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1. ta
(demonstrative pron.) that; (so = he; sā = she; taṃ = that thing, are some forms of this).
2. tabbahula
(adj.) having abundantly or often.
3. tabbhava
(m.) that state; the real nature.
4. tabbipakkha
(adj.) antagonistic to that.
5. tabbiparita
(adj.) different from that.
6. tabbisaya
(adj.) having that as an object.
7. taca
(m.) skin; bark; hide.
8. tacagandha
(m.) the scent of bark.
9. tacapancaka
(nt.) the five constituents ending with taca, viz. kesā, lomā, nakhā, dantā, taco.
10. tacapariyosana
(adj.) limited by skin.
11. taccha
(adj.) true; real; (nt.) the truth.
12. tacchaka
(m.) a carpenter; chipper of wood.
13. tacchana
(nt.) chipping off.
14. tacchani
(f.) chip-axe.
15. tacchati
(tacch + a) chips; chops; make thin.
16. tacchenta
(pr.p. of taccheti) chipping.
17. tacchesi
(aor. of taccheti) chipped.
18. taccheti
(tacch + a) chips.
19. tacchetva
(abs. of taccheti) having chipped.
20. tacchi
(aor. of tacchati) chipped; chopped. (pp. of taccheti), shipped.