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1. vala
(m.) hair of the tail. (adj.) fierce; malicious.
2. valabamukha
(nt.) a submarine fire.
3. valadhi
(m.) tail.
4. valagga
(nt.) the tip of a hair.
5. valaggamatta
(adj.) of the size of the tip of a hair.
6. valahaka
(m.) a rain cloud.
7. valakambala
(nt.) a blanket made of horse-hair.
8. valamiga
(m.) a beast of prey.
9. valandupaka
(m.; nt.) a brush made of horse tail.
10. valanja
(nt.) (in cpds.) a track; trace; use; that which is secreted.
11. valanjana
(nt.) resorting; using; acting as; easing the body.
12. valanjanaka
(adj.) fit to be used or spent.
13. valanjenta
(pr.p. of valañjeti) tracking; tracing; using; spending.
14. valanjesi
(aor. of valañjeti) tracked; traced; used; spent; resorted to.
15. valanjetabba
(pt.p. of valañjeti) should be tracked; should be traced.
16. valanjeti
(valaj + e) tracks; traces; uses; spends; resorts to.
17. valanjetva
(abs. of valañjeti) having tracked; having traced; having used; having spent; having resorted to.
18. valanjita
(pp. of valañjeti) tracked; traced; used; spent; resorted to.
19. valanjiyamana
(adj.) being used.
20. valava
(f.) a mare.