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21. jaggi
(aor. of jaggati) watched over.
22. jaggitva
(abs. of jaggati) having watched over.
23. jaghana
(nt.) the lion; the buttocks.
24. jaghi
(aor. of jagghati) laughed; derided.
25. jagimsanta
(pr.p. of) wishing to have.
26. jaha
(adj.) (in cpds.) leaving behind; giving up.
27. jahanta
(pr.p. of jahati) leaving; abandoning.
28. jahara
(v.) (he) has left.
29. jahati
(hā + a; hā is duplicated and the first hā is changed to ja) leaves; abandons; gives up; forsakes.
30. jahi
(aor. of jahati) left; abandoned.
31. jahita
(pp. of jahati) left; abandoned.
32. jahitabba
(pt.p. of jahati) should be left.
33. jahitva
(abs. of jahati) having left; having abandoned.
34. jajjara
(adj.) feeble with age; old; vithered.
35. jajjarita
(pp. of jarati) weakened.
36. jala
(nt.) water. ◊ (adj.) slow; stupid. (m.) a stupid person. ◊ (nt.) a net; entanglement. ◊ (f.) flame.
37. jalabu
(m.) the placenta.
38. jalabuja
(adj.) born in a placenta; viviparous.
39. jalacara
(adj.) living in the water; aquatic. (m.) a fish.
40. jalada
(m.) a rain-cloud.
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