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1. va
(a short form of iva or eva.) ◊ (particle of disjunction), or; either- or.
2. va pana
(ind.) or else.
3. vaca
(m.; nt.) (mano-group), word; saying. ◊ (f.) the sweet fig plant; orris root. ◊ (f.) word; speech; saying.
4. vacaka
(m.) one who teaches or recites.
5. vacala
(adj.) garrulous; talkative.
6. vacana
(nt.) utterance; word; saying; a term; an expression. ◊ (nt.) recitation; reading.
7. vacanaka
(nt.) a ceremony or place of recitation.
8. vacanakara
(adj.) obedient.
9. vacanakkhama
(adj.) willing to do what others bid.
10. vacanamagga
(m.) the way of recitation or tradition.
11. vacananiya
(adj.) fit to be spoken to or admonished.
12. vacanapatha
(m.) the way of saying.
13. vacanattha
(m.) meaning of a word.
14. vacanurakkhi
(adj.) guarding one's speech.
15. vacasika
(adj.) connected with speech.
16. vacca
(nt.) excrement; faeces; dung.
17. vaccakupa
(m.) a privy pit.
18. vaccakuti
(f.) a privy; lavatory.
19. vaccamagga
(m.) the anus.
20. vaccasodhaka
(m.) a privy-cleaner.