joint, Pliers,Terminal


Quadrant, Quadrilateral, Qualitative instrument display, Quality control principle, Quality controlled resistance welding, Quallity control, Quantitative instrument display, Quantity, Quarter elliptic spring, Quench, Quenching, Quenching in oil, Quenching in water, Quenching media, Quenching oil, Quenching temperature, Quenching trough, Quick feed, Quick return, Quick return valve, Quick-release vice, Quick-return mechanism, Quicksilver ; Mercury


Rack (of lathe), Rack and pinion, Rack and pinion type, Rack, Metal, Raddle Red, Radial, Radial drilling machine, Radial facing on the lathe, Radial friction welding, Radial machine, Radiation, Radiation from arc, Radiator, Radiator cap, Radiator grill, Radiator hose, Radiator indicator, Radiator shutter, Radiator thermometer, Radiator tube, Radiography, Radiology, Radius, Radius gauge, Radius rod, Rail, Raising hammer, Raising process, Rake, Rake of tool, Rake, Angle of, Ram, Ram of shaping machine, Rammer, Ramp, Range, Rasp, Rasp cut, Ratchet, Ratchet and pawl, Ratchet brace, Ratchet drilling machine, Ratchet shank, Ratchet spanner, Ratchet stop (of micrometer), Rating, Rating curve, Ratio, Raw material, Rawhide hammer, Rawhide mallet, Re circulating ball type, Re-treading, Realignment, Ream, Reamer, Reamer, Expanding, Reamer,Parallel, Reamer,Spiral- fluted, Reamer,Straight- fluted, Reamer,Tapered, Rear axle, Rear light, Rear view mirror, Rear wheel skid, Rebore, Reboring, Recalescence point, Recess, Recessed hole, Recharging, Reciprocating, Reciprocating engine, Reciprocating pump, Recirculating ball type, Recirculation, Recrystallisation (Recrystallization), Rectangle, Rectification, Rectifier, Red heat, Red heat in the dark, Red heat visible in day light, Red lead, Red raddle, Reducing fire, Reduction, Refractory, Regular, Regular plane figure, Regular polygon, Regulate, Regulating, Regulator, Regulator unit, Reheater, Reinforce, Reinforced concrete, Relative density, Relative frequency, Relay, Relay valve, Release bearing, Release lever, Release lever plate, Release spring, Relief angle, Relief valve, Remote control, Repair, Repousse, Repousse hammer, Repousse work, Representation, Reserve tank, Resin, Resin synthetic (Plastic), Resin,Natural, Resin-cored solder, Resistance, Resistance butt-welding, Resistance coil, Resistance contact, Resistance heating, Resistance projection welding, Resistance slag bath, Resistance spot welding, Resistance wire, Resistant, Resistivity, Rest, Rest Tool (of a machine), Resultant force, Retainer plate, Retainer spring, Retard, Retardation, Retarded ignition, Retarder, Retentivity, Return spring, Reverberatory furnace, Reversability, Reverse gear, Reversed cone clutch, Revolution, Revolution indicator, Revolutions per minute (r.p.m), Revolve, Revolved cross section, Revolving, Rheostat, Ribbon radiator, Rich mixture, Right angle, Right angled triangle, Right hand thread, Right-angled triangle ; Base of, Right-angled triangle ; Perpendicular of, Right-angled triangle ;Hypotenuse of, Right-angled triangle Parts of, Rightward welding, Rigid, Rigidity, Rim, Rim lock, Ring gauge, Ring gear, Ring nut, Ring oiler, Ring spanner, Ring, Oil, Riser, Rivet, Rivet set, Rivet snap ; Cup head, Rivet, Snap or cup head, Rivet,Bifurcated, Rivet,Boiler, Rivet,Conical head, Rivet,Countersunk, Rivet,Hollow, Rivet,Pan- head, Rivet,Tinman's, Riveted, Riveted angle joint, Riveted butt joint with cover strap, Riveted expansion joint, Riveted joint, Riveted joint, Types of, Riveted lap joint ,Single, Riveted lap Joint, Double, Riveted seam, Riveted stay, Riveting ; Clinching, Riveting hammer, Road resistance, Robots for welding, Rocker arm, Rocker arm shaft


Saddle, Lathe (or carriage), Safe edge, Safe edge file, Safe edge of file, Safety device, Safety gap, Safety glass, Safety measures, Safety precautions, Safety rules, Safety valve, Sal-ammoniac ; Ammonium chloride, Salt bath furnace, Sand, Sand blast, Sand casting, Sand paper, Sand paper ; Glass paper, Sand stone, Sand,Moulding, Saturable reactor, Saw, Saw blade, Saw tooth, Saw,Hack, Saw,Hand, Saw,Piercing, Scaffolding, Scale, Scale drawing, Scale,Diagonal, Scale,Plain, Scalene triangle, Scaling, Scarf joint, Scarfed and glued joint belt, Scavenging, Scavenging stroke, Scheme of metal work, Scheme of work, Score, Scored cylinder, Scotch snips ; Scotch shears, Scrap iron, Scrap metal, Scrap steel, Scraper, Scraper,Bearing, Scraper,Curved, Scraper,Flat, Scraper,Half-round, Scraper,Triangular, Scraping, Screen (for projector), Screw, Screw ,Wood, Screw cutting, Screw cutting gauge, Screw cutting lathe, Screw driver, Screw driver ; Insulated, Screw extractor, Screw gauge, Screw hook, Screw thread, Screw thread chasing tool, Screw thread gauge, Screw,Coach, Screw,Grub, Screw,Hollow head(socket head), Screw,Machine, Screw,Metal, Screw,Pitch gauge, Screw,Plate, Screw,Press, Screw,Set, Screw,Thumb, Screws, Machine-cheese head, Screws, Machine-counter sunk head, Screws, Machine-round or cup head, Screws, Machine-Types of, Scribed line, Scriber, Scribing, Scribing a line, Scribing block, Scroll chuck, Seal, Seal rings, Seam, Seam tracking, Seam welding, Seam, Angle, Seam,Circular folded, Seam,Circular lap, Seam,Circular overfolded, Seam,Counter sunk lap, Seam,Double folded, Seam,Flat, Seam,Folded, Seam,Grooved, Seam,Lap, Seam,Riveted, Seam,Soldered, Seam,Welded, Seaming tool, Seat cutter, Seat rail, Second cut file, Second tap, Secondary shoe, Section, Section line, Section,Cross, Section,Full, Section,Half, Section,Interposed, Section,Part, Section,Plane, Sector graph, Sediment bowl, Seger cone, Segment, Seize (i.e. parts seize through non-lubrication), Seizing, Selector, Selector fork, Selector lever, Self adjusting brake, Self centering action, Self energizing type, Self lubricating type, Self lubrication, Self-adjusting arc, Self-centering chuck, Self-shielded, Self-shielded electrode, Sellers-thread, Semi-chord, Semi-circle, Semi-elliptic spring ; Half elliptic spring, Semi-elliptical, Semi-floating axle ; Half-floating axle, Semi-skilled, Sensitive, Sensitive ; Fine, Sensitive drilling machine, Sensitive filing, Sensor plate potentiometer, Separator plate, Sequential injection, Servicing, Servo band, Servomotor, Set over (in tail stock of lathe), Set screw, Set spanner, Set square, Set, Blacksmith's, Set, Blacksmith's cold, Set, Nail, Set, Rivet, Set,Hot, Setting a gauge, Shackle, Shackle bolt, Shackle bracket, Shackle pin, Shackle, Rope, Shadow board, Shaft, Shaft - end play, Shaft bearing, Shaft hanger, Shaft,Collar, Shaft,Counter, Shaft,Driving, Shaft,Key, Shaft,Main, Shaft,Propeller, Shafting, Shank, Shank of drill, Shank,Ratchet, Shank,Straight or parallel, Shank,Taper, Shape of grinding wheel, Shaping, Shaping machine (Shaper), Shaping machine tool, Shaping of gears, Sharp edge, Sharpening, Shavings, Shear, Shear force, Shear steel, Shear,Bench, Shear,Scotch, Shear,Universal


T- square, T-iron, Table (i.e. table of figures or other data), Table, Marking, Tabulate, Tabulated, Tabulation, Tachometer, Tack, Tail lamp, Tailstock (of lathe), Taking up, Tallow, Tandem master cylinder, Tang, Tang of file, Tangent, Tank,Oil, Tap, Tap extractor, Tap screwing, Tap washer, Tap wrench, Tap wrench, Adjustable, Tap wrench,Compound, Tap,Bottoming, Tap,Bottoming drill, Tap,First, Tap,Hose, Tap,Intermediate or second, Tap,Liquid, Tap,Machine, Tap,Oil, Tap,Plug or bottom, Tap,Taper, Tape, Tape,Adhesive, Tape,Insulation, Tape,Masking, Tape,Measuring, Taper, Taper dies, Taper file, Taper gauge, Taper key, Taper pin, Taper shank, Taper tap, Taper turning, Taper turning attachment, Taper wedge, Taper, Pin, Taper,Morse (M.T), Taper,Standard, Tapered reamer, Tapes, Tapes,Magnetic, Tapes,Punched, Tapped hole, Tapped,Blind, Tapped,Through, Tappet, Tappet adjuster, Tappet clatter, Tappet clearance, Tappet gear, Tapping, Tapping drill, Tapping size, Tapping table, Tapping the furnace, Tapping,Size of hole for, Taylor's principle, Teaching aids, Technical, Technical college, Technical drawing, Technical school, Technical training, Technician, Technique, Technology, Tee hinges, Teeth of file, Teeth of saw, Teeth per inch, Temperature, Temperature gauge, Temperature, Measurement of, Tempering, Tempering colour : Brown purple, Tempering colour : Brown yellow, Tempering colour : Dark blue, Tempering colour : Dark purple, Tempering colour : Dark yellow, Tempering colour : Deep straw yellow, Tempering colour : Full blue, Tempering colour : Light purple, Tempering colour : Light yellow, Tempering colour : Pale straw yellow, Tempering colour : Spotted red brown, Tempering colour : Straw yellow, Tempering colour : Very pale yellow, Tempering colour : Yellow brown, Tempering colour : Yellow purple, Tempering colours, Tempering colours (types), Tempering of steel, Template, Templating, Temporary, Tenacity, Tenacity of metals, Tenon for fixture, Tensile strength, Tension, Tension or torsion wrench, Tension spring, Terminal, Test, Testing Dye-penetrant, Testing, Ultrasonic, Tetra-ethyl lead, Theory, Thermal effciency, Thermo time switch, Thermo-setting, Thermo-setting plastic, Thermo-syphon circulation, Thermo-time switch, Thermocouple, Thermometer, Thermometer,Centigrade, Thermometer,Fahrenheit, Thermoplastic, Thermostat, Thickness, Thimble, Rope, Thinner (i.e. for a paint), Thinning the point, Third angle projection, Third brush system of Dynamo, Third party Insurance, Thread, Thread chasers, Thread dial indicator, Thread gauge, Thread rolling, Thread, crest of, Thread, Left hand, Thread,Angle of, Thread,Core diameter of, Thread,cutting on the lathe, Thread,Drunken, Thread,External, Thread,Helix of, Thread,Internal or female, Thread,Profile of, Thread,Right hand, Thread,Root of, Thread,Screw, Threading die, Threading die nut, Threads per inch (t.p.i), Threads, Acme (Power transmitting), Threads, Buttress (Power transmitting), Threads, Knuckle (Power transmitting), Threads, Power transmitting, Threads, Square (Power transmitting), Threads, Standard screw, Threads,American National Coarse(N.C) (NC) (Standard screw), Threads,American National Fine (S.A.F)(Standard screw), Threads,American National Pipe (A.N.P)(Standard screw), Threads,British Association (B.A)(Standard screw), Threads,British Standard Fine(B.S.F)(Standard screw), Threads,British Standard Pipe(Gas) (B.S.P)(Standard screw), Threads,British Standard Whitworth (B.S.W)(Standard screw), Threads,Metric (Standard screw), Threads,Unified coarse (Standard screw), Threads,Unified fine (Standard screw), Three way cock, Three-quarter elliptic spring, Three-quarter floating axle, Three-square file(triangular), Threshold deformation, Throat thickness, Throttle, Throttle back up valve, Throttle body injection, Throttle lever, Throttle stop, Throttle valve, Through hole, Through tapped hole, Thrust bearing, Thrust pin, Thrust springs, Thumb screw, Tie bar ; Tie rod, Tight fit


U-bolt, U-clamp, Ultrasonic flaw detection, Undercoat paint, Undersize, Unified coarse thread, Unified fine thread, Unified V-thread (i.e.,unification of the British and U.S.A. forms of threads), Unifomity, Union nut, Union Pipe, Unit, Unit of capacity, Unit of electricity, Unit of length, Unit of measurement, Unit of weight, Universal ; Combination, Universal grinding machine, Universal joint, Universal milling machine, Universal shears, Universal surface gauge, Upholsterer, Upholstery


V- block, V- thread, V- thread, Standard, V- thread,Angle of, V- thread,Helix of, V- thread,Unified, V-belt, V-block clamp, V-thread, Vacuum, Vacuum brakes, Vacuum chamber, Vacuum control, Vacuum control unit, Vacuum feed, Vacuum gauge, Vacuum operated, Vacuum servo unit, Valve, Valve and tappet noises, Valve chamber, Valve cock, Valve cotter, Valve cover, Valve facing, Valve grinder, Valve grinding, Valve grinding tool, Valve guide, Valve head, Valve lifter, Valve seat, Valve spring, Valve timing, Valve timing marks, Valve,Ball, Valve,Clack, Valve,Disc, Valve,Lift, Valve,Mushroom, Valve,Oil, Valve,Pump, Valve,Safety, Valve,Slide, Valve,Steam, Valve,Stop, Valve,Throttle, Valve,Water, Vanadium, Vanadium steel, Vapour, Vapour pressure, Vapouriser, Variable speed governor, Varnish, Vaseline, Vee pulley, Vegetable oil, Velocity, Vent, Vent hole, Ventilating fan, Ventilation, Ventilator, Venturi, Venturi tube, Vernier caliper, Vernier gauge, Vernier height gauge, Vernier protractor, Vernier scale, Vertex of a triangle, Vertical downward position, Vertical line, Vertical plane, Vertical upward position, Vertical welding, Very pale yellow, Vibration, Vice, Vice clamps, Vice,Blacksmith's or leg, Vice,Engineer's or bench, Vice,Fitter's, Vice,Hand, Vice,Jaws of, Vice,Machine, Vice,Parallel, Vice,Pipe, Vice,Quick release, Vice,Swivel base, View (Elevation), View, Auxiliary, View, Side or end, View,Front, View,Isometric, View,Oblique, View,Pictorial, Viscocity, Viscometer ; Viscosimeter, Viscosity, Visual aids, Vitrified bond, Vixen file, Voids, Volatility, Volt, Voltage, Voltage drop, Voltmeter, Volume, Volumetric efficiency, Vulcanisation, Vulcaniser


Wall bracket, Wankel engine, Warding file, Warm up regulator, Warning devices, Warp, Warpage, Warping, Washer, Washer proportions, Washer,Black, Washer,Bolt, Washer,Bright, Washer,cutter, Washer,Felt, Washer,Fibre, Washer,Flat, Washer,Lug or star, Washer,Spring, Washer,Tap, Waste, Cotton, Water cock, Water cooled, Water cooling system, Water heater, Water passage, Water pipe, Water pump, Water valve, Watt, Watt-hour, Wattage, Wax, Web(of drill), Wedge, Wedge angle, Wedge of hammer, Weighing machine, Weight, Weight of metal, Weld metal, Weld pool, Weldability, Weldability of metals, Welded joint, Welded seam, Welder, Welder's tool, Welding, Welding apron, Welding bench, Welding blow pipe, Welding electrode, Welding equipment, Welding face shield, Welding flame, Welding flux, Welding gauntlets, Welding goggles, Welding hearth, Welding hose, Welding leads, Welding plier, Welding process, Welding rod, Welding screen, Welding temperature, Welding tools, Welding torch, Welding truck,or trolley, Welding,Electric arc, Welding,Oxy-acetylene, Welding,Oxy-coal gas, Well base rim, Wet grinding, Wet liners, Wheel, Wheel alignment, Wheel and axle, Wheel base, Wheel bearing, Wheel brake assembly, Wheel gauge, Wheel lock, Wheel wobble, Wheel, Idle or Idler, Wheel,Abrasive, Wheel,Crowned, Wheel,Driven, Wheel,Driving, Wheel,Flanged, Wheel,Fly, Wheel,Follower, Wheel,Gear, Wheel,Grinding, Wheel,Hand, Wheel,Pulley, Wheel,Spur, Wheel,Trolley, Wheelbarrow, White lead, White metal, White pig iron, Whitworth bolts and nuts, Whitworth machine screws, Whitworth thread, Whitworth thread (B.S.W), Wick, Winch, Winding, Windscreen, Windscreen wiper, Wing compasses, Wing nut, Wire, Wire brush, Wire drawing, Wire edge, Wire gauge, Wire gauze, Wire mesh, Wire rope, Wire wheel, Wire, Steel, Wire,Brass, Wire,Copper, Wire,Cotton-covered, Wire,Covered, Wire,Double cotton, Wire,Double silk covered, Wire,Electrical, Wire,Enamelled, Wire,Fencing, Wire,Galvanised, Wire,Gauge of, Wire,Insulated, Wire,Iron, Wire,Spring steel, Wire,Stay, Wire,Strainer, Wiring, Witness mark, Wobble, Wood ruff key, Wood screws, Wood, cutting lathe, Wood-turning lathe, Wooden former, Wooden handle, Wooden mallet, Wooden pulley, Work (Project), Work bench, Work hardening, Workability, Working drawing, Working stroke ; Power stroke, Workshop, Workshop practice, Workshop routine, Worm, Worm and worm wheel type, Worm gear, Worm sector, Worm wheel, Wrench, Wrench, Pipe, Wrench, Tension or Torsion, Wrench,Adjustable or shifting, Wrench,Cock, Wrought iron, Wrought pulley




Yellow brown, Yellow purple


Zero, Zinc, Zinc chloride, Zirconated electode, Zone