Glossary of Performing Art Terms → Contents

A-effect (v.effekt verformtung), A-tonal music, Abbreviation, Abdomen, Abdominal, Aberration, Ability, Ablution, Abnormal, Above, Abridged edition, Abrupt, Absolute, Absorbed, Absorbed in thought, Absorbent, Absorption, Abstract, Abstract acting, Abstract art, Abstract cinema, Abstract concept, Abstract dancing, Abstract design, Abstract drama, Abstract form, Abstract music, Abstract painting, Abstract setting, Abstract thinking, Abstract thought, Abstraction, Absurd, Absurd Drama, Absurd Literature of the, Absurd Theatre of the, Absurdity, Abuse, Abutment, Academic, Academician, Academy of arts, Acceleration, Accent, Accent lighting, Accenting the eyes, Accentuation, Accessories, Accident, Accidental, Acclamation, Acclimatation, Acclimatization, Accommodation, Accompaniment, Accomplished, Accord, Accuracy, Achievement, Acoustics, Acquire, Acquired, Acritical, Acrobat, Acrobatics, Acropolis, Act, Act change, Act interval, Acting, Acting area, Acting arena, Acting company, Acting edition ; version, Acting Effective, Acting fee, Acting locale, Action, Action unit, Activate, Activation, Active, Activism, Activity, Actor, Actress, Actual, Actualize, Acute, Adapt, Adaptability, Adaptable, Adaptation, Adapted, Adapter, Additive, Additive colour mixing, Additive lighting, Address, Adhesive, Adjudicate, Adjudication, Adjudicator, Adjust, Adjuster, Administrator, Admiration, Admire, Admirer, Admission, Adolescence, Adolescent, Adopt, Adult, Advance, Advance booking, Advance copy, Advance Royalties, Advancement, Advantage, Adventure, Adventure story, Adventurer, Adversarial, Adversary, Adverse, Advertisement, Advertising, Aerial, Aesthete, Aesthetic accord, Aesthetic accord delight, Aesthetic accord distance, Aesthetic movement, Aesthetic touch, Aesthetician, Aesthetics, Affect, Affectation, Affective, Affective fallacy, Affective memory (Stanislauski), Affinity, After-piece, Afterword, Age, Age of manners, Age of reason, Agent, Aggravate, Aggravation, Aggression, Aggressive, Agile, Agility, Aging, Agit-prop theatre, Agitation, Agitator, Agogic accent, Agora, Agreement, Aid, Aim, Aisle, Alap, Alienate, Alienation, Alight, Alignment, Allegorical Drama, Allegory, Allergy, Alley, Alliance, Allied arts, Alliteration, Allusion, Ally, Aloud, Altar, Altar poem, Alternate, Alternative, Alto, Amateur, Amber, Amber light, Ambience, Ambiguity, Ambition, Ambivalence, Ambulatory, Amoral, Amorous(Adj), Amphitheatre, Amplification, Amplifier, Amplify, Amusement


Babble, Baby spot light, Bacchanalia, Bacchanalian, Bacchus, Back lighting, Back Stage, Backdrop, Background, Backing, Backward, Balance, Balcony, Balcony front, Balcony stage, Bald wig, Ballad, Ballad opera, Ballerina, Ballet, Ballroom-dancing, Bamboo painting, Ban, Banal, Band, Bar, Barbarism, Bard, Baritone, Baroque theatre, Barrel drum, Barrel lighting, Base, Base and superstructure, Base line, Basement, Bashfulness, Basic exercise, Basilica, Basis, Bass, Basset horn, Bassoon, Bastard title, Bathos, Batten flood light, Battle dress, Battle piece, Beads, Beak head, Beam, Beard, Beat, Beat generation, Beauty, Bedroom farce, Beginner, Behaviour, Beige, Being, Belief, Believe, Bell, Below, Betray, Between acts, Bi-monthly, Bias, Biblioclasm, Biblioclast, Bibliography, Bibliolatry, Bibliomania, Bibliophobia, Biennial, Bilingual, Bill-board, Binding medium, Black magic, Black theatre, Black-comedy, Black-out, Blade tip, Blank verse, Bleaching, Blender, Blending, Blind alley, Blinder, Block, Block printing, Blocking out, Blow, Blow up, Blower, Blowing instrument, Blue, Blue print, Blues, Blur, Blurb, Body, Body units, Bohemian, Bold face, Bombastic, Bone, Bone Structure, Book cover, Book review, Booking, Booking office, Booklet, Border, Border light, Borders, Boulevard drama, Bourgeoise, Bow, Box, Box appeal, Box draw, Box office, Box plan, Box set, Box success, Bracket, Braille, Brainwashing, Breakaway, Breakdown scenery, Breakthrough, Breath control, Breathing, Breathing Abdominal, Breathing Deep, Breathing Diaphragm, Breathing Rib, Breathless, Brechtian theatre, Brevity, Bridge, Brightness, Brilliance, Broad, Broadcast, Brochure, Bronchial cavity, Bronchial tube, Bronchus, Bronze, Brow, Brow knitting of eye-brows, Brush, Buffoon, Building of sets, Bulb, Bulletin, Burlesque, Business, Business manager, By-play


Cabaret, Cable, Cadence, Calf, Call, Call board, Call boy, Calligraphy, Camouflage, Campaign, Candle wax, Cane, Canon, Cantata, Canto, Canvas, Canvass, Capability, Capacity, Caption, Carbon arc spotlight, Card, Caricature, Carnival, Carol, Carpet, Carpeting, Cartoon, Cast, Casting, Catalogue, Catastasis, Catastrophe, Catchword, Categorize, Category, Catharsis, Cathartic experience, Catwalk, Causality, Cavalier drama, Cavalier poets, Cave, Cave-shaped, Caved - in - chest, Cavern, Cavity, Ceiling cloth, Celestial creeper, Celestial musician, Cellar, Celtic, Censor, Censor board, Censor(v), Censorship, Central, Central character, Central point of view, Centralization, Centre, Centre line, Centre of attention, Ceremony, Certitude, Challenge, Chamber, Chamber maid, Chamber music, Chamber recital, Chamberlain, Channelling, Channelling emotion, Chant, Chaos, Chaotic, Character, Character acting, Character dance, Character traits, Character, Physical, Characterisation, Characteristic, Characterized, Charade, Charge, Charisma, Charlatan, Chart, Chauvinism, Chauvinism Male, Cheek, Cheek bones, Cheek colouring, Cheek tint, Chief actor, Child actor, Children's theatre, Chin, Chivalric romance, Chivalry, Choice, Choir, Choral singer, Choral song, Choral speech, Chord, Choreographer, Choreography, Chorus, Chrismas play, Chromatic aberration, Chronicle, Chronicle play, Chronology, Church drama, Cinema, Cinemascope, Cinematic, Cinematograph, Cinematography, Circle, Circling, Circuit, Circulation, Circumlocution, Circus, Citation, Civic theatre, Clamp, Clap, Clarity, Clarity of Expression, Clash, Clasp, Classic, Classic acting, Classical, Classical drama, Classicism, Classification, Cleansing, Cliche, Clichetic, Climax, Clip, Cloak, Cloak reading, Cloak room, Close range, Close-up, Closed stage, Closed up position, Closet drama, Cloth, Clothing, Clown, Clown make-up, Cluster of words, Co-operation, Co-partner, Cognition, Coherence, Cohesion, Cohesive, Coiffeur, Coiffure, Coincidence, Coir, Collaboration, Collaborator, Collection, Collective unconsciousness, Colloquialism, Colophon, Coloration, Colour, Colour cake, Colour chart, Colour combination, Colour cone, Colour contrast, Colour curtain, Colour division, Colour effect, Colour filter, Colour frame, Colour harmony, Colour in make up, Colour in pigment, Colour in stage lighting, Colour material, Colour plate, Colour play, Colour primary, Colour roundel, Colour separation, Colour slide, Colour spectrum, Colour tone


Daily(n), Dance, Dance drama, Dance ensemble, Dance for theatre, Dancer, Day light, Dead blackout, Debut, Decadence, Deceleration, Decentralize, Decoration, Decorative, Decorum, Decrease, Dedicate, Dedication, Deduction, Defect, Defective, Definite, Definition, Deify, Delicate, Delight, Delineation, Delivery, Demon, Demonology, Demonstration, Denotation, Denouement, Dependent, Depression, Depth, Deputy stage manager, Derivative, Derogatory, Description, Design, Designer, Designing, Destiny, Destructive criticism, Detailed, Detective drama, Detective novel, Determinate, Deus ex machina, Development, Device, Devil, Devil dancing, Dexterity, Diagram, Dialect, Dialectic, Dialectics, Dialogue, Diaphragm, Diction, Diffused, Dilemma, Dilettante, Dimension, Dimmer, Dimmer lever, Dipthong, Direct, Direction, Director, Disbelief, Discipline, Disciplined, Discord, Discrimination, Discussion, Disguise, Disgust, Disintegration, Disinterested, Display, Disposition, Dissemination, Dissertation, Dissonance, Distinction, Distortion, Distraction, Divergence, Diversion, Division, Doctrinaire, Docu-theatre, Document, Documentary, Dogma, Dogmatic, Dogmatic critic, Domestic drama, Dominant, Domination, Door keeper, Doorman, Double, Double chin, Double pulley, Downward, Drama, Drama company, Drama course, Drama festival, Drama school, Drama school of, Drama Temple, Drama workshop, Dramatic, Dramatic action, Dramatic construction, Dramatic creation, Dramatic criticism, Dramatic dialogue, Dramatic element, Dramatic experience, Dramatic expression, Dramatic form, Dramatic history, Dramatic instinct, Dramatic irony, Dramatic literature, Dramatic moment, Dramatic movement, Dramatic plot, Dramatic society, Dramatic structure, Dramatic theory, Dramatic troupe, Dramatic usage, Dramatic use, Dramatis personae, Dramatist, Dramatization, Dramaturge, Dramaturgy, Drape, Drape curtain, Drapery, Drawing, Dress circle, Dress rehearsal, Dressing room, Drop, Drop curtain, Drum, Drummer, Drumming, Duel, Duet, Dumb show, Dummy, Duo, Duodrama, Duologue, Duration, Dust jacket, Dye, Dynamic, Décor


Eccentric, Ecclesiastical drama, Echo, Eclectic, Eclecticism, Ecstasy, Edition, Editor, Educational theatre, Edwardian, Effect, Effect Musical, Effect Sound, Effect, Lighting, Effective, Ego, Egoism, Egoist, Elaborate, Elaboration, Electra complex, Electrical appliances, Elegance, Elegant, Elegy, Elements, Elevated stage, Elevator stage, Elizabethan drama, Ellipsoidal reflector, Ellipsoidal spot-light, Elocution, Eloquence, Emblem, Emblematic, Emergency exit, Emergency lights, Emotion, Emotive, Emotive language, Empathia, Empathise, Empathy, Empirical, Empiricism, Enact, Enactment, Encore, End, Energy, Engraving, Enjoyment, Ensemble, Enter, Entertainment, Entertainment tax, Enthusiast, Entity, Entr'acte, Entrance, Entrance cue, Entrance fee, Entry, Environmental theatre, Epic, Epigram, Epilogue, Epiphany, Episode, Episodic, Episodic hero, Epistolary novel, Epitaph, Epitasis, Epithet, Epoch, Equipment, Equity, Era, Erotic, Erotic sentiment, Eroticism, Erudite, Erudition, Escape, Escapism, Escapist, Esoteric, Essay, Essayist, Essence, Establishment, Estrangement, Etching, Ethics, Ethos, Etymology, Eulogue, Eulogy, Euphemism, Evaluation, Evoke, Evolution, Exactness, Exaggeration, Example, Excellence, Excellent, Exercise, Exhortation, Existence, Existentialism, Exit, Exit line, Exorcism, Exorcist, Exoteric, Exotic, Experience, Experienced, Experiment, Experimental, Explication, Explicit, Exploration, Exposition, Expression, Expressionism, Expressive, Expurgate, Expurgated edition, Extempore, Extension, Exterior scene, Extra, Extra-curricular, Extract


Fabian society, Fable, Fabulous, Face, Face powder, Facial expression, Facial structure, Facsimile, Fade in, Fade out, Fader, Fair ground theater, Fairy tale, Faith, Fall, False proscenium, False stage, Falsification, Family box, Fan, Fancy, Fantasy, Farce, Farceur, Farcical, Farewell, Farewell performance, Fascinating, Fashion, Fatalism, Feature, Fee, Feed-line, Feel, Feeling, Felicitation, Fencing, Festival, Festoon, Fetishism, Feudalism, Fiction, Fictitious, Figurative, Figures of speech, Filament, Film, Film fan, Film noir, Filmgoer, Filter, Finale, Fine, Fine arts, Finish, Finishing touch, Fire curtain, Fire exit, Fireman, Fireplace effect, Fireproof, First circle, First entrance, First night, First person narrative, Fist, Fitting, Flame proofing, Flash, Flash back, Flash effect, Flash light, Flat character, Flat(n), Flats, Flexibility, Flexible, Flies, Float, Floating group, Floating stage, Floating theatre, Flood lamp, Flood light, Floor, Floor plan, Fly curtain, Fly gallery, Flying, Focal length, Focus, Focussing, Folio, Folk drama, Folklore, Folkplay, Folktale, Fool, Foot, Footlights, Footnote, Foreshadow, Forestage, Foreword, Form, Formal, Formal drama, Formalism, Format, Formula, Forum, Frame, Free association, Free drama, Free lance, Free verse, Freeze, Front curtain, Front lights, Front of house, Front of house manager, Front of stage, Frontier, Frontispiece, Full length play, Full set, Fun, Function, Funny, Futurism


Gag, Gait, Gala-night, Gallery, Gallop, Galloping, Galop, Games, Gate, Gauze curtain, Gaze, Genealogy, General semantics, Generalization, Generate, Generator, Generic, Genius, Genre, Gentle dance, Genus, Georgian, Gestalt psychology, Gesticulation, Gesture, Get-together, Ghost writer, Gibberish, Gift, Gifted, Girdle, Glamour, Glamourous, Glory, Gloss, Glossary, Glow, Gnomic, Goal, Golden age, Gong, Graceful mood, Graffiti, Gramophone, Grand circle, Grand curtain, Grand finale, Grand opera, Graphic, Graphical, Graphical structure, Grasp, Grease, Grease make-up, Green room, Grid, Grotesque, Ground plan, Ground row, Groundling, Group, Group instinct, Grouping, Growling, Growth, Guest actor, Guest performance, Guideline, Gum, Gymnasium


Hack writing, Hackneyed, Haiku, Hair dressing, Hall, Hall keeper, Hallucination, Hanamichi, Handbill, Handbook, Hanger, Happenings, Happy ending, Harmony, Head, Headline, Healthy, Hearing distance, Hedonism, Hellenism, Helmet, Heptameter, Heresy, Hero, Hero couplet, Hero drama, Hero worship, Heroic acting, Heroic play, Heroine, Hexameter, Hibernation, Hieroglyph, High art, High comedy, High tragedy, Highlight, Hilarious, Hinge, Hint, Hiss, Historical drama, Historical novel, Histrionic, Histrionics, Hit, Hobby, Hold, Hold the audience, Hold the stage, Holograph, Homeric, Homiletic tragedy, Homiletics, Homily, Homologous, Horripilation, Horror play, Horse-shoe theatre, Hot-spot, House, House full, Housing, Howler, Humanism, Humanist drama, Humanitarianism, Humanities, Humming, Humorous, Humour, Hybrid, Hymn, Hyperbole, Hyperreality, Hypersensitive, Hypothesis


Icon, Iconoclasm, Iconoclast, Iconoclastic, Iconography, Iconology, Iconometry, Idea, Ideal, Idealism, Idealistic, Idealize, Identical, Identification, Identity, Ideogram, Ideology, Idiom, Idiosyncracy, Idol, Idolatry, Illiteracy, Illogical, Illumination, Illusion, Illusory, Illustrate, Illustrated, Illustration, Image, Imagery, Imaginary, Imagination, Imaginative writing, Imagism, Imitation, Imitative magic, Imitative setting, Imitator, Immediacy, Imminent, Imperfect, Impersonation, Impetus, Implication, Implicit, Impressario, Impression, Impressionism, Imprint, Impromptu, Improvisation, Improvised, Impulse, Inaccurate, Inaction, Inactive, Inauguration, Inborn, Incantation, Incarnate, Incident, Incidental, Inciting moment, Inclination, Incoherence, Incoherent, Incongruence, Incongruent, Incongruity, Inconsistency, Inconsistent, Independent, Indeterminate, Index, Indicate, Indicator, Indigenous, Indirect lighting, Indiscrimination, Individualism, Indoctrination, Induction, Inductive, Inertia, Inevitability, Inevitable, Inference, Infinity, Inflammable, Inflection, Influence, Informal, Infuse, Ingenious, Inherent, Inhibiting, Inhibition, Innate, Inner, Inner proscenium, Innovation, Innuendo, Input, Inquiry, Inscription, Inseparable, Insight, Inspiration, Inspiring, Instinct, Institution, Instruction, Instrument, Instrumentalist, Insularity, Insulation, Intellect, Intellectual, Intellectualism, Intelligentsia, Intensification, Intention, Intentional fallacy, Inter-act, Interaction, Interest, Intergration, Interior, Interior monologue, Interior setting, Interlocutor, Interlude, Intermission, Internal rhyme, Interplay, Interpolation, Interpretation, Interval, Intimate, Intonation, Intricate, Intrigue, Intrinsic, Introduction, Introspection, Intrusion, Intuition, Invention, Investigation, Invitation, Invocation, Involuntary, Involve, Involved, Inward, Iron curtain, Irony, Irrational, Irregular, Issue, Italics, Ivory tower


Jacobean drama, Jargon, Jazz, Jest book, Jester, Jig, Jingle, Jobber, Journal, Journalism, Journalist, Journalistic, Jugglar, Jugglery, Jump, Juncture, Jury, Juvenile, Juxtaposition


Kabuki, Kaleidoscope, Keep pace, Keeper Hall, Keeper-Door, Key, Key board, keynote, Kinesthesia, Kinetic, Kleptomania, Knockabout, Knowledge


Laboratory theatre, Labyrinth, Lacquer, Lacuna, Ladder, Laissez-faire, Lament, Lamp, Lamp dip, Lamp socket, Lampoon, Landmark, Lantern, Lantern light, Lantern slide, Larynx, Lash, Latent, Lateral, Laugh, Laugh line, Laughter, Laureate,Poet, Laurel, Lay-figure, Layout, Lead, Leader, Leaflet, Leak, Learned, Learning, Leave, Lecture, Left-centre, Legend, Legendary, Legitimate theatre, Leisure, Lettering, Letterpress printing, Letters, Man of, Level, Lexicography, Lexicon, Library, Libretto, Licence, Lie flat, Lift, Lifting stage, Light, Light area, Light battern, Light comedian, Light comedy, Light cue, Light dip, Light distribution, Light man, Light opera, Light operator, Light rehearsal, Light stand, Light unit, Light verse, Lighting, Lighting effect, Limelight, Limerick, Limited edition, Limited engagement, Line of verse, Line rehearsal, Lingua-franca, Linguistics, Linotype, Liquid make-up, Literacy, Literal meaning, Literary agent, Literary drama, Literati, Literature, Lithography, Litterateur, Little theatre, Liturgical drama, Live performance, Lively, Living arts, Loading door, Lobby, Local, Local colour, Locale, Locality, Locate, Location, Locution, Logic, Logical order, Logos, Loneliness, Loop curtain, Lore, Lost generation, Low comedy, Low intensity, Low light, Low tragedy, Lower gallery, Lucid, Lucidity, Lullaby, Luminous, Lustre, Lyre, Lyric, Lyric writer, Lyrical


Macabre, Machine, Machinery,Stage, Macrocosm, Maestro, Magaizine, Magic, Magic "If", Magic Black, Magic effect, Magic Imitative, Magic Lantern, Magic realism, Magic Sympathetic, Magic White, Magician, Magnificent, Magnifying lens, Magnum opus, Main play, Main plot, Main role, Mainstay, Mainstream, Major role, Majority, Make-up, Making of theatre, Maladjusted, Malady, Malapropism, Male chauvinism, Man of letters, Manager, Manager Assistant stage, Manager Business, Manager Company, Manager Deputy stage, Manager Front-of-house, Manager Repertory, Manager Stage, Manifestation, Manifesto, Manipulation, Mannerism, Manners, Manuscript, Margin, Marginalia, Mark, Marked, Marshall, Martial art, Martyr, Martyrdom, Martyred, Marvel, Marvellous, Masculine, Mask, Masked comedy, Masking, Masochism, Masochistic, Masque, Masquerade, Mass, Mass communication, Mass media, Master, Master stroke, Master switch, Master touch, Masterpiece, Mastery, Match, Material, Materialism, Matinee show, Matrix, Mature, Maturity, Maxim, Maximum, Meaning, Measure, Mechanic, Mechanical, Mechanics of theatre, Mechanism, Mediaeval theatre, Mediocre, Mediocrity, Medium, Megalomania, Megaphone, Meiosis, Melancholia, Melancholy, Melodrama, Melodramatic, Melody, Melopoeia, Memoirs, Memory, Mental absorption, Mental activity, Mental agitation, Mental association, Mental balance, Mental block, Mental change, Mental count, Mental development, Mental effect, Mental energy, Mental health, Mental ill health, Mental laziness, Mental process, Mental relaxation, Mental standard, Mental state, Mental suggestion, Mental vision, Mentality, Message, Metachronism, Metamorphosis, Metaphor, Metaphorical, Metaphysics, Method, The, Methodology, Metre, Metrical foot, Microcosm, Microphone, Middle age, Middle Ages, Middle comedy, Middle gallery, Mime, Mimesis, Mimetic criticism, Mimic, Mimicry, Mind, Miniature, Minimum, Minor character, Minor role, Minor tradition, Minority, Miracle play, Miscellany, Mise-en-scene, Misprint, Mix, Mixed, Mixed medium, Mixed metaphor, Mixture, Mob scene, Mobile, Mobility, Mock epic, Mod, Mode, Model, Modelling, Modern, Modern music, Modernity, Modulation, Moment, Momentary, Mona Lisa, Monastery, Monastic, Monism, Monistic, Monochrome, Monodrama, Monograph, Monolithic, Monologue, Monosyllable, Monotone, Monotonous, Montage, Monthly, Monument, Monumental, Mood, Mood dominant, Moral, Moralist, Morality play, Morphology


Nadagama, Nadagama tradition, Naive, Naivety, Naked, Name, Naming, Narcissism, Narrate, Narration, Narrative, Narrative verse, Narratology, Narrator, Narrow minded, Nation, National anthem, National arts, National theatre, Nationalism, Nationality, Native, Nativity play, Natural, Naturalism, Naturalist, Naturalistic, Nature, Naumachia, Nausea, Nauseating, Navel, Near rhyme, Neat, Necessary, Necessity, Neck, Neck cloth, Necklace, Necklace of beads, Necklace of jewels, Necklace of pearls, Necromancy, Necrophilia, Necrophobia, Nectar, Negation, Negative, Negotiation, Negotiator, Neo-classical, Neo-logism, Neo-logy, Neo-platonic, Neo-platonist, Neo-realism, Neologist, Nepotism, Nerve, Nerve-racking, Nervous, Nervousness, Nether garment, Nether world, Network, Neuralgia, Neurology, Neurotic, Neurotomy, Neutral, Neutralist, New comedy, New comer, New criticism, New drama, New fangled, New novel, New wave, New-born, News, News agency, News Bad, News editor, News paper, News pool, News print, News sheet, News, Good, Newsletter, Newsmonger, Nickname, Night blindness, Night club, Night dress, Night watch, Nightfall, Nightmare, Nihilism, Nobel prize, Nobility, Noble, Nobleman, Noctambulist, Nocturnal, Nod, Noh Play, Noh theatre, Noise, Nom-de-plume, Nomadism, Nomenclature, Non-commercial, Non-commitment, Non-conformist, Non-critical, Non-expressive, Non-fiction, Non-figurative, Non-formal, Non-luminous, Non-professional, Non-representational, Non-symbolic, Nonentity, Nonsense, Nonsense verse, Nonstop, Norm, Normal, Normative, Nose piece, Nose ring, Nose stud, Nostalgia, Nostril, Notable, Notation, Note, Notice, Notice board, Notion, Notorious, Noumenon(thing-in-itself), Novel, Novelette, Novella, Novelty, Novice, Nuance, Nucleus, Nullify, Numbness, Nunnery, Nuptial, Nursery rhymes, Nurti, Nymph, Nymphomania


Oath, Obesity, Object, Objection, Objective, Objective correlative, Objective lens, Objective super, Objectivity, Obligation, Oblique, Oblique perspective, Oblique rhyme, Oblique speech, Oblique vision, Obnoxious, Obscene, Obscenity, Obscurant, Obscurantism, Obscure, Observance, Observation, Obsession, Obsolete, Obstacle, Obstinate, Obstruction, Obtrude, Obvious, Occasion, Occasional, Occident, Occidental, Occular, Occult, Occult science, Occurrence, Ocean, Ochre, Octagenerian, Octagon, Octagonal, Octave, Octavo, Octometer, Odd, Oddity, Ode, Odious, Odour, Oedipus complex, Off stage, Off-beat, Office, Ogle, Ogre, Oily, Ointment, Old comedy, Old fashion, Old fashioned, Oligarchy, Omen, Ominous, Omission, Omit, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnivorous, Omphalic, One night stand, One-act play, Oneness, Onerous, Onesided, Onomatopoeia, Ontological, Ontology, Opacity, Opaque, Open, Open couplet, Open stage, Open structure, Opening, Opening night, Opera, Opera comique, Opera glass, Opera house, Operatic, Operator, Operetta, Opinion, Opponent, Opportunism, Opportunist, Opposite, Opposition, Oppression, Optical axis, Optical effect, Optical illusion, Optimism, Optimist, Optimum, Option, Optional, Oracle, Oral, Oral tradition, Oral transmission, Oration, Orator, Oratory, Orchard, Orchestra, Orchestra pit, Ordeal, Order, Organic unity, Organisation, Oriel, Orient, Oriental, Oriental languages, Orientation, Origin, Original, Originality, Ornament, Ornamental, Ornamentation, Ornate, Orpiment, Orthodox, Orthodoxy, Orthography, Outacting, Outburst, Outcry, Outdoor theatre, Outer, Outlandish, Outline, Outlook, Output, Outshine, Outsider, Outstanding, Overacting, Overbalance, Overcharge, Overcrowd, Overcrowded, Overdo, Overhear, Overlap, Overrating, Overshadow, Oversimple, Oversound, Overspeak, Overstate, Overstatement, Overtone, Overture, Oxymoron


Pace, keep, Pacifist, Pacify, Pad-show, Paean, Pagan, Paganism, Page proof, Pageant, Pagoda, Pain, Painful, Painstaking, Paint, Painter, Painting, Pair, Palace, Palace yard, Palaeography, Palaeolithic, Palanquin, Palatal, Palate, Palatial, Palladian, Pamphlet, Pan, Pandemonium, Pandit, Panegyric, Panegyrist, Panel discussion, Panic, Panorama, Panorama floodlight, Panoramic, Panoramic method, Pant, Pantaloon, Pantheism, Pantheon, Pantomime, Papyrus, Parabasis, Parable, Parabolic reflector, Parachronism, Parade, Paradigm, Paradise, Paradox, Paragraph, Parallel, Parallel action, Parallelism, Paramount, Paraphernalia, Paraphrase, Pararhyme, Parasite, Parchment, Parenthesis, Parlance, Parochial, Parochialism, Parody, Paronomasia, Part, Part-payment, Partial, Partiality, Participation, Participle, Particular, Partisan, Partition, Partner, Partner play, Partnership, Parts of speech, Party, Pass, Passion, Passion play, Passionate, Passive, Passover, Past master, Paste, Pastime, Pastle colours, Pastor, Pastoral, Pataphysics, Patch-work, Patent, Pathetic, Pathetic fallacy, Pathos, Patience, Patriarch, Patriarchal, Patricide(Parricide), Patriot, Patron, Patronage, Patronize, Patter, Patter song, Pattern, Pattern poem, Pause, Pavilion, Payment, Peacock blue, Peak, Peasantry, Peculiar, Pedagogue, Pedant, Pedantic, Pedestal, Pedestrian style, Pedigree, Peep hole, Peer, Peer group, Peg, Pen-name, Penance, Pendant, Pending, Penetrating vision, Penmanship, Pensive, Pentagon, Pentameter, Penthouse, Penultimate, People, People's theatre, Perceive, Perception, Percussion, Perennial, Perfect, Perfect rhyme, Perfection, Perforate, Perform, Performance, Performative, Performer, Performing arts, Perfume, Perilous, Period, Periodic, Periodical, Peripheral, Periphery, Periphrasis, Periscope, Permanence, Permanent, Permanent cyclorama, Permanent foot light, Permeate, Permission, Permissive society, Permit, Pernicious, Peroration, Perpendicular, Perpetual, Perplex, Persistence, Persona, Personage, Personal, Personality, Personified, Personify, Personnel, Perspective, Persuade, Perturbation, Perversion, Pessimism, Petticoat, Phallus, Phantasmal, Phantasy, Phantom, Pharynx, Phenomenon, Philanderer, Philanthropy, Philistine


Quadrangle, Quadrangular, Quadrilateral, Quadrille, Qualitative, Quality, Qualm, Quandary, Quantitative, Quarter, Quarterly, Quartet, Quarto, Quatrain, Quaver, Questionnaire, Queue, Quibble, Quick curtain, Quick Cut, Quick March, Quick Study, Quick Witted, Quick-cue, Quintain, Quintessence, Quintet, Quip, Quiver, Quorum, Quota, Quotation marks, Quote


Rabelaisian, Racy, Radial arm dimmer, Radiance, Radical, Radicalism, Radio drama, Radius, Rag, Rage, Rail, Railing, Rain effect, Rain machine, Rainbow effect, Raison d'etre, Rake, Rake stage, Rally, Ramp, Range, Rapport, Rate, Rational, Rationale, Rationalism, Rationalize, Rattan, Rattle, Rays, Re-establishment, Re-living, Reach, Reaction, Reader, Reader response Theory, Readership, Reading, Reading edition, Real, Real life, Realism, Realism Critical, Realist, Realistic theatre, Reality, Realization, Realm, Ream(of paper), Rear, Rear stage, Reason, Age of, Reassembling, Rebel, Recall, Recantation, Recapitulate, Recapitulation, Recast, Receiver, Reception, Receptionist, Receptive, Recess, Reciprocal, Recital, Recitalist, Recitation, Recite, Recline, Recognition, Recognize, Recollection, Reconstruction, Record, Recorder, Recreation, Rectilinear, Recurrence, Recycle, Reductio ad absurdum, Reductio ad infinitum, Reduction, Redundancy, Redundant, Reduplication, Reel, Reference mark, Refinement, Reflection, Reflector, Reflex action, Reformation, Reformed, Refraction, Refrain, Refreshing, Refreshments, Regalia, Regional, Regionalism, Register, Regular, Regulate, Rehabilitate, Rehearsal, Rehearse, Reinforce, Reiterate, Rejoinder, Rejuvenation, Relate, Relationship, Relaxation, Relay, Release, Relief, Relieve, Religious drama, Relish, Remorse, Renaissance, Renaissance drama, Rendering, Rendezvous, Renewal, Renown, Repartee, Repellent, Repertoire, Repertory, Repertory company, Repertory manager, Repertory theatre, Repetition, Reported speech, Representation, Representational, Reprint, Reproduction, Research, Reserved seat, Resident, Resistance dimmer, Resolution, Resonance, Resonator, Resounding, Resources, Respiration, Respond, Restlessness, Restoration drama, Restore, Restraint, Resurgence, Resurrection, Retardation, Retina, Retiring room, Retreat, Retrospect, Retrospective exhibition, Reunion, Reveal, Revelation, Revenge, Revenge play, Reverberation, Reverberator, Reversal, Review, Revision, Revival, Revivalism, Revolt, Revolution, Revolutionary, Revolutionize, Revolving, Revolving stage, Revue, Rewarding, Rhapsody, Rheostat, Rhetoric, Rhyme, Rhythm, Rib, Rib breathing, Rich, Riddle, Ridicule, Right, Right angle, Right centre, Rights, Ring down, Ring up, Rising action


Sacred drama, Sacrifice, Sacrificial, Sacrilege, Sad, Sadism, Sadistic, Safety curtain, Saga, Sage, Salon, Salutation, Salute, Salvationism, Sample, Sanity, Santa Claus, Sarcasm, Sardonic, Satan, Satire, Satirical play, Saturation, Saturnine, Satyr play, Satyriasis, Savage, Savant, Saxophone, Saying, Scabbard, Scaffold stage, Scandal, Scarlet, Scenario, Scene, Scene bay, Scene designer, Scene dock, Scenery, Scenic background, Scenic Method, Scenographer, Scent, Scepticism, Schedule, Scheme, Schizophrenia, Scholar, Scholarship, Scholasticism, School, School drama, Scope, Score, Screen, Screen play, Screen test, Script, Scriptures, Sculpture, Season ticket, Season, Drama, Second lead, Secondary, Sect, Sectarian, Sectarianism, Secular drama, Secularisation, Self consciousness, Self diagnosis, Self dramatization, Self educated, Self exploratory, Self exposure, Self portrait, Self restraint, Sell out, Semantics, Semblance, Semi-abstract, Semi-circle, Seminar, Sensation, Sensational, Sense, Sensibility, Sensitive, Sensitivity, Sensitize, Sensory, Sensual, Sensuality, Sentiment, Sentimental, Sequel, Sequence, Serene, Serial play, Series, Serious drama, Set, Setting, Settings, Shadow, Shadow play, Shadow show, Shakespearean, Shame, Share, Shave, Shine, Shock, Shoot(film), Shooting script, Short story, Shot, Shoulder, Show, Shutter, Side curtain, Side glance, Side issue, Side light, Side show, Side view, Side walk, Side wall, Siege, Sight comedian, Sight line, Sign, Signal, Signature, Signature tune, Silence, Theatre of, Silent film, Silhouette, Silver jubilee, Similarity, Simile, Similitude, Simplicity, Simplification, Simultaneous, Sing, Single pulley, Siren, Sitar, Site, Situation, Size, Sketch, Skill, Skip, Skirt, Sky blue, Sky line, Slang, Slap, Slave, Slide, Slide dimmer, Sliding, Sliding door, Sliding stage, Slogan, Slow curtain, Slow motion, Smash-hit, Sobbing, Sociable, Social drama, Social reality, Socialist realism, Society, Dramatic, Socratic, Sold out, Solecism, Solid, Solidarity, Solids, Soliloquy, Solipsicism, Solo, Soloist, Sombre, Somersault, Somiloquy, Somnambulic, Somnambulism, Somnambulist, Sonata, Song, Song and dance, Sonnet, Sophistication, Sophistry, Soprano


Tableau, Tableau curtain, Taboo, Tabs, Tabula rasa, Tactic, Tactile, Tale, Talent, Talkie, Talky play, Tamasha, Tambourine, Tangible, Tango, Tape, Tape recorder, Taper, Tapestry, Target, Tassel, Taste, Tat, Tautology, Tawny, Tax, Tea ceremony, Tea party, Team, Tears, Teaser, Teaser spot light, Technical director, Technical rehearsal, Technician, Technique, Technology, Telegraphic style, Telepathy, Teleprinter, Telescope, Television, Television drama, Temper, Tempera, Temperament, Temperamental, Temperature, Temple, Tempo, Temporal, Temptation, Tendency, Tendentious, Tender, Tendon, Tenet, Tenor, Tense, Tension, Tent show, Terminology, Terra-cotta, Terrace, Terror, Terrorism, Tertiary, Test, Testament, Testimony, Tetralogy, Text, Text book, Texture, Theatre, Theatre convention, Theatre course, Theatre fan, Theatre folk, Theatre games, Theatre goer, Theatre in-the-round, Theatre of cruelty, Theatre of silence, Theatre of the absurd, Theatre plant, Theatre workshop, Theatricalism, Theism, Theme, Theme music, Theme song, Theocracy, Theology, Theoretical course, Theoretician, Theory, Therapeutic, Thesis, Thespian, Thigh, Thinker, Third person narrative, Thorax, Three-phase, Threesome, Threshold, Thrill, Thriller, Thrilling, Throat, Throne, Thrust stage, Thumb, Thunder effect, Tiara, Ticket box, Ticket checker, Ticket office, Ticket seller, Tickets, Timbre, Time Images, Timing, Tinsel, Tint, Tintometer, Tirade, Tissue, Titanism, Title, Title page, Toadyism, Tomb, Tonal, Tonalism, Tone, Tone generator, Tone spectrum, Tongue, Tongue twister, Tonic, Tonoscope, Tonsure, Tools, Top hat, Topic, Topical, Torch, Total theatre, Totalitarian art, Totalitarianism, Totality, Totem, Touchstone, Tour, Tour de-force, Tower, Toy theatre, Track, Curtain, Tract, Tradition, Traditionalism, Traditionalist, Tragedian, Tragedy, Tragi-comedy, Tragi-comic, Trailer, Trainee, Training, Traitor, Trance, Trance dance, Tranquility, Trans-human, Transaction, Transcendental, Transcolour, Transcription, Transformation, Transformer, Transformism, Transition, Transitional scene, Translation, Transliteration, Translucent, Transmission, Transmit, Transparent, Transplantation, Transpose, Trap, Trap door, Trapeze, Trash, Traumatic change, Travelling company, Treachery


Ubiquitous, Ugliness, Ugly, Ultimate, Ultra leftist, Ultra modern, Ultra sensitive, Ultra sonic, Ultra-violet, Unabridged, Unattainable, Unbecoming, Unbiased, Uncertainty principle, Uncommitted, Uncommon, Unconscious, Unconventional, Uncritical, Underaction, Underground film, Underground literature, Underrate, Unexpurgated, Unhealthy, Uniform, Uniformity, Uninhibited, Unitary, Unities, Three, Unity, Unity of action, Unity of place, Unity of time, Universal, Universality, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unprescribed, Unproportionate, Unreal, Unrefined, Unskilled, Unsophisticated, Unworldly, Upbreathe, Upbringing, Upheaval, Upholstery, Upper gallery, Uprising, Uproar, Upshot, Upstage, Urban, Urbane, Urge, Usage, Use, Usher, Utilitarian, Utility, Utopia, Utopian, Utterance


Vacuum, Vague, Valediction, Validity, Valour, Value, Value System, Values, Vampire, Vandalism, Vanguard, Variant, Variation, Variety, Variety entertainment, Vaudeville, Vault, Veil, Velocity, Velvet, Venetian blind, Ventilation, Ventriloquism, Verbal, Verbatim, Verbiation, Verbosity, Verdant green, Verification, Verisimilitude, Vernacular, Vers libre, Versatality, Versatile, Verse, Verse drama, Verse Free, Versification, Versifier, Version, Vertical, Veteran, Vibration, Vibratory, Vicarious, Vicious circle, Victorian, View, View point, Vignette, Villain, Vindicate, Viola, Violence, Violet, Violin, Violinist, Visceral, Vision, Visionary, Visual arts, Visual effect, Visual Pattern, Visualize, Vivid, Vocabulary, Vocal, Vocal apparatus, Vocal cord, Vocal mechanism, Vocal music, Vocalist, Vocation, Vogue, Voice, Void, Voile, Volume, Voluminous, Voluntary, Vowel, Voyeurism, Vulgar, Vulgarise


Wagon stage, Wail, Waistcoat, Waiting room, Walk way, Walking surface, Waltz, War cry, War dance, Warble, Wardrobe, Warehouse, Warm up, Warning, Watch-word, Water colours, Waterproof, Watersport, Wattage, Wave, New, Wax, Wax engraving, Waxen, Web, Webbing, Weekly, Well read, Well-made play, Weltanshaung, Western story, Whining sound, Whirl, Whisper, Whisper stage, Whistle, White magic, Wig, Wind pipe, Window sash, Wing, Winner, Wire, Wisdom, Wit, Witchcraft, Witticism, Witty, Woodcut, Woodwork, Wool, Word rehearsal, Wordy, Work schedule, Working area, Working manuscript, Workmanship, Workshop, World view, World vision, Worldly, Wrestling, Wrist


Xenophobia, Xylophone


Yard, Yawn, Year book, Yell, Yellow, Yellow journalism, Yellow press, Yoke


Zeitgeist, Zel, Zenith, Zero, Zero hour, Zigzag, Zither, Zone, Zoom lens