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1. vaja
(m.) a cow-pen; cattle-fold. ◊ (m.) the father of an arrow; a kind of drink.
2. vajadvara
(nt.) gate of a cow-shed.
3. vajamana
(pr.p. of vajati) going; proceeding.
4. vajapeyya
(nt.) a kind of sacrifice.
5. vajati
(vaj + a) goes; proceeds.
6. vaji
(aor. of vajati) went; proceeded. ◊ (m.) a horse.
7. vajira
(nt.) diamond; a thunder-bolt.
8. vajirahattha
(m.) having a diamond mace in his hand, i.e. Sakka.
9. vajirapani
(m.) having a diamond mace in his hand, i.e. Sakka.
10. vajja
(nt.) nt. fault; a musical instrument. (adj.) which should be avoided; what should be told. ◊ (v.) he would say.
11. vajjam
(1st sing. of vad.) (to say).
12. vajjana
(nt.) avoidance; shunning.
13. vajjaniya
(adj.) fit to be avoided or shunned.
14. vajjesi
(aor. of vajjeti) avoided; abstained from; renounced.
15. vajjetabba
(pt.p. of vajjeti) should be avoided; should be abstained from; should be renounced.
16. vajjeti
(vaj + e) avoids; abstains from; renounces.
17. vajjetum
(inf. of vajjeti) to avoid; to abstain from; to renounce.
18. vajjetva
(abs. of vajjeti) having avoided; having abstained from; having renounced.
19. vajjha
(adj.) fit to be killed or punished.
20. vajjhabheri
(f.) the execution drum.