Glossary of Surveying Terms → Contents

Aberration, Abney clinometer, Abney level, Abnormal vision, Abrasion, Abrasive(n), Abrupt, Abscissa, Absolute error, Absolute height, Absolute length, Absolute position, Absolute probable error, Absolute temperature, Absolute term, Abstract, Abutting, Acceleration due to gravity, Access, Access to land, Accessible, Accessories, Accidental error, Accidental overstrain, Accommodate, Accumulation of errors, Accumulator, Accuracy, Accurate results, Achromatic combination, Achromatic doublet, Achromatism, Aclinic line, Acoustic signal, Activate, Actual error, Adapter, also adaptor, Additive, Additive constant, Adhesion, Adhesive tape, Adit, Adjacent, Adjoin, Adjunct, Adjustable, Adjustable mirror, Adjusting screw, Adjustment, Adjustment by least squares, Adjustment by method of directions, Adjustment in traverse errors, Adjustment in triangulation, Advanced surveying, Aerial (n), Aerial camera, Aerial observation, Aerial photographic survey, Aerial triangulation, Aerotopograph instrument, Aggregate, Agonic lines, Aiming distance, Air base, Air chamber, Air craft, Air holes, Air mosaic, Air photographs, Air Pump, Air survey, Air warfare, Airy points, Airy projection, Alber’s projection, Algebraic, Algebraic mean, Algebraic sum, Algebraically, Alidade, Alidade bubble, Aligning telescope, Alignment, Aliquot parts, Allowable, Allowable allowance, Allowable discrepancy, Allowable error, Allowable tolerance, Almanac, Almucantar, Alphanumerical display, Altazimuth instrument, Alternative method, Altimeter, Altimetric control, Altimetry, Altitude, Altitude level (bulb), Altitude scale, Ambiguity, American Loran (radar) system, American Shoran system, American transit, Amplified, Amplitude, Amsler’s polar planimeter, Anallactic lens, Anallactic telescope, Analog, Anastigmatic, Anchorage, Anchoring lever, Anchoring trestle, Anemometer, Aneroid barometer, Aneroid height scale, Angle of deviation, Angle of elevation, Angle of refraction, Angle of tilt, Angle subtended, Angle-iron picket, Angular correction, Angular deviation, Angular diameter, Angular distance, Angular elevation, Angular error, Angular error of parallelism, Angular field, Angular measure, Angular measurements, Angular misclosure, Angular semi-diameter, Angular stations, Angular unit, Angular value, Angular velocity, Anharmonic ratios, Animated, Annealing, Annual circuit programme, Annual diminution, Annual fluctuation, Annual parallax, Annual variation, Annular, Annular spaces, Annular stops, Anode, Anomalistic month, Anomalistic year, Anomalous indication, Anomaly, Antagonising spring, Ante meridian, Anti-clockwise, Anti-logarithm, Anti-lunar tide, Aperture, Apex, Aphelion, Aplanatic, Apogee, Apomecometer, Apparatus, Apparent, Apparent day, Apparent declination, Apparent error, Apparent horizon, Apparent midnight, Apparent motion, Apparent movement, Apparent places of stars, Apparent right ascension, Apparent solar time, Appropriate, Appropriate zeros, Approximate, Approximate co-ordinates, Approximate determination, Approximate formula, Approximate substitution, Apse line, Aquila, Arbitrary, Arbitrary distribution, Arbitrary meridian, Arc, Arc distance, Arc versine, Arc-to-chord correction, Archaeological investigation, Area, Argument (amplitude), Aries, Arithmatic mean, Arithmatic probable error


Back bearing, Back lash, Back observation, Back sight, Back solution, Back-up, Background, Backward chaining, Backward levelling, Bailey’s formula for barometric heights, Balancing of astronomical observations, Balancing of stars, Ball and joint, Ball and socket head, Ball ends, Band, Band chain, Banderole, Banking, Bar Clinometer, Bar Planimeter, Barograph, Barometer, Barometric, Barometric determinations, Barometric formula, Barometric gradient, Barometric levelling, Barometric pressure, Barometric reading, Barometric temperature, Barometry, Barrel, Barrel shaped, Base, Base bar, Base board, Base extension, Base line, Base line site, Base measurements, Base measuring apparatus, Base plate, Base terminal, Basic, Basic Input Output System (BIOS), Basic meridian, Basket signals, Basselian interpolation coefficient, Bathymetrical lines, Batter-peg, Battery, Bay, Beacon, Bead, Beam compass, Beam of light, Beaman scale, Beaman stadia arc, Bearing, Bell Elliot tangent reading tacheometer, Bellying, Bench mark, Benching iron, Bernoulli effect, Bernoulli’s theorem, Bessel formula, Besselian interpolation coefficient, Bessel’s figure of the earth, Bessel’s tables of astronomical refraction, Bevelled edges, Bibliography, Biconcave, Biconvex, Bilby tower, Bill of cost, Bimetal compensator, Bimetallic, Bimetallic thermometer, Binary, Binary encoded, Binary encoded circle, Binary graduation, Binocular vision, Binoculars, Binomial coefficient, Binomial expansion, Bird’s eye view, Bisect, Bisection, Black index line, Blips, Blue print, Blurred image, Boarded, Boiler, Boiling point thermometer, Bonn’s projection, Book (verb), Booker, Booking, Bootes, Borda’s rods, Border lines, Bore holes, Boscovic prism, Bosshardt- Zeiss self reducing tacheo-meter, Bottomtrace, Bouguer anomaly, Bouguer correction, Bowditch method, Bowie correction, Box chronometer, Box compass, Box gauge, Box sextant, Boxwood protractor, Boyle-Gay-Lusac law, Brackets, Brake pin, Brass, Brass casing, Brass component, Brass frame, Brass pad, Brass plunger, Breakwater, Brightness, Brightness of image, Brilliancy of image, British Oboe system, British summer time, Bromide printing, Brunsviga calculating machine, Bubble, Bubble adjustment, Bubble casing, Bubble division, Bubble error, Bubble housing, Bubble reflector, Bubble sighting tube, Bubble trier, Bubble tube, Bunting, Buoy, Burel hand level, Butt joint, Buzzer


Cadastral, Cadastral survey, Cadastral vapour, Cadmium line, Cairn, Cairus of stones, Caithness base, Calculating machine, Calculation, Calculus, Calendar, Calibrated, Calibration, Calibration factor, Calibration marks, Calibration sheet, Cam, Cam and lever, Camber, Camera box, Camera station, Camping grounds, Canal, Cant, Cap, Capacity, Capillary Depression, Capstan, Capstan headed screws, Caption, Cardboard, Cardinal points, Carrier Frequency, Cartesian coordinates, Cartographer, Cartography, Cartometer, Cartridge case, Cassini coordinates, Cassini projection, Cassini Soldner co-ordinates, Cast iron disc, Catalogue of stars, Categorize, Catenary, Catenary base measurement, Catenary correction, Catenary taping, Cathode ray oscillograph, Cathode tube, Cauchy-Reimann equations, Celestial, Celestial bodies, Celestial horizon, Celestial meridian, Celestial poles, Celestial refraction, Celestial sphere, Celluloid, Celluloid quadrant, Centering, Centering error, Centering pin, Central angles, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Central projection, Centre, Centre of gravity, Centrifugal force, Centroid, Chain, Chain accuracy, Chain arrows, Chain booking, Chain figures, Chain of triangulation, Chain surveying, Chainage, Chaining, Chainman, Chamber, Chambered level tube, Chamois leather, Change, Change face, Change of gravity, Change of tension, Change point, Channel, Character, Characteristic, Chartered Surveyor, Check, Check bases, Check computation, Check levelling, Check line, Check point, Check taping, Checks, Chord, Chord distance, Chromatic aberration, Chronograph, Chronograph circuit, Chronometer, Chronometer comparisons, Chronometer error, Cine camera, Circle division, Circle graduation, Circuit, Circular, Circular aperture, Circular disc, Circular level, Circular measure, Circular spirit level, Circum-meridian altitude, Circumferentor, Circumpolar, Circumpolar stars, Circumpolar stars at culmination, Circumpolar stars at elongation, Civil time, Clairaut’s theorem, Clamp, Clamp pin, Clamp ring, Clamp screw, Clamping, Clarke’s formulae, Clark’s Minimum Error Projection, Classification, Classification of error, Classification of stars, Classification of triangulation, Clear aperture, Clearing lever, Climatic difficulties, Clinometer, Clip, Clip screw, Clock error, Clockwise, Closed figure, Closed traverse, Closing error, Cluster, Co-altitude, Co-axial cable, Co-declination, Co-log, Co-operative radar, Co-ordinate position, Co-ordinate sheets, Co-ordinate system, Co-ordinate value, Co-ordinatograph, Coarse reading, Code, Coefficient, Coefficient of expansion, Coefficient of refraction, Coefficient of thermal expansion, Coherence time, Coincide, Coincidence, Colby base measuring apparatus, Colby compensation bar, Cole’s formula, Collar, Collimation, Collimation adjustment, Collimation error, Collimation in altitude, Collimation in azimuth, Collimation of levelling instruments, Collinear, Collin’s point method of interpolation, Colour filter, Colour reproduction, Coloured image, Column, Comb scale, Combination, Combined determination, Combined observation, Combined traverse, Common logarithms, Compact, Compact disk drive, Comparative merits, Comparator, Comparator base, Comparison, Comparison of edges of the field sheets, Comparison tracing, Compass, Compass base plate


Dam, Danger circle, Data, Datum, Datum level, Datum line, Datum plane, Datum surface, Day, Daylight observations, De Lidsle clinometer, Debug, Decca system, Deciduous, Decimal, Decimetre, Declared crown, Declination, Declination circle, Declination correction, Decoding, Decrease, Decumenal mercator projection, Deduce, Deduced, Deducible, Deep sea sounding, Defective, Defective levelling, Deficiency, Definition, Deflecting prism, Deflection, Deflection angle, Deflection prism, Deformation of catenary, Deformed catenary, Degree arc system, Degree of accuracy, Degree of curve, Degree of precision, Delay line, Delete, Delineation, Demarcatoin, Demarcatoin memo, Densely wooded, Departmental Survey Regulations, Departure, Dependent quantity, Deposit, Derivation, Descriptions, Desiccator, Desideratum, Design, Detachable colour filter, Detail graphical surveying, Detail lines, Detail traverse, Detect, Determinate, Determination, Determination of figure of earth, Detritus, Deviating, Deviation, Deviation of the plumb line, Device, Diagonal eyepiece, Diagonal term, Diagram, Diagram of conformal points, Diagramatic, Dial, Dialog box, Diameter, Diametrically opposite, Diaphragm, Diaphragm adjusting screw, Diapositives, Differential, Differential co-efficient, Differential equation, Differential refraction, Differential slide rule, Differentiating, Diffraction, Digit, Digital, Digitisation, Digitize, Digitized circle reading system, Digitizer, Dilute, Dimensional stability, Dimensions, Dip, Dip needle, Dip of horizon, Dipolar, Direct proportion, Direct reading instrument, Direction instruments, Direction method of observing angles, Direction of gravity, Direction of plumb line, Directional, Disc, Disc head tripod, Discharge, Discharge station, Discrepancy, Discriminator, Disengage, Dislevelment, Dispersion, Dispersive power, Displacement, Distance, Distance meter, Distinct vision, Distinctness, Distortion, Distribution of errors, Diurnal, Diurnal aberration, Diurnal apparent motion, Diurnal inequality, Diurnal motion, Diurnal parallax, Diurnal rotation, Diurnal variation, Diurnal wave, Divergent, Divergent beam, Diverging lens, Division, Division of level tube, Division of scale, Divisor, Dock surveys by leadline, Documentation, Double centre theodolite, Double convex, Double elephant sheets, Double entry table, Double faces, Double floats, Double image, Double image self-reducing tacheometer, Double image tacheometer, Double interpolation, Double line booking, Double longitude, Double reading microscope, Double reading theodolite, Double verniers, Doubtful observations, Drag, Drainage, Draughtsman, Dredging slope, Drum, Drum division, Drum micrometer, Drum reading, Dry air lapse-rate, Dry batteries, Duffing-out, Dump, Dumpy level, Dumpy type, Duodecimal, Duplex, Duplex mirror, Duplicating prism, Duplication, Dust proof, Dust tight, Dynamic correction, Dynamic height, Dynamic operation, Dynamic process, Dynamically level surface, Dynamo


Earth, Earth crust, Earth orbit, Earth velocity, Earthwork, Earthwork quantities, Earth’s annual motion, Easement curve, Eastern Standard Time, Eastings, Ebb tide, Eccentricity, Echo sounding, Eclipse, Ecliptic, Edge, Edge bar needle, Edit, Effective aperture, Effective area, Effectiveness of the antenna, Effectual reduction, Eidograph, Elastic, Elastic extension, Elastic force, Electric arc, Electric bulb, Electric circuit, Electric lamp, Electric machine, Electric motor, Electrical beacon lamp, Electrical contact stylus, Electrical equipment, Electrical illumination, Electrical impulses, Electrical oscillations, Electrical potential, Electrical resistance, Electro optical distance meter, Electrolytic level, Electronic, Electronic data recorder, Electronic digital planimeter, Electronic fax, Electronic instruments, Electronic means, Electronic receiver, Electronic tacheometer, Elements, Elevated pole, Elevation, Eliminate, Elimination, Elimination of index error, Elimination of parallax, Elimination of residual errors, Ellipse, Ellipsoid of reference, Ellipticity, Ellipticity of the orbit, Elongation, Embankment, Embed, Emboss, Emergent ray, Emery, Emission pulse, Emotion, Empirical formula, Encasement, Encircle, Enclosed, Encoding disc, End area, End reading, End volume, Engineering schemes, Engineering surveys, Engineer’s chain, Engineer’s level, Engineer’s transit theodolite, Engrave, Engraving, Enlarging, Entity, Ephemeris, Epipolar plan, Equal area projection, Equal area property, Equal sights, Equalise, Equalization of boundaries, Equation of time, Equator, Equatorial axis, Equatorial diameter, Equatorial regions, Equidistant, Equilateral, Equinoctial point, Equinox, Equipotential surface, Equivalent, Equlibrium, Equlibrium theory of tides, Erect image, Erecting eye piece, Erroneous, Error, Error due to sag, Error in pull, Errors of reduction, Errors of refraction, Estimate, Estimating microscope, Estimation, Etching, Euler spiral, Euler’s formula, Euler’s theorem, European level, Evaluation, Even angle method, Everest constant, Everest formula, Everest theodolite, Evergreen trees, Ex-altitude, Ex-meridian, Exaggerated scale, Excavation, Excessive, Execute, Exit pupil, Expand, Expansion, Exploration, Exploratory, Exploratory surveys, Explorer, Exploring party, Exponential series, Exposure, Extend, Extended system of co-ordinates, Extensive, Extent, Exterior angle, External casing, External focussing, Extra-axial point, Extract, Extractor, Extremities, Eye cap, Eye hole, Eye vane, Eyepiece, Eyepiece micrometer


Fabric, Face-left, Face-right, Facit machine, Factor, Fahrenheit degree, Failure of fix, False meridian, False origin, Fast needle traversing, Faulty, Feature, Fence, Fergusson percentage unit system, Ferrero’s criterion, Fiducial, Fiducial edge, Fiducial mark, Field, Field astronomy, Field book, Field caliper, Field check, Field determination, Field mapping, Field of view, Field organisation, Field party, Field sheet graticule, Field sheet projection, Field sheets, Field sketching, Field tape, Field tapes & wires, Figural solution, Figure adjustment, Figure determination, Figure of the earth, Filament, Film, Filter, Final plan, Final topographical plan, Final village Plan, Fine-motion screw, Fine-reading scale, Fineness, Finer readings, Finite, Finite dimensions, Firm ground, First geodetic work, First order, First point of Aries, First point of Libra, First reiteration, First theodolite, First traverse, First triangulation, Fittings, Fix (noun), Fixation, Fixed, Fixed bases, Fixed circle, Fixed focus type, Fixed needle surveying, Fixing screws, Flare, Flare triangulation, Flat slope, Flexibility, Flexible, Flexible apparatus, Flexure, Flint glass, Float, Floating, Floating magnet, Floating mark, Flood prevention, Floppy disk drive, Fluctuate, Fluctuation, Fluorescent image, Fluorescent line, Fluorescent material, Fluorescent plane, Fluorescent screen, Focal length, Focus, Focussing, Focussing ring, Focussing screw, Focussing slide, Focussing, Internal, Folder, Folding level staff, Folding vane, Follower, Font, Foot plate, Foot screw, Foot-pounds, Force of gravity, Fore observations, Fore-point, Fore-sight, Foreman, Fork, Form lines, Format, Formation level, Formation of images, Formula, Fortin barometer, Fortin system, Forward bearing, Forward chaining, Forward levelling, Forward solution, Foundation, Four-figure logarithms, Fourier series, Fractional, Fragility, Frame, Framework, Free needle surveying, Freezing point, French curve, French legal metre, French low water datum, Frequency, Frequency of error, Friction, Friction tight, Fringe, Frontages (of buildings), Frustrum, Full moon, Full second beats, Function, Fundamental, Fundamental control point, Fundamental formula, Fundamental stars, Fungus


Gain of an antenna, Gale, Galileo’s telescope, Galton heliostat, Galton sun signal, Galton’s formula, Galvanometer, Gap, Gas accumulator, Gauge, Gauging, Gauss conformal projection, Gauss mid-latitude formula, Gaussian law, Gaussian law of errors, Gear, Gee-H system, Generalised formulae, Generate, Geocentric altitude, Geocentric latitude, Geodesic, Geodesic angle, Geodesist, Geodesy, Geodetic, Geodetic accuracy, Geodetic azimuth, Geodetic base, Geodetic computation, Geodetic investigations, Geodetic latitude, Geodetic levelling, Geodetic longitude, Geodetic model, Geodetic operations, Geodetic point, Geodetic position, Geodetic quadrilateral, Geodetic survey, Geodetic surveying, Geodetic tavistock theodolite, Geodetic triangulation, Geodetic work, Geodial section, Geographic Information System, Geographical, Geographical co-ordinates, Geographical graticule, Geographical meridian, Geographical surveying, Geoid, Geological investigation, Geological structure, Geology, Geometric, Geometrical axis, Geometrical distance meter, Geometrical pole, Geometrical projection, Geometrical properties, Geometrical surface, Geophysics, Gimbal, Girder, Give-and-take line, Give-method, Glass barometer, Glass circle, Glass cover, Glass diaphram, Glass drum, Global positioning system, Globular projection, Globule, Glover’s spiral, Gnomonic (or central) projection, Gold plugs, Goniometer, Gorge, Governor, Gradient, Gradient meter, Gradient of slope, Gradiometer, Graduated arc, Graduated circle, Graduated drum, Graduated strip, Graduating engine, Graduation, Graduation error, Graduation interval, Graduation of the arc, Graph, Graphic output units, Graphic triangulation, Graphical adjustment, Graphical form, Graphical intersection, Graphical representation, Graphical resection, Graphics, Graphics animation, Grapnel, Graticule, Graticule compartment, Graticule interval, Graticule table, Gravatt level, Gravimeter, Gravimetric, Gravitational, Gravitational field, Gravity, Grazing, Grazing rays, Great circle, Green, Greenwich mean time, Greenwich meridian, Green’s theorem, Gregory-Newton formula, Grid, Grid angle, Grid bearing, Grid convergence, Grid distance, Grid length, Grid line meridian, Grid meridian, Grid orientation, Grid reference, Grid system of contour surveys, Gridded standard sheet, Gridiron, Grit, Gross error, Ground, Ground control point, Ground mark, Ground swing, Groyne, Grub screw, Guillaume carpentier base apparatus, Guillaume tripod, Gun-metal, Gunter’s chain, Gurley ball, Gyro compass, Gyroscope


Hachure, Hachures, Hachuring, Half chronometer watch, Half-second beats, Half-tide, Hand compass, Hand level, Handle, Hard disk drive, Hardware, Harmonic analysis, Harmonic constant, Haul, Haul distance, Haulage, Hayford or Pratt compensation, Haze, Headquarter, Heavenly body, Hedge, Hedley’s dial, Height above mean sea level, Height formula, Height indicator, Height interpolation, Height of instrument method, Heighting, Helio-zincography, Heliograph, Heliostat, Heliotrope, Heliotroper, Helix, Helmert’s condensation, Hemp, Henry James projection, Hermetically sealed, Hexagon, High frequency oscillations, High order, High towers, High-class instruments, Highway, Hinge, Hinged mirror, Hinged sun glass, Histogram, Hodometer, Hollow, Homogeneity, Homogeneous, Homologue, Hook, Hook gauge, Horizon, Horizon glass, Horizon line, Horizon plane, Horizon trace, Horizontal, Horizontal alignment, Horizontal bending, Horizontal collimation, Horizontal component, Horizontal control, Horizontal equivalent, Horizontal hair, Horizontal parallax, Horizontal perspective, Horizontal ray, Horizontal swing, Horrebow-method, Horrebow-Talcott level, Horseshoe curve, Hour angle, Hour angle system, Hour-circle, Humidity, Hunter shutter eyepiece, Huyghen’s eyepiece, Huyghen’s telescopic eyepiece, Hydraulic, Hydraulics, Hydrographic, Hydrographical map, Hydrographical surveying, Hydrography, Hydrology, Hydrostatics levelling, Hygrometer, Hyperbola, Hyperbolic, Hyperbolic paraboloid, Hypotenusal allowance, Hypothesis, Hypsometer, Hysteresis


Iced bar, Icon, Iconometry, Iconoscope, Ideal transition, Ideal transition curve, Identification, Identification of point, Identified points, Illuminance, Illuminate, Illumination, Illustrate, Image, Image distortion, Image field, Image movement, Image principal point, Image reversion, Imaginary index, Immerse, Immersed, Impedence, Imperfection, Imperfection of image, Impersonal eyepiece micrometer, Impersonal micrometer, In situ, In vacuo, Inaccessible apex, Inaccessible bases, Incident ray (beam), Inclination, Inclination sector, Inclined sights, Inclinometer, Included angle, Inconsistency, Increment, Independent method, Independent quantity, Indeterminate case, Index, Index arm, Index error, Index frame, Index glass, Index line, Index marks, Index mirror, Index of refraction, Index setting error, Indian clinometer, Indicator, Indicatrix, Indices, Individual, Inductance, Infinite, Infinitesimal, Infinitesimally, Infra-red filter, Initial, Initial base, Initial bearing, Initial point, Initial station, Initialize, Inking-in, Inner axis, Inscribe, Insensitive region, Instant of observations, Instantaneous pole, Instrument man, Instrument station, Instrumental, Instrumental conditions, Instrumental constant, Instrumental contour, Instrumental contouring, Instrumental error, Instrumental flexure, Instrumental mean, Instrumental observation, Instrumental output, Instruments, Insulated, Integral, Integral number, Integrating, Integration method, Intensity, Intensity of illumination, Interactive, Intercept, Intercept lines, Intercepted, Interchangeable, Interchangeable diaphragm, Interconversion of time system, Interferometer, Interlaced triangles, Interlocking, Interlocking net, Intermediate, Intermediate bearing, Intermediate point, Intermediate support, Intermediate value, Internal focussing lens, Internal lens, Internal surface, International Astronomical Union, International formula, International Geodetic Association, International map projection, International metre, International system, Internet, Interpolate, Interpolated contours, Interpolation, Interposed, Interpretation, Interpretation of air photographs, Interrupter, Intersected, Intersected points, Intersected stations, Intersection, Intersection point, Interstate boundaries, Intervening ground, Intervening triangle, Intervisibility, Intervisible, Intervisible features, Intervisible points, Intrinsic equation, Invar, Invar plates, Invar strips, Invar tapes, Invariable co-ordinates, Inverse interpolation, Inverse interpretation, Inverse problem, Inverse solutions, Inversely proportional, Inverted image, Inverter knob, Inverting telescope, Ionosphere, Irregular, Irregular variations, Irregularities, Isocentre, Isochromatic plate, Isogonal, Isogonic chart, Isogonic lines, Isogous, Isolated, Isometric latitude, Isosceles triangle, Isostasy, Isostatic geoid, Isotope, Isotropic antenna, Italics


Jacob staff, Jacob’s ellipsoid, Jaffrey’s gravity formula, James’s projection, Jamming, Jerky, Junction point, Junctions of field sheets


Keel, Kellner eyepiece, Kelsh plotter, Kern self- reducing tacheometer, Kern self-reading tacheometer, Kerr cell, Key board, Kinematic design, Kinematics, Kinking, Kinks, Kino theodolite, Knife-edge, Knob, Knot, Known error, Knurl, Knurled knob


La Hire’s projection, La place azimuth, La place formula, La place station, Laboratory, Laboratory method, Lagging, Lagrange formula, Lallemand’s formula, Lambert co-ordinates, Lambert’s second system, Lamp screen, Land area, Land drainage, Land mark, Land marking, Lapse-rate formula, Large scale, Large scale mapping, Latent error, Lateral controlling screw, Lateral displacement, Lateral friction, Lateral heating, Lateral illumination, Lateral ratio, Lateral refraction, Lath, Latitude, Latitudes and departures, Law of accidental error, Laws of refraction, Layer, Layered map, Layout, Lead and line method, Lead lining, Leader, Leadline, Lean’s dial, Leap frog Altimetry, Least count, Least square adjustment, Leather hood, Leather pad, Lechmann’s rule, Legendre correction, Legendre’s rule, Leitz magnifier, Lejay pendulum, Lemniscate, Length, Lens, Leo, Lettering, Level, Level adjusting screw, Level axis, Level book, Level correction, Level cushing's, Level telescope, Level trier, Level tube, Leveller, Levelling, Levelling axis, Levelling head, Levelling operations, Levelling screw, Levelling staff, Levelling telescope, Lever, Lever handle, Licensed Surveyour, Life boat, Light gap, Light modulation, Light permeability, Light pulse, Light-weight, Line integral, Line of collimation, Line of sight, Line ranger, Linear, Linear co-ordinates, Linear displacement, Linear distance, Linear error, Linear law, Linear measure, Linear measurement, Linear surveying, Linear units, Linen tape, Lining, Link, Liquid crystal cell, Lithographic ink, Lithography, Little John roller grip, Loading, Local apparent time, Local attraction, Local deflection, Local deviation, Local surface, Local swing, Local time, Localise, Location, Location survey, Locking bolt, Locknut, Logarithm, Logarithmic, Logarithmic computation, Logarithmic computer, Logarithmic expansion, Logarithmic series, Logarithmic solution, Logical blocks, Long range, Longitude, Longitude determination, Longitudinal, Longitudinal axis, Longitudinal section, Loomis formula, Loomis table, Loop, Looseness, Loosening, Lossiemouth base-line, Loud speaker, Low tide, Lower clamp, Lower limb, Lower parallel plate, Lower transit, Loxodrome, Lubricate, Lug, Luminous, Luminous sights, Luminous signals, Lunar day, Lunar eclipse, Lunations, Luni-solar, Lunitidal interval, Lyra


MacCallaugh’s theorem, Maclaurin’s theroem, Macro, Madrid figure, Magnesium lamp, Magnesium ribbon, Magnet, Magnetic axis, Magnetic bearing, Magnetic compass, Magnetic declination, Magnetic dip, Magnetic elements, Magnetic field, Magnetic force, Magnetic meridian, Magnetic needle, Magnetic storm, Magnetic variation, Magnetism, Magnetometer, Magnification, Magnifier, Magnify, Magnifying glass, Magnifying power, Magnitude, Magnitude of stars, Mahogany, Main lines, Main scale division, Main scale spaces, Main triangle, Major axis, Major compass traverses, Mallet, Mangin reflector, Manipulating, Manipulation, Mantle, Manufacture, Map, Map graticule, Map grid, Map projection, Mapped country, Margin, Marigraph, Marine survey, Marine surveyor, Marking, Marsh, Maskeleyne’s rule, Masonry pier, Mass diagram, Mass Haul curve, Master station, Mathematical, Mathematical astronomy, Mathematical investigation, Mathematical theory, Maxima, Maximum negative value, Maximum positive value, Maximum value, Mc Caw lamp, Mc Cullough diagram, Mean, Mean co-ordinates, Mean density, Mean error, Mean instant of observation, Mean observed altitude, Mean radius, Mean refraction, Mean sea level, Mean solar time, Mean square error, Mean time chronometer, Mean time equivalent, Mean value, Measuring component, Measuring head, Mechanical, Mechanical breakdown, Mechanical computing, Mechanical division, Mechanical interpolation, Mechanical plotting machine, Mechanical programme finder, Mechanical solution, Mechanical strain, Medium length, Medium wave band, Mega cycle, Memory, Meniscus lens, Mercator chart, Mercator meridian distance, Mercator’s projection, Mercurial instrument, Mercurial thermometer, Mercury barometer, Meridian, Meridian passage, Meridian plane, Meridian quarrant, Meridian scale, Meridian zenith distance, Meridional, Meridional altitude, Meridional arc, Meridional component, Meridional distance, Meridional section, Message, Metal generator, Metal tray, Metallic, Metallic tape, Meteorological effects, Meteorological perturbations, Meteorology, Meter, Method of reiteration, Method of repetition, Methodical, Metre, Metre-yard ratio, Metric graduation, Metric tape, Metric unit, Meunier’s theorem, Micro, Micro wave, Micro-organism, Micro-second, Micrometer, Micrometer adjustments, Micrometer box, Micrometer drum, Micrometer head, Micrometer microscope, Micrometer prism, Micrometer run, Micrometer screw, Micrometer theodolite, Micrometer wires, Microscopic dot, Mid-area, Mid-latitude equation, Mid-latitude formula, Mid-ordinate, Mid-point, Mid-section, Middle notch, Milestone, Milled head, Milled ring, Milled screw, Milli micro second, Millibar, Miltary reconnaissance, Mine, Mine surveying, Miner’s dial, Miniature plan, Minimise, Minimized, Minimum, Mining, Mining areas, Minor axis, Minor control point, Minor determination, Minor traverse, Minor triangulation, Minus error, Minus sight, Miscellaneous corrections, Miscounting, Misreading, Mistake, Model, Model orientation, Modification, Modify, Modulated light waves, Modulation, Modulus of elasticity, Mollweide’s projection, Momentary charge, Monochromatic, Monocular, Monometallic, Moon culmination, Morse code, Mosaics, Most probable value, Mother board


Nadir, Nadiral, Nano second, Napierian Logarithm, Napier’s rule, National grid, National physical laboratory, Natural causes, Natural distance, Natural features, Natural mile, Natural resources, Natural sextant, Nautical almanac, Navigation, Navigational, Navigational chart, Neap tide, Needle instrument, Needle traverse, Negative, Negative aberration, Negative co-efficient, Negative meniscus, Negative run, Negative scale error, Negligible, Network, Neutral axis, Neutral surface, Neutralize, New moon, Newlyn datum, Newton- Bessel formula, Newton’s hypothesis, Newton’s rings, Nickel - iron, Nickel plated, Nickel steel, Nickel steel alloy, Night signals, Nilex steel, Nodal point, Nomenclature, Nominal altitude, Nominal length, Non- axial, Non- circular, Non- co- operative radar, Non- coincidence, Non- compensating, Non- corrosive, Non- erecting, Non- harmonic constant, Non- horizontality, Non- magnetic, Non- parallel, Non- parallel contour, Non- parallelism, Non- repeating pattern, Non- reversible, Non- self- registering gauges, Non- transiting, Non- vertical, Non-adjustable, Non-periodic, Normal, Normal distribution, Normal equation, Normal scale error, Northern celestical hemisphere, Northern hemisphere, Northing, Notation, Notch, Note book, Note keeper, Null point, Numerical coefficient, Numerical value, Numerically less, Nusel-Fric astrolobe, Nut, Nutation


Oarsman, Object correction, Object glass, Object lens, Object lines, Object point, Object vane, Objective cap, Oblate spheroid, Oblique, Oblique arc, Oblique boundaries, Oblique illumination, Oblique line, Oblique off-set, Oblique photograph, Obliquity, Obliquity of the ecliptic, Observation, Observation equation, Observation towers, Observational normal equation, Observatory, Observed difference, Observed slope, Observing pillar, Obstruction, Occurence, Ocean level, Octagonal, Octagonal box pattern, Octantis, Ocular, Odd length bays, Odometer, Office work, Official standard, Offset, Offset rod, Offset scale, Offsetting, Oil-stone, Omnimeter, Onogo system, Opal, Opaque, Opaque pillar, Opaque signal, Open interval, Open traverse, Operating mechanism, Operating system, Operation, Opposite, Optical adjustment, Optical apparatus, Optical arrangement, Optical centre, Optical collimator, Optical micrometer theodolite, Optical part, Optical plummet, Optical reader, Optical square, Optical system, Option, Optional, Orbital motion, Ordinary adjustment, Ordinary aneroid, Ordinary theodolite, Ordinary traverse, Ordinary tripod, Ordinate, Orientate, Orientation, Origin(of co-ordinates), Orion, Ormsby’s method, Orthochromatic, Orthogonal curves, Orthographic projection, Orthometric correction, Orthometric elevation, Orthometric height, Orthomorphic, Orthomorphic correction, Orthomorphic property, Orthomorphism, Orthoscopic eyepiece, Oscillation, Oscillatory cirucuit, Outdoor, Outer axis, Outer gradient, Outfit, Outline, Outwards, Over-sensitiveness, Overhead plumbing, Overlapphing


Pacific time beat, Pacing, Pair of dividers, Paired stars, Panorama, Panorama sketch, Pantograph, Paper funnel, Paper reflectors, Pappus’ theorem, Parabola, Parabolic, Parabolic reflectors, Parallactic angle, Parallactic grid, Parallax, Parallax mirror, Parallax plate micrometer, Parallel, Parallel beam, Parallel plate micrometer, Parallel plate refractor, Parallelism, Parallels of latitude, Paraxial zone, Partial product, Partition, Passive data recorder, Passometer, Password, Paste, Patent slow motion, Pattern, Paulin instruments, Paulin type, Pear- shaped, Pebbles, Pedometer, Peg, Pegging, Pen carriage, Pencil of rays, Pendulum, Pentagon, Pentagonal prism, Perambulator, Perception, Perfect gas, Perfect lens, Perigean tide, Perigee, Perihelion, Perimeter, Periodical, Periodical disturbance, Periodical error, Periodical standardisation, Periodical variation, Periphery, Permanent, Permanent adjustment, Permanent gradient, Permissible error, Permissible lenghts of sight, Perpendicular, Personal equation, Perspective, Perspective projection, Petroleum, Petroleum ether, Phase, Phase change, Phase modulaton, Phasing, Philadelphia rod, Phospher-bronze, Photo surveying, Photo-topography, Photoelectric cell, Photoelectricity, Photoetching, Photogrammetry, Photographic lens, Photographic plate, Photographic print, Photographic survey, Phototheodolite, Physical characteristic, Physical features, Picket, Pictorial effect, Pin-cushion distortion, Pin-hole, Pin-hole plate, Pinion, Pips, Pitch, Plan, Plan Title, Plane angle, Plane curve, Plane surveying, Plane table, Plane table surveying, Plane tabling, Planet, Planimeter, Planimetry, Plano-concave, Plano-convex, Planoscope, Plaster of Paris, Plate level, Plate screw, Plate spirit level, Platinum iridium alloy, Platinum iridium bar, Platinum plug, Plot, Plotted co-ordinates, Plotted distance, Plotted length, Plotted profile, Plotter, Plotting, Plotting apparatus, Plotting instrument, Plug, Plumb bob, Plumb bob cord, Plumb bob hook, Plumb bob string, Plumb line, Plumb point, Plumb pole, Plummet, Plus sight, Pocket chronometer, Point and jewel support, Point of reference, Point-to-point, Pointer, Poisson’s theorem, Polar axis, Polar distance, Polar radius, Polar regions, Polar triangle, Polaris, Polarisation, Polarised light, Polarity, Pole, Pole shoe, Poles, Poles of circle, Polyconical projection, Polygon, Polyhedric projection, Portable, Position circle, Position line, Positive, Positive aberration, Positive eyepiece, Positive run, Positive scale error, Positive voltage, Post meridian, Postulate, Potentiometric theodolite, Power, Power supply, Practical computing, Practical surveying, Precaution, Precession, Precise level, Precision, Predominant error, Preliminary, Pressure, Preview, Pricker, Primary compass traverse, Primary determination, Primary horizontal control, Primary traverse, Primary triangle, Primary triangulation, Primary work, Prime meridian, Prime vertical, Prime vertical section, Priming and lagging, Principal axis, Principal factor, Principal focus, Principal point, Principle


Quadrant, Quadrantal bearing, Quantity, Quantity surveying, Quantity surveyor, Quartz, Quasi-Anallatic point, Quicklevelling lead, Quickset level


Rack, Rack and pinion, Radar, Radar apparatus, Radar controlled photography, Radar measurements, Radar ranging, Radar station, Radar system, Radar techniques, Radar triangulation, Radar trilateration, Radial line method, Radial screw, Radial traverse, Radian, Radiant point, Radiated energy, Radiation, Radio, Radio broadcasting, Radio energy, Radio signal, Radio time signal, Radio waves, Radius, Radius of curvature, Radius vector, Rail, Rail level, Railway curve, Ramsden diagonal eyepiece, Ramsden eyepiece, Random, Random line, Range, Range finder, Ranging, Ranging pole, Rapid base measurements, Rapid survey, Rapidity, Rate, Rate of chronometer, Ratio, Ravine, Ray, Ray shade, Ray shade clinometer, Re-entrant, Re-magnetise, Reading, Reading glass, Rear point, Reasonable accuracy, Recessed hook, Reciprocal, Reciprocal levelling, Reciprocity, Recompute, Reconnaissance, Reconnaissance survey, Reconnoitre, Reconnoitring, Recorder, Rectangular, Rectangular bearing, Rectangular coordinates, Rectangular grid, Rectangular spherical bearing, Rectangular spherical coordinates, Rectify, Rectilinear, Reduced level, Reduction formula, Reduction of levels, Reduction of observations, Reference mark, Reference meridian, Reference peg, Reference tape, Reflecting device, Reflecting level, Reflecting prism, Reflecting surface, Reflecting waves, Reflector, Reflector image, Refracted, Refracted ray, Refraction, Refraction angle, Refraction correction, Refractor block, Reglette, Reiteration, Relationship, Relative advantage, Relative altitude, Relative elevation, Relative formula, Relative merits, Relative precision, Relief, Remedy, Repeating instruments, Repere, Repere mark, Repetition system, Replacement, Replotted, Replotting, Representation, Reproduce, Resected stations, Resection, Reservoir, Resetting, Residual, Residual aberration, Residual change, Residual colour, Residual contraction, Residual error, Resize, Resolution, Resolving power, Response, Result, Retardation, Reticule, Reticule adjustment, Retransmission, Retriangulation, Retrograde vernier, Reversal, Reversal method, Reverse azimuth, Reverse bearing, Reverse curve, Reverse process, Reversible bubble, Reversible prism reader, Reversible tilting level, Reversing face, Reversion of series, Rheostat, Rhumb line, Rhythmic time signal, Ridge, Right angled astronomical triangle, Right ascension, Right triangle, Rigid axis, Rigid bar, Rigid framework, Rigid method, Rigid tripod, Rigidity, Rigorous adjustment, Rigorous method, Rise and fall method, Rising star, Rivet, Road Survey, Road trace, Rock(v), Rod floats, Rodman, Roller grip, Roman characters, Rope and sound traverse, Rotate, Rotating horizontal circle, Rotation, Rotation axis, Rough determination, Rough pasture, Rough traverse, Route, Route traverse, Rudoe’s formula, Run of the micrometer


Sag, Sag correction, Salient points, Salinity values, Samson-flamsteed projection, Sand, Sand paper, Satellite station, Scaffolding, Scale, Scale correction, Scale division, Scale error, Scale factor, Scaling, Scan, Scorer, Scotch staff, Screen, Screening, Screw, Screwdriver, Sea-level correction, Seamarks, Search engine, Seasoned, Secant, Second (of time), Second -order geodetic survey, Second -order reiteration, Second(of arc), Secondary, Secondary axis, Secondary of circle, Secondary spectrum, Secondary theodolite traverse, Secondary triangulation, Section, Sectioning, Sector, Secular movement, Secular upheaval, Secular variation, Secure joint, Seismic sounding, Seismology, Selection, Self-adjusting, Self-centering, Self-checking, Self-focussing, Self-levelling, Self-reading staff, Self-reading type, Self-registering, Self-registering gauge, Self-registering tide gauge, Semi-automatic, Semi-axis, Semi-diameter, Semi-diurnal, Semi-graphic, Semi-major axis, Semi-minor axis, Semi-permanent, Semi-quadrantal, Semi-skilled, Semivertical, Sensible horizon, Sensitised surface, Sensitiveness, Separation error, Sequence, Serpentine(or reverse)curve, Set screw, Set square, Set up, Setting lever, Setting out (lines etc.), Setting screw, Setting star, Sewage, Sexagesimal measure, Sexagesimal system, Sextant, Shade, Shading, Shadow, Shadow-graph, Shaft, Sharp awl, Sharpness, Sheet system, Shift correction, Shimmer, Shine, Shoal features, Shoran apparatus, Shoran electronics, Shore line survey, Shore signal, Short cutting, Short legged traverse, Short range, Short wave band, Short wave length, Shortrede’s tables, Short’s rule, Short’s value, Shrinkage, Shuffle, Shutter, Shutter operation, Side equation, Side slip, Side telescope, Side width, Sidereal chronometer, Sidereal clock, Sidereal day, Sidereal equivalent, Sidereal interval, Sidereal solar day, Sidereal time, Sidereal time units, Sight, Sight vanes, Sighting mark, Sighting slit, Sightrail, Sigma, Sign convention, Signaller, Signalman, Silver circle, Silvered surface, Simple clinometer, Simple curve, Simpson’s rule, Simulation, Simulator, Simultaneous, Simultaneous equation, Simultaneous observation, Simultaneous pressure, Simultaneous reading, Sine, Sine ratio, Sine rule, Single line booking, Single observation, Single traverse, Sinusoidal, Sirius, Site, Size, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketching, Sketchmaster, Skew Mercator, Slacken, Slake water, Slant-distance, Slave station, Slide, Slide rule, Sliding plate, Sliding ring, Sliding weight, Slip, Slip knot, Slit, Slope, Slope correction, Slope peg, Slope staking, Sloping face, Slot, Slotted, Slow-motion micrometer, Sluggishness, Small circle, Snell’s law of refraction, Sod, Software, Solar, Solar attachment, Solar compass, Solar components, Solar day, Solar telescope, Solar tide, Solar time, Solder, Soldering, Solid, Solid earth, Solstice, Sopwith staff


T-square, Table of constants, Table of double entry, tabling triangle, Tabular form, Tabular value, Tabulate, Tabulated, Tabulated value, Tabulation, Tacheometer, Tacheometric alidade, Tacheometrical radiation, Tacheometry, Tachymeter, Tallow, Tally, Tangency, Tangent, Tangent formulae, Tangent plane, Tangent screw, Tangential, Tangential tacheometry, Tape, Tape box, Tape stretcher, Tapering, taping, Taping in catenary, Tardis formula, Target, Target staff, Taurus, Taut, Tavistock geodetic theodolite, Tavistock theodolite, Taylor’s theorem, Tee-shaped, Telegraph, Telegraph wires, Telegraphic longitude, Telescope, Telescope arc, Telescope barrel, Telescope collar, Telescope direct, Telescope graticule, Telescope level, Telescope level tube, Telescope reticule, Telescope reversed, Telescope support, Telescopic alidade, Telescopic heliotrope, Telescopic jacket, Teller, Temperature correction, Temporary adjustment, Temporary phenomena, Temporary sights, Tensile strength, Tension, Tentative spheroid, Terminal graduation, Terminal line, Terminal point, Terrestrial, Terrestrial atmospheric refraction, Terrestrial azimuth, Terrestrial equator, Terrestrial meridian, Terrestrial observations, Terrestrial poles, Terrestrial refraction, Terrestrial signal, Terrestrial spheroid, Tertiary mark, Tertiary triangulation, Tertiary work, Tesseral harmonics, Testing, Testing and reading micrometer, Text, Theodolite, Theodolite measurement, Theodolite traverse, Theoretical correction, Theoretical investigation, Theoretical sum, Theoretical work, Theory, Theory of tape suspension, Theory or error, Three point problem, Three screw type, Three star method, Three tripod system, Thrupp’s ripple method, Tidal day, Tidal observation, Tidal prediction, Tidal stream, Tidal theory, Tide, Tide gauge, Tide predicting machine, Tide producer, Tie line, Tilt, Tilting level, Timber scaffold, Time base, Time interval, Time keeper, Time of apparent noon, Time of emission, Time of mean noon, Time vernier, Tinge, Tinted, Tinted eye-glasses, Tinted paper, Tip, Title deed, Title to land, Tommy bar, Tool box, Toothed segment, Topographer, Topographic feature, Topographical map, Topographical survey, Topographical surveying, Topographical work, Topography, Topology, Total station, Tourniquet, Town planning, Tracing, Track, Transfer lever, Transfering head, Transform, Transformation of co-ordinates, Transit, Transit circle, Transit of a star, Transit theodolite, Transition curve, Transmission, Transmission line, Transmitted pulses, Transmitting station, Transparent, Transparent scale, Transport, Transverse Mercator co-ordinate, Transverse Mercator grid, Transverse Mercator projection, Transverse Mercator system, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Trapezoidal rule, Trapezoidal weir, Travelling flame, Travelling prism, Travelling rate, Traverse, Traverse base, Traverse bearing, Traverse equipment, Traverse legs, Traverse survey, Trench map, Trestle, Trial and calculation, Trial and error method, Triangle of error, Triangular weir, Triangulation, Triangulation chain, Triangulation scheme, Tribrach, Tribrach plate, Trigonometric series, Trigonometrical co-efficient, Trigonometrical function, Trigonometrical height, Trigonometrical interpolation, Trigonometrical levelling, Trigonometrical ratio, Trigonometrical station, Trigonometrical survey, Trigonometry, Trilateration, Tripod, Tripod stand, Tropic of Cancer


U-tube, Ultra-short waves, Unadjusted solution, Uncompensated error, Uncontrolled mosaic, Underground, Underground survey, Uneven, Uniform, Unit chord, Unit of power, Unit setting lever, universal, universal joint, Unknown(n), Unload, Unsilvered portion, Unsteadiness, Update, Upgrading, Upper clamp, Upper limit, Upper parallel plate, Upper plate, Upper tangent screw, Upper transit, Uranus, Ursa Majoris, Ursa Minoris, Utility


Vacuum box, Vandyke process, Vane, Vanishing point, Vapour bubble, Vapour pressure lamp, Variable, Variable atmospheric refraction, Variable rate, Variable resistance, Variant, Variation, variometer, Varnish, Vaseline, Velocity of light, Velocity of propagation, Vening Meinesz’s method, Vernal equinox, Vernier, Vernier arm, Vernier eye piece, Vernier index, Vernier instrument, Vernier mark, Vernier reading, Versine, Version, Vertical, Vertical adjustment, Vertical alignment, Vertical arc, Vertical arc level, Vertical bending, Vertical circle, Vertical circle clamp, Vertical circle tangent screw, Vertical circle vernier, Vertical component, Vertical control, Vertical control point, Vertical deformation, Vertical frame, Vertical illumination, Vertical motion pinion, Vertical photograph, Vertical plane, Vertical slit, Vertical wire, Verticality, Vertically, Verticalspindle, Viaduct, Vial, Vibrating sheet, Vibration, Vignal and Rune’s formula, Vignal’s notation, Violet, Virtual image, Virus, Viscosity, Viscous, Viscous liquid, Visible phenomena, Visual display unit, Visual observation, Volume, Von-Oreal Stereo autograph, Vulcanite, V’ support


Wall tripod, Water glass, Water proof, Water supply, Water tight, Watt-Ewing stadia altimeter, Watt’s autoset level, Watt’s constant bubble, Watt’s microptic optical alidade, Watt’s microptic theodolite, Watt’s precise level, Wave length, Wedge shaped, Wedge telemeter, Wegener’s theory, Weight gauge, Weight per unit area, Weighting, Weighting of observations, Weir method, Weistrach triangle, Well - conditioned triangle, Well - defined object, Well - marked boundary, Werner’s projection, Westing, Wet and dry bulb hygrometer, Wharves