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1. sa
(adj.) 1. (=sva in Sanskrit.) one's own. (sehi kammehi = through one's own actions). 2. a shortened form of saha, in compounds such as sadevaka. (= so), nom. sin. of ta in mas. is More…
2. sa
(m.) a dog. (f.) (nom. from ta) she.
3. sa (= so)
(nom. sing. of ta in mas.) is often seen in this form, e.g. sa ve kāsāvam arahati.
4. sa-jana
(m.) a kinsman; one's own men.
5. sacariyaka
(adj.) together with one's teacher.
6. sacca
(nt.) truth. adj. true; real.
7. saccabhisamaya
(m.) comprehension of the reality.
8. saccakala
(m.) time for speaking the truth.
9. saccakara
(m.) a pledge; rectification; payment in advance.
10. saccakiriya
(f.) a declaration on oath.
11. saccapativedha
(m.) comprehension of the reality.
12. saccapesi
(aor. of saccāpeti) bound with an oath; conjured.
13. saccapeti
(deno. from sacca) binds with an oath; conjures.
14. saccapita
(pp. of saccāpeti) bound with an oath; conjured.
15. saccasandha
(adj.) reliable.
16. saccavaca
(m.) one who speaks the truth.
17. sacchikarana
(nt.) realisation; experiencing.
18. sacchikaraniya
(adj.) fit to be realised.
19. sacchikari
(aor. of sacchikaroti) realised; experienced for oneself.
20. sacchikaritum
(inf. of sacchikaroti) to realise; to experience for oneself.