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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. කටට ගන්නවා / දෙනවා
Performing and receiving oral sex. Fellatio
2. කටුව / කට්ට කනවා
Literally 'Prick' or 'eating (fish?) bone'. Unnessorility tedious work or situation. (e.g. Saturday office gihilla mara kattak kanna set unane (සැටඩේ ඔෆිස් ගිහින් මාර More…
3. කඩුව / කඩ්ඩ
Literally 'Sword'. Means 'English Language'. (e.g. Kadda siraanam interview eka goda (කඩ්ඩ සිරානම් ඉන්ටවිව් එක ගොඩ) means 'Interview will be a breeze if fluent in More…
4. කඩේ යනවා / කඩේ යවනවා
Literally 'going to the shop' or 'sending to the shop'. Refers to the situation of 'getting used' or 'using' someone. In certain scenarios Kade More…
5. කනවා
Somewhat outdated term which means excessive kissing (necking) and licking of body parts (usually) without any removal of cloths(not to be confused with the term Diva Daanawa).
6. කබරයා / කබරයා දානවා
vomit; to throw up (specially by a drunken person). Also the term Hotalaya (හෝටලය) is used to refer to a pile of vomit.
7. කබ්බා
An inferior or weaker person (Especially in sports, game or an activity which requires skill and experience). plural Kabbo (කබ්බෝ)
8. කල්ලතෝනි
Refers to any illegal immigrant or non-citizan, especially from India.
9. කල්ලා
Person with a dark skin. Can refer to a person with African origin. This terms is also used by Sri Lankan diaspora living in USA to refer to an African American
10. කැරි
Semen. Similar to the noun 'cum'. Extremely taboo. (Quite interestingly, the Hebrew term Keri means 'seminal emission'.)[3]
11. කැරි බල්ලා
Literally translates as 'Cum Dog' is regarded as an extremely offensive term. The combination Kæri Huththige Putha (කැරි හුත්තිගෙ පුතා) ('son of a cum soaked cunt') can More…
12. කෑල්ල
Literally means 'a piece'. Used to refer to an eye catching girl. Commonly used by young males. (e.g. Sira Kealla- සිරා කෑල්ල). Plural: 'Kæli' (කෑලි)
13. කින්ඩි / කිංඩි
Sneer, scornful, ridicule, mockery, scoff (e.g. Mokada nikan kindiyata hinawenne? (මෙ‍ාකද නිකන් කින්ඩියට හිනා වෙන්නේ?) means 'Why are you smiling scornfully?')
14. කිම්බ
An outdated term for 'Cunt'
15. කුකුළා
(Rooster or Cock) - Flirtious (male) person. Sometimes means 'womanizer'. Kukul kenthikaraya (කුකුළ් කේන්තිකාරයා) means 'Short tempered one'.
16. කුඩු
Heroin or other similar narcotics
17. කෙලින් වෙනවා
Getting an erection. Naginawa is also used. (uasge e.g. 'Athana inna baduage gala dekala Aruta negala' means 'That guy got a hard-on seeing that chick's leg')
18. කෙ‍හෙල්මල
Literally means Banana Foliage. Used to mean 'nonsense'. (e.g. Mona kehelmalakda! (මෙ‍ාන කෙ‍ෙහල්මලක්ද!) means 'What nuisance' or 'What nonsense'.)
19. කොකා
(Heron) Nick name for a skinny tall person.
20. කොච්චියා
Rather outdated term to refer to a person of Indian origin.