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Pali English Dictionary
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1. vana
(nt.) a wound; a sore. ◊ (nt.) a wood; forest. ◊ (nt.) craving; netting of a bed.
2. vanabandhana
(nt.) bandage for a wound.
3. vanacara
(adj.) a forester.
4. vanacaraka
(adj.) a forester.
5. vanacari
(adj.) a forester.
6. vanacetya
(nt.) a sacred forest.
7. vanacolaka
(nt.) a rag for dressing a wound.
8. vanadevata
(f.) a forest deity.
9. vanagahana
(nt.) a jungle thicket.
10. vanagumba
(m.) a cluster of trees.
11. vanakammika
(m.) one who works in the woods.
12. vanamukha
(nt.) surface of a wound.
13. vanapatikamma
(nt.) curing of a wound.
14. vanapattha
(nt.) a place far away in the forest.
15. vanappati
(m.) a big tree which bears fruit without flowers.
16. vanara
(m.) a monkey.
17. vanari
(f.) female monkey.
18. vanarinda
(m.) monkey-king.
19. vanasanda
(m.) jungle thicket.
20. vanaspati
(m.) a big tree which bears fruit without flowers.