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41. vacisankhara
(m.) antecedent for speech.
42. vacisucarita
(nt.) good action in speech.
43. vacita
(pp. of vāceti) read; taught; recited.
44. vacivinnatti
(f.) intimation by language.
45. vacuggata
(adj.) learned by heart.
46. vada
(m.) theory; saying; creed controversy.
47. vadaka
(m.) player on a musical instrument.
48. vadakama
(adj.) desirous of disputation.
49. vadakkhitta
(adj.) upset in a disputation.
50. vadam aropeti
51. vadamana
(pr.p. of vadati) speaking; saying; telling.
52. vadana
(nt.) the face; speech; utterance. ◊ (nt.) sounding of a musical instrument.
53. vadannu
(adj.) liberal; bountiful; giving ear to supplications.
54. vadannuta
(f.) liberality.
55. vadanta
(pr.p. of vadati) speaking; saying; telling.
56. vadapana
(nt.) causing to speak.
57. vadapatha
(m.) ground for a disputation.
58. vadapesi
(aor. of vadāpeti) made somebody spoke or said.
59. vadapeti
(caus. of vadati) makes somebody speaks or says.
60. vadapetva
(abs. of vadāpeti) having made somebody spoken or said.
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