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1. i
in "i-kāra" the letter or sound i SnA 12 (~lopa), 508 (id.).
2. ibbha
(adj.) [Ved. ibhya belonging to the servants] menial; a retainer, in the phrase "muṇḍakā samaṇakā ibbhā kaṇhā" (kiṇhā) "bandhupādāpaccā" D I.90 (v. l. SS imbha; T. More…
3. ibha
(m.) elephant.
4. ibhapipphali
(f.) a big kind of long pepper.
5. iccha
(adj.) (in cpds.) wishing; longing; desirous of. ◊ (f.) desire; wish; longing.
6. iccha
(-~) (adj.) [the adj. form of icchā] wishing, longing, having desires, only in pāp~ having evil desires S I.50; II.156; an~ without desires S I.61, 204; Sn 707; app~ id. Sn 628, 707. More…
7. icchaka
(adj.) one who desires.
8. icchaka
(-~) (adj.) [fr. iccha] wishing, desirous, only in nt. adv. yad-icchikaṃ (and yen~) after one’s wish or liking M III.97; A III.28.
9. icchana
(nt.) desire; wish; longing.
10. icchana
(nt.) [fr. "iṣ‹2›," cp. Sk. īpsana] desiring, wish J IV. 5; VI.244.
11. icchanavacara
(icchan + āvacara), (adj.) moving in desires; behaving as one likes.
12. icchanta
(pr.p. of icchati) wishing; longing for.
13. icchata
(-~) (f.) [abstr. fr. icchā] wishfulness, wishing: only in "aticchatā" too great wish for, covetousness, greed Vbh 350 (cp. aticchati, which is probably the primary basis of the More…
14. icchati
(is + a) wishes; desires; longs for.
15. icchati‹1›
[Sk. icchati, "iṣ," cp. Av. isaiti, Obulg. iskati, Ohg. eiscōn, Ags. āscian = E. ask; all of same meaning “seek, wish”] to wish, desire, ask for (c. acc.), expect S I.210 More…
16. icchati‹2›
[Sk. rcchati of ṛ, concerning which see appeti] see "aticchati" & cp. "icchatā."
17. icchi
(aor. of icchati) wished; desired.
18. icchita
(pp. of icchati) wished; desired.
19. icchita
[pp. of icchati] wished, desired, longed for J I.208; DhsA 364; PvA 3, 53, 64 (read anicchita for anijjhiṭṭha, which may be a contamination of icchita & iṭṭha), 113, 127 (twice).
20. icc’
see iti.