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1. babbaja
(nt.) the fragrant root of the Andropogon Muricatus.
2. babbu
(m.) a cat.
3. babbuka
(m.) a cat.
4. badalata
(f.) a creeper of sweet taste.
5. badara
(nt.) jujube fruit.
6. badaramissa
(adj.) mixed with jujube.
7. badari
(f.) the jujube tree.
8. baddha
(pp. of bandhati) bound; trapped; fastened; combined; put together.
9. baddhanjalika
(adj.) keeping the hands reverently extended.
10. baddharava
(m.) the cry of the trapped or caught.
11. baddhavera
(nt.) contracted enmity. (adj.) having such enmity.
12. badha
(f.) hindrance; prevention.
13. badhaka
(adj.) preventing; harassing; obstructing.
14. badhakatta
(nt.) the fact of being obstructive.
15. badhana
(nt.) hindrance; affliction; snaring; catching.
16. badhati
(bādh + a) hinders; obstructs; afflicts; ensnares.
17. badhenta
(pr.p. of bādheti) oppressing; afflicting.
18. badhesi
(aor. of bādheti) oppressed; afflicted; harassed; ensnared; prevented.
19. badheti
(badh + e) oppresses; afflicts; harasses; ensnares; prevents.
20. badhetva
(abs. of bādheti) having harrassed; having ensnared.