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1. labbha
(ind.) possible; allowable; may be obtained.
2. labbhamana
(pr.p. of labbhati) obtaining; receiving.
3. labbhati
(labh + ya) to be obtained or received.
4. labha
(m.) gain; acquisition. ◊ (ind.) it is profitable; it is a gain.
5. labhagga
(m.) the highest gain.
6. labhakamyata
(f.) desire for gain.
7. labhamacchariya
(nt.) selfishness in gain.
8. labhanta
(pr.p. of labhati) getting; obtaining; attaining.
9. labhasakkara
(m.) gain and honour.
10. labhati
(labh + a) gets; obtains; attains.
11. labhi
(aor. of labhati) got; obtained; attained. ◊ (m.) one who gains much.
12. labhissati
(fut. of labhati)
13. labhitum
(inf. of labhati) to get; to receive.
14. labhitva
(abs. of labhati) having got; having obtained; having attained.
15. labu
(f.) gourd.
16. labuja
(m.) the breadfruit tree.
17. labukataha
(adj.) the outer crust of a gourd used as a vessel.
18. lacchati 2
(fut. of labhati) will get; will obtain; will attain.
19. laddha
(pp. of labhati or labbhati) obtained; received. ◊ (abs. of labhati) having got, received, or attained.
20. laddhabba
(pt.p.) what should be received.