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1. vo
(enclitic from tumha) to you; of you; by you.
2. vocchijjati
(vi + u + chid + ya) to be cut off or stopped.
3. vocchijji
(aor. of vocchijjati) cut off.
4. vocchijjitva
(abs. of vocchijjati) having cut off.
5. vocchinna
(pp. of vocchijjati) cut off.
6. vodaka
(adj.) free from water.
7. vodana
(nt.) purity; sanctification.
8. vodapana
(nt.) cleansing; purification. ◊ (f.) cleansing; purification.
9. vodapesi
(aor. of vodapeti) cleansed; purified.
10. vodapeti
(vi + u + dā + āpe) cleanses; purifies.
11. vohara
(m.) calling; expression; use; trade; jurisprudence; current appellation.
12. voharanta
(pr.p. of voharati) using; expressing; calling.
13. voharati
(vi + ava + har + a) uses; expresses; calls; trades; administrates.
14. vohari
(aor. of voharati) used; expressed; called; traded; administrated.
15. voharika
(m.) a trader; a judge.
16. voharikamacca
(m.) the Chief Justice.
17. voharita
(pp. of voharati) used; expressed; called; traded; administrated.
18. voharitva
(abs. of voharati) having used; having expressed; having called; having traded; having administrated.
19. vohariyamana
(pr.p.p. of) being called.
20. vokara
(m.) 1. a constituent of being, i,e, a khandha ; 2. trouble.