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1. vata
(m.) a banyan tree. ◊ (ind.) surely; certainly; indeed; alas. (nt.) a religious duty or observance. ◊ (m.) an enclosure. ◊ (m.) the wind; air.
2. vatabadha
(vāta + ābādha), (m.) an illness caused by the wind humour.
3. vatabhihata
(adj.) shaken by the wind.
4. vataghataka
(m.) the tree Cassia Fistula.
5. vatahata
(adj.) brought by the wind.
6. vatajava
(adj.) as swift as the wind.
7. vataka
(m.) an enclosure.
8. vatamandalika
(f.) a whirlwind.
9. vatamsaka
(m.) a wreath for the head.
10. vatapada
(nt.) an item of good practice.
11. vatapana
(nt.) a window.
12. vataroga
(m.) an illness caused by the wind humour.
13. vatarukkha
(m.) a banyan tree.
14. vatasamadana
(nt.) taking up of a religious vow.
15. vatatapa
(m.) wind and heat.
16. vatavantu
(adj.) observant of religious duties.
17. vatavega
(m.) force of the wind.
18. vatavutthi
(f.) wind and rain.
19. vatayana
(nt.) a window.
20. vaterita
(adj.) moved by the wind.