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1. ~ga
[fr. "gam"] adj., only as ending: going. See e. g. atiga, anuga, antalikkha~, ura~, pāra~, majjha~, samīpa~, hattha~. It also appears as "~gu," e. g. in addha~, anta~, More…
2. ~gama
1. adj. going, able to go; going to, leading to; in vihangama going in the air Sn 221, 606; Th I.1108: J I.216 (cp. gamana); aghasi~ id. Vv 16‹1› (= vehāsaṃ~ VvA 78); nabhasi~ going on More…
3. ~gamin
(adj.) [from gacchati, "gam"] f. ~iṇī, in composition ~gāmi~. — (a) going, walking, lit.: sīgha~ walking quickly Sn 381; — (b) leading to, making for, usually with magga or More…
4. ~gavesaka
(adj. fr. next) looking for, seeking J I.176 (kāraṇa~); II.3 (aguṇa~).
5. ~gha
(adj.-suffix to "ghan") killing, destroying, see hanati. — iṇagha at Sn 246 is v. l. SS for iṇaghāta. Cp. paṭi~ & see also ghana‹2› & ghāta.
6. ~khattum
[Sk. ~kṛtvah, cp. ~kad] in comp‹n› with numerals “times”: dvikkhattuṃ, tikkhattuṃ, etc.; twice, three times, etc.
7. ~pa
(adj.) [Cp. Ved. ~pa, adj. base of "pā" to drink, as ~ga fr. "gam" or ~ṭha fr. "sthā"] drinking; only in foll. cpds.: dhenu~ drinking of the cow, suckling calf More…
8. ~tha
(~ṭṭha) (adj.-suffix) [from tiṭṭhati] standing, as opposed to either lying down or moving; located, being based on, founded on (e. g. appa~ based on little D I.143): see kappa~ (lasting a More…