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21. vathara
(adj.) bulky; fat.
22. vati
(f.) a fence. ◊ (vā + a) blows; emits some smell.
23. vatika
(adj.) (in cpds.) having the habit of; acting like. ◊ (f.) a fence. ◊ (adj.) caused by the wind humour.
24. vatingana
(m.) brinjal, the egg plant.
25. vatta
(adj.) circular; round. (nt.) a circle; the cycle of rebirth; an expenditure or provision for alms. ◊ (nt.) duty; service; function.
26. vattabba
(pt.p. of vadati) should be spoken; should be told.
27. vattaka
(f.) a quail. ◊ (m.) exercising; keeping on.
28. vattamana
(pr.p. of vattati) existing; happening; taking place; going on. (adj.) existing. (m.) the present period. ◊ (f.) the Present tense.
29. vattamanaka
(adj.) existing; going on.
30. vattana
(nt.) turning round. ◊ (nt.) conduct. ◊ (f.) conduct.
31. vattani
(f.) a road; a path.
32. vattanta
(pr.p. of vattati) existing; happening; taking place; going on.
33. vattapativatta
(nt.) all kinds of duties.
34. vattasampanna
(adj.) dutiful.
35. vattati
(vaṭṭ + a), behoves; to be right, fit, or proper; turns round. ◊ (vat + a) exists; happens; takes place; goes on.
36. vattenta
(pr.p. of vatteti) keeping on; making go on.
37. vattesi
(aor. of vaṭṭeti), turned; caused to move; made a wick or roll; made circular. ◊ (aor. of vattteti) kept on; made go on.
38. vattetabba
(pt.p. of vatteti) should be kept on.
39. vatteti
(vaṭṭ + e), turns; causes to move; makes a wick or roll; makes circular. ◊ (caus. of vattati) is kept on; is made go on.
40. vattetu
(m.) exercising; keeping on.