Glossary of Pottery Work Terms → Contents

Abraders, Abrasive action, Abrasive papers, Abrasive resistance, Abrasives, Absorbency, Absorption, Absorption coefficient, Aceramic age, Activation energy, Adaptation, Additive, Adobe, Adsorbent, Aging, Air blower, Air bubbles, Air pockets, Air spaces, Air-dried firewood, Air-dried sample, Air-floated ; air-floating, Air-set ; air-setting, Airborne impurities, Allergic reaction, Alluvial material, Alternate stoking, Amorphous state, Angle of rotation, Animal figure, Antler, Anvil, Anvil mark, Anvil technique, Aperture size (of sieve), Aporous, Applicable, Applied decoration, Applique, Applique traits, Applique,Bands, Applique,Button, Applique,Earlike, Applique,Nipples, Applique,Pie-rim, Applique,Snakelike, Arch, Arch brick, Arch,Bonded, Arch,Catenary, Arch,frame, Arch,Square brick, Arch,support, Archaeological ceramic material, Archetype, Argillaceous, Argillaceous odour, Arris, Art ware ; Ornamental ware, Artificial drying, Ash, Ash glaze, Ash pit, Ash residue, Ash slagging, Ash temper, Ash tray, Asymmetrical shrinkage, Atmosphere, Atmosphere,Kiln, Atmospheric burner, Atomic Absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Attachment, Augmentation, Auspicious symbols, Aventurine, Aventurine,Gold, Aventurine,Green, Axe, Aymara ceramic tradition


Back-pressure, Backfiring, Backup, Bacterial breakdown (of clay), Bag wall, Ball clay, Ball clay powder, Ball clay,Black, Ball clay,Blue, Ball clay,Yellow, Baluster, Bamboo knife, Bamboo tool, Banding, Banding wheel, Barbed rim, Barbotine, Barm pot, Barnard ; blackbird, Barrel arch ; Roman arch, Bas-relief, Basal sherds, Base, Base to base (stacking), Base,Concave, Base,Disc, Base,Flat, Base,Kick, Base,Kiln, Base,Knobbed, Base,Loop, Base,Omphalos, Base,Pod, Base,Pointed, Base,Ring, Base,Round, Base,Stump, Base,Trumpet ; Ogee, Baso valve, Bat, Clay, Bat, Malleting, Batch Dryer, Batch drying, Batter, Battery casting method, Battle wall (inside kiln), Beach mineral sand, Beading glaze ; beaded glaze, Beaker, Beam scale, Bear jug, Beater, Beating ; Malleting, Bed face, Bellamine jar, Bellarmine, Bench grinder, Binders, Binocular microscope, Bio compatibility, Bio compatible, Bio degradable, Bio degradable ceramic, Bio degradation, Bioceramic, Bioceramics, Bioceramist ; Bioceramicist, Biochemical action, Biscuit clay, Biscuit firing ; first firing, Biscuit state, Biscuit ware, Black coring (defect), Black iron oxide paints, Bloating, Block, Bloom ; Efflorescence, Blotting paper, Blow-off ; flame-off, Blowing ; Spitting out, Blue and white pottery, Blue and white tradition, Blue-and-white porcelain, Blunge, Blunger, Bocage, Body ; Body ,Clay, Body neck angle, Body sherd, Bon firing, Bond, Bonding properties, Bone, Bone ash, Bone china, Bone currettage, Bone dry, Bone tool, Bony insufficiencies, Boron glaze, Boundary layer, Bourry-box (Kiln), Bow cutter, Bowl, Boxing pots, Breakage rate, Brick mortar, Bricks, Bricks,Bull Nose, Bricks,Engineering, Bricks,Squint, Brightness, Bristle brush, Brittle, Brittleness, Broken bricks, Brush, Brushed-out decoration, Brushing, Brushing on, Brushwork, BRW culture, Buff-firing, Bull baiting, Bung (stack of saggars), Burial pots, Burial pottery, Burial urns, Burning rate, Burnish, Burnish gold, Burnishing, Burnt umber, Bush ash ; grass ash, Bussa, Butter pot


Calcareous clay, Calcining, Calcite, Calculate, Calibration, Caliper, Caliper, Internal, Caliper,External, Candlestand, Cane coloured, Capacitor, Carbon paints, Carbonaceous matter, Carbonization, Carinated vessel, Carination, Carrying board, Carved bone tools, Carved wood, Carving, Carving techniques, Cask, Cast, Cast thickness, Castellated prop, Castellation, Casting, Casting concentration, Casting rate, Casting thickness, Catalytic activity, Centigrade degree, Centre ; Center, Centring, Ceramic assamblage, Ceramic blanket, Ceramic census, Ceramic change, Ceramic cookstove, Ceramic cuplock, Ceramic engineer, Ceramic ethnoarchaeology, Ceramic fibre, Ceramic matrix, Ceramic petrography, Ceramic sherds, Ceramic stud, Ceramic tradition, Ceramic typology, Ceramic ware, Ceramics, Ceramics; Ceramic industry, Ceramist ; Ceramicist, Chamber, Chambered receptacle, Characteristic points, Charcoal, Charger, Cheese-hard, Chemical analysis, Chemical earthen ware, Chemical process, Chemical resistance, Chemical treatment, China ; China ware, Chipped stone, Chroma, Chromophores, Chronic symptoms, Chronological period, Chronology, Chuck, Circumference, Clamp, Clamp firing, Clay, Clay bank, Clay bath, Clay bin ; Clay storage bin, Clay cone, Clay crystals, Clay cup, Clay deposit, Clay dryer, Clay geology, Clay gun, Clay lamps, Clay matrix, Clay mincer, Clay minerals, Clay pit, Clay shrinkage, Clay stones, Clay substance, Clay transport, Clay trough, Clay wads, Clay wash, Clay,Ant hill, Clay,Bonding, Clay,Boulder, Clay,Brick, Clay,Brick & Tile, Clay,Common, Clay,Crude, Clay,Earthen ware, Clay,Fat, Clay,Fire, Clay,High plastic, Clay,Kaolin ; China, Clay,Low- plasticity, Clay,Neuman red, Clay,Paper, Clay,Pipe, Clay,Pottery, Clay,Powdered, Clay,Preparation of, Clay,Primary, Clay,Red, Clay,Residual, Clay,ron stone, Clay,Seasoned ; Prepared, Clay,Secondary, Clay,Sheet, Clay,Slurry, Clay,Stoneware, Clay,Storing, Clay,Tapping, Clay,Tile, Clayed up, Clayey soil, Cleaning agent, Climatic conditions, Clinker, Clockwise, Clogging, Cloth applicator, Coarse grain, Coarse particles, Coarse paste ware, Coconut husks, Coil pottery, Coiled pottery, Coiling, Coiling method, Collar, Collaring ; necking-in, Colloidal dimensions, Colloidal state, Colloidal water, Colorants, Colour, Colour-coated wares, Colourant, Coloured slip, Colourless, Comb, Combed ware, Combing, Combustible material, Combustion chamber, Combustion efficiency, Common bricks, Compacted, Compensate, Complementary, Complementary crafts, Complete combustion, Complex contour, Composite contour, Composite silhouette, Composite vessels, Composition, Composition of clay, Compound wheel, Condensation, Condenser, Conduit pipe, Cone, Cone crusher ; Cone mill, Cone plaques, Cone seger ; Seger cone ; Pyrometric cone, Cone sets, Cone stand, Cone,Senior, Conoidal (pointed), Constituent materials, Constriction, Contact dermatitis, Container, Contamination, Contextual data, Continuous dryer, Continuous roulette, Controlled-crawl glaze, Convection, Convoluted bowl, Cooking -pots, Cooling chimney, Cooling gradient


Damp, Damp-proof layer, Damper, De - airing, De - watering, Dead burning, Decals, Decorations, Decorations 30.Zigzag, Decorations wet smoothing, Decorations, Incision, Decorations, Indelible mark, Decorations, Indented, Decorations, Multiple banded, Decorations,.Pin pricks, Decorations,Blobbing, Decorations,Criss-cross, Decorations,Cross-hatching, Decorations,Excision, Decorations,Finger-running bands, Decorations,Globular, Decorations,Knobbing, Decorations,Ribbed, Decorations,Ridges, Decorations,Rope like, Decorations,Rounded impression, Decorations,Scallops, Decorations,Shaving, Decorations,Slashing, Decorations,Smoothed, Decorations,Spheroid, Decorations,Squared -off impression, Decorations,Trellis, Decorations,Trickled, Decorations,Turning, Decorations,Umbilical, Decorations,Wavy line, Decorative white ware, Deflocculant, Deform, Dehiscence, Dehydrating reactions, Dehydration, Dependent restricted vessels, Depletion, Depression, Desedimentation, Design configuration, Design element, Diameter, Diatomaceous or infusorial earth, Differential Thermal analysis (DTA), Diffraction pattern, Dilatometer, Dimensional accuracy, Dimensional stability, Dimensions, Dip, Dipping method ; Dipping, Direct firing, Disc, Dish, Disintegrator, Displacement techniques, Disposable mask, Dissemination, Distortion, Diversification, Divine figure, Docking, Documentary evidence, Dolamite, Dome, Dome circle, Double firing, Double wheel, Draft, Drag marks, Drawing, Drill marks, Drilling, Drip-plate burner, Dry grinding, Dry mixing, Dry pressing, Dry weight, Dryfoot, Drying, Drying cupboard, Drying racks, Drying,Fast, Drying,Slow, Dunting, Dust mask, Dust pressing, Dusty environment


Earthen alms-bowl, Earthen cauldron, Earthen dish, Earthen hearth, Earthen incense burner, Earthen pot, Earthen spitoon, Earthenware, Earthenware sherds, Earthenware,Ecclesiastical, Earthenware,Faience, Eddy, Edentulous, Edentulous patient, Effigies, Effigy vessels, Efflorescence ; bloom, Eggshell porcelain, Ejector; ejection device, Elaborations of design, Elaborations of design: Fillers, Elaborations of design: Line & area, Elaborations of design: Line elaborations, Elaborations of design: space breakers, Elaborations of design: spatial relations, Elaborations of design:Borders, Elaborations of design:Dark & light, Electric kiln coils, Electrolytic separation, Element, Elemental analysis, Ellipsoid, Emboss, Embroidering, Embroidering mould, Emission, Enamel, Enamel painting, Endothermic, Endothermic reaction, Energy conservation, Engobe, Engraving, Engraving mould, Environmental parameter, Estimated vessel equivalent (EVE), Eutectic, Evaporating pan, Evaporation, Evenness, Ewer, Excavated pottery, Excavation rod, Excavator, Excess air, Excising, Exhaust canopy, Exhaust chimney, Exhaust fan, Exhaust system, Exothermic changes, Exothermic reaction, Expansion coefficient, Experiment, Experimental firing, Exterior surface, Extraction (clay), Eye, Eye damage


Fabric, Fabric marked ceramics, Fabric marking, Face bricks, Face shield, Facet, Factor, Fahrenheit degree, Faience, Fat soil, Fault, Feathering, Feldspar, Fettle, Fettling knife, Figurine, Figurines of animals, Figurines of deities, Filler, Filter cartridges, Filter paper, Filter press, Filter press cake, Fine ceramic bodies, Fine grain, Finer Grinding, Finger ring test, Finger tipping, Finger-nails, Fingertip impression, Finishing pallet, Finishing techniques, Finishing tools, Fire bar, Fire box, Fire bricks, Fire cloud, Fire dish, Fire reaction, Fireclay bar, Fired ware, Firepower, Fireproof, Fireproof apron, Firewood firebox, Firin, Fast, Firing, Firing cycle, Firing defects, Firing loss, Firing range, Firing ring, Firing spectrum, Firing zone, Firing,Blackware, Firing,Slow, Fixation, Flagon, Flambe, Flame, Flame temperature, Flame-retention tip, Flameproof earthen ware, Flange, Flash, Flash wall, Flashing, Flashing slip, Flask, Flat dish, Flat ware, Flattened, Flint, Flocculation, Floor chequered, Floral meander, Floral swag, Flow property, Flower pot(Flower vase), Flue, Flue channel, Flue gas, Fluted bowl, Fluting, Flux, Flux density, Fluxes, Fluxing agent, Fluxing impurities, Flywheel, Foam pellets, Foliate rim, Foot, Foot-puddling, Foot-rim, Footed dish, Forced air, Forced draught, Form, Form type, Freehand shaping, Freestanding implant, Friable, Frilled collar, Frit, Fritted glaze, Frog, Fruit bowl, Frustum, Fuddling cups, Fuel consumption, Fuel economy, Fuel efficiency, Fully vitrified (adj.), Funerary urns, Fuse, Fuse holder, Fusibility, Fusible, Fusible ingredients, Fusion


Gadroon, Gadrooning, Gallipot, Garniture de Chemine, Gas chromatography, Gas velocity, Geochemistry, Geochronological testing, Geographic location, Geological particle grading, Geological particle grading:Boulder, Geological particle grading:clay, Geological particle grading:Cobble, Geological particle grading:Gravel(granule), Geological particle grading:Pebble, Geological particle grading:Sand, Geological particle grading:Silt, Geological Techniques, Geometric design, Geometric form, Geometric pattern, Geometric solid, Geometric style, Geometric,Sphere, Ghol, Gilding, Gingiva (Gum), Glass slide, Glaze, Glaze decoration, Glaze firing, Glaze mixing instrument, Glaze pencil, Glaze run-off, Glaze stains, Glaze vapour, Glaze, Ash, Glaze,Crystalline, Glaze,Lead, Glaze-fit, Glaze-melt, Glaze-resist, Glazing, Glazing defects, Glazing defects: Cut glaze, Glazing defects: Droppers, Glazing defects: Over firing, Glazing defects: Peeling, Glazing defects: Specking, Glazing defects: Starved glaze, Glazing defects: Under firing, Glazing defects:Crawling, Glazing defects:Crazing, Glazing defects:Pin holes, Glazing defects:Stuckware, Gloss, Glost firing, Goblet, Gouge incising, Grain, Grain size analysis, Grain size scale, Granules, Grate, Gravel(granule), Graviata, Great pottery tradition, Green ; Green ware, Green brick, Green house, Green ware strength, Greyhound jugs, Grinding, Grinding media, Grinding roll, Grinding stone, Grinding wheel, Grit, Gritty particles, Grog, Grooved paddling, Grooved ware, Grooving, Ground colours, Grounding, Groundmass, Gum arabic, Gunnysack


Hacksaw blade, Hair hygrometer, Hairline cracks, Hammer mill, Hand made, Hand tool, Hand tool: gourd-rind tool, Hand tool: hardwood tool, Hand tool: obsidian blade, Hand tool: shell, Hand tool: sherd, Hand tool: wood, Hand tool:sharp-edged scraper, Hand-building, Hand-modeling, Handle, Handle shapes, Handle shapes : Double-strand, Handle shapes : triple-strand, Handle shapes : Wishbone, Handle shapes :strap, Handle shapes :twisted vertical loop, Handle shapes: Ear, Handle shapes: Eliptical, Handle shapes: grooved vertical loop, Handle shapes: Ledge, Handle shapes: loop, Handle shapes: Lug, Handle shapes: plain vertical loop, Hard, Hard firing, Hardness, Hardwood, Haybox, Hazardous, Header, Headgear, Hearth firing, Heat economy, Heat loss, Heat of vaporization, Heat shock, Heat transfer efficiency, Heavy clay products, Heavy mineral analysis, Height of setting (kiln), Hemispherical bowl, High fire, High heat duty, High plastic clay, High power, Hinge, Hinge mould, Hoe, Hollow casting method, Hollow ware, Homogeneous glaze, Hopper, Horse manure, Hot face temperature, Hot spots, Household industry, Household production, Household vessels, Hue, Human figure, Humus, Hydraulic lime, Hydraulic mining, Hygroscopic water (in clay), Hyperboloid


Ignition, Ignition point, Illite, Immersion, Immigrant potter, Implant dentist, Implant dentistry, Implant devices, Implant receptor site, Implant surface, Implant surgery, Implantation, Implantologist, Impressed design, Impressed finger - tipping, Impressed mark, Impressing, Impurities, In glaze decoration, Inactive porous material, Incense burner, Incipient vitrification, Incised decoration, Incised design, Incising, Inclination, Inclusions, Incomplete combustion, Independent restricted vessels, Indicator, Inert material, Inflected contour, Inflection, Inflection point, Ingestion problems, Inhalation, Inhalation problems, Innovation, Innovator, Insulating brick, Insulating material, Insulative ceramics, Insulative material, Insulators, Insulators,Pin, Insulators,Post, Interdental Implant, Interior surfaces, Intermediate heat duty, Interstitial water, Inverted firing, Isostatic pressing, Itinerant potter


Japan patterns, Jar, Jaw crusher, Jaw roller, Jigger and Jolly, Join, Jointing techniques, Jug, Juglet, Jute hessian


Kettle, Keys ; Registration marks, Kiln, Kiln atmosphere, Kiln chamber, Kiln controllers, Kiln floor, Kiln furniture, Kiln Intermittent, Kiln lining, Kiln setting, Kiln sitter, Kiln space, Kiln, Straw fired, Kiln,All-clay, Kiln,Ancient up-draught, Kiln,Bank, Kiln,Batch type ; Periodic, Kiln,Bell, Kiln,Bonfire, Kiln,Bottle, Kiln,Bull's trench, Kiln,Car ; shuttle, Kiln,Cave, Kiln,Ceramic, Kiln,Chamber, Kiln,Clamp, Kiln,Clamp or field, Kiln,Climbing, Kiln,Continuous, Kiln,Continuous tunnel, Kiln,Continuous type, Kiln,Conveyor, Kiln,Crossdraft, Kiln,Direct firing, Kiln,Double Decker, Kiln,Down-draft ; Down draught, Kiln,Electric, Kiln,Electrical tunnel, Kiln,Envelope, Kiln,Europeon up-draught, Kiln,Flame, Kiln,Fully muffle, Kiln,Gas, Kiln,Glaze, Kiln,Grate, Kiln,Groundhog, Kiln,Habla, Kiln,Hoffmann, Kiln,Horizontal draught ;Cross draught, Kiln,Hovel, Kiln,Insulating - brick, Kiln,Muffle, Kiln,Multi-chamber, Kiln,Oil-fired, Kiln,Permanent up-draught, Kiln,Pit, Kiln,Portable, Kiln,post, Kiln,properties, Kiln,Roller, Kiln,Roman, Kiln,room, Kiln,Round (circular kiln), Kiln,Salt, Kiln,Sawdust- fired, Kiln,Semi muffle, Kiln,Shelve, Kiln,Shuttle, Kiln,Sliding, Kiln,Standard, Kiln,Stoneware, Kiln,Studio, Kiln,Test, Kiln,Tunnel ; Tube, Kiln,Up-draft (Up draught kiln), Kiln,Vapour, Kiln,Waste oil fired, Kiln,Wood- fired, Kindling, Kneading, Kneading process, Kneading table, Kneading,Shed, Knife-trimming


L.O.I. ; loss on ignition, Ladder, Lambrequins, Lampshade, Large vessel for storage, Last check, Lawn sieve ; Sieve, Lawning, Layering technique, Layout, Lead poisoning, Lean soil, Leather-hard, Leather-hard bricks, Levigation, Lid, Lifting, Limit timer, Linear dentate tools, Linear shrinkage, Lip, Liquified solution, Lithium ceramic, Loading, Loading pattern, Loam, Loop tool, Louvers, Low duty, Low fire, Low heat, Low necked jar, Low power, Lubricant, Lubricating water, Lump, Luster ware, Lustre, Lute, Luting


Machete, Machine readable markings, Macrocrystalline, Main firing, Majolica, Mallet ; Beat, Malleting bat, Malleting stone, Man hole, Manual extruder, Manufacturing technique, Marbling, Marl, Matchstick, Matrix, Clay, Matt, Matt finish, Matt glaze, Matt pigment, Mature, Maturing, Maturing temperature, Maturity in ceramics, Maximum heat, Maya polychrome pottery, Measuring container (scales), Measuring stick, Mechanical device, Mechanical mixer, Mechanical strength, Medieval pottery, Medium grain, Medium heat, Megalithic Burials, Megascopic examination, Melter, Melting, Melting point, Mending, Mesh number, Mesh sieve, Metal scraper, Metallic oxides, Mica-coated ware ; Micaceous ware, Mica-dusted wares, Micro structure, Microchemical analysis, Microchemical balance, Microcrystalline, Micromass, Microqualitative test, Mid fire, Mill, Mill,Ball ; Grinding cylinder, Mill,Jar, Mill,Pan, Mill,Pot, Mill,Pug, Mill,Rod, Mill,Tube, Mill,Vibrating, Mimbres technique, Mineral inclusion, Mineral pigments, Mineral veins, Mineralogical indentification, Miniature containers, Minimum number of vessels (MNV), Misshapen bricks, Mixing ark, Mixing container, Mixing paddle, Mixing platform, Modelled decoration, Modelling, Modelling board, Modelling tool, Modification, Modulus of elasticity, Modulus of rupture, Mohs' hardness scale, Moist, Moist box, Moist weight, Moisten, Moistening, Moisture, Monitor, Monochrome, Monteith, Mop, Mortar, Mortar crack, Mortar joint, Motar & Pestle, Mother mould, Motif, Mottled surface, Mottling or spotting, Mould, Mould box, Mould made, Mould making, Mould-release compound, Moulding, Moulding or shaping, Moulding table, Moulding tools, Mound, Mounting, Mouse hole, Moving blade mixer, Mud mortar, Muffle, Mug, Mulling, Multi-spouted jug, Multifiring, Multilayer filter, Munsell colour system, Mute colours, Myrobalan shaped


Narrowing, Natural draught, Natural drying, Neck, Neck sherds, Needle tool, Net impressions, Net patterns, Net patterns: fourfold rotation, Net patterns: slide reflection, Net patterns: translation, Net patterns: vertical reflection, Neutron activation, Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), Non conductors, Non geometric shapes, Non geometric shapes : bag-shaped, Non geometric shapes :plate-shaped, Non geometric shapes: dish-shaped, Non geometric shapes: drop-shaped, Non geometric shapes: egg-shaped, Non geometric shapes: pear-shaped, Non toxic dust, Non- plastic inclusions, Non-clayey soil, Non-resorpable ceramics, Nonfunctional vessel, Nonutilitarian, Normal Fracture, Notching, Number of inferred vessels (NIV)


Oil burner, Oil consumption, Oil drip firing, Omphalo base, On glaze, On glaze decoration, Once fired method, Opacified glaze, Opacifier, Opacimeter, Opaque, Opaque glaze, Open firing, Open pit, Open pit firing, Opening, Optical crystallography, Optical pyrometer, Optimum heat loss, Optimum temperature, Oral cavity, Oral, Implant, Oral,Implantology, Organic binders, Organic inclusions, Organization of records, Orifice, Ornamental units, Ornamental ware, Ornamentation, Outgassing, Ovaloid, Oven, Oven rack, Oven,Glost, Over glaze decoration, Over-firing, Overglazed colors, Oxidation firing, Oxide, Oxygen content


Packing, Packing space (of Kiln), Paddle impression, Paddle mould, Paddle technique, Paint, Painted decorations, Painted design, Palette knife, Pallet, Pan grinder, Pan rings, Paneling, Pans, Pots and, Pap dish, Paper mache, Paper masking, Paperweight, Parameters, Particle shape, Particle size distribution, Parting agent, Paste, Paste-texture, Paving bricks, Peak operation temperature, Pearlware, Pedalling, Peep hole, Perforated vessel, Perforating, Permeability, Perpendicular, Petrographer, Petrographic analysis, Petrographic data, Petrographic microscope, Petrographic microscopy, Petrographic section, Petrographic thin section, Petrologist, Petrology, Phenomenon, Physical forces, Physical state (of clay), Pick axe, Pierced decoration, Piercing, Pigment, Pin tray, Pinched pot, Pinching, Pinching method, Pingo-load of pottery, Pinnacle (of Roof), Pitcher, Plain ware, Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ISP), Plaster, Plaster mould, Plaster of paris, Plastic, Plastic bucket, Plastic forming, Plastic mixing, Plastic scraper, Plastic technique, Plasticity, Plasticizer, Plate, Platelets, Platter, Platter stand, Point incising, Pointed tool, Polish, Polishing, Polishing cloth, Polychrome, Porcelain, Pore water, Porosity, Porous, Porous material, Post-firing, Pot, Pot skirt, Pot,Drum, Pot,Toddy, Potash, Potassium glaze, Potsherd, Potter, Potter's bat ; mallet, Potter's finger ; jug finger, Potter's mark, Potter's wheel, Pottery, Pottery archive, Pottery assemblage, Pottery catalogue, Pottery classification, Pottery corpus, Pottery economy, Pottery in archaeology, Pottery life-expectancy, Pottery workshop, Pottery, Aymara, Pottery,Archaeological, Pottery,Architectural, Pottery,Art, Pottery,Black-on-red, Pottery,Black-on-white, Pottery,Black-on-yellow, Pottery,Craft, Pottery,Enamelled, Pottery,Hobokam, Pottery,Jomon (Cord marked pottery), Pottery,Local, Pottery,Mesoamerican, Pottery,Oxidized, Pottery,Pinch, Pottery,Quantification, Pottery,Reduced, Pottery,Repairing, Pouring, Powder ; Crush (v), Powdered soil, Power burner, Power's scale of roundness, Precipitated phase, Prefiring, Prefiring shaping, Preheated air, Preheating, Preheating rate, Preheating zone, Prehistoric potter, Preliminary firing (or bisque firing), Preservation, Press-forming, Press-mould, Press-moulding, Pressed Imagery, Pressed moulding, Pressure spraying, Prewheel phase, Prewheel potter, Primary air, Primary crushing, Primary deposits, Project, Propeller, Protective clothing, Provenance studies, Pseudo-count transformation, Puddle, Pueblo potter, Pulling, Pulverize, Pumice rock, Punch bowl, Punch(n), Punctation, Puncturation, Purify, Pusher (ref.kiln), Puzzle jug, Pyriform urn, Pyrometer, Pyroplastic


Quality assurance, Quality standards, Quantification, Quantitative typology, Quantity of temper, Quartz


Radiation, Radiation pyrometer, Radiocarbon dating, Radius, Radius calculator, Radius card, Ramp, Raw materials, Re- Crystallization, Re-flocculant, Reagent, Recalibration, Recipe, Recorder, Reducing, Reducing agent, Reducing atmosphere, Reduction firing, Reeds, Refinery, Reflectance curve, Refracting medium, Refractive index, Refractories, Refractories tiles, Refractories,Acidic, Refractories,Adhesive, Refractories,Alumino Silicate, Refractories,Aluminous, Refractories,Basic, Refractories,Fire clay, Refractories,Magnesia, Refractories,Mullite, Refractories,Neutral, Refractories,Semi silica, Refractories,Silimanite, Refractory, Refractory bricks, Refractory clay, Refractory property, Refractory tiles, Regular band patterns, Regular band patterns : bifold rotational design, Regular band patterns : rotational design, Regular band patterns : side reflection or screw motion, Regular band patterns :Alternate rotation, Regular band patterns :Bifold rotation, Regular band patterns :curvilinear, Regular band patterns :Longitudinal or horizontal reflection, Regular band patterns: lateral design, Regular band patterns: Translation, Releasing agent, Relief, Relief decoration, Render, Replacement rate, Residual deposits, Residue analysis, Resilience, Resist, Resist decoration, Respirators, Respiratory damages, Restricted orifice, Restricted vessel, Retained heat, Retention, Reticule, Rice sifter, Ridges, Rim ; lip, Rim chart ; Diameter calculator, Rim cutter, Rim diameter, Rim everted, Rim inverted, Rim profile, Rim radius chart, Rim stance, Rim stem, Rim straight, Rim to rim (stacking), Rim,Flared, Rim,Flattened, Rim,Pendant, Rim,Pinched ; Pushed ; Squeezed, Ring, Ring- shaped puzzle-jug, Ritual ceremony, Rock- hard state, Rocker roulette, Rocker-stamp decoration, Rolled edge, Roller-die decoration, Roller-stamping, Rolling -pin, Rolling ; Kneading, Rolls, Roman arch ; Barrel arch, Roughened surface, Roulatted ware, Roulatting, Rounded, Running, Rushes, Rushes mat


S-cracks, Saddle, Safety equipment, Safety garments, Safety glasses, Safety precautions, Saggar, Saggar cone ; Saggar cone, Sagging bottom, Salt glaze, Salt-glaze surface, Samian or Gaulish sigillata pottery, Samian pottery, Sand, Sand mould, Sand moulding, Sand paper, Sand temper, Sandblasting gun, Sandiness, Sanitary ware, Sarcophagous (sing) Sarcophagi(pl), Satiny surface, Saucepan pot, Saucer, Saw dust, Sawdust burner, Scalpel, Scattering coefficient, Scoring, Scove, Scraper, Scraping, Scratch hardness, Sculpture, Scumming, Sealers, Sealing quality, Secondary air, Secondary crushing, Sedimentaries, Sedimentation, Sedimentation tank, Seepage, Seger ; Seger cone, Selective mining, Semi dry pressing, Semi-lunar, Semivitreous glaze, Sensitive glaze, Sepulchral pottery, Sequence, Sequential firing, Seriation, Setting (in kiln), Settling tank, Sewer pipe, Sgraffitato ; Sgraffiti (pl), Sgraffito ; graffito, Shales, Shape, Shaping, Shavings, Sheeps' wool sponge(Natural sponge), Shell edges, Shell stamping, Shell tool, Sherd, Sherd scattering, Sherd size of sherd, Sherd temper, Sherd thickness, Sherd,Abrasion of sherds, Sherd,Count of sherds, Sherd,Roundness of sherd, Shivering ; Peeling, Short ; Short clay, Shoulder, Shovel, Shrinkage, Siccative, Sieve analysis, Sifting ; Lawning, Silica, Silica sand, Silicious fire bricks, Silt, Simmering temperature, Simple contour, Simple silhouette, Single firing, Sink, Sintered products, Sintering energy, Siphon, Skew bricks, Skin irritation, Slab, Slab building, Slab construction, Slab roller, Slag, Slake, Slaking, Slate, Sling psychrometer, Slip, Slip casting method, Slip decoration, Slip density, Slip tracer, Slip tracing, Slip trailed imagery, Slip trailer, Slip trailing, Slip-mould, SlipÙVitreous, Slop mould, Slop moulding, Slop-moulding frame, Slop-moulding technique, Slow firing, Sludge, Slump, Slump-mold, Slumping, Slurring, Slurry, Smectite, Smouldering fire, Smudging, Soak stage, Soaking, Soaking period, Soaking stage, Sodium glaze, Soft paste, Soft-fired bricks, Softwood, Soil chemistry, Solid aporous material, Solid casting method, Solid fuels, Souring, Spall, Specific gravity, Specific heat, Specific surface area, Specifications, Spectrographic analysis, Spheroidal jar, Spindle, Spiral implant, Spiralling, Spit-out, Spitoon, Splash pour technique, Sponge, Sponge brush, Spooze, Spot test, Spout, Spout,Animal, Spout,Beak, Spout,Bulbous ended, Spout,Strainer, Spout,Tubular, Spout,Zoomorphic, Spouted kettle, Spouted pitcher, Spray boom, Spray booth, Spray dryer, Spray drying, Spray gun, Spraying method ; Spraying, Spreader tool, Sprig, Sprigging, Spur marks, Spy hole, Squat, Squatting cone, Stabilization, Stable glaze, Stable substances, Stacked firewood, Stacking, Staining technique, Stamped decorations, Stamped imagery, Stamping, Standardisation, Starting time, Statues, Statuettes, Steadying, Sticks, Stiff-edged tool, Stilt


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Umber, Under clay, Under firing, Under glaze decoration, Underglaze colour, Unglazed, Unloading, Unpacking, Unpleasant smell, Unpleasant taste, Unrestricted orifice, Urn, Utilitarian pottery, Utilitarian vessel


Vacuum cleaner, Vase, Vegetal inclusions, Vegetal pigment, Vein quartz, Vent holes, Vertical setter, Vessel, Vessel anatomy, Vessel base, Vessel contour, Vessel form, Vessel function, Vessel opening, Vessel polychrome, Vessel profile, Vessel shape, Vessel size, Vessel, Tall, Vessel,Amphora, Vessel,Ceremonial, Vessel,Complex-silhouette, Vessel,Corner-point, Vessel,Decorated, Vessel,Glaze-paint, Vessel,Independent, restrictd, Vessel,Inflected, Vessel,Inflection-point, Vessel,Monofunctional, Vessel,Multifunctional, Vessel,Processing, Vessel,Ritualistic, Vessel,Short-necked, Vessel,Simple restricted, Vessel,Sooted or smudged (made up of a highly carbon clay), Vessel,Transfering, Vessel,Utility, Viscosity, Visual examination, Visual inspection, Vitrification, Vitrification curve, Vitrification process, Vitrification range, Vitrification temperature, Vitrified stone ware, Void, Volatile chemicals, Volatile gases, Volatile glaze, Volatile,Salts, Volatilization ; Volatization


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X-ray defraction, X-ray diffraction analysis, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray isoprobe, Xenocryst, Xenograft, Xeroradiography


Yellow Painted ware, Yerocryst, Yield point, Young's modulus


Zia potter, Zoomorphic design, Zuni potter