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1. ya
(relative pron.) which; what; whatever.
2. ya
(f. sin. of ya), whatever woman.
3. yacaka
(m.) a beggar; one who requests.
4. yacamana
(pr.p. of yācati) begging; asking; entreating.
5. yacana
(nt.) begging; entreaty.
6. yacanaka
(adj.) begging.
7. yacanta
(pr.p. of yācati) begging; asking; entreating.
8. yacati
(yāc + a) begs; asks; entreats.
9. yacayoga
(adj.) accessible to begging; ready to comply with another's request.
10. yaci
(aor. of yācati) begged; asked; entreated.
11. yacika
(f.) female beggar.
12. yacita
(pp. of yācati) asked of; begged of.
13. yacitaka
(nt.) a borrowed thing.
14. yacitum
(inf. of yācati) to beg; to ask; to entreat.
15. yacitva
(abs. of yācati) having begged; having asked; having entreated.
16. yada
(adv.) whenever; when.
17. yadi
(ind.) if; however.
18. yadidam
(yaṃ + idaṃ), (ind.) which is this; that is; namely.
19. yadisa
(adj.) whichever; whatever; which like.
20. yadisasaka
(adj.) whichever; whatever; which like.