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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. ඇඟිල්ල ගහනවා
Female masturbation or fingering of the vagina by another person.
2. ඇට (දෙක)
Testicles. Æta deka ugas thiyanawa (ඇට දෙක උගස් තියනවා), which literally means 'Pawning the testicles' is used among males in extreme financially tight situations where having no More…
3. ඇතුලෙ ගහනවා
Full sexual intercourse. Literally means 'Fucking Internally' that is opposed to Gal Kapanawa (ගල් කපනවා) - (Intercrural Sex), Thalanawa (තලනවා) - (Dry Humping), or Katata Denava More…
4. ඇ‍ඬෙනවා
Literally means 'makes me cry'. Used to express a wide range of feelings from sorrow to happiness. Could also mean 'great' or 'hard to believe' in certain More…