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1. gabbha
(m.) interior; the womb; embryo; an inner chamber.
2. gabbhagata
(adj.) gone to the womb; conceived.
3. gabbhamala
(nt.) accompanying dirty matter of child-birth.
4. gabbhapariharana
(nt.) protection of the embryo.
5. gabbhapatana
(nt.) an abortive preparation; destruction of the embryo.
6. gabbhara
(nt.) a cave.
7. gabbhasaya
(m.) the uterus.
8. gabbhaseyya
(f.) conception in a womb.
9. gabbhaseyyaka
(adj.) one who is born in an uterus; viviparous.
10. gabbhavakkanti
(gabbha + avakkanti), (f.) conception.
11. gabbhavutthana
(nt.) child-birth; delivery.
12. gabbhini
(f.) a pregnant woman.
13. gabbita
(adj.) proud; arrogant.
14. gaccha
(m.) a plant; a shrub.
15. gacchamana
(pr.p. of gacchati) going; moving; walking.
16. gacchanta
(pr.p. of gacchati) going; moving; walking.
17. gacchati
(gam + a) goes; moves; walks.
18. gacchi
(aor. of gacchati) went; moved; walked.
19. gada
(m.) sickness; sound; speech. ◊ (f.) a kind of weapon; an iron bar.
20. gadati
(gad + a) says; speaks.
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