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1. racana
(f.) arrangement; a treatise.
2. racayati
(rac + aya) arranges; composes; prepares.
3. racayi
(aor. of racayati) arranged; composed; prepared.
4. raccha
(f.) street.
5. racita
(pp. of racayati) arranged; composed; prepared.
6. racitva
(abs. of racayati) having arranged; having composed; having prepared.
7. rada
(m.) a tusk. Found in dvirada = elephant.
8. raga
(m.) colour; hue; dye; lust; attachment.
9. ragacarita
(adj.) of lustful behaviour.
10. ragaggi
(m.) the fire of lust.
11. ragakkhaya
(m.) destruction of lust.
12. ragaratta
(adj.) infatuated with lust.
13. ragi
(adj.) lustful.
14. rahabhava
(m.) the state of not being secret.
15. rahada
(m.) a lake.
16. rahaseyyaka
(adj.) secluded; secret.
17. rahassa
(nt.) a secret.
18. rahita
(adj.) deprived of; without.
19. raho
(ind.) secretly; in secret; a lonely place.
20. rahogata
(adj.) gone to lonely place.
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