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A.F.L.P. (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism), Abbreviated, Abbreviation, Aberrant, Aberration, Abiogenesis, Abiogeny, Abort, Abortion, Abortive, Abortive infection, Abortive transduction, Abortive transformation, Abrupt, Abscisic acid, Abscission, Absolute, Absolute hercogamy, Absolute humidity, Absorb, Absorbance, Absorption, Absorption ratio, Absorption spectrum, Absorptivity, Abstriction, Abundance, Abundance classes, Acarpous, Acceleration, Accelerator, Accessory, Accessory chromosome, Accessory sperm, Accidental evolution, Acclimation, Acclimatization, Acellular, Acellular organism, Acellular vaccine, Acentric, Acentric chromosome, Acentric fragment, Acentric inversion, Acentric- dicentric translocation, Acetaldehyde, Acetaldehyde mutase, Acetamide, Acetification, Acetone, Acetyl coenzyme A, Achievement quotient, Achromat, Achromatin, Achrosome(Acrosome), Acid hydrolase, Acid neutralizer, Acid phosphatase, Acid protease, Acid- fast, Acidity, Acidophil, Acidophilic, Acquired, Acquired character, Acquired immunity, Acridine dye, Acroblast, Acrocentric, Acrocentric chromosome, Actinomycetes, Action spectrum, Activate, Activation energy, Activator, Active, Active absorption, Active immunity, Active ingredient, Active pronucleus, Active site, Active transport, Activity-range, Acute, ADA, Adaptability, Adaptation, Adaptation traits, Adaptational need, Adaptational structure, Adaptational value, Adaptive characters, Adaptive radiation, Adaptor, Additive allelic effect, Additive effect, Additive factors (Cumulative factors), Additive gene, Additive gene effect, Additive genetic variance, Adenilate cyclase, Adenine, Adenosine diphosphate (ADP), Adenosine mono phosphate (AMP), Adenosine triphosphate(ATP), Adenovirus, Adermin (a B Vitamin), Adherence, Adhesion, Adipocellulose, Adjustment, Adrenosterone, Adsorbent, Adsorption, Adsorption film, Adult, Adult form, Aerate, Aeration, Aerobe, Aerobic, Aerobic bacteria, Aerobic microorganism, Aerobic respiration, Aerobiont, Aerobiosis, Aerobiotic, Affinity, Affinity chromatography, Affinity(Attraction), Aflatoxin, After- effect, Afterbirth, Agameon ; Agamospecies, Agamete, Agametoblast, Agamic(Agamous), Agamogenesis, Agamogenetic, Agamogony, Agamospecies(Agameon), Agamospermy, Agamous, Agar, Agarose, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Age and Area concept, Agent, Agglomerate, Agglomeration, Agglutinated, Agglutination, Aggregate, Aggregation, Agouti pattern, Agro-ecotype, Agrobacterim- mediated transformation, Agrobacterium, Agrotype, Ahcromatoplasm, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Air, Air current, Air dried, Air space, Air tight, Airey disc, Airy disc, Akaryote, Akinete, Alanine, Albinism, Albino, Albinotic, Albumin, Alcohol, Alcohol bath, Alcohol index, Alcoholic fermentation, Aldehyde, Aldehyde mutase, Aldolase, Alecithal, Aleurone, Aleurone layer, Alga (pl) Algae, Alginate, Alginic acid, Alien, Alien pollen, Aliquot, Alkali, Alkaline phosphotase, Alkalinity, Alkaloid, Alkylating agent, Allaesthetic characters, Allantoinase, Allele, Allele frequency


B cells (B lymphocytes), B form(B-DNA), B-indolylacetic acid, BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome), Bacillar, Bacilli, Bacilliform, Bacillus, Bacillus thuringiensis, Back-mutation, Backcross, Backcross parent, Backcross ratio, Background adaptation, Bacteria, Bacterial nodule, Bacterial toxin, Bactericidal, Bacteriochlorophyll, Bacteriocide, Bacteriocin, Bacterioid (Bacteroid), Bacteriologist, Bacteriology, Bacteriophage, Bacteriostatic, Bacteriotoxin, Bacterioviridin, Baculiform, Baculovirus, Balance, Balanced lethal system, Balanced lethals, Balanced polymorphism, Balanced solution, Balbiani-type chromosome, Band, Band shaped, Banding pattern, Bar chart, Bar eye, Barr body, Basal, Base, Base analogues, Base pair (bp), Base ratio, Base sequence, Base substitution, Basic number, Basic research, Basichromatin (Basophilic cromatin), Basifixed, Basiphilic (Basophilic), Basophil, Bastard merogony, Batesian mimicry, Bath, Benedict's test, Bergmann's rule, Beta cells, Beta DNA, Beta sheets, Beta- galactosidase, Beta- galactoside, Beta-lactamase, Bias, Bicellular, Bidrectional replication, Bigener, Bigeneric cross, Bilateral symmetry, Binary, Binary division, Binary fission, Binary vector system, Binding, Binomial distribution, Binomial nomenclature, Binomial probabilities, Binomial trial(Binomial experiment), Binuclear (binucleate), Binucleolate, Bio- electric potential, Bio- engineening, Bio- enrichment, Bio- ethics, Bio- transformation, Bio-energetics, Bio-pesticides, Bioaccumulation, Bioassay, Biocatalyst, Biochemical, Biochemical mutation, Biochemistry, Biocolloid, Bioconversion, Biodegeradation, Biodiversity, Biodynamics, Biofilm, Biofuels, Biogas, Biogen, Biogene, Biogenesis, Biogenetic law(Recapitulation law), Biogeny, Biogeographic, Bioinformatics, Biologic isolation, Biological adaptation, Biological barrier, Biological clock, Biological control, Biological data (sin.datum), Biological diversity, Biological factors, Biological half- life, Biological information, Biological mineralization, Biological niche, Biological race, Biological relation, Biological species, Biological spectrum, Biological statistics, Biological weathering, Biology, Bioluminscence, Biolytic, Biomass, Biome, Biometry, Bion, Biophagous, Biophore, Biophysics, Bioplasm (Protoplasm), Biopolymer, Bioprocess, Bioreactor, Bioremediation, Biosensor, Biosphere, Biosynthesis, Biota, Biotechnology, Biotin, Biotin labelling, Biotope, Biotoxin, Biotype, Biparental inheritance, Biparous, Bipolar, Bipolarity, Birefringent, Birifringence, Bisexual, Bisymmetrical, Bisymmetrical ; Bisymmetric, Biuret reaction, Bivalent, Bivalve, Bleeder, Bleeder's disease, Blended-cross, Blending, Blending characters, Blending inheritance, Blight, Block mutation, Blood group, Blood plasma, Blood platelet, Blood serum, Blood-line, Blot, Bloting, Blue andalusian, Blunt, Blunt end, Blunt-end ligation, Bouquet stage, Brachymeiosis, Brachyury mutation, Bradyauxesis, Bradytelic, Branched chromosome, Breed, Breeder seeds, Breeding, Bridge, Broad host range, Broad host range plasmid, Brochonema, Brood, Broth


c DNA (complementary DNA), c DNA library, C-Mitosis, C-value, CAAT box, Cacogenesis, Cacogenic, Caenogenesis, Caenogenetic, Caffeine, Calciferol, Calcification, Callose (polysaccharide), Callosity, Callus, Callus culture, Calorie, Calorific value, Calvin cycle, Camphor, Canada balsam, Canal, Cancer, Cancerous tissue, Canola, Cap, CAP site, Capillarity, Capillary, Capillary attraction, Capillary potential, Capillary tube, Capitulum, Caponise, Caprification, Capsid, Capsomere, Capsule, Capture reaction, Carbohydrase, Carbohydrate, Carbohydrate metabolism, Carbohydrate transformation, Carbon, Carbon assimilation, Carbon cycle, Carbon fixation, Carbon- 14 dating, Carbonaceous, Carbondioxide, Carbonic anhydrase, Carbonised, Carboxyl end, Carboxyl terminal (carboxyl end), Carboxylase, Carboxylation, Carboxylic acid, Carboxypeptidase, Carbozymase, Carcinogen, Carmalum, Carotene, Carotenoid, Carpel, Carpoxenia, Carrageenan(Polysaccharide), Carrier, Carrier DNA, Carrier molecule, Cartilaginous, Caryogamic, Caryogamy(karyogamy), Caryokinesis, Caryolytic, Caryoplasm, Caryosome, Caryotin, Cascade, Casein, Castration, Catabolic, Catabolic pathway, Catabolism, Catabolite, Catabolite activator protein, Catabolite repression ( glucose effect), Catadioptric objective, Catadromous, Catagenesis (retrogressive evolution), Catagenetic, Catalase, Catalyse, Catalysis, Catalyst, Catalytic, Catalytic action, Catalytic antibody, Catalytic cataphoresis, Catalytic RNA, Categorical traits, Category, Catenate, Catenation, Cathode, Cathodic, Cation, Catkin, Cauliflower mosaic virus, Caulimorvirus, Cell, Cell -free protein synthesis, Cell biology, Cell body, Cell contents, Cell culture, Cell cycle, Cell death, Cell differentiation, Cell division, Cell enlargement, Cell fractionation, Cell fusions, Cell granule, Cell hybridization, Cell inclusions, Cell layer, Cell lethals, Cell line, Cell lineage, Cell locomotion, Cell membrane, Cell migration, Cell number, Cell plate, Cell proliferation, Cell receptor, Cell sap, Cell selection, Cell structure, Cell suspension culture, Cell theory, Cell wall, Cell- free, Cell- free protein - synthesizing system, Cell- free transcription, Cell- free translation, Cell-free system, Cellobiose, Cellose, Cellular, Cellular envelope, Cellular oncogene, Cellular respiration, Cellulase, Cellulolytic, Cellulolytic enzyme, Cellulose, Cellulosic, Cellulosome, Cenobium(Coenobium), Cenogeny, CentiMorgan(cM), Central, Central body, Central dogma, Central mother cell, Central spindle, Central- limit theorem, Centre of distribution, Centre of origin, Centric, Centric constriction, Centrifugal, Centrifugal force, Centrifugation, Centrifuge, Centriole, Centripetal, Centrodesmose, Centrogene, Centrolecithal, Centromere, Centronucleus, Centroplasm, Centroplast, Centrosome, Centrosphere, Cephalization, Cereals, Cerin (cerine), Certified seeds, Cervix (uteri), Cevitamic acid, CFC(Chloro fluoro carbon), CFU(Colony forming unit), Chain, Chain - terminating codon, Chain elongation, Chain initiation, Chain reaction


d NTP (Deoxynucleotide triphosphate), Dalton, Dam, Dark reaction, Dark repair, Darwinian cloning, Darwinism, Darwnian fitness, Dauermodification, Daughter cell, Daughter chromosome, Daughter nucleus, Daughter spore, ddNTP(Di-deoxynucleotide triphosphate), De novo, De-differentiation, De-ionized water, De-mineralization, De-repression, Deamination, Deammonification, Deammonobacteria, Deassimilation, Death phase, Death point, Deazotobacteria, Decarboxylase, Decarboxylation, Decay, Deceleration phase, Decolorate, Decoloration, Decompose, Decomposer, Deconjugation, Defective virus, Deficiecncy ; Deflexion, Definite, Definitive host, Definitive nucleus, Defletion, Deflexted, Deflected, Deform, Deformation, Deformed, Deformity, Degeneracy, Degenerate, Degeneration, Degradation, Degree of dominance, Degree of freedom, Degree of ionization, Dehalogenation, Dehydrase, Dehydration, Dehydrin (protein), Dehydroandrosterone, Dehydrocholesterol, Dehydrogenase, Dehydrogenation, Delayed dominance, Deleterious gene, Deletion, Deletion analysis, Deletion heterozygote, Deliberate release, Delignification, Delimitation, Delimited, Deliquescent (becoming liquid), Deme, Denaturation, Denature, Denaturing, Denitrification, Denitrifying, Denitrobacteria, Densitometer, Densitometry, Density, Density gradient centrifugation, Deoxyribonuclease (DNA ase), Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), Deoxyribonucleotide, Deoxyribose, Dephosphorylation, Depigmentation, Deposit, Deposition, Depression, Depression of freezing point, Derivative, Derivative hybrid, Derived, Derived (evolution), Derma, Dermal, Descending, Descent, Desiccant, Desiccate, Desiccation, Desmid, Desoxycorticosterone, Dessicator, Destructive metabolism (catabolism), Desynapsis, Detachment, Detassel, Determinate variation, Determiner (Determinant), Deuterotoky, Development, Development of tissue, Deviation, Devolution (Retrogressive evolution), Dextral (Dextrad), Dextrin, Dextrinase, Dextrorotatory, Dextrose, Di-deoxy nucleotide, Di-diploid (Autotetraploid), Di-oval twins (Dissimilar twins), Di-sulphide bridge, Diabetes, Diad (Dyad), Diadelphous, Diagametic, Diagenic, Diagnosis, Diagnostic, Diagonal, Diagonal plane, Diagonal symmetry, Diagram, Diakinesis, Dialamination, Dialated, Diallel Crossing, Dialysis, Diandric, Diarch, Diastase, Diaster, Diatom, Dicaryocyte, Dicaryon (dikaryon), Dicaryophase, Dicaryotic, Dicentric, Dicentric bridge, Dicentric chromosome, Dichlamidius chimaera, Dichlamydeous chimaera, Dichogamy, Dichotomal, Dichotomize, Dichotomous, Dichotomy, Dichotype, Dichotypic, Dichroism, Diclinous, Dicotyledon, Dicotyledonous, Dicsulphide bond, Dictyate stage (Dictyotic stage), Dictyosome, Dicyclic, Dideoxy sequencing, Didynamous, Diecy (plants), Dienoestrol, Dientomophily, Dietary compound, Differential affinity, Differential centrifugation, Differential precocity, Differential segment, Differentially permeable, Differentiation, Differentiation of evolution, Differentiation of tissues, Differentiation phase of growth, Diffuse, Diffusion, Diffusion gradient, Diffusion potential, Diffusion pressure, Diffusion pressure deficit, Diffusion resistance, Diffusivity, Digamy, Digenesis, Digenic, Digest, Digestion, Digestive


Ear (of corn), Early genes, Eccentric, Ecobiotic, Ecoclimatic, Ecocline, Ecogeographical, Ecological divergence, Ecological factor, Ecological isolation, Ecological optimum, Ecological rules, Ecology, Ecophene (Ecad), Ecophenotype, Ecospecies, Ecosystem, Ecotype, Ectodynamic (ectodynamorphic), Ectogenesis, Ectogeny ( Metaxenia ), Ectoplasm, Ectoplast, Ectotrophic, Edible plants, EDTA(Ethylene diamine tetra- acetic acid), Effective breeding population, Effective population size, Effector, Effector molecule, Efficiency index, Effusion, Egg, Egg case, Egg cell, Egg count, Egg duct, Egg envelope, Egg jelly, Egg membrane, Ejaculation (ejection), Ejaculatory duct, Elaboration, Elaioplast, Elasticity, Elastin, Electric charge, Electrical, Electrical potential, Electrical stimulation, Electro- blotting, Electrochemical sensor, Electrolysis, Electrolyte, Electrolytic, Electromagnetic radiation, Electromagnetic spectrum, Electron micrograph, Electron microscope, Electron transfer, Electrophoresis, Electroporation, Electrotaxis, Electrotropism, Elementary species, Elevation of boiling point, Elite seed, Ellipsoid, Ellipsoidal, Elliptic, Elongate, Elongated, Elongation, Elongation factors, Elute, Elution, Emasculation, Embryo, Embryo -sac mother - cell, Embryo abortion, Embryo cloning, Embryo culture, Embryo sac, Embryo sexing, Embryo splitting, Embryo technology, Embryo transfer, Embryogeny, Embryology, Embryonal, Embryonal tube, Embryonal vesicle, Embryonate, Embryonic appendage, Embryonic phase, Embryonic stage, Embryotroph, Emission energy, Emission spectrum, Emmenin, Empirical, Emulsifier, Emulsify, Emulsion, Emulsoid, Enation, Encapsidation, Encapsulation, Encode, Encysted, Encystment, End to end, End- product, End- product inhibition, End-labelling, Endangered species, Endemic, Endemism, Endocrine gland, Endocytosis, Endodermal, Endodermis, Endoenzyme, Endogamy, Endogenous, Endogenous rhythm, Endomitosis, Endomixis, Endonuclease, Endoparasite, Endoparasitic, Endoplasm, Endoplasmic reticulum, Endopolyploidy, Endoprotease, Endosarc, Endosmosis, Endosome, Endosperm, Endospermic, Endospore, Endosymbiont hypothesis, Endothelial cells, Endothermic, Endotoxin, Endotrophic, Energesis, Energid (protoplast), Energy, Energy relations, Enhancer, Enhancer element, Enhancer sequence ( enhancer element), Enneaploid, Entelechy, Enterotoxin, Entire, Entomogamous, Entomophilous, Entoplasm, Enucleate, Enucleated ovum, Envelope, Environment, Environmental complex, Environmental resistance, Environmental sex determination, Environmental variation, Enzyme, Enzyme action, Enzyme bioreactor, Enzyme commission number, Enzyme electrode, Enzymology, Epharmonic convergence, Epharmosis ( Epharmone ), Epibiotic species, Epidemic, Epidermal, Epidermis, Epididymis ( pl. Epididymi ), Epigamic, Epigamic selection, Epigenesis, Epigenetic, Epigenetic inheritance, Epigenetics, Epigenotype, Epimerase, Epiphytology, Epiphytotic, Episematic colouration, Episome, Epistasis, Epistasy, Epistatic, Epithelial cell, Epithelium, Equation division, Equatorial plane


F plasmid, (F factor), F1 generation, F2 generation, Face, Factor, Factor ( Gene), Factor of safety, Facultative, Facultative heterochromatin, Facultative parasite, Fallopian tube, False, False -negative, False- positive, Familial, Familial trait, Family, Fancier's dominance, Fat body, Fat splitting, Fat-soluble, Father- plant, Fatigue, Fats (oils), Fatty acid, Fauna, Fecundation ( Fertilization ), Fecundity, Feeble - mindedness, Feedback, Feedback inhibition, Fehiling's solution, Female, Female flower, Female gamete, Female pronucleus, Feral, Ferment, Fermentation, Fermenter (bioreactor), Ferrobacteria, Fertile, Fertility, Fertility factor, Fertilization, Fertilization cone, Fertilization membrane, Fertilize, Fertilized egg (zygote), Fertilizer, Fertilizin, Fetus ( Foetus), Feulgen reaction, Fibre, Fibril, Fibrin, Fibroblast, Fibrous, Fidelity, Figure, Filament, Filial generation, Filial regression, Film, Filter, Filter sterilization, Filterability, Filterable virus, Filtration, Finalism, Finger printing - DNA, Fingered (digitate), First division, First filial generation, Fission, Fix, Fixation, Fixation probability, Fixation time, Fixative, Fixed, Flaccid, Flagellate (adj), Flagellum, Flake, Flanking region, Flare, Flavoprotein, Fleshy, Flexible, Flexure, Floating, Flocculation, Floccule, Flocculent, Flocculant, Floret, Floriculture, Flow cytometry, Flower, Flowering plants, Flowerless plants, Fluctuation, Fluctuation (in evolution), Fluorescence, Fluorescence in situ hybridization, Fluorescent probe, Fluorine, Flush end, Foetalization, Foetus ( Fetus), Folic acid, Follicle, Follicle cells, Follicle stimulating hormone(FSH), Follicular hormone, Folling's disease, Food, Food chain, Food crop, Food cycle, Food pollen, Food reserve, Food web, Footprinting, Force, Foreign DNA, Fork, Form, Form genus, Form species, Formal - calcium fixative, Formaldehyde, Formalin, Formula, Formyl methionine (f Met), Forssman antigen, Forward mutation, Fossils, Foundation, Foundation seeds, Founder effect, Four base pair cutter, Four-fold Table, Fractional, Fractionation, Fracture, Fragment, Fragmentation, Frameshift mutation, Fraternal twins, Free, Free cell, Free energy, Free radical, Free water, Freemartin, Freeze - drying, Freeze - preservation, Freeze - substitution, Freezing, Freezing injury, Frequency, Frequency classes, Frequency curve, Frequency dependent selection, Frequency distribution, Frequency dominant, Frequency index, Frequency of mutation, Frequent, Fresh weight, Frill, Fringe, Frizzle, Frost, Frost resistance, Fructose, Fruit, Fruit body, Fucoxanthin, Function, Functional potentialities, Fundamental (basic), Fundamental spiral, Fundamental system, Fundamental tissue, Fungal, Fungal cellulose, Fungi, Fungicide, Fungus, Funnel, Fur, Furanose, Fused, Fusiform, Fusion (eg :- of gametes), Fusion (eg :- of nuclei), Fusion - bridge - fusion cycle, Fusion gene


G-proteins, G1 phase (First gap phase), G2 phase (Second gap phase), Galactan, Galactose, Galactose metabolism, Galactose operon, Galactosyl transferase, Galactouronic Acid, Gall, Galton's Law, Gametangium, Gamete, Gametic incompatibility, Gametic lethal gene, Gametic mutation, Gametic nucleus, Gametic number, Gametic reduction, Gametic selection, Gametic sterility, Gametic tissue, Gametoclone, Gametocyst, Gametocyte, Gametogenesis, Gametogenic, Gametogonium ( Gametocyte ), Gametophyte, Gametophytic incompatibility, Gamic, Gamotropism, Gas vacuole, Gastric bacteria, Gastrulation, GC box, GC island, GDP (Guanosine diphosphate), Geitonogamy, Gel, Gel electrophoresis, Gel filtration, Gelatin, Gelatinization, Gelation, Gemma, Gemmule, Gene, Gene action, Gene addition, Gene amplification, Gene bank, Gene cloning, Gene cluster, Gene complex, Gene conservation, Gene control, Gene conversion, Gene dosage, Gene duplication, Gene expression, Gene family, Gene flow, Gene frequency, Gene imprinting, Gene interaction, Gene library, Gene linkage, Gene locus, Gene manipulation, Gene marker, Gene modification, Gene mutation, Gene pool, Gene probe, Gene product, Gene recombination, Gene replacement, Gene replacement therapy, Gene segregation, Gene substitution, Gene technology, Gene testing, Gene therapy, Gene transfer, Gene translocation, Genealogy, Genecology, Genemic imprinting, Genera (SIN-Genus), Generalized, Generalized recombination, Generalized transduction, Generate, Generation, Generation time, Generational sterility, Generative, Generative cell, Generative duct, Generative nucleus (germinative nucleus), Generic characters, Generic name, Genetic, Genetic affinity, Genetic bottleneck, Genetic code, Genetic complementation, Genetic complex, Genetic constitution, Genetic control, Genetic correlation, Genetic counselling, Genetic death, Genetic defect, Genetic discrimination, Genetic disease, Genetic distance, Genetic diversity, Genetic drift, Genetic engineering, Genetic equilibrium, Genetic erosion, Genetic factor ( Gene), Genetic heterogeneity, Genetic immunization, Genetic Imprinting, Genetic information, Genetic isolation, Genetic linkage, Genetic map, Genetic mapping, Genetic marker, Genetic material, Genetic modification, Genetic polymorphism, Genetic recombination, Genetic resources, Genetic resources conservation, Genetic selection, Genetic separation, Genetic transformation, Genetic variataion, Genetically engineered organism (GEO) (genetically modified organism) (GMO), Geneticist, Genetics, Genetype (Genotype), Genic balance, Genitals ; Genitalia, Genocline, Genome, Genome mutation, Genomere, Genomic DNA, Genomic DNA library, Genomic library, Genonema, Genospecies, Genotype, Genotypic, Genotypic control, Genovariation (Gene mutation), Genus, Geocline, Geographic isolation, Geographic speciation, Geographical distribution, Geographical divergence, Geographical race, Germ, Germ cell, Germ line (Germ track), Germen, Germinal, Germinal epithelium, Germinal gene therapy, Germinal selection, Germination, Germplasm, Gerontology, Gerontomorphosis, Gestation, Gestation period, Gibberellins, Gigantism, Gland, Glandular hermaphroditism, Globate (globular), Globoid, Globule, Globulin, Globulous (globular), Gloger's rule, Glucocorticoid(steroid hormone), Glucosamine, Glucose, Glucose effect, Glucose invertase, Glucose isomerase, Glucoside


Habit, Habitat, Habitat selection, Haemoglobin, hemoglobin, Haemophilia, Hemophilia, Hairs, Hairy root disease, Half Sib, Half-life, Half-spindle, Halide, Halophilous, Halophyte, Halosere, Hanging drop, Haplo-diploid sex differentiation, Haplo-diploid system, Haplobiont, Haplobiontic, Haplodiplont, Haploid, Haploid apogamety, Haploid apogamy, Haploid cell, Haploid incompatibility, Haploid parthenogenesis, Haplomict, Haplont, Haplontic life cycle, Haplontic sterility, Haplophase, Haplosis, Haplotype, Haplotypic, Haplozygous, Hardy-weinberg equilibrium, Hardy-weinberg law, Haustorium, HDL (High-density lipoprotein), Heat, Heat shock, Heat shock proteins, Heat therapy (thermotherapy), Helicase, Heliciform (helicoid), Heliophilous, Heliophobic, Heliophyte, Helium, Helix, Helix-destabilising proteins, Helper cell, Helper plasmid, Helper virus, Hemi, Hemi-saprophyte, Hemicellulose, Hemicyclic, Hemicylindrical, Hemiparasite, Hemizygous, Hemophilia(heamophilia), Hepatics, Heptamerous, Herbarium, Herbicide, Herbicide resistance, Herbivorous, Hercogamic, Hercogamous, Hercogamy (Herkgamy), Hereditary, Hereditary character, Hereditary material, Hereditary mechanism, Hereditary trait, Heridity, Heritability, Hermaphrodite, Hermaphrodite duct, Hermaphrodite gland, Hermaphroditism, Herotelic, Heterauxesis, Hetero-auxin, Heteroalleles, Heterobrachial chromosome, Heterocarpous, Heterocaryon(Heterokaryon), Heterocaryosis, Heterochromatic, Heterochromatin, Heterochromaty, Heterochromosomes, Heterochrony, Heterocyclic, Heterocyst, Heteroduplex, Heteroecious, Heteroecism, Heterofertilization, Heterogamete, Heterogametic, Heterogametic sex, Heterogamety, Heterogamous, Heterogamy, Heterogeneity, Heterogeneous, Heterogeneous nuclear RNA ( hn RNA), Heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hn RNA), Heterogonic, Heterogony, Heterokaryon, Heterokaryosis, Heterokaryotic, Heterokaryotic vigour, Heterokinesis, Heterologous, Heteromorphic, Heteromorphic incompatibility, Heteromorphism, Heteromorphosis, Heteromorphous, Heteroplasmy, Heteroplastic graft, Heteroploid, Heteropolar, Heteropolymer, Heteropycnosis, Heteropycnotic chromosome, Heterosis, Heterosomes, Heterosporic, Heterosporous, Heterospory, Heterostylous, Heterostyly, Heterosynapsis, Heterotetraploid, Heterothally, Heterotic, Heterotic vigour(Hybrid vigour), Heterotroph, Heterotrophic, Heterotypic division(Heterotype), Heterozygosis, Heterozygote, Heterozygous, Heterozygous sex, Hetertrophic, Hexacyclic, Hexamerous, Hexaploid, Hexoestrol, Hexestrol, Hexokinase, Hexose, Hfr (High- frequency recombination), Hfr (High-frequency recombination stain), HGH (Human Growth Hormone), Hibernation, Hidden, High- energy bond, Highly repetitive sequence, Hill reaction, Hinny, Histocompatibility, Histocompatibility complex, Histogenesis(histogeny), Histogenic (histogenetic), Histogram, Histological, Histology, Histone, HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus), hn RNA (heteroganaous nuclear RNA), Holandric, Holliday structure, Holoenzyme, Hologamete, Hologamy, Hologynic, Holoparasite, Holosaprophyte, Holotype, Homeobox, Homeodomain, Homeokinesis, Homeoplastic graft, Homeostasis, Homeotic mutation, Homeotypic division, Homocentric, Homochromous, Homodichogamy, Homodimer, Homoeosis (Heteromorphosis), Homogamete, Homogametic, Homogametic sex


Iarovization(Jarovization,Vernalization), Identical twins, Identification, Idiochromatin, Idiochromosome(Sex chromosome), Idiocy, Idiogram, Idioplasm (Germ plasm), Illegitimate cross, Illegitimate crossing over, Illegitimate pollination, Illegitimate recombination, Illuminate, Illumination, Imaginal bud, Imaginal disc, Imaginal tissue, Imbibition, Imbricate, Immediate early genes, Immersed, Immiscible, Immobile, Immortalization, Immune, Immune response, Immunity, Immunization, Immuno-affinity chromatography, Immunodiagnostics, Immunogen (antigen), Immunoglobulin, Immunosensor, Immunosuppression, Immunosuppressor, Immunotherapy, Immunotoxins, Imperfect arrhenogenic, Imperfect flower(Unisexual flower), Imperforate, Impermeable (Impervious), Implant, Impregnation, Impulse, In situ, In situ colony hybridization, In situ conservation, In situ plaque hybridization, In vitro, In vitro embryo production, In vitro fertilization (IVF), In vitro maturation (IVM), In vitro mutagenesis, In vitro packaging, In vitro transcription (cell- free transcription), In vitro translation (cell- free translation), In vivo, In vivo gene therapy, Inacitve, Inactivated, Inactivation, Inantherate, Inarching, Inarticulate, Inbred line, Inbred race, Inbred-variety cross, Inbreeding, Inbreeding coefficient, Incasement (Performation), Incept, Inception, Incidental species, Incipient lethality, Inclination, Inclusion body, Incompatibility, Incompatibility group, Incomplete, Incomplete digest (partial digest), Incomplete dominance, Incomplete flower, Incomplete linkage, Incomplete metamorphosis, Incomplete penetrance, Incompressible, Incubation, Incubator, Indefinite, Independence, Independent, Independent assortment, Independent character, Independent gene, Indeterminate growth, Indeterminate indicator, Indeterminate indicator host, Index breeding, Indifferent species, Indiffusible, Indigene, Indigenous(native), Indigogenic staining, Indirect embryogenesis, Indirect organogenesis, Individual genotype, Individual selection, Indole-3-acetic acid, Induced, Induced aberration, Induced dormancy, Induced mutation, Induced response, Inducer, Inducible, Inducible enzyme, Inducible gene, Induction, Induction media, Induction period, Inembryonation, Inert, Inert chromosome, Infection, Infectious agent, Inferior, Infiltrate, Infinite allele model, Inflexibility, Inflexible, Inflorescence, Influence, Inframarginal, Infructescence, Infusion, Inherent (Hereditary ) activity, Inherent (Hereditary ) condition, Inheritance, Inheritance of acquired characters, Inheritance of characters, Inhibited, Inhibiting factors, Inhibition, Inhibitor, Inhomogeneity, Initial, Initial meiosis, Initial spindle, Initiate, Initiation, Initiation codon, Initiation factor, Initiation of flowers, Initiator, Injection, Innate, Inner, Inner digestive layer, Innovation, Inoculate, Inoculating needle, Inoculation, Inoculum, Inorganic (chemically), Inorganic (non- chemically), Inositol (A cyclic acid), Insect, Insect pollination, Insect resistant, Insecticide, Insert, Inserted, Insertion element, Insertion mutation, Insertion sequence (IS element), Insertion site (cloning site), Insolation, Insoluble, Instability, Instaminate, Instinct, Insulin, Integrated, Integrating vector, Integration, Integration- excision region, Integument, Intensity, Inter se crossing, Interacting mutations, Interaction variance, Interbreeding, Interbreeding criterion, Intercalated, Intercalating agent, Intercalation, Intercellular, Intercellular space, Interchange, Interclonal


Joint, Jointed, Jordanean species, Jordanism, Jordanon, Juice, Juvenescence (Rejuvenescence), Juvenile, Juvenile type


Kakogenic (Dysgenic), Kanamycin, Kappa chain, Kappa particles, Karyogamy, Karyogram, Karyokinesis, Karyology, Karyolymph(Nuclear sap), Karyolysis, Karyomegaly, Karyomere, Karyomerite, Karyon(Nucleus), Karyoplasm, Karyoplast(Nucleus), Karyosome, Karyotheca (Nuclear membrane), Karyotin(Chromatin), Karyotype, Katabolic (Catabolic), Katabolism (Catabolism), Katabolite (Catabolite), Katalase (Catalase), Katnodic (Cathodic), Kern-plasma ratio, Ketone, Key, Kilobase(kb), Kilocalary, Kilodalton, Kilojule, Kinase, Kinetic energy, Kinetin, Kinetochore, Kinetoplast, Kinetosome, Kinin, Kinoplasm, Kleistogamous(Cleistogamous), Klenow fragment, Klon(Clone), Knight-Darwin Law, Kranz anatomy, Krebs cycle, Kynurenine


Label, Labelled compound, Labelled metabolite, Labelling, Labile, Labile gene, Lac operon, Lactase, Lacticifer(Lactifer), Lactoflavine, Lactose, Lactose operon, Lactose repressor, Lacuna, Lagging, Lagging stand, Lagphase, Lamarckism, Lambda bacteriophage, Lambda chain, Lamella, Lamellate, Lamelliform, Lamellose, Lampbrush chromosome, Lanthanin, Late genes, Latent, Latent period, Lateral gynandromorph, Latex, Latex cell, Law of anticipation, Layer, Layerage, Layering, Leader peptide, Leader segment, Leader sequence, Leading strand, Leaky mutation, Lecithin, Legitimate cross, Legitimate fertilization, Legume, Leguminous, Lens, Lense cell, Lenticel, Leptonema, Leptotene, Lethal, Lethal allele, Lethal dose, Lethal factors, Lethal gene, Lethal mutation, Leucine, Leucine zipper, Leuco-compound, Leucoplast, Leucoplastid, Lichen, Life cycle, Life form, Ligand, Ligase, Ligate, Ligation, Light energy, Light indifferent, Light phase, Light quantum, Light reaction, Light saturation, Light sensitive, Lignification, Lignified, Lignify, Lignin, Ligno-suberization, Lignocellulose, Lignose, Limiting factor, Line breeding, Line of descent, Line of evolution, Lineage, Lineage specificity, Linear, Linear magnification, Linearization, Linine, Linkage, Linkage group, Linkage map, Linkage value, Linked genes, Linker, Linker DNA, Linneon (Linnean species), Linneon system, Lipase, Lipid, Lipofection, Lipoid, Lipolytic, Lipolytic enzyme, Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), Liposome, Liquid medium, Liquid membrane, Liquid nitrogen, Litmus, Live vaccine, Liverwort, Lobe, Lobed, Lobose(lobate), Local, Localization, Location, Locomotion, Locule (loculus), Locus, Log phase, Logarithmic phase, Long-day plant, Longevity of seeds, Longitudinal (or vertical) section, Loss, Lumen, Luteinisation, Luteinizing harmone, Lux(Lx), Lymphocyte, Lympokine (protein), Lyophilic, Lyophilization, Lyophilize, Lyophobic, Lysin, Lysis, Lysogen, Lysogenic, Lysogenic bacteria, Lysogeny, Lysozyme, Lytic, Lytic cycle


m RNA (messenger RNA), M-chromosome, M13 bacteriophage, Maceration, Macrandrous, Macro, Macro- elements, Macro- nutrients, Macro-evolution, Macro-mutation, Macroconjugant, Macrogamete, Macromolecule, Macronucleus, Macroscopic, Macrosome, Macrospecies, Macrospore, Macrosymbiont, Macrotherm (Megatherm), Macular (Maculate), Main axis, Major groove, Male cell, Male determining factor, Male flower, Male gamete, Male haploidy, Male parthenogenesis, Male pronucleus, Male sterility, Malic acid, Maltase, Maltodextrin, Maltose, Mammary glands, Manipulation, Mannitol, Mannitose, Mannocellulose, Mannose, Manometer, Manufactured food, Map distance, Map unit, Margin, Marine, Marker, Marker gene, Marker peptide, Marker- assisted selection(MAS), Mass absorption coefficient, Mass mutation, Mass scattering coefficient, Mass selection, Mataphase, Maternal chromosome, Maternal determination, Maternal effect, Maternal inheritance, Mating reaction, Mating system, Mating type, Matrix, Matroclinal inheritance, Matroclinal(Matroclinic), Matroclinic, Matroclinous, Matromorphic, Maturation, Maturation division, Maturation promoting factor, Mature, Maximal, MCS (Multiple Cloning Site), Mean, Mean value, Mechanical, Mechanism, Mechanism of inheritance, Medial (Median), Mediastinum testis, Medicinal plants, Mediocentric, Mega Dalton (MDa), Mega-evolution(Macro-evolution), Megabase (Mb), Megagamete(Macrogamete), Meganucleus(Macronucleus), Megascopic, Megasporangium, Megaspore, Megasporocyte(Megaspore mother cell), Megatherm(Macrotherm), Meiocyte(Auxocyte), Meiomeric, Meiomery, Meiosis, Meiotherm, Meiotic division, Meiotic drive, Melanic, Melanin, Melanism, Melibiose, Melting of DNA, Melting temperature Tm, Membranaceous (Membranous), Membrane, Membrane filter, Membranous expansion, Membranous layer, Mendel's laws, Mendelian character, Mendelian inheritance, Mendelian population, Mendelism, Mericlinal chimaera, Meristem, Meristematic, Meristematic cell, Meristematic tissue, Meristic variation, Merogamy, Merogonic hybrid, Merogony, Merozygote, Mesoderm, Mesophile, Mesovarium, Mesozoic, Meta type, Metabolic, Metabolic cell, Metabolic nucleus(Interphase nucleus), Metabolic stage(Interphase stage), Metabolism, Metabolite, Metacellulose, Metacentric chromosome, Metachromatin, Metagenesis, Metakinesis, Metallothionein(a protein), Metamorphosed, Metamorphosis, Metaphase chromosome, Metaplasia, Metaplasm, Metaplastic, Metaxenia, Methionine, Methlene blue, Method of family breeding, Methyl orange, Methyl red, Methyl testosterone, Methyl violet, Methylation, Metoestrus, Micella (Micelle), Micro - mutation, Micro ellement (trace ellement), Micro envioronment, Micro injection, Micro-dissection, Micro-evolution, Microbacteria, Microbe (Micro-organism), Microbial mat, Microbiology, Microbiotic, Microbody, Microcarrier, Microcentrum, Microchemical, Microclimate, Micrococcus, Microcosm, Microcrystalline, Microcurie, Microcytemia, Microdensitometer, Microfibrilc (microfilament), Microflora, Microform, Microgamete, Microhabitat, Micrometer, Micron, Micronucleus, Micronutrients, Microorganism, Microphage, Micropipette, Microprojectile bombardment, Microprojector, Micropropagation, Micropyle, Microradiography


NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), NADP (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate), Naked, Naked cell, Naked DNA, Naked eye, Naked protoplasm, Nanism, Nanometre, Naphthaleneacetic acid, Narrow host-range plasmid, Narrow-sense heritability, Nascent, Native (indigenous), Native protein, Natural, Natural selection, Naturalization, Nature and nurture, Nature reserve (nature sanctuary), Neanic stage, Necrohormone, Necrosis, Nectar, Nectarium(nectary), Negative assortative mating, Negative control, Negative control system, Negative selection, Negative self-regulation, Negative staining, Neo-Darwinism, Neoteinia, Neotenous, Neoteny, Nerve, Nervous, Netrum(Initial spindle), Neuter (neutral), Neutral (ineffective), Neutral evolution, Neutral mutation, Neutral red, Neutral theory, Neutrophil, Neutrophilic, New place effect, New reunion, Niacin, Niche, Nick, Nicotinamide, Nicotine, Nicotinic acid, Nidation, Ninhydrin, Nitrate bacteria, Nitrification, Nitrite bacteria (Nitrosomonas), Nitrobacteria, Nitrocellulose, Nitrogen assimilation, Nitrogen cycle, Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen metabolism, Nitrogenous base, Nitrogenous compound, No-x'progeny, Nodulation, Nodule, Nomenclature, Nomogenesis, Non disjunction, Non genic factors, Non mendelian inheritance, Non- adaptive radiation, Non- Agouti, Non- articulated, Non- coding DNA, Non- conjunction, Non- contributing alleles, Non- electrolyte, Non- endospermic, Non- essential, Non- histone, Non- homologous pairing, Non- homologous recombination, Non- ionized, Non- parallel light, Non- parental ditype, Non- permissive host, Non- polar, Non- recurrent parent, Non- reducing sugar, Non- sense mutation, Non- specific antiviral activity, Non- target organism, Non- template, Non- template strand, Non- toxic, Non- vacuolate, Non- virulent, Non-allelic gene, Non-histone chromosomal proteins, Non-sense codon, Non-transcribed spacer (NTS) sequence, Non-viable, Norm of reaction, Normal, Normal distribution, Northern blot, Northern blotting, Northern hybridization, Nothocline, Nucellar embryony, Nuclear, Nuclear budding, Nuclear cavity, Nuclear disc, Nuclear division, Nuclear envelope, Nuclear inheritance, Nuclear membrane, Nuclear plate, Nuclear sap, Nuclear spindle, Nuclear transfer, Nuclear volume, Nuclease, Nucleated, Nucleic acid, Nucleic acid hybridization, Nuclein, Nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio, Nucleobases, Nucleocentrosome, Nucleochylema(Nuclear sap), Nucleohyaloplasm(Nuclear sap), Nucleoid, Nucleolar organizer, Nucleolar zone, Nucleolate, Nucleolated, Nucleole, Nucleolinus, Nucleolus, Nucleome, Nucleomicrosome, Nucleoplasm, Nucleopore, Nucleoproteins, Nucleoside, Nucleosome, Nucleotide, Nucleus, Nudation, Nude(naked), Null hypothesis, Null mutation, Nulliplex, Nullisomic, Nullisomy, Numerical hybrid, Nutrient, Nutrient agar, Nutrient broth, Nutrient salts, Nutrition, Nutrition mutation (auxotropic mutation ), Nutritive


Object, Objective aperture, Oblate, Obligate anaerobe, Obligate parasite, Obligate symbiont, Obligate(obligative, Obligatory), Obligative, Obligatory, Oblique, Oblong, Obscure, Obsolete, Obtuse, Occluded, Occlusion, Octinucleate, Octonary hybrid, Octoploid, Odour, Oestradiol(an oestrogen), Oestrin (an oestrogen), Oestriol (an oestrogen), Oestrogen (estrogen), Oestrogenic substances, Oestrone (an oestrogen), Oestrous cycle, Oestrous producing hormone, Offset, Offspring, Oil globule, Oils (fats), Okazaki fragment, Oleic acid, Oleosome, Oligandrous, Oligocarpous, Oligogene, Oligonucleotide, Oligopeptide, Oligopyrene, Oligosaccharide, Oligospermous, Oligostemonous, Oligotokous, Oncogene, Oncogenesis, Oncogenic, Oncogeny, Oncoprotein, One-X progeny, Ontogenesis(Ontogeny), Ontogenetic, Oocentre, Oocyst, Oocyte, Oogamous, Oogamy, Oogenesis, Oogonium, Ookinete, Ooplasm, Oosphere, Ootheca, Ootid, Opal mutation, Opaque, Open continuous culture, Open pollination, Open promoter complex, Open reading frame (ORF), Operational sex ratio, Operator, Operculum, Operon, Opine (an aminoacid), Opposite, Opsins ( protein), Optical cell, Optical density, Optical path difference, Optical section, Optimal, Optimal temperature, Optimum, Orange colour, Orcin, Order, Ordered tetrad, Organ, Organ culture, Organ transplant, Organellar genes, Organelle, Organic (chemically), Organic acid metabolism, Organic evolution, Organic(non- chemically), Organism, Organization, Organization centre, Organizer, Organogenesis, Organogenetic, Organogeny, Organoleptic, Organophyly, Orientation, Orifice, Origin, Origin of life, Origin of replication, Origin of species, Ornithophilous, Orthogenesis, Orthoploid, Orthoselection, Osmic acid, Osmometer, Osmosis, Osmotic, Osmotic potential, Osmotic pressure, Osmoticum, Outbreeding, Outcross, Outgrowth, Outline, Ovalbumin, Ovarian funnel, Ovarian tube /ovariole, Ovary, Ovejector, Overdominance(Heterozygous advantage), Overhang, Overlapping, Overlapping genes, Ovicell (Ooecium), Oviduct, Oviparous, Ovogenesis(Oogenesis), Ovotestis, Ovoviviparity, Ovulation, Ovule, Ovum (Pl:ova), Oxaloacetic acid, Oxalosuccinic acid, Oxidase, Oxidation, Oxidation- reduction potential, Oxidative, Oxidative anabolism, Oxidative enzyme, Oxidative phosphorylation, Oxidizing enzyme, Oxido-reductase, Oxy-cellulose, Oxychromatin, Oxydase, (oxidase), Oxygen, Oxygenase, Oxyphilic(Acidophilic)


P-site (peptidyl-tRNA site), P1 (parental generation), Pachynema, Pachytene, Packaging cell line, Paedogamy, Paedogenesis, Paedomorphosis, PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), Pairing affinity, Pairing of chromosomes, Pairing segment, Palaeogenetic(Neotenic), Palaeogenetics, Palaeontology, Palindrome, Palindromic sequence, Palingenesis, Palingenetic, Palingeny, Pangamy, Pangenes, Pangenesis, Panmictic unit, Panmixia, Panmixie, Pantothenic acid, Papain, Papilla, Parabiotic twins, Parabolic, Parabolical, Paracellulose, Paracentric, Paracentric inversion, Paradesm, Paradesmose, Paradesmus, Paraffin, Paragenesis, Parahormone, Parallel, Parallel evolution, Parallel mutations, Parallel type (paratype), Parameridian, Parameter, Paranuclein, Parapectic acid, Parapectin, Parasexual cycle, Parasite, Parasitism, Parasynapsis, Parasyndesis, Paratype, Paravariation, Parchment, Parenchyma, Parent, Parental ditype (PD), Parental genotypes, Parental imprinting, Parental types, Paripotency, Parthenocarpy, Parthenogamete, Parthenogenesis, Parthenogenesis(parthenogeny), Parthenogenetic, Parthenospore, Parthenote, Partial, Partial digest, Partial dominance, Partial parasite, Partial sex linkage, Particle, Particle radiation, Particulate inheritance, Partition, Partition chromatography, Partition coefficient, Parturition, Paseturization, Passive absorption, Passive immunity, Pasteur effect, Patent, Paternal, Paternal chromosomes, Pathogen, Pathogen- free, Pathogenecity, Pathogenic, Pathogenous, Pathology, Pathotoxin, Pathotype, Pathovar, Patroclinal inheritance, Patroclinal(Patroclinic), Patroclinic, Patroclinous, Patrogenesis, Patromorphic, Patterns of transmission, PCR(polymerase chain reaction), Pea-combed breed, Pectase, Pectic, Pectic acid, Pectic compound, Pectin, Pectinase, Pectocellulose, Pectose, Pectosic acid, Pedigree, Pedigree analysis, Pedigree breeding, Pedigree of causes, Peloria, Peloric, Pelory, Penetrance, Penetration, Penicilln, Penis, Pentagynous, Pentandrous, Pentaploid, Pentose, Pentose phosphate pathway, Pentose sugar, Penultimate chromomere, Pepsin, Peptase, Peptidase, Peptide, Peptide bond, Peptide linkage, Peptide vaccine, Peptidyl transferase, Peptidyl-tRNA binding site (P-site), Peptone, Percolate, Perennating organ, Perennation, Perennial, Perfect, Perfect flower (bisexual flower), Perforate, Perianth, Pericarp, Pericentric inversion, Periclinal chimaera, Periclinal plane, Perigynous, Periodic movement, Periodicity, Peripheral, Periphery, Periplasm, Periplasmic space, Periplast, Permanent hybrid, Permeability, Permeability constant, Permeable membrane, Peroxidase, Perpendicular, Persistence, Pesticide, Petri dish, PFGE(Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis), pH value, Phaenogenetics (Phenogenetics), Phage, Phage lysate, Phage vector, Phagemid, Phagocyte, Phagocytosis, Phase, Phase- contrast microscope, Phenocontour map, Phenocopy, Phenodeviant, Phenogenetics, Phenol, Phenological isolation, Phenotype, Phenotypic, Phenotypic correlation, Phenotypic intersex, Phenotypic plasticity, Phenotypic sex determination, Phenotypic variance, Phenylalanine


Quadrangular, Quadrinucleate, Quadripartite, Quadriplex, Quadripolar spindle, Quadrivalent, Quadruplets, Qualitative, Qualitative character, Qualitative composition, Qualitative genetics, Qualitative inheritance, Qualitative trait, Quantitative, Quantitative character, Quantitative composition, Quantitative genetics, Quantitative inheritance, Quantitative phenotype, Quantitative trait, Quantitative variation, Quantum, Quarantine, Quartet, Quaternary, Quaternary hybrid, Quaternary structure, Quiescent, Quiescent centre, Quiescent zone, Quincuncial, Quinine, Quinone, Quinone antibiotic, Quintuplets


r RNA (Ribosomal RNA), R-plasmid, Race, Radial, Radial cut, Radial section, Radial symmetry, Radial system, Radiant, Radiant energy, Radiate, Radiation, Radiation damage, Radiation dose, Radioactive, Radioactive decay, Radioactive marker, Radioactivity, Radiocarbon, Radioisotope, Radiolabelling, Radiotracers, Radius, Random, Random breeding, Random genetic drift, Random mating, Random mutagenesis, Random primer, Random sample, Randomisation, Range, RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA), Rare, Rassenkreis, Rate, Rate of growth, Rate of photosynthesis, Rate of respiration, Rate-gene, Ratio, Raw material, Ray, Re-differentiation, Re-naturation, Re-solution, Reactants, Reaction, Reaction rate, Reaction time, Reading frame, Reagent, Recalcitrant, Recalcitrant seed, Recapitulation, Recapitulation theory, Recent, Receptacle, Receptive, Receptor, Receptor molecule, Recessive, Recessive allele, Recessive character, Recessive gene, Recessive lethal allele, Recessive mutation, Recessive trait, Recipient, Recipient cell, Reciprocal, Reciprocal chiasmata, Reciprocal cross, Reciprocal fertilization, Reciprocal hybrid, Reciprocal translocation, Recognition sequence, Recombinant, Recombinant chromosome, Recombinant DNA, Recombinant DNA molecule, Recombinant DNA technology, Recombinant protein, Recombinant RNA, Recombinant toxin, Recombinant type, Recombinant vaccine, Recombination, Recombination fraction, Recombination frequency, Recombination index, Recombination value, Reconstructed cell, Recurrent, Recurrent parent, Recurrent selection, Redox potential, Reduced apogamy(Haploid parthenogenesis), Reducing sugar, Reduction, Reduction action, Reduction division, Reduction series, Reductional division, Reduplication, Reflection, Reflex, Refraction, Refractive index, Regeneration, Registered seed, Regression, Regressive, Regular, Regular peloria, Regularity(symmetry), Regulation, Regulator, Regulatory factor, Regulatory gene, Regulatory mechanism, Rejuvenation, Relational spiral, Relationship coefficient, Relative humidity, Relative transpiration, Relaxed, Relaxed circle, Relaxed plasmid, Relaxin (hormone), Release, Relic, Relict, Relict spiral, Remote, Renascent, Renner effect, Repair, Repeat unit, Repeat(n), Repetitive DNA, Repetitive sequence, Replacement, Replacement cell, Replacement theory, Replacement therapy, Replica plating, Replicate, Replicate experiment, Replication, Replication bubble, Replication fork, Replication origin, Replicative form, Replicon (replication unit), Replisome, Reporter gene(Repressor), Repression, Repressor, Repressor gene, Repressor molecule, Reproduction, Reproduction hormone, Reproductive bodies, Reproductive cell (Germ cell), Reproductive development, Reproductive organ, Reproductive potential, Reproductive success, Reproductive value, Repulsion, Reserve food, Reserve material, Reserve starch, Residual, Residual reprductive value, Residues, Resin, Resistance, Resistant, Resolution, Resolving power, Respiration, Respiratory, Respiratory substrate, Response, Rest period, Resting, Resting cell, Resting nucleus, Resting period, Resting phase, Resting spore, Restitution, Restitution nucleus, Restriction endonuclease, Restriction enzyme, Restriction enzyme recognition sequence, Restriction factor, Restriction fragment


S phase, S1 nuclease, Sac, Saccharase, Saccharification, Salamander, Salicylic acid, Saline, Salivary gland chromosomes, Salt tolerance (saline resistance), Sample, Sampling error, Sap, Saponification, Saponin (glycoside), Saprophytic, Saprophytism, SAT-chromosome, Satallite RNA, Satellite, Satellite DNA, Satellite virus, Saturation, Scaffold, Scale, Scanning, Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Scattered, Scattering of light, Schiff's reagent, Schizogenesis, Scientific name, Scion, Screen, Screening, Scrotal sac (scrotum, testis sac), Scrub, Season, Seasonal isolation, Seasonal periodicity, Seasonal predominant, Second filial generation, Second site mutation, Second site reversion, Secondary, Secondary antibody, Secondary association, Secondary dormancy, Secondary growth, Secondary kinetochore, Secondary meristem, Secondary metabolite, Secondary mutant, Secondary non-disjunction, Secondary nucleus, Secondary oocyte, Secondary pairing, Secondary plant products, Secondary polyploid, Secondary reinforcememt, Secondary segregation, Secondary sexual character, Secretion, Secretory, Secretory cell, Secretory tissue, Section, Sectioning, Sector, Sectorial chimaera, Secundine(After-birth), Sedimentation, Sedimentation coefficient, Seed, Seed bank, Seed generation(S.G.), Seed storage proteins, Seedling, Segment, Segmental interchange, Segmentation, Segmentation nucleus, Segregant, Segregation, Selection, Selection coefficient, Selection culture, Selection differential, Selection pressure, Selection response, Selection unit, Selective, Selective absorption, Selective agent, Selective fertilization, Selective maker, Selective maturation, Selective medium, Selective permeability, Self-bred, Self-compatible, Self-fertility, Self-fertilization, Self-incompatibility, Self-incompatible, Self-parasitism, Self-pollination, Self-regulation, Self-replicating element, Self-splicing, Self-sterile, Self-sterility, Selfish DNA, Sematic colouration, Semelparous, Semen, Semi-apospory, Semi-cell, Semi-conservative replication, Semi-conservative replication model, Semi-continuous culture, Semi-dominance, Semi-elliptic, Semi-heterotypic division, Semi-lethal factors, Semi-liquid, Semi-orbicular, Semi-parasite, Semi-permeable, Semi-permeable membrane, Semi-solid, Semi-sterile plants, Semi-sterility, Seminal vesicle, Senescence, Senescent, Sense codon, Sense RNA, Sensitive, Sensitiveness, Sensitivity, Sensitization, Sensory, Sepal, Sepsis, Septate, Septic, Septivalent (Heptavalent), Septum, Sequence, Sequence- tagged site (STS), Sequencing, Serial, Seriate, Series, Serine, Serotinous, Sertoli cells, Serum, Sessile, Sex cell, Sex chromosomes, Sex controlled inheritance, Sex determination, Sex factor(F- factor), Sex glands, Sex hormone, Sex index, Sex linkage, Sex linked inheritance, Sex mosaic, Sex pilus, Sex ratio, Sex reversal, Sex- influenced dominance, Sex- influenced trait, Sex- limited, Sex- limited trait, Sex- linked, Sex- linked characters, Sex- linked genes, Sexivalent (Hexavalent), Sexual, Sexual cycle, Sexual differentiation, Sexual dimorphism, Sexual generation, Sexual organ, Sexual potency, Sexual reproduction, Sexual rhythm, Sexual selection, Sexuality, Shear, Sheath, Shine- Dalgarno sequence, Shock, Shoot, Shoot -tip graft (micrograft), Shoot differentiation


T cell, T-DNA (Transfer DNA), T4 DNA ligase, Tachygenesis, Tachytelic, Tag, Tandem array, Tandem repeats, Tannic acids, Tannin, Tap root, Taper, Tapetal, Tapetum, Taq-polymerase, Target, Targeting vector, Taste blindness, TATA box, Tautomers, Taxon, Taxonomy, Telegony, Teleological, Teleology, Telocentric chromosome, Telomerase, Telomere, Telomitic, Telophase, Telosynapsis, Temperate phage, Temperature- sensitive mutation, Temperature- sensitive protein, Template strand, Tension, Teraploidy, Teratism, Teratology, Terminal, Terminal affinity, Terminal chiasma, Terminal transferase, Terminalization, Terminalization coefficient, Terminate, Termination, Termination codon, Termination factor, Termination signal, Terminator, Terminator gene, Terminator sequence, Terminator technology, Territoriality, Territory, Tertiary mutant, Test cross, Tester strain, Testicle(Testis), Testis sac, Testis, (pl.Testes), Testis- determining factor (TDF), Testosterone, Tetrabasic, Tetracycline, Tetracyte, Tetrad, Tetrad analysis, Tetrad division, Tetragenic, Tetrapeptide, Tetraploid, Tetrasaccharide, Tetrasomaty, Tetrasome, Tetrasomic, Tetraster, Tetratype, Tetrazolium, Texture, Thalassemia, Thanatosis, Theca, Thelygenic, Thelygeny, Thelykaryon, Thelyplasm, Thelytoky, Thermal, Thermal absorption, Thermal conduction, Thermal death point, Thermal emission, Thermal induction, Thermal stress, Thermic shock, Thermocleistogamy, Thermolabile, Thermometer, Thermophile, Thermophilic, Thermophilic bacteria, Thermosensitivity, Thermostable, Thermotherapy, Thiamine, Thixotropic, Thixotropy, Three-breed crossing, Three-point testcross, Three-way cross, Thremmatology, Threshold, Threshold value, Throwing-back, Thrum-eyed, Thylakoid, Thymidine, Thymidine kinase, Thymine, Ti plasmid (tumor inducing plasmid), Time, Time course, Time factor, Tissue, Tissue culture, Tissue system, Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Tolerance, Tolerate, Toleration, Tonoplast, Tonotaxis, Top-cross(Inbred variety cross), Topo-isomerase, Torsion, Torsion symmetry, Torsion-pairing, Tortoise shell, Total parasite, Totipotency, Totipotent cell, Toxic, Toxicity, Toxins, Trace elements, Tracer, Tractile fibre, Traction fibre, Trait, Trans configuration (repulsion), Trans-acting, Trans-arrangement, Transcript, Transcription, Transcription complex, Transcription factor, Transcription unit, Transcription vector, Transcriptional control, Transdetermination, Transdominant, Transduce, Transducing particle, Transducing phage, Transducing retroviruses, Transductants, Transduction, Transduction frequency, Transduction mapping, Transfection, Transfer cell, Transfer RNA(tRNA), Transferase, Transform, Transformant, Transformation, Transformation efficiency, Transformation frequency, Transformed, Transforming principle, Transfusion tissue, Transgene, Transgenic, Transgenic organism, Transgenic plant, Transgressive segregation, Transient, Transient polymorphism, Transit peptide, Transit sequence, Transition, Transition mutation, Transition stage, Transitional, Translation, Translational control, Translational iniation signal


U- protein, Ubiquitous, UDP-galactose, UDP-glucose, Ultra-filter, Ultracentrifugation, Ultracentrifuge, Ultrafiltration, Ultramicroscope, Ultrasonication, Ultrasonicator, Ultrastructure, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet rays, Ultraviolet spectroscopy, Umbilical, Umbilical cord, Umbilicus, Unbalance, Undifferentiated, Unequal, Unequal bivalent, Unequal crossing- over, Uneven growth, Uni-directional, Unicell, Unicellular, Uninuclear, Uninucleate, Uninucleated, Uniovular twins, Uniparental inheritance, Uniparous, Unipolar spindle, Uniserial, Uniseriate, Unisexual, Unisexualism, Unit character, Unit factor, Univalent, Universal, Universal donor cell, Unorganized, Unorganized growth, Unreduced apogamy, Upstream, Upstream activator sequence, Uracil, Urea, Urease, Uridine, Uterus, Uterus duplex, Uterus simplex


V chromosome, Vaccination, Vaccine, Vacuolate, Vacuolation, Vacuole, Vacuum, Vagina, Valine, Valve, Van der wals forces, Vancomycin, Variable, Variable domains, Variable expressivity, Variable surface glycoprotein(VSG), Variance, Variance of gene frequency, Variant, Variation, Variegated, Variegated plant, Variegation, Variety, Vas deferens, Vascular bundle, Vascular plant, Vascular system, Vascular tissue, Vector, Vector DNA, Vector molecule, Vegetative (n), Vegetative apogamy, Vegetative body, Vegetative cell, Vegetative development, Vegetative function, Vegetative pole, Vegetative propogation, Vegetative reproduction, Vehicle, Velocity density gradient centrifugation, Velocity sedimentation analysis, Ventral, Vermilion red, Vernalization, Versatile anther, Vertical, Vertical section, Vesicle, Vestige, Vestigial, Viability, Viability test, Viable, Vibratile, Vibrio, Vicinism(Out cross), Viral oncogene, Viral vaccine, Virgin birth, Virion, Viroid, Virulence, Virulence factor, Virulent, Virulent phage, Virus, Virus free, Virus particle, Virus pathogen(viral pathogen), Virus protein(viral protein), Virus resistance, Virus vaccine (viral vaccine), Viscocity, Viscous, Visible light, Visible mutation, Vital force, Vitalism, Vitamer, Vitamin, Vitellarium, Vitellin (a protein), Vitelline artery, Vitelline body, Vitelline duct, Vitelline gland, Vitelline membrane, Vitelline vein, Viviparous, Viviparous germination, Vivipary (viviparity), VNTR (Variable Number Tandem Repeat), Volatile oils, Volatilization, Volume, Volutin granule


W-chromosome, Warning colouration, Waste product, Water absorption, Water bath, Water content, Water protential, Water stress, Wavelength, Wedge, Weed, Weissmannism, Western blot, Western blotting, Wet weight, Wetting agent, Wide-bar, Wild type, Wild type allele, Wilting, Wind pollinated, Wind pollination, Wobble hypothesis, Wounding, Wright's co-efficient (inbreedign co-efficient), Wrinkled


X- linked dominant trait, X- linked recessive trait, X-chromosome, X-chromosome nondisjunction, X-linked, X-linked disease, X-linked inheritance, X-linked trait, X-radiation, X-ray, X-ray crystallography, X-ray diffraction analysis, X-ray micro diffraction, Xanthin, Xanthine, Xanthophyll, Xenia, Xenogamy, Xenoplastic graft, Xenospecies, Xenotransplantation, Xylose


Y-chromosome, Y-linked trait, YAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosome), Yarovization(Vernalization), Yates correction, Yeast, Yeast artificial chromosome (YAC), Yeast cloning vector, Yeast episomal plasmid, Yeast extract, Yolk nucleus(Vitelline body), Yolk-plug, Yolk-sac, Yolk-sac placenta, Yolk-sac umbilicus, Yolk-spherule


Z-chromosome, Z-DNA (zig- zag DNA), Zero point, Zero time, Zinc finger, Zonation, Zone, Zoogamete, Zoogonous(Viviparous), Zoogony(Vivipary), Zoophily, Zoospore, Zygonema, Zygospore, Zygote, Zygotene, Zygotic incompatibility, Zygotic lethal, Zygotic meiosis, Zygotic mutation, Zygotic reduction, Zygotic sterility, Zymogen (enzyme precursor)