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1. ca
(copulative or disjunctive particle) and; then; now.
2. caccara
(nt.) a courtyard; a cross road.
3. caga
(m.) gift; abandoning; giving up; generosity.
4. caganussati
(f.) remembrance of one's generosity.
5. cagi
(m.) one who abandons or donates.
6. cajamana
(pr.p. of cajati) letting loose; abandoning.
7. cajana
(nt.) leaving aside; abandonment.
8. cajanta
(pr.p. of cajati) letting loose; abandoning.
9. cajati
(caj + a) lets loose; abandons; gives up.
10. caji
(aor. of cajati) let loose; abandoned; gave up.
11. cajitva
(abs. of cajati) having let loose; having abandoned; having given up.
12. cakita
(adj.) disturbed; afraid.
13. cakka
(nt.) a wheel; circle; disc; cycle; command.
14. cakkankita
(adj.) having a wheelmark.
15. cakkapani
(m.) the God Vishnu (in whose hand is a disc).
16. cakkaratana
(nt.) jewel wheel of a universal monarch.
17. cakkasamarulha
(adj.) having mounted their vehicles (in an emergency).
18. cakkavaka
(m.) the ruddy goose.
19. cakkavala
(m.; nt.) a world-circle; a solar system.
20. cakkavalagabbha
(m.) the interior of a world-circle.