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1. na
(ind.) (negative particle), no; not.
2. na cirassam
(adv.) shortly; before long.
3. na eva
(ind.) indeed not.
4. na kadaci
(ind.) never.
5. na kvaci
(ind.) nowhere.
6. na upeti
it is not befitting.
7. nabba
(m.) the sky. This takes the form nabho in cpds. e.g., nabhogata = existing in the sky.
8. nabbapana
(nt.) cooling; quenching; extinction.
9. nabhaso
(abl.) from the sky.
10. nabhi
(f.) the naval; the nave of a wheel.
11. nacca
(nt.) dancing; a play.
12. naccaka
(m.) dancer, actor.
13. naccana
(ger. of naccati) dancing; performing as a dramatist.
14. naccanta
(pr.p. of naccati) dancing; perfoming as a dramatist
15. naccati
(naṭ + ya) dances; performs as a dramatist.
16. naccatthana
(nt.) a theatre; dancing place.
17. nacci
(aor. of naccati) danced; performed as a dramatist.
18. naccitva
(abs. of naccati) having danced; having performed as a dramatist.
19. nada
(m.) roar; sound.
20. nadana
(nt.) roaring.