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1. ma
(a prohibitive particle) do not. (m.) the moon.
2. macca
(m.) a man.
3. maccha
(m.) a fish.
4. macchabandha
(m.) a fisherman.
5. macchagumba
(m.) shawl of fish.
6. macchamamsa
(nt.) fish and flesh.
7. macchanda
(nt.) fish-egg.
8. macchandi
(f.) a kind of sugar having the appearance of fish-eggs.
9. macchara
(nt.) avarice; niggardliness.
10. maccharayati
(deno. from macchariya) is selfish, greedy or miserly.
11. macchari
(m.) a miser.
12. macchariya
(nt.) avarice; niggardliness.
13. macchera
(nt.) avarice; niggardliness.
14. macchi
(f.) a she-fish.
15. maccu
(m.) death; the Death.
16. maccudheyya
(nt.) the sphere of Death.
17. maccuhayi
(adj.) victorious over death.
18. maccumukha
(nt.) the mouth of Death.
19. maccuparayana
(adj.) subject to death.
20. maccupareta
(adj.) subject to death.
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