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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. අ‍ඩෝ
Means 'Hey' or 'Oi'. Offensive when not used between friends.
2. ආතල්
Happy feeling, state of happiness. Aathal Kedenawa (අ‍ාතල් කැ‍ෙඩනවා) is used to describe a situation which disturbs the status quo. Moda Aathal (මෝඩ ආතල්) TBD.
3. ඇන ගන්නවා
Literally to 'getting pricked', usually refers to the situation of getting rejected or getting failed (exam, love, work etc.). A popular derivative is Ahala Æna Gannawa (අහල අ‍ැන More…
4. ඇඹලයා
Type of an Ant which are drawn to sweet stuff. Refers to a male who is drawn to females a lot.