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1. jacca
(adj.) (in cpds.) having such a birth.
2. jaccandha
(adj.) blind from birth.
3. jagara
(adj.) awake; vigilant; watchful.
4. jagarana
(nt.) keeping awake.
5. jagaranta
(pr.p. of jāgarati) awaking.
6. jagarati
(jāgar + a) to be awake or watchful.
7. jagari
(aor. of jāgarati) awoke.
8. jagarijanuyoga
(m.) vigilance; practice of watchfulness.
9. jagarita
(nt.) wakeful state.
10. jagariya
(nt.) vigil; waking.
11. jagariyanuyoga
(m.) vigilance; practice of watchfulness.
12. jagati
(f.) the earth; the world.
13. jagatippadesa
(m.) a spot on the earth.
14. jagatiruha
(m.) a tree.
15. jaggana
(nt.) tending; bringing up; watchfulness. ◊ (f.) tending; bringing up; watchfulness.
16. jaggati
(jagg + a) watches over; nourishes; lies awake.
17. jagghana
(f.) laughter.
18. jagghati
(jaggh + a) laughs; derides.
19. jagghi
(aor. of jagghati) laughed; derided.
20. jagghita
(nt.) laughter.
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