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1. ha
(ind.) alas!
2. hadati
(v.) defecates.
3. hadaya
(nt.) the heart.
4. hadayamamsa
(nt.) the flesh of the heart.
5. hadayangama
(adj.) pleasant; charming; agreeable.
6. hadayanissita
(adj.) connected with the heart.
7. hadayasantapa
(m.) grief.
8. hadayassita
(adj.) connected with the heart.
9. hadayavatthu
(nt.) the substance of the heart.
10. hala
(nt.) a plough.
11. halahana
(nt.) a deadly poison.
12. halam
(ind.) enough; why should.
13. halidda
(f.) turmeric.
14. haliddi
(f.) turmeric.
15. hambho
(a particle used in addressing equals.)
16. hammiya
(nt.) a long, storied building.
17. hamsa
(m.) a swan.
18. hamsana
(nt.) bristling.
19. hamsapotaka
(m.) a young swan.
20. hamsati
(haṃs + a) bristles; stands on the end (said of hari; to be glad.
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