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1. vaha
(adj.) carrying; leading. (m.) a leader; a cart; a cartload, i.e. 380 dronas; a beast of burden; a torrent.
2. vahaka
(m.) one who bears or carries away; leading to; a current.
3. vahana
(nt.) carrying; bearing; flowing. ◊ (nt.) a vehicle.
4. vahanaka
(adj.) bearing; bringing forth.
5. vahanta
(pr.p. of vahati) bearing; carrying.
6. vahasa
(ind.) owing to; by dint of; on account of.
7. vahati
(vah + a) bears; carries; does one's work; flows.
8. vaheti
(vah + e) conveys; leads to.
9. vahi
(aor. of vahati) bore; carried; did one's work; flowed. ◊ (adj.) carrying; conveying; bearing.
10. vahini
(f.) 1. an army; 2. a river.
11. vahita
(pp. of vahati) born; carried; did one's work; flowed.
12. vahitabba
(pt.p. of vahati) should be born; should be carried.
13. vahitu
(m.) bearer.
14. vahitva
(abs. of vahati) having born; having carried; having done one's work; flowed.