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1. ka
(from interrogative pron. kiṃ) who; what; which. ◊ (f.) which woman?
2. kaatha
(m.) receptacle; cauldron; a nut-shell.
3. kabala
(m.; nt.) a lump; a morsel; a mouthful.
4. kabalinkara
(m.) lumping.
5. kabalinkarahara
(m.) material food.
6. kabandha
(m.) headless (trunk of the) body.
7. kabara
(adj.) spotted; variegated.
8. kabba
(nt.) a poem; poetical composition.
9. kabkaba
(nt.) bracelet.
10. kaca
(m.) glass; crystal; cataract in the eye.
11. kacamani
(m.) crystal.
12. kacamaya
(adj.) made of glass.
13. kacatumba
(m.) glass bottle.
14. kacavara
(m.) sweepings; rubbish.
15. kaccha
(m.; nt.) 1. marshy land; 2. armpit. ◊ (f.) loin-clothe; a belt for an elephant.
16. kacchabandhana
(nt.) binding with a belt or loin-clothe.
17. kacchaka
(m.) a kind of fig-tree.
18. kacchantara
(nt.) below the armpit; interior of a royal palace.
19. kacchapa
(m.) a turtle; tortoise.
20. kacchaputa
(m.) a hawker. (adj.) one who has a bundle hanging from one's shoulder.
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