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21. vaccha
(m.) a calf; the young of an animal.
22. vacchagiddhini
(f.) a cow longing for her calf.
23. vacchaka
(m.) a small calf.
24. vacchala
(adj.) affectionate.
25. vacchara
(nt.) an year.
26. vacchatara
(m.) a big calf.
27. vacchati
(3rd. sing. fut. of vas) (to live).
28. vacenta
(pr.p. of vāceti) reading; teaching; reciting.
29. vacesi
(aor. of vāceti) read; taught; recited.
30. vacetabba
(pt.p. of vāceti) should be read; should be taught.
31. vaceti
(vac + e) reads; teaches; recites.
32. vacetu
(m.) one who reads or teaches.
33. vacetva
(abs. of vāceti) having read; having taught; having recited.
34. vaci
(f.) speech; word.
35. vacibheda
(m.) an utterance.
36. vaciduccarita
(nt.) misbehaviour in words.
37. vacigutta
(adj.) controlled in speech.
38. vacikamma
(nt.) verbal action.
39. vaciparama
(adj.) one who excels in words but not in actions.
40. vacisamacara
(m.) good conduct in speech.
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