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Sinhala Slang Dictionary
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1. චමින්ද
An euphemism for a very old person. Chaminda is a very common male name which became popular after 1970s. It is highly unlikely for an elderly person born before the Second World War to have More…
2. චාටර් / සාටර්
An expression of disrepute or expressing that something or someone is not upto the expectations or standards.
3. චිච්චිය
Female genitalia. ('pussy'). This is not in mainstream use, and this word derives from the Tamil language slang 'Chicha' which can refer to either male or female More…
4. චීනා
Person of chineese origin
5. චූ /චූ
Urine. Hujja (හුජ්ජ) is a more vulgar/colloquial term for urine, which is not used by upper social segments.
6. චූ කරනවා / චූ දානවා
means to pass urine. Dotta Yanawa (දොට්ට යනවා) is a colloquial and rather outdated slang for urinating. Sinduwak Kiyanawa, Haawek Allanna Yanawaa - TBA