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1. vuccamana
(pr.p. of vuccati) saying or calling.
2. vuccati
(vac + ya) to be said or called.
3. vuddha
(adj.) old; venerable. ◊ (adj.) old; venerable.
4. vuddhatara
(adj.) elder; older.
5. vuddhi
(f.) increase; growth; prosperity. ◊ (f.) increase; growth; prosperity.
6. vuddhippatta
(adj.) come of age; fit to be married; grown up.
7. vulha
(pp. of vuyhati) floated
8. vupakattha
(adj.) secluded.
9. vupasama
(m.) relief; clamness; cessation.
10. vupasamana
(nt.) relief; clamness; cessation.
11. vupasamenta
(pr.p. of vūpasameti) appeasing; allaying; relieving.
12. vupasamesi
(aor. of vūpasameti) appeased; allayed; relieved.
13. vupasameti
(vi + upa + sam + e) appeases; allays; relieves.
14. vupasametva
(abs. of vūpasameti) having appeased; having allayed; having relieved.
15. vupasamita
(pp. of vūpasameti) appeased; allayed; relieved.
16. vupasammati
(vi + upa + sam + ya) to be assuaged or quieted; to be extinguished.
17. vupasanta
(pp. of vūpasammati) allayed; calmed.
18. vusita
(pp. of vasati) dwelt; fulfilled; come to perfection.
19. vusitabhava
(m.) the fact of being dwelt.
20. vusitatta
(nt.) the fact of being dwelt.