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1. edha
(m.) fuel; firewood.
2. edhati
(edh + a) gains; succeeds in.
3. edhi
(aor. of edhati) gained; succeeded in.
4. edisa
(adj.) such; such like.
5. edisaka
(adj.) such; such like.
6. ehibhikkhu
(the oldest formula of admission to the Order), come O monk.
7. ehinti
(v.) they will come.
8. ehipassika
(adj.) that which invites every man to come and see; open to all.
9. eja
(f.) craving; motion.
10. eka
(adj.) same; certain; unknown. (used for the indefinite article). One, (only in the sing.). in plural it gives the meaning some.
11. ekabhattika
(adj.) having one meal a day.
12. ekacara
(adj.) one who lives alone.
13. ekacari
(adj.) one who lives alone.
14. ekacca
(adj.) some; certain; a few.
15. ekacciya
(adj.) some; certain; a few.
16. ekada
(adv.) once; at one time.
17. ekadesa
(m.) a portion; a part.
18. ekadha
(adv.) in one way.
19. ekagga
(adj.) calm; tranquil.
20. ekaggata
(f.) tranquillity of mind; onepointedness.