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Pali English Dictionary
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1. vapana
(nt.) sowing.
2. vapanta
(pr.p. of vapati) sowing; shaving.
3. vapati
(vap + a) sows; shaves.
4. vapi
(aor. of vapati) sowed; shaved. ◊ (f.) tank; a reservoir for water.
5. vapita
(pp. of vapati) sown; shaved. ◊ (pp. of vapati), sown.
6. vapitva
(abs. of vapati) having sown; having shaved.
7. vappa
(m.) sowing; name of a month, October-November.
8. vappakala
(m.) sowing time.
9. vappamangala
(nt.) ploughing festival.
10. vapu
(nt.) the body.