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1. ve
(particle of affirmation) indeed; truly; surely.
2. vebhangiya
(adj.) fit to be distributed.
3. veda
(m.) religious feeling; knowledge; the brahmanic canon of authorised religious teaching.
4. vedagu
(m.) one who has attained the highest knowledge.
5. vedajata
(adj.) filled with joy.
6. vedaka
(m.) one who feels or suffers.
7. vedana
(f.) pain; sensation.
8. vedanakkhandha
(m.) the aggregate of sensation.
9. vedantagu
(m.) one who excells in the knowledge of the Vedas.
10. vedaparagu
(m.) one who excells in the knowledge of the Vedas.
11. vedayita
(nt.) feeling; experience.
12. vedeha
(adj.) belonging to the Videha country.
13. vedehiputta
(m.) son of a princess from Videha.
14. vedenta
(pr.p. of vedeti) feelling; knowing.
15. vedesi
(aor. of vedeti) felt; sensed; knew.
16. vedeti
(vid + e) feels; senses; knows.
17. vedetva
(abs. of vedeti) having felt; having sensed; having known.
18. vedha
(m.) piercing; shooting; pricking.
19. vedhana
(nt.) piercing; shooting; pricking.
20. vedhati
(vidh + a) trembles; quakes.