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1. a
(ind.) up to. (prep.) from; towards.
2. a-‹1›
the prep. "ā" shortened before double cons., as "akkosati (ā + kruś), akkhāti (ā + khyā), abbahati (ā + bṛh)." — Best to be classed here is the "a-" we call More…
3. a-‹2›
(an- before vowels) [Vedic a-, an-; Idg. *n̊, gradation form to *ne (see na‹2›); Gr. ἀ, ἀν-; Lat. *en-, in-; Goth., Ohg. & Ags. un-; Oir. an-, in-] neg. part. prefixed to (1) nouns and More…
4. a-‹3›
[Vedic a-; Idg. *e (loc. of pron. stem, cp. ayaṃ; orig. a deictic adv. with specific reference to the past, cp. Sk sma); Gr. "ἐ-"; also in Gr. "ἐκεῖ{?"}, Lat. equidem, More…
5. a-‹4›
the sound a ("a-kāra") J VI.328, 552; VvA 279, 307, 311.
6. ababa
(nt.) name of a purgatory; a numeral with 76 ciphers.
7. ababa
[of uncertain origin, prob. onomatopoetic]. N. of a cert. Purgatory, enum‹d.› with many other similar names at A V.173 = Sn p. 126 (cp. aṭaṭa, abbuda & also Av. Ś I.4, 10 & see for More…
8. ababhasa
(m.) light; appearance.
9. abaddha
(adj.) unfettered; free; not bound. ◊ (pp. of ābandhati), bound to; fastened on to.
10. abaddha
[a + baddha] not tied, unbound, unfettered Sn 39 (v. l. and Nd‹2› abandha; expl‹d-› by rajju-bandhan‹ɔ›{?} ādisu yena kenaci abaddha SnA 83). ◊ [pp. of ābandhati] tied, bound, More…
11. abadha
(adj.) without any hindrance. ◊ (m.) disease; affliction.
12. abadha
[ā + "bādh" to oppress, Vedic ābādha oppression] affliction, illness, disease Vin IV.261; D I.72; II.13; A I.121; III.94, 143; IV.333, 415 sq., 440; Dh 138; Pug 28; Vism 41 More…
13. abadhesi
(aor. of ābādheti) oppressed; harassed.
14. abadheti
(ā + badh + e) oppresses; harasses.
15. abadheti
[ā + Caus. of "bādh," cp. ābādha] to oppress, vex, annoy, harass S IV.329.
16. abadhika
(adj.) sick; affected with illness.
17. abadhika
(adj.-n.) [fr. ābādha] affected with illness, a sick person A III.189, 238; Nd‹1› 160; Miln 302; DA 212; DhA I.31; PvA 271. — f. "ābādhikinī" a sick woman A II.144.
18. abadhita
(pp. of ābādheti) afflicted; oppressed.
19. abadhita
[pp. of ābādheti, Caus. of ā + bādh] afflicted, oppressed, molested Th 1, 185.
20. abala
(adj.) weak; feeble. ◊ (f.) a woman.